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  • Characteristics of Melting Point Depression in a Melt System of Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate Dodecahydrate  [in Japanese]

    Watanabe Yasuyuki , Hirasawa Izumi

    … By using the simplified empirical formula proposed previously expressing the relation between additive concentration and the degree of melting point depression (Watanabe and Hirasawa, 2017) or the degree of latent heat decrease (Watanabe, 2017), the abilities of each additive to depress melting point and decrease latent heat were numerically expressed. …

    KAGAKU KOGAKU RONBUNSHU 44(6), 372-378, 2018


  • Evaluation of Mental Workload for Port-Coordinator on an Individual Scale Using Salivary NO<sub>3</sub>-  [in Japanese]

    KITAMURA Kenichi , MURAI Koji , WAKIDA Shin-ichi , ROOKS Matthew

    … is currently not common as a physiological index, but it is reliable method for numerically expressing mental workload at any given time. …

    Transactions of Navigation 2(1), 15-23, 2017


  • Analysis of 3D Planar Crack Problems by Body Force Method

    Hasib Md Abdul , Saimoto Akihide

    … In the present analysis, stress intensity factors (SIFs) along a front of arbitrary shaped 3D planar crack are obtained directly only by solving simultaneous equations expressing a boundary condition. … In order to improve the accuracy of the numerically examined boundary integral, a polar transformation scheme combined with Tayler expansion of the fundamental solutions is introduced. …

    Key Engineering Materials (627), 5-8, 2015


  • Finite element models of wedge disclination  [in Japanese]

    HOSOYA Takafumi , KATO Hiroyuki , SASAKI Kazuaki

    … one is to build up finite element model with rotational discontinuity in its original shape, and the other is to give the initial strain capable of expressing the displacement field. … It is suggested that the initial strain method may be more appropriate when solving complex structures numerically because it does not need starting with cut-and-joint procedure to create a disclination. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 80(819), SMM0313-SMM0313, 2014


  • Crystal Plasticity Simulation Considering Oxidation along Grain Boundary and Effect of Grain Size on Stress Corrosion Cracking

    AOYAGI Yoshiteru , KAJI Yoshiyuki

    … In this study, a crystal plasticity model expressing IGSCC is proposed by considering information about the oxidation along the grain boundaries and the failure of an oxide film caused by the localization of a deformation. … From a crystal plasticity finite element analysis and an oxygen reaction-diffusion finite difference analysis based on the presented model, the IGSCC is numerically reproduced, and we discuss the effect of grain size on the crack propagation behavior. …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 53(1), 161-166, 2012-01-01

    J-STAGE  References (25)

  • Multiscale Crystal Plasticity Simulation on Peculiar Mechanical Properties of Annealed FCC Ultrafine-grained Metals with Bimodal Structure  [in Japanese]

    Shizawa Kazuyuki , Ono Takahiro

    … In this study, a hardening model is proposed expressing a temporal increase of CRSS due to a role of grain boundary as a dislocation source in the condition of dislocation exhaustion. … Through this calculation, the above peculiar properties are numerically predicted, and influences of grain size ratio and volume fraction of coarse grains on the ductility are discussed. …

    NCTAM papers, National Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Japan 61(0), 102-102, 2012


  • Nucleation on active centers in confined volumes

    Kožíšek Zdeněk , Hikosaka Masamichi , Okada Kiyoka , Demo Pavel

    … Kinetic equations describing nucleation on active centers are solved numerically to determine the number of supercritical nuclei, nucleation rate, and the number density of nuclei for formation both of droplets from vapor and also crystalline phase from vapor, solution, and melt. … Our approach follows standard nucleation model, when the exhaustion of active centers is taken into account via the boundary condition, and thus no additional equation (expressing exhaustion of active centers) is needed. …

    Journal of Chemical Physics 136(16), 164506, 2012


  • W012006 Dislocation-based Crystal Plasticity Analysis on Kink Formation and Disclination in LPSO Structure  [in Japanese]

