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  • Analysis of Educational Effects of Remote University Physical Education Classes by Text Mining: Research Using the Impression Report of Fitness Training Classes  [in Japanese]

    亀岡 雅紀 , 藤瀬 武彦

    … Based on the termsrelated to fitness education (muscle, strength, strength training, etc.) and the impressions ofthe students, it was considered that they were able to acquire knowledge and understandhow to practice exercise in class. … Even if it is a distance lesson, university classes have an educational effect onknowledge, exercise, and training methods that could lead to the lifelong health and physicalfitness of the students. …

    新潟国際情報大学経営情報学部紀要 = Journal of Niigata University of International and Information Studies Faculty of Business and Informatics (4), 14-28, 2021-04-01


  • Long-term care training Ⅰ Construction of on-campus exercise program and its learuning  [in Japanese]

    鈴木 絵美 , 小川 あゆみ

    介護福祉士の養成課程において、介護実習は体験的な学習機会として、また専門職を養成するための重要なステップとなっている。新型コロナウイルス感染症拡大,非常事態宣言の発令に伴い、介護実習Ⅰは学内演習で実施するに至った。学内演習プログラムは、現場の様子を伺い知ることができるよう場面に応じた視聴覚教材や、基礎的な技術、技能を体得するために模擬訪問介護、模擬通所介護を実施し疑似体験学習を行った。その他にも、 …

    八戸学院大学短期大学部研究紀要 (52), 17-24, 2021-03-26


  • Effectiveness of program for developing the general coordination skills "TAKUMISA" in experience-based exercise class among 3rd and 4th graders  [in Japanese]

    北村 哲 , 藤林 献明 , 大西 祐司 , 藤松 典子 , 髙松 靖 , 竹川 智樹 , 坂尾 美穂 , 小谷 幸平 , 黒田 貴稔 , 松村 綾 , 山田 庸

    … The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of "the Nagahama Junior Athlete Training program" for gain coordination skills in Nagahama, Shiga Prefecture, by comparing the results of the first and last physical tests conducted at the Nagahama Junior Athlete Training program in each year, as well as by examining the effects of each exercise class. …

    研究紀要 = Bulletin of Biwako Seikei Sport College = Bulletin of Biwako Seikei Sport College (18), 49-68, 2021-03-15


  • Effects of collaborative activity through the overseas program on fundamental competencies for working persons  [in Japanese]

    田中 忍 , 大西 史晃

    … all contents were based on exercise science. … This overseas training program, which incorporatescollaborative activities abroad among people who are not familiar with each other, could have a significant impact on the participants as an occasion to develop their FCWP capacities. … In conclusion, it is suggested that participating in a training program in a foreign country for various collaborative activities with a variety of people provided a lot of experiences and improved the participants' FCWP. …

    研究紀要 = Bulletin of Biwako Seikei Sport College = Bulletin of Biwako Seikei Sport College (18), 37-48, 2021-03-15


  • Effects of yoga practice as mindfulness training on mind wandering and psychological state  [in Japanese]

    鈴木 啓子 , 林 聡 , 村上 慎一郎 , 昇 寛

    国際エクササイズサイエンス学会誌 = International journal of exercise science 4(1), 16-21, 2021-03

  • Training with an Electric Exercise Bike versus a Conventional Exercise Bike during Hemodialysis for Patients with End-stage Renal Disease : A Randomized Clinical Trial  [in Japanese]

    三浦 美佐 , 吉澤 亮 , 大和田 滋 , 平山 暁 , 伊藤 修 , 上月 正博 , 前波 輝彦

    The Japanese journal of rehabilitation medicine = リハビリテーション医学 58(2), 221-226, 2021-02

  • Effects of High-intensity Interval Training on Lactate Dehydrogenase Expression in Skeletal Muscle Fibers  [in Japanese]

