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  • Traditional Annual Events in Japanese Kindergartens in the Prewar Period: Focusing on the Doll Festival

    KOYAMA Mizue

    … This paper examines how traditional annual events were introduced and established in kindergarten education in Japan and clarifies how the content of these events and ways of celebrating them were modified depending on the period. … With the adoption of the new calendar in 1873, the Meiji government abolished the "Gosekku" (the five seasonal festivals); …

    The Japanese Journal of the historical studies of early childhood education and care 12(0), 1-12, 2017


  • Conflicts and Enthusiasm in Local Community Festivals: The Hikiyama Festival in Nagahama, Shiga  [in Japanese]

    TAKEDA Shunsuke

    … <p>This paper investigates why residents confront with others in the festivals of local communities. … Previous studies have shown their interest in the constructing process of festivals and they emphasized that the function of social integration by conducting the festivals in local communities. …

    Journal of Lifology 28(0), 17-29, 2015


  • A Study of Consciousness in Farming and Fishing Villagers : Their Religious Faith through Festivals of Gods  [in Japanese]

    Hattori Sumiko

    … This study of culture and personality is aimed at investigating the distinguishing personality characteristics of farming villagers and fishing villagers by adopting the method of example in regard to their regular religious festivals. … Religious rites were chosen because they are considered to be the reflection of each of these groups belief in souls and to shed light on their basic individual consciousness. …

    International Christian University publications. I-A, Educational studies (41), 147-170, 1999-03


  • New scientific decision-making-system in promotion of local culture : as a case study of Okinawa-ken  [in Japanese]

    Neki Akira , Edagawa Akitoshi , Kakiuchi Emiko

    … Today, local-cultural-activities are more and more popular, especially because of local governors' enthusiasm to promote arts and culture, and timely supporting program of Ministry of Domestic Affairs. … Originally this policy was so simple that 1% of construction was spent for providing artistic merits to the libraries and city-halls. …

    Technical report of the Technological University of Nagaoka (16), 77-82, 1994-12


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