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  • Introduction of Rubric Evaluation in Early Exposure For Nursing Practice  [in Japanese]

    前田 節子 , 杉浦 美佐子 , 高植 幸子 , 井野 恭子 , 奥野 友紀 , 李 秀訂 , 武田 智美 , 鈴木 詩織 , 箭野 育子

    椙山女学園大学看護学研究 11, 27-37, 2019-03

  • Usefulness of Dual-Phase Snapshot 320-Detector Computed Tomography for the Detection of a Left Atrial Appendage Thrombus

    Kuronuma Keiichiro , Matsumoto Naoya , Suzuki Yasuyuki , Makita Ayano , Ashida Tadashi , Yokoyama Katsuaki , Yoda Shunichi , Okumura Yasuo

    … Delayed scanning on CCT was performed following early scanning, at 60 seconds after the start of the contrast injection. … The early scans showed a contrast medium filling defect (FD) in the LAA in 27 patients, whereas the delayed scans showed an FD in the LAA in six patients. … The sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value, and accuracy were 100, 74.4, 18.5, 100, and 75.8% for early scanning and 100, 98.8, 83.3, 100, and 98.9% for delayed scanning, respectively. …

    International Heart Journal, 2019


  • Urban/rural residence effect on emergency department visits arising from food-induced anaphylaxis

    Sakai-Bizmark Rie , Friedlander Scott M.I. , Oshima Karin , Webber Eliza J. , Mena Laurie A. , Marr Emily H. , Ohtsuka Yoshikazu

    Early-life exposure to rural environments may help protect against allergic reaction. …

    Allergology International 68(3), 316-320, 2019


  • Voltage-sensitive dye imaging detect the brain neuronal circuit dysfunction caused by early exposure of low dose chemicals  [in Japanese]

    TOMINAGA Takashi

    <p>脳は数百億から数千億もの神経細胞からなる巨大な情報処理装置である。この情報処理装置の形成は,発生発達期の活動依存的シグナルが働くことによって起こる幹細胞分化,シナプス刈り込みなどの過程に大きく依存している。このような特性のため,臨界期のような発生発達期の子どもに特有のシグナル影響を起こす。つまり,この時期のシグナルは,成長後の個体における作用で考えれば極めて小さい−すなわち大人に …

    Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology 46.1(0), S26-3, 2019


  • Defect in cell proliferation caused by phthalate in the pregnant uterus  [in Japanese]

    HASEGAWA Hiroshi , NAGATA Risa , HOHJOH Hirofumi , NAKAGAWA Kimie

    Exposure to DEHP during pregnancy has been known to cause developmental defect of embryos. … These results indicate that intake of DEHP in the early pregnant stages affects cell proliferation in the parturient uterus through the regulation of Ucp2. …

    Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology 46.1(0), P-206, 2019


  • The Effect of a Visit to a Nursing Home for Persons with Disabilities on Preclinical Dental Students  [in Japanese]

    YAMANE Naomi , MORI Yasushi , NAKAJIMA Yoshiaki , ANDO Saki , HIRATA-FUJISHIRO Chiaki , MURAKAMI Jumpei , AKIYAMA Shigehisa

    <p>近年,障害のある人に対する専門的な歯科治療へのニーズが高まり,それに対応できる歯科医師養成の必要性が増している.そのため大阪大学歯学部では,障害者歯科学に対する足掛かりを得ることを目的として,2年次学生に対し障害者支援施設体験実習を行っている.本研究では,この実習の教育効果の検証を目的とし,実習後の感想レポートを質的に分析し,実習を通じた学生自身の学び,ならびに障害者観の変化につ …

    Journal of the Japanese Society for Disability and Oral Health 40(1), 72-79, 2019

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Indium Lung: Discovery, Pathophysiology and Prevention

    Chonan Tatsuya , Amata Atsuko , Kawabata Yoshinori , Omae Kazuyuki

    … Cross-sectional studies in indium workers indicate that the serum indium concentration (sIn) is closely related to the exposure period, the extent of interstitial as well as emphysematous changes of the lung on high-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) and serum biomarkers of interstitial pneumonia, including KL-6 and surfactant protein-D (SP-D). … however, emphysematous lesions increased progressively in heavily exposed workers, even after cessation of exposure. …

    The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine 248(3), 143-150, 2019


  • Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Alirocumab, and Effects on PCSK9 and Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol, in Japanese and Non-Japanese Patients

    HURBIN Fabrice , LU Qiang , T. BACCARA-DINET Marie , TAKAGI Yoshiharu , SHITARA Yoshihisa , HORIUCHI Seiko , Thomas DiCIOCCIO A. , KOBAYASHI Masahiko , BRUNET Aurélie

    … A 23% (alirocumab 50 mg) to 60% (alirocumab 150 mg) higher steady-state exposure was observed in Japanese versus non-Japanese patients; … no difference between populations was observed when exposure was normalized for body weight. … Consistent with the slightly higher exposure with alirocumab 50 mg, a slightly higher reduction of free PCSK9 was reported, resulting in a greater LDL-C reduction in Japanese patients. …

    Rinsho yakuri/Japanese Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 50(3), 73-80, 2019


  • Perceptions of the impact of non-standard work schedules on health in Australian graduates: an exploratory study

    CROWTHER Meagan E , REYNOLDS Amy C , FERGUSON Sally A , ADAMS Robert

    … However, little is known about the early years of exposure to non-standard work hours, or whether workers new to these work schedules perceive their work as impacting their health. …