    SHIZAWA Kazuyuki , TADANO Yuichi

    … In order to reproduce numerically kink-bands, we extended a dislocation-based crystal plasticity model for HCP crystals developed by the authors previously to a new material model suitable for LPSO-phase. … Through this numerical simulation, the generation of kink-bands is computationally reproduced and the formation process of the deformation kinks is investigated in the view of the distributions of GN dislocation and GN incompatibility expressing dislocation pairs including the disclination. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2012(0), _W012006-1-_W012006-5, 2012


  • Study on deterioration forecast in stock management of irrigation canal  [in Japanese]

    北村 浩二

    … Arithmetic mean roughness (Ra) is used for expressing numerically canal abrasion deterioration to minimize errors among inspecting results by inspectors with soundness index. …

    Bulletin of the National Institute for Rural Engineering (49), 201-289, 2010-02

    IR  DOI  JASI 


    Sugawara Yoshiki , Shinohara Ken , Takagi Yutaro , Kobayashi Nobuyuki

    … It is shown that some assumptions about the beam relax the difficulty in expressing the air drag force term and consequently the term can be expressed in symbolic form. … Dynamic stiffening effect which includes large rotation and large deformation is analyzed numerically by the constructed model. …

    The Proceedings of the Asian Conference on Multibody Dynamics 2010.5(0), _63732-1_-_63732-9_, 2010


  • 109 Crystal Plasticity Simulation on Stress Corrosion Cracking Considering Grain Boundary Diffusion of Oxygen  [in Japanese]

    AOYAGI Yoshiteru , KAJI Yoshiyuki

    … In this study, a crystal plasticity model expressing IGSCC is proposed by considering information of oxidation along grain boundaries and failure of oxide film due to localization of deformation. … From a crystal plasticity finite element analysis and a oxygen reaction-diffusion finite difference analysis based on the presented model, IGSCC is numerically reproduced and we discuss about the effect of dissolved oxygen and strain localization on the propagation behavior of crack. …

    The Proceedings of the Materials and Mechanics Conference 2010(0), 691-693, 2010



    TAZAKI Shinya , OKAZAKI Akira

    This study is a suggestion of new method to treat sensitivity evaluation for the shape of the object quantitatively. The existing research is drawing sensitivity information by the questionnaire using …

    Transactions of Japan Society of Kansei Engineering 8(4), 1113-1119, 2009

    J-STAGE  Cited by (1)

  • A Triple-Scale Crystal Plasticity Simulation on Microscopic Yield Behavior of Annealed FCC Ultrafine-Grained Metal  [in Japanese]

    Kurosawa Eisuke , Aoyagi Yoshiteru , Shizawa Kazuyuki

    … In our previous work, the authors proposed a new critical resolved shear stress model expressing the increase of flow stress at the first stage of deformation due to the exhaustion of dislocation sources in an annealed utrafine-grain whose dislocation density is extremely low. …

    NCTAM papers, National Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Japan 58(0), 154-154, 2009


  • Research on conservation of energy effect improvement of full-color LED display  [in Japanese]

    Suzuki Daisuke , Takamatsu Mamoru , Nakashima Yoshio , Mima Ken-ichi , Nakajima Santarou

    … This research is to expressing numerically and the quantification of the energy-saving type LED and the old type LED was compared with relation between the visual distance and the image quality. …

    Proceedings of Annual Conference of The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan 41(0), 67-67, 2008


  • 1411 Technology of making visible of resin flow during injection molding and expressing the phenomenon numerically  [in Japanese]

    TAKAHASHI Yuichi , KOITABA Yoshikazu , OYAKE Masaru

    日本機械学会関東支部ブロック合同講演会講演論文集 2008, 141-142, 2008

    NDL Digital Collections 

  • Proposal of Gas Parcel Method for Improving Accuracy of Gas Jet Analysis in Gas Fuel Injection Engines  [in Japanese]

    FUJIMOTO Hidefumi , TAKADA Yogo , WAKISAKA Tomoyuki

    … Generally, for numerically analyzing gas jets, computational mesh spacing must be smaller than the diameter of an injector nozzle. … Then, the authors devised a gas parcel method expressing local gas velocity distribution within mesh spacing, and verified its validity as follows:<BR>Firstly, an air jet injected into air was numerically analyzed using this method with