    西口 治佳 , 小山 健藏 , 榎木 泰介

    競技スポーツでは,パフォーマンスの向上を目的として様々な形態のトレーニングが行われている。その中でも近年,高強度インターバルトレーニングが注目されている。高強度運動は速筋線維群を動員する割合が高く,解糖系代謝を刺激するなどの特性がある。高強度運動を短い休息を挟んで反復する高強度インターバルトレーニングは,解糖系代謝による乳酸の産生だけではなく,休息時には乳酸の分解(酸化代謝)が活性化する効果も想定 …

    大阪教育大学紀要. 人文社会科学・自然科学 = Memoirs of Osaka Kyoiku University. Humanities and social science, natural science 69, 1-7, 2021-02

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  • Effects of an antero-posterior movement of trunk on lower joint torques during lateral jump  [in Japanese]

    本山 清喬 , 金高 宏文 , 綿谷 貴志 , 豊田 直樹 , 安陪 大治郎 , 西薗 秀嗣 , 髙橋 仁大

    九州体育・スポーツ学研究 = Kyushu journal of physical education and sport 35(1), 1-10, 2021-01

  • Preventive effects of low-intensity endurance exercise for severe hyperglycemia-induced capillary regression in non-obese type 2 diabetes rat skeletal muscle

    Morifuji Takeshi , Tanaka Minoru , Nakanishi Ryosuke , Hirabayashi Takumi , Kondo Hiroyo , Fujino Hidemi

    … Although endurance exercise is effective for reducing diabetes-related capillary regression, it is difficult to prescribe high-intensity endurance exercise due to the potential worsening of complications in patients with severe hyperglycemia. … Therefore, this study aimed to examine whether chronic low-intensity exercise training may prevent severe hyperglycemia-induced capillary regression of skeletal muscle in non-obese type 2 diabetes. …

    Physiological Reports 9(2), e14712, 2021-01


  • Study on regulation of skeletal muscle characteristics by food components  [in Japanese]

    KOMIYA Yusuke

    <p>骨格筋を構成する筋線維は異なる性質を示す遅筋タイプと速筋タイプに大別される.遅筋タイプはミトコンドリアに富み,酸化能力に長け,抗疲労性を示す.食肉においては遅筋タイプの割合が高まると,テクスチャー改善,機能性成分の増加,呈味性向上などにつながる.これまで後天的な遅筋タイプの増加は運動トレーニングによってのみ生じると考えられていた.我々はオレイン酸を骨格筋細胞に作用させると遅筋タイ …

    Nihon Chikusan Gakkaiho 92(1), 25-33, 2021


  • Respiratory Impairment, Limited Activity, and Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Patients with Interstitial Lung Disease

    KOZU Ryo , SHINGAI Kazuya , HANADA Masatoshi , OIKAWA Masato , NAGURA Hiroki , ITO Hiroshi , KITAGAWA Chika , TANAKA Takako

    … <p>Interstitial lung disease (ILD) is a diverse group of chronic lung conditions characterized by dyspnea, exercise-induced hypoxemia (EIH), and exercise intolerance. … This rehabilitation program mainly comprises exercise training and self-management education. … Exercise training is the most important component of pulmonary rehabilitation. …

    Physical Therapy Research, 2021


  • A case of bilateral coronoid process elongation with mild mental retardation  [in Japanese]

    SUMITA Yoshimasa , KODAMA Yasumitsu , TSURUMAKI Hiroshi

    … Although surgery is the first-choice treatment, perioperative treatment compliance is important for successful therapy, because postoperative mouth-opening exercise is mandatory in these patients. … However, we explained the importance of a consistent training regimen, and she continued it. …

    Journal of The Japanese Stomatological Society 70(1), 43-48, 2021


  • Effects of resistance training using elastic bands on muscle strength with or without a leucine supplement for 48 weeks in elderly patients with type 2 diabetes

    Yamamoto Yutaro , Nagai Yoshio , Kawanabe Shin , Hishida Yoshiaki , Hiraki Koji , Sone Masakatsu , Tanaka Yasushi

    … Resistance training and appropriate nutritional therapy are reported to be effective for muscle strength and mass. … This study aimed to evaluate the effect of resistance training using elastic bands at home combined with a leucine-rich amino acid supplement on muscle strength, physical function, and muscle mass in elderly type 2 diabetes. …

