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  • NFRR: A Novel Family Relationship Recognition Algorithm Based on Telecom Social Network Spectrum

    NIU Kun , JIAO Haizhen , CHENG Cheng , ZHANG Huiyang , XU Xiao

    … We conduct complete experiments to exhibit effectiveness of the proposed algorithm, and experimental results also show that it has a lower complexity.</p> …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E102.D(4), 759-767, 2019


  • A Study on Positioning Control of a Moving Table by Real-Time Identification of Dynamic Characteristics:―Evaluation of Proposed Control Method―  [in Japanese]

    MORIMOTO Yoshitaka , KUMAGAI Keisuke , MUKAI Tatsuya , HAYASHI Akio

    … A motion table driven by the ball screw drive system is chosen as the target object and controlled by an original numerical control system which realizes the inverse transfer function control method with the originally developed software. … In this report, the experimental control results of the proposed control method are evaluated by the real-time measurement of the position set-point and the present position during the table motion.</p> …

    Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering 85(1), 113-118, 2019


  • A Comparative Study on Violent Sloshing with Complex Baffles Using the ISPH Method

    Zheng Xing , You Yi , Ma Qingwei , Khayyer Abbas , Shao Songdong

    … Firstly, the numerical model is validated against the experimental results and the simulations from commercial CFD software STAR-CCM+ for a sloshing tank without any baffle. … The results show that the complex baffles can significantly influence the impact pressures on the wall caused by the violent sloshing, and the relevant analysis can help find the engineering solutions to effectively suppress the problem. …

    Applied Sciences 8(6), 2018-06-01


  • Enhancing Applicability and Functionality of KAPSEL Simulator  [in Japanese]

    YAMAMOTO Ryoichi

    <p>計算科学を工学的な問題に用いる際の大きな阻害要因の一つに,問題に即した粒子間力モデルや境界条件にソフトウェアが対応していないことがある.従来のシミュレーションによる研究の多くは,実験結果の再現ができているかどうか,モデルそのものの物理化学が正しいかどうかの検討,あるいは純粋に科学的・学術的な興味からのアプローチが主であり,材料設計やプロセス設計のためのツールとして使える段階に至っ …

    Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation ANNUAL REPORT 26(0), 135-139, 2018


  • Bubble sound generation detaching from submerged nozzle  [in Japanese]

    OKU Takao , HIRAHARA Hiroyuki , AKIMOTO Tomohiro

    … As a result, by setting the simulation conditions appropriately, not only deformation behavior but also sound pressure level were agreed well with experimental data and knowledge on emitted sound and flow characteristics around bubble was obtained. …

    The Proceedings of the Fluids engineering conference 2018(0), OS2-20, 2018


  • Study on Theoretical Methods Used for Vibration Analysis of a Pair of Gears:(Validation of Vibration Analysis Methods Considering Machining Errors and Torque Fluctuation)  [in Japanese]

    HIRAKOSE Tomoya , LI Shuting

    … Firstly, three kinds of software are developed based on GVA method, Runge-Kutta (RK) method and Runge-Kutta-Gill (RKG) method. … Each software is used to analyze torsional vibration of gears under three conditions: (1) only machining errors are considered; … Additionally, frequency components of the gear vibration analyzed by GVA method approximately agree with the experimental ones except for the acceleration magnitude. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2018(0), S1120404, 2018


  • Development of Learning Program for Motion and Vibration in Mechanical System  [in Japanese]

    TAKIGUCHI Michihiro , FUJIWARA Shigeyasu , SHIMAOKA Mitsuyoshi , TADA Hiroo , TAKESHIMA Keishi , FUJINO Toshikazu , ABE Masajiro

    … One is a software called DSS for motion and vibration simulation, which supports the sequence of operation of numerically solving the motion equation and displaying the analytical results graphically. … The other is an experimental teaching material, and we have already completed its fifteen experimental apparatuses.</p><p>In this paper, first, the overview of teaching materials which were developed by us is described. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2018(0), J2010104, 2018


  • Development of Mechanical-Impedance-Varying Mechanism in Admittance Control

    Tsumugiwa Toru , Yura Miho , Kamiyoshi Atsushi , Yokogawa Ryuichi

    … However, a number of studies on variable impedance control are based on the variation of a parameter in the robot motion control software, and a mechanical variable impedance control has not been proposed. … The experimental results demonstrated that the operator can vary the impedance parameters of the robot by mechanically adjusting the input force to the force sensor and operating the robot using the proposed mechanism.</p> …

    Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics 30(6), 863-872, 2018


  • Quantitation of Cerebral Atrophy due to Normal Aging: Principal Component Analysis with MR Images in Patients' Age Groups  [in Japanese]

    Kai Chiharu , Uchiyama Yoshikazu , Shiraishi Junji , Fujita Hiroshi

    … For anatomical standardization of the images, we used the statistical parametric mapping software and employed a linear grayscale transformation. … The experimental result showed separated distributions corresponding to the age groups. …

    Japanese Journal of Radiological Technology 74(12), 1389-1395, 2018

    J-STAGE Ichushi Web

  • Support Method for Beginners Understanding Shogi Games by Evaluating Battlefields and a King's Danger Degree by Using an Arrangement of Komas  [in Japanese]


