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  • Strong hydrogen bonding in a dense hydrous magnesium silicate discovered by neutron Laue diffraction

    Purevjav Narangoo , Okuchi Takuo , Hoffman Christina

    … A large amount of hydrogen circulates inside the Earth, which affects the long-term evolution of the planet. … The majority of this hydrogen is stored in deep Earth within the crystal structures of dense minerals that are thermodynamically stable at high pressures and temperatures. …

    IUCRJ 7(3), 370-374, 2020-05


  • Broadband Ocean Bottom Seismology in Japan  [in Japanese]

    SUETSUGU Daisuke , SHIOBARA Hajime

    … <p>Broadband ocean bottom seismometers (BBOBSs) have been developed since 1990s and put into practice to explore the structure of the Earth's interior beneath oceanic regions, e.g., mid-oceanic ridges, subduction zones, hotspots, and oceanic lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary. …

    Zisin (Journal of the Seismological Society of Japan. 2nd ser.) 73(0), 37-63, 2020


  • Effects of loop source current on magnetotelluric responses of spherical Earth  [in Japanese]

    Sato Shinya

    … <p>The effects of localized source currents on flat Earth's magnetotelluric (MT) responses have been reported especially in terms of the variations in period and subsurface structure. … However, the bias within MT responses of spherical Earth arising from variations in the position of the source current is not reported. …

    BUTSURI-TANSA(Geophysical Exploration) 73(0), 168-176, 2020


  • Improvement of Teaching Material on the Earth's Layered Structure  [in Japanese]

    YAMAMOTO Junji , TOKUNAGA Saimi , ASAHI Hiroyasu , ODAJIMA Motoya , ABE Taro

    … <p>The layered structure of the Earth, which consists of a core, mantle, crust, hydrosphere, and atmosphere, is basically controlled by specific gravity. … Although a teaching material to aid understanding of the development of this structure has been developed, it has a disadvantage for classroom teaching because it involves mercury. …

    Education of Earth Science 72(4), 115-128, 2020


  • The Atmosphere of Aqua-planet Earth : Its Vertical Structure and Interactions with Space  [in Japanese]

    KURAMOTO Kiyoshi

    … Although the Earth's atmosphere occupies a tiny fraction of the total Earth's mass, it plays an essential role to make the Earth's surface environment circulating liquid-water that is thought to be the most fundamental condition for the emergence and evolution of the terrestrial life organisms. …

    Vacuum and Surface Science 63(4), 171-176, 2020


  • Convergence of Convective Updraft Ensembles With Respect to the Grid Spacing of Atmospheric Models

    Sueki Kenta , Yamaura Tsuyoshi , Yashiro Hisashi , Nishizawa Seiya , Yoshida Ryuji , Kajikawa Yoshiyuki , Tomita Hirofumi

    … Atmospheric deep moist convection can organize into cloud systems, which impact the Earth's climate significantly. … High-resolution simulations that correctly reproduce organized cloud systems are necessary to understand the role of deep convection in the Earth's climate system. … We found that the structure of an updraft ensemble in an organized cloud system converges at progressively smaller scales as the grid spacing is reduced. …

    Geophysical Research Letters 46(24), 14817-14825, 2019-12-28


  • The Study of an Image Processing Method for Tracking and Capturing Space Debris  [in Japanese]

    NISHIDA Shin-Ichiro , KOBAYASHI Taichi

    … <p>In recent years, the number of space debris such as artificial satellites with the end of life and rocket upper stage reside in Earth's orbit has increased, and there is an increased risk that the increased space debris will collide with artificial satellites and manned spacecraft. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2019(0), 2P1-U02, 2019


  • Development of a Teaching Material for Understanding the Earth's Layered Structure: A Sensory Tool for Specific Gravity  [in Japanese]

    YAMAMOTO Junji , TOKUNAGA Saimi , YOKOKURA Lena , TANAKA Tomonori , TAJIMA Takahiro

    … <p>We developed a teaching material for better understanding the Earth's layered structure. … The teaching material consists of a glass cylinder containing five materials (air, water, quartz, olivine and mercury), which represent each major layer of the Earth (atmosphere, ocean, crust, mantle and core). …

    Education of Earth Science 72(1), 31-42, 2019


  • Permanent Densification of SiO<sub>2</sub> Glass  [in Japanese]


    … It has been clarified that the permanent densification can be interpreted as a phase transition in the intermediate-range order (the network structure of SiO<sub>4</sub> … glass and introduce an application to estimate the behavior of magma in the Earth's deep upper mantle, based on our recent researches.</p> …

    The Review of High Pressure Science and Technology 29(2), 129-137, 2019


  • Structure Measurements of Liquid Iron-Light Element Alloys under High Pressures  [in Japanese]

