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  • A Study of Regional Support Programs for Persons with disabilities : From Practices in Korea  [in Japanese]

    原田 茉耶 , 高橋 眞琴 , Maya HARADA , Makoto TAKAHASHI

    本研究では,韓国の差別解消法にあたる「障害者差別禁止及び権利救済等に関する法律」施行後の障がいのある人への地域での教育的支援に関する研究資料及び実践を概観し,今後の日本における障がいのある人への合理的配慮に向けて,示唆を得ることを目的とした。韓国においては,障害者差別禁止法にあたる「障害者差別禁止及び権利救済等に関する法律」の施行後,特殊教育に関連する文脈において,教育プログラムの研究開発がいくつ …

    鳴門教育大学学校教育研究紀要 (31), 41-47, 2016

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  • A World-wide Survey of Laws Pertaining to Service Dogs for the Physically Disabled and Current Trends in Enforcement

    Takemae Eiji

    … These remarks analyze the salient features of laws pertaining to service dogs for the physically disabled and current trends in their enforcement in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, and select European countries (the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Ireland, Finland, and Slovakia). …

    Nippon Hojyoken Kagaku Kenkyu 1(1), 2-8, 2007

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  • A proposal for introducing the anti-discrimination legislation for people with disabilities in Korea  [in Japanese]

    玉村 公二彦 , 佐藤 和美

    … This paper aims to show and examine the Korean Disability Discrimination Bill which has been discussed both in disability groups and in Korean Government. … The purpose of the bill is to prohibit discrimination against people with disabilities and to protect their Rights. …

    Bulletin of Nara University of Education Cultural and social science 55(1), 87-99, 2006-10


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