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  • Lignin fragments rich in detached side-chain structures found in water-soluble LCC

    AIMI Hikaru , MATSUMOTO Yuji , MESHITSUKA Gyosuke

    Journal of Wood Science 51(3), 252-255, 2005-06-25

    References (18)

  • Contribution of Syringyl β-O-4 Linkage in Different Hardwood Lignin Preparations

    堀 啓映子 , 清水 隆 , 飯塚 堯介

    … Sinapyl alcohol was confirmed as a major product of trimethylsilyl iodide (TMSiI) treatment of syringyl β-O-4 lignin model compound. … In this study, contribution of syringyl β-O-4 linkage in different lignin preparations was investigated by comparing the yields of sinapyl alcohol obtained by TMSiI treatment. …

    Bulletin of the Tokyo University Forests (112), 155-162, 2004-12


  • Selective Cleavage of β-ether Linkages in Lignin by TMSiI Treatment--Model experiment for guaiacyl dimer

    堀 啓映子 , 新谷 博幸 , 飯塚 堯介

    … Trimethylsilyl iodide (TMSiI) was known to cleave β-ether linkages in lignin under a very mild condition. … If a lignin fraction is formed by β-O-4 linkage exclusively, it should be cleaved into monomeric products by complete cleavage of β-O-4 linkage. … The reaction products of birch endwise lignin treated by TMSiI actually distributed not only in monomer range but in dimer or trimer range, but it was probably due to α-condensation and/or iodination. …

    Bulletin of the Tokyo University Forests (112), 45-53, 2004-12


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