    SHIBAZAKI Yuki , KONO Yoshio

    … Knowledge of structure and properties of liquid Fe-light element alloys under high pressures is essential to discuss the nature and dynamics of planetary liquid cores such as Earth's outer core, while those remain poorly understood. …

    The Review of High Pressure Science and Technology 29(2), 103-112, 2019


  • Studies on crystal structures and thermodynamic properties of mantle minerals using calorimetric and spectroscopic methods  [in Japanese]

    KOJITANI Hiroshi

    … <p>I have researched on the Earth's mantle constituent minerals and their analogue materials using thermodynamic approaches and crystal structure analyses. …

    Japanese Magazine of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 48(1), 25-35, 2019


  • Physical and chemical properties of the mantle minerals explored by high-pressure and high-temperature experiments  [in Japanese]

    SINMYO Ryosuke

    … <p>High-pressure and high-temperature experiments are vital tools for knowing the structure and evolutions of the Earth's deep interior. … In this paper, I will introduce recent progress on the studies of the crystal structure, physical properties, and electronic state of iron and the phase relationships of minerals at lower mantle conditions. …

    Japanese Magazine of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 48(1), 36-45, 2019


  • Thai Seismic Array (TSAR) Project

    Tanaka Satoru , Siripunvaraporn Weerachai , Boonchaisuk Songkhun , Noisagool Sutthipong , Kim Taewoon , Kawai Kenji , Suzuki Yuki , Ishihara Yasushi , Iritani Ryohei , Miyakawa Koji , Takeuchi Nozomu , Kawakatsu Hitoshi

    … Temporary broadband seismic observations, consisting of pilot and main observations, were conducted from January 2016 to January 2019 to study the seismic structure of the Earth's deep interior, and the crust and upper mantle structure beneath Thailand. …

    東京大学地震研究所彙報 = Bulletin of the Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo 94(1-4), 1-11, 2019


  • Impurity Resistivity of fcc and hcp Fe-Based Alloys: Thermal Stratification at the Top of the Core of Super-Earths

    Gomi Hitoshi , Yoshino Takashi

    … It is widely known that the Earth's Fe dominant core contains a certain amount of light elements such as H, C, N, O, Si, and S. … We report the results of first-principles calculations on the band structure and the impurity resistivity of substitutionally disordered hcp and fcc Fe based alloys. … % impurity concentration, calculated impurity resistivities of C, N, O, S are comparable to that of Si. …

    Frontiers in Earth Science (6), 217, 2018-11-29


  • Thermal structure of the Earth's mantle(Part 1)Pacific Ocean sector  [in Japanese]

    Choi Dong R. , Tsunoda Fumio , Kawabe Takayuki , 村山 敬真 [訳]

    グローバルテクトニクスの新概念 : ニュースレター = New concepts in global tectonics : newsletter 5(4), 35-42, 2018-04

  • New concept and prototype verification for offshore wind power generation system

    Nagata Tatsuhiko

    … Seventy percent of the earth's total area is ocean, of which about 64% is deeper than 200 meters named offshore. … This paper shows the concept of offshore wind turbines with self-stable VAWT with flip-up mechanism and triangle combined floating structure with flexible rectangular link mechanism for deep sea locations. …

    Grand Renewable Energy proceedings 1(0), 157, 2018


  • Studies on nontectonic geologic structure in Japan: Recent progress and future perspective  [in Japanese]

    Nagata Hidehisa

    … <p>Nontectonic geological structures are formed near the Earth's surface under the field where gravitational force dominates tectonic stress. …

    The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan 124(11), 899-912, 2018


  • Thermal structure of Earth's core and lowermost mantle explored by high pressure and temperature experiments  [in Japanese]

    Sinmyo Ryosuke , Hirose Kei , Ohishi Yasuo


    Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 65(0), 69, 2018


  • Pattern of Continental Growth and Its Secular Change  [in Japanese]

    SAWADA Hikaru , ISOZAKI Yukio , MARUYAMA Shigenori

    … <p> The extensive occurrence of a felsic continental crust is one of the unique features of the Earth. … The growth history of the continental crust has been a key issue in understanding the origin and evolution of the Earth. … The current understanding of the growth of continents and the differentiation of the crust and the mantle of the Earth is reviewed based on a detrital zircon geochronology. …

    Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi) 127(5), 705-721, 2018


  • Influence of low–molecular–weight dicarboxylic acids on the formation of calcium carbonate minerals in solutions with Mg<sup>2+</sup> ions

    MIYASHITA Mako , YAMADA Eri , KAWANO Motoharu

    … <p>Organic acids are biological molecules that present abundantly in the earth's surface environments. … Low–molecular–weight dicarboxylic acids are reactive organic acids containing two carboxyl groups in the molecular structure. … The results confirmed that the dicarboxylic acids inhibited significantly the formation of aragonite and favored the formation of calcite depending on the molecular structure in the following order: oxalic acid > …

    Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 113(4), 207-217, 2018


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