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  • ALMA observations of the 2018 global dust storm on Mars : Temporal variation of the surface brightness temperature  [in Japanese]

    Sagawa H. , Aoki S. , Maezawa H. , Nakagawa H. , Kasaba Y.

    … <p> 2018年の6月から9月にかけて,火星全球が濃いダスト(砂塵)で覆われる全球ダストストーム(global duststorm:GDS)が発生した.これは2007年以来のことであり,地表から撒き上げられた大量のダストによる太陽光吸収や日傘効果によって火星大気および地表面の環境が大きく変化したと考えられる.我々は,ミリ波・サブミリ波帯ではダストの光学的厚みが無視できる程度に小さくなるこ …

    Planetary People - The Japanese Society for Planetary Sciences 28(4), 277-284, 2019


  • Ceilometer Observation of a Dust Event in the Gobi Desert on 29–30 April 2015: Sudden Arrival of a Developed Dust Storm and Trapping of Dust Within an Inversion Layer

    Kawai Kei , Batdorj Dashdondog , Nishio Yuta , Kai Kenji , Noda Jun , Munkhjargal Erdenebadrakh , Shinoda Masato , Sugimoto Nobuo , Shimizu Atsushi , Davaanyam Enkhbaatar

    … <p>Asian dust is transported over a long range via the mid-latitude westerlies when dust is lifted to the free troposphere over the source regions, whereas dust remaining in the atmospheric boundary layer is not transported far. … In the Gobi Desert, a major source region of Asian dust, a ceilometer (compact lidar) monitors the vertical distribution of dust at Dalanzadgad, Mongolia. …

    SOLA 15(0), 52-56, 2019


  • Potentially of Winter Weed Vegetation to Control the Sand-dust Storm in the Agricultural Area of Southwestern Matsumoto Basin  [in Japanese]

    鈴木 純 , 渡邉 修

    水土の知 : 農業農村工学会誌 86(10), 921-926, 2018-10

  • Satellite Monitoring of Vegetation Response to Precipitation and Dust Storm Outbreaks in Gobi Desert Regions

    Sofue Yuki , Hoshino Buho , Demura Yuta , Kai Kenji , Baba Kenji , Nduati Eunice , Kondoh Akihiko , Sternberg Troy

    … The ground surface condition, particularly vegetation coverage, affects the occurrence of dust storms. … The main sources of dust storms in the Asian region are the Taklimakan and Mongolian Gobi desert regions. …

    Land 7(1), 19-1-19-13, 2018-01


  • Lidar Network Observation of Dust Layer Development over the Gobi Desert in Association with a Cold Frontal System on 22-23 May 2013

    KAWAI Kei , KAI Kenji , JIN Yoshitaka , SUGIMOTO Nobuo , BATDORJ Dashdondog

    … <p> The Gobi Desert is one of the major sources of Asian dust, which influences the climate system both directly and indirectly through its long-range transport by the westerlies. … This study firstly combined these lidars into a lidar network and shows the spatial development of a dust layer over the desert and the long-range transport of the dust during 22-23 May 2013 via the lidar network. …

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II 96(3), 255-268, 2018


  • Diurnal distributions of ionic constituent in the aerosol over the Higashi-osaka in 2014  [in Japanese]

    中口 譲 , 高山 真太郎 , 佐野 到

    … Asian Dust storm event were observed from May 28 to June 1 during this sampling period. … The concentrations of F-, NO3- , K+, NH4+, Mg2+, Ca2+ in coarse fraction were increased during Asian Dust storm event. … The concentrations of SO42- , NH4+, K+ were increased during Asian Dust storm event. …

    Science and technology = 理工学総合研究所研究報告 (29), 33-41, 2017-02


  • Simultaneous Dust and Pollutant Transport over East Asia: The Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting March 2014 Case Study

    Uno Itsushi , Yumimoto Keiya , Pan Xiaole , Wang Zhe , Osada Kazuo , Itahashi Syuichi , Yamamoto Shigekazu

    … <p>Heavy dust storms that occurred between 13 and 23 March 2014 were selected for analysis as a case study of dust and sand storm events by the Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting. … During this period, two dust and anthropogenic aerosol events were observed and analyzed. …