    <p>コンピュータ将棋の躍進や魅力的なプロ棋士に関する報道により将棋に興味を持つ人が増えてきた.将棋対局の中継ではプロ棋士による解説やコンピュータによる評価値などが表示される.解説や評価値には先読みの情報が含まれており,先読みが困難な初心者には現在のコマの配置と対応がつかず,分かりにくいことが多い.現在のコマの配置と対応がつく評価が示されると初心者は局面把握ができ,将棋の内容の理解が進 …

    Journal of Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics 30(6), 796-803, 2018


  • Latest Functions of J-OCTA, Multiscale Simulation Software for Soft Materials

    YOSHIDA Hideyo , OHATA Kosuke , MAEDA Tatsuya , NITTA Hiroya , CHAKI Kenta , KAKEMOTO Yoshitsugu , WATANABE Maiko , OZAWA Taku

    … By using chemical structures and materials properties database with experimental and many numbers of computer simulation data, Quantitative Structure-Property Relationship (QSPR) can be applied to design new materials. … Latest updates of the software and case studies are introduced.</p> …

    NIHON GAZO GAKKAISHI (Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan) 57(6), 700-705, 2018


  • Soft Crystal Force Field for Reproducing the Crystal Structures of Aryl Gold Isocyanide Complexes

    NAKAYAMA Naofumi , OBATA Shigeaki , HORI Yoshikazu , GOTO Hitoshi , SEKI Tomohiro , ITO Hajime

    … It was confirmed that two polymorphic forms optimized by CONFLEX software with these parameters are in good agreement with the experimental structures. … Application of the parameters to other derivatives also gives good results but the Au..Au distances in some crystal structures are longer than those of the experimental. …

    Journal of Computer Chemistry, Japan 17(3), 155-157, 2018


  • A Novel Animation Method Based on Mesh Decimation

    Sun Qiyun , Wan Wanggen , Feng Xiang , Chen Guoliang

    … <p>Skeleton based skin deformation methods are widely used in computer animations, with the help of some animation software, like 3D Studio Max and Maya. … The experimental results show that the proposed animation method is feasible and effective and shows great real-time performance.</p> …

    Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics 22(2), 184-193, 2018


  • Three-dimensional Analysis of Two-way Fluid-structure Interaction on a Flexible Hydrofoil in Viscous Flow

    Mortazavinia Zahra , Camarero Ricardo , Guibault Francois

    … The strongly coupled FSI solver is validated by comparing the present numerical results with experimental measurements in a water tunnel at the French Naval Academy. …

    International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems 11(3), 333-343, 2018


  • Numerical Investigations of Turbulent Flows around Hydrofoil by Using Implicit Large Eddy Simulation

    Tang Xuelin , Hui Gao , Zhixing Wu , Man Hao , Xiaoyan Shi , Xiaoqin Li

    … With the help of User Define Function (UDF) of the Fluent CFD software, the 3D turbulent unsteady flows were carried out by using ILES and LES respectively. …

    International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems 11(3), 321-332, 2018


  • Engineering education with multiphysics finite-element analysis  [in Japanese]

    HASHIGUCHI Masanori , Mi Dahai

    … <p>In engineering education, in order to develop student's ability on discovering solutions for advanced engineering problems, it is necessary to have a numerical computing environment that can set mathematical expressions freely and can perform multiphysics analysis. … The possibility of the software as an engineering educational tool is also discussed. …

    The Proceedings of Conference of Kanto Branch 2018.24(0), OS0206, 2018


  • Data Recovery Aware Garbage Collection Mechanism in Flash-Based Storage Devices

    PAIK Joon-Young , JIN Rize , CHUNG Tae-Sun

    … The experimental results show that our garbage collection mechanism can improve data recovery with minor performance degradation.</p> …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E101.D(9), 2404-2408, 2018


  • Trading-Off Computing and Cooling Energies by VM Migration in Data Centers

    SONG Ying , ZHAO Xia , WANG Bo , SUN Yuzhong

    … The real server experimental results show that C<sup>2</sup>vmMap_heur reduces up to 40.43% energy compared with the non-migration load balance algorithm. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E101.D(9), 2224-2234, 2018



    KIM Cuong Nguyen , KAWAMURA Kei , SHIOZAKI Masando , TARIGHAT Amir

    … Moreover, experimental results for an actual tunnel demonstrate that the curvature measurement can select the matching points accurately. … The authors have developed an image-stitching software to create a high-resolution panorama of the tunnel lining surface for assisting in defect inspection. …

    Journal of JSCE 6(1), 78-90, 2018


  • Component-Based mruby Platform for IoT Devices

    Yamamoto Takuro , Hara Takuma , Ishikawa Takuya , Oyama Hiroshi , Takada Hiroaki , Azumi Takuya

    … <p>In embedded network software running on embedded systems within the Internet of Things (IoT), high levels of runtime efficiency and user productivity are required. … As an approach to improve the productivity of software development, the mruby on TOPPERS embedded component system (TECS) framework has been proposed; … In this paper, we propose an extended mruby on TECS framework for its application in developing software for IoT devices, including sensors and actuators. …

    Journal of Information Processing 26(0), 549-561, 2018


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