    Endocrine Journal 68(3), 291-298, 2021


  • Effects of intensive exercise combined with dapagliflozin on body composition in patients with type 2 diabetes: a randomized controlled trial

    Bouchi Ryotaro , Sonoda Noriyuki , Itoh Jun , Ono Yasuhiro , Fukuda Tatsuya , Takeuchi Takato , Kishimoto Junji , Yamada Tetsuya , Ogawa Yoshihiro

    … <p>This study was aimed to evaluate the effects of intensive exercise in addition to the administration of sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitor dapagliflozin (DAPA) on body composition, including fat-free mass, in type 2 diabetes. … We randomly assigned 146 patients to 24 weeks of treatment with intensive exercise, including resistance training, plus 5 mg (up to 10 mg) of DAPA daily (IT group) or DAPA alone (CT group). …

    Endocrine Journal 68(3), 329-343, 2021


  • The Effects of Diversity Students on the Group Activity Outcomes in the Practical Exercise with OJE (On the Job Education)  [in Japanese]

    MASUDA Tomoka , UENISHI Keisuke

    … The OJE is a practical method which has been introduced as leadership training in the Department of Management of Industry and Technology, Graduate School of Engineering in Osaka University. …

    Journal of JSEE 69(2), 2_69-2_74, 2021


  • Does pre-operative physical rehabilitation improve the functional outcomes of patients undergoing gastrointestinal cancer surgery?

    Hara Tsuyoshi , Kogure Eisuke , Kubo Akira , Kakuda Wataru

    … They received instructions for performing exercise from a physical therapist 17.0 ± 7.3 days prior to surgery. … [Conclusion] Improvement in walking ability by rehabilitation training prior to surgery leads to the preservation of physical function in the patients with gastrointestinal cancer undergoing surgery.</p> …

    Journal of Physical Therapy Science 33(3), 299-306, 2021


  • Impact of sarcopenia on the progress of cardiac rehabilitation and discharge destination after cardiovascular surgery

    Morimoto Yosuke , Matsuo Tomohiro , Yano Yudai , Fukushima Takuya , Eishi Kiyoyuki , Kozu Ryo

    … [Results] Sarcopenia was a significant factor of delay of the day of the first rehabilitation, independence in 100-m walking, and exercise training at the rehabilitation gym. …

    Journal of Physical Therapy Science 33(3), 213-221, 2021


  • Effect of Gait Exercise Assist Robot on Walking Ability in a Patient with Chronic Stroke  [in Japanese]

    Uegaki Ryota , Ogino Tomoyuki , Kanata Yoshihiro , Wada Yosuke , Domen Kazuhisa

    … <p>We report a case of a patient with chronic stroke who improved his gait ability through weekly gait training using Gait Exercise Assist Robot (GEAR). … Before gait training, the patient's gait ability was assessed to be independent, but poor toe clearance was observed on the paralyzed side during the swing phase. … Therefore, we started gait training using GEAR with the goal of improving his gait pattern. …

    The Japanese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, 2021


  • Proposal and validation of mathematical model for resistance training

    Hatanaka Sho , Ishii Naokata

    … <p>A set of mathematical models for resistance training (RT model) with repeated dynamic and voluntary activations of knee extensor muscles was proposed and validated. … Several resistance training program variables (e.g. load, velocity, number of sets, and duration of rest intervals) were addressed in this study. … Experimental data from six subjects were taken under several different training protocols. …

    The Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine 10(2), 109-118, 2021


  • Effects of Water Exercise Training on Prevention of Oral Frail in Middle-aged Women  [in Japanese]

    USUI Tatsuya , TSUJI Shintaro , MATSUO Takashi , NAGAI Nobuhito , TAKEYASU Chie , ORITA Keisuke

    … In thisstudy, focusing on water exercise training considered to increase intraoral immune function, weinvestigated the influence of water exercise training on the oral local immune function and Streptococcusmutans-suppressing effect. …

    The Journal of Education and Health Science 66(3), 202-210, 2021


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