    SOLA 13(0), 47-52, 2017


  • Inverse Modeling of Asian Dust Emissions with POPC Observations: A TEMM Dust Sand Storm 2014 Case Study

    Yumimoto Keiya , Uno Itsushi , Pan Xiaole , Nishizawa Tomoaki , Kim Sang-Woo , Sugimoto Nobuo

    … <p>An inverse modeling system for estimating Asian dust emissions was developed by combining the GEOS-Chem chemical transport model with the Green's function method. … We applied the system to two heavy dust storms that occurred in 2014 (10-25 March and 24 May to 5 June), using surface-based polarization optical particle counter (POPC) observations at Fukuoka. … dust emissions improved overestimations in the <i>a priori</i> …

    SOLA 13(0), 31-35, 2017


  • Determining the Frequency of Dry Lake Bed Formation in Semi-Arid Mongolia From Satellite Data

    Demura Yuta , Hoshino Buho , Baba Kenji , McCarthy Christopher , Sofue Yuki , Kai Kenji , Purevsuren Tsedendamba , Hagiwara Katsuro , Noda Jun

    … In the Mongolian Plateau, the desert steppe, mountains, and dry lake bed surfaces may affect the process of dust storm emissions. … Among these three surface types, dry lake beds are considered to contribute a substantial amount of global dust emissions and to be responsible for "hot spots" of dust outbreaks. …

    Land 6(4), 88-1-88-9, 2017


  • High Resolution General Circulation Simulation of Venus and Mars Atmosphere Using AFES  [in Japanese]

    林 祥介 , 高橋 芳幸 , 杉本 憲彦 , 高木 征弘 , 樫村 博基 , 石渡 正樹 , 小高 正嗣 , 中島 健介 , はしもと じょーじ , 松田 佳久

    Annual report of the earth simulator, 31-36, 2016-04

  • Development of Aeroshell Module for Mars Exploration Mission  [in Japanese]

    鈴木 俊之 , 滝沢 直美 , 青木 卓哉 , 石田 雄一 , 小笠原 俊男 , 渡邉 泰秀 , 藤田 和央 , Suzuki Toshiyuki , Takizawa Naomi , Aoki Takuya , Ishida Yuichi , Ogasawara Toshio , Watanabe Yasuhide , Fujita Kazuhisa

    第47回流体力学講演会/第33回航空宇宙数値シミュレーション技術シンポジウム (2015年7月2日-3日. 東京大学生産技術研究所), 目黒区, 東京形態: カラー図版あり資料番号: AA1630005029

    宇宙航空研究開発機構特別資料: 第47回流体力学講演会/第33回航空宇宙数値シミュレーション技術シンポジウム論文集 = JAXA Special Publication: Proceedings of the 47th Fluid Dynamics Conference / the 33rd Aerospace Numerical Simulation Symposium (JAXA-SP-15-013), 183-188, 2016-03-08


  • 火星に発生するdust stormの自動検出に関する検討—不均衡データを考慮した識別器の構築—  [in Japanese]

    前田 圭介 , 小川 貴弘 , 長谷山 美紀

    … 火星の気象環境に大きな影響を及ぼす dust stormと呼ばれる砂塵の嵐の検出に関する研究は種々行われている.しかしながら, dust stormの検出は,従来より手動で行われていることから,我々は dust stormの自動検出手法の構築を目指す.一般に, dust stormの存在する画像数は,存在しない画像数 …

    ITE Technical Report 40.28(0), 47-48, 2016


  • Field Measurement of Wind Loads on a Bottom-mounted Offshore Wind Turbine Tower  [in Japanese]

    Yamamoto Manabu , Fukumoto Yukinari , Ishihara Takeshi , Okubo Kazumasa

    本論文は,着床式洋上風力発電タワーの風荷重特性について述べている。実測対象の風力発電設備は,ハブ高さ80m,定格出力2.4MWの 3枚翼プロペラ型であり,銚子から3.1km沖合の水深11.9mに設置されている。風荷重特性は,歪データを用いて推定したタワー基部での曲げモーメントにより調査し,発電時とフェザリング時および陸側の風と海側の風で比較,検討した。その結果,発電時,フェザリング時共に,陸側の風 …