    Industrial Health, 2019


  • Development of Ultra-Low Friction Coefficient Films and Their Effect on the Biocompatibility of Biomedical Steel

    Chino-Ulloa Alexis , Hernandes-Alejandro Mario , Castrejón-Flores José L. , Cabrera-González Moisés , Torres-Avila Itzel P. , Velázquez Julio C. , Ruiz-Trabolsi Pablo A. , Hernández-Sánchez Enrique

    … The effect of the boric acid films on the steel's biocompatibility was evaluated by the culture of Madin-Darby canine kidney II (MDCK II) cells with exposure times of 0, 4, 8, 12, 24, 48 and 72 h. … tests revealed the absence of cytotoxic effect by the direct exposure of the cells to the samples. … Additionally, the presence of signs early apoptosis by the determination of the expression of the cysteinyl proteases termed caspase-3 and -9 was determined. …



  • Systematic and stepwise interprofessional education in medical university  [in Japanese]

    Kiuchi Yuji

    <p>医学部・歯学部・薬学部・保健医療学部からなる医系総合大学の昭和大学では,チーム医療に積極的に貢献できる医療人の養成を目的に,全学部,全学年にわたる体系的,段階的な学部連携教育を導入している.低学年ではチーム医療の基盤作りとして,大学内外での体験実習(早期体験実習など)や問題解決型学習(PBLチュートリアル),高学年では実践力の習得を目標に,大学内外の病院や地域社会での参加型のチー …

    Japanese Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 3(0), n/a, 2019


  • Study of the Usefulness of the Constancy Tests in X-rays Image Processing Device by User  [in Japanese]

    Tanaka Nobuhiro

    … Control was set so that under specific imaging conditions, variation in exposure dose is within 20% from the base line and variation in system sensitivity (S-value) obtained from images scanned with imaging plate is within 40%. … Controlling the exposure dose enabled adjustments of tube currents and organized exchanges of the X-ray tube. …

    Japanese Journal of Radiological Technology 75(4), 322-330, 2019


  • Economic Analysis of Regional Agricultural and Environmental Policy and Applicability of Experimental Studies  [in Japanese]

    Kuriyama Koichi

    … Experimental result shows that the radiation exposure via food consumption does not have an effect on the consumers' choice behavior. … Experimental result shows that the non-monetary support system has significant effect on conservation behavior in the early periods of the experiment. …

    Journal of Rural Problems 55(1), 5-12, 2019


  • Practical use of Generic immunosuppressant: Current Information for Organ Transplantation  [in Japanese]

    Homma Masato

    … Systematic review including meta-analysis for comparing suggested that no difference was found in the adverse events including acute rejection between brand and generic IM used in the early phase post-transplantation. … The safety and intra-individual variation of drug exposure for generic IM should be assessed by the long-term administration and the sophisticated TDM study, respectively, to establish the optimal use for the transplant recipients.</p> …

    Organ Biology 26(1), 55-59, 2019


  • Safety biomarker applications in drug development

    Schomaker Shelli , Ramaiah Shashi , Khan Nasir , Burkhardt John

    … <p>Biomarkers are invaluable drug development tools to assess and monitor safety in early clinical trials especially when exposure margins are limiting for promising therapeutics. … As safety biomarkers become widely accepted and qualified by the regulatory agencies, they will increasingly be implemented in early clinical trials, play a key role in decision making and facilitate the progression of promising therapeutics from preclinical through clinical development.</p> …

    The Journal of Toxicological Sciences 44(4), 225-235, 2019


  • Effects of diesel exhaust derived secondary organic aerosol (DE-SOA) exposure during developmental period on anxiety and depression in mice

    WIN-SHWE Tin Tin , FUJITANI Yuji , HIRANO Seishiro

    ディーゼル排気微粒子(diesel exhaust particle; DEP)は大気中の粒子状物質の主要な構成要素であり,一次排出物質が酸化した結果,ディーゼル排気由来二次生成有機エアロゾル(diesel exhaust derived secondary organic aerosol; DE-SOA) が生成される。我々はこれまで,マウスの胎児期から乳児期にかけてのDE-SOA曝露が一部の社 …

    Indoor Environment 22(1), 23-32, 2019


  • Cytotoxic effects of parathion, paraoxon, and their methylated derivatives on a mouse neuroblastoma cell line NB41A3

    Wang Yunbiao , Kim ByungHoon , Walker Ashley , Williams Shayla , Meeks Ashley , Lee Yong-Jin , Seo Seong S.

    … The LC50s (median lethal concentrations) at 24 hr of exposure were determined from the acute toxicity test including time course experiments. … However, the results from time course experiments indicated obvious reduction of cell viability for parathion and methyl-parathion as early as 1 hr of exposure, whereas the effects of paraoxon and methyl-paraoxon were not significant before 6 hr of exposure. …

    Fundamental Toxicological Sciences 6(2), 45-56, 2019


  • Novel risk assessment of reactive metabolites from discovery to clinical stage

    Kakutani Nobuyuki , Nanayama Toyomichi , Nomura Yukihiro

    exposure to reactive metabolites), we developed a risk assessment method in which reactive metabolite burden (RM burden), an index that could reflect the body burden associated with reactive metabolite exposure, is calculated using the extent of covalent binding, clinical dose, and human <i>in vivo</i> …

    The Journal of Toxicological Sciences 44(3), 201-211, 2019


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