  • Data Assimilation of Himawari-8 Aerosol Observations: Asian Dust Forecast in June 2015

    Sekiyama Tsuyoshi Thomas , Yumimoto Keiya , Tanaka Taichu Y. , Nagao Takashi , Kikuchi Maki , Murakami Hiroshi

    … The data assimilation result was validated by comparison with conventional products derived from polar-orbiting satellite aerosol observations (i.e., Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) AOT) of an Asian dust storm in June 2015. … The Himawari-8 AOT data assimilation successfully produced an analysis and forecast of the Asian dust that was comparable or superior to those of the MODIS AOT data assimilation. …

    SOLA 12(0), 86-90, 2016


  • Mineralogy and geochemical properties of dust storm in Sistan region and Khuzestan Province, Iran

    AHMADIAN Jamshid , MURATA Mamoru , AMINOROAYAEI YAMINI Maryam , OZAWA Hiroaki , KOZAI Takeshi , ADACHI Natsuko , NISHIMURA Hiroshi , Mamoru MURATA , Hiroaki OZAWA , Takeshi KOZAI , Natsuko ADACHI , Hiroshi NISHIMURA

    … In recent years, dust storms coming from western neighboring countries are drastically increased dust storms and affecting western and eastern part of Iran. … X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) analysis of airborne and soil dust samples from Sistan shows that the dust mineralogy is dominated mainly by quartz (30-40%), calcite (18-23%), muscovite (10-17%), plagioclase (9-12%), chlorite (~6%) and enstatite (~3%), with minor components of dolomite, microcline, halite and gypsum. …

    鳴門教育大学学校教育研究紀要 (31), 169-176, 2016

    IR  DOI 

  • Environmental impacts and mineralogical characteristics of dust storm in Middle-East

    AHMADIAN Jamshid , MURATA Mamoru , AMINOROAYAEI YAMINI Maryam , OZAWA Hiroaki , KOZAI Takeshi , ADACHI Natsuko , NISHIMURA Hiroshi , Mamoru MURATA , Hiroaki OZAWA , Takeshi KOZAI , Natsuko ADACHI , Hiroshi NISHIMURA

    … Middle Earth, including Iran, Iraq, China and Syria has been recognized as one of the most important primary sources of dust. … Phases in the Middle Earth sample collected during the 20 March 2002 dust storm episode included clay minerals, noncrystalline materials, quartz, calcite, plagioclase, potassium feldspar, pyrite, hornblende, and gypsum in descending order. …

    鳴門教育大学学校教育研究紀要 (31), 75-86, 2016

    IR  DOI 

  • Transformation of Social System from Traditional Nomadism to Modern Settlement in Pastoral Region of Mongolia and Its Impact on Japan  [in Japanese]

    星野 仏方 , ソリガ , 祖父江 侑紀 [他] , 出村 雄太 , ツェデンバプ レブスレン , 永 海

    … Degradation and desertification of pasture region of Inner Mongolia has become a new source of Asian dust storm outbreaks. … These results indicate that fencing associated with the settlement system of Inner Mongolia has created a new hot spot of land degradation and a new source of Asian dust storm outbreaks. …

    共生社会システム研究 9(1), 1-27, 2015-07


  • Simulations of Atmospheric General Circulations of Earth-like Planets by AFES

    林 祥介 , 高橋 芳幸 , 杉本 憲彦 , 高木 征弘 , 樫村 博基 , 石渡 正樹 , 小高 正嗣 , 中島 健介 , はしもと じょーじ , 松田 佳久

    Annual report of the earth simulator, 31-38, 2015-04

  • Planting to Control the Sand-dust Storm in the Agricultural Area of Southwestern Matsumoto Basin  [in Japanese]

    鈴木 純 , 星川 和俊 , 吉村 伸一

    水土の知 : 農業農村工学会誌 83(4), 287-290, 2015-04

  • A Study on the Occurrence Tendency of the Dust Storm Using Vegetation Conditions and Frequency of Strong Winds in Gobi Desert  [in Japanese]

    出村 雄太 , 星野 仏方 , 祖父江 侑紀 [他]

    沙漠研究 = Journal of arid land studies : 日本沙漠学会誌 24(4), 359-365, 2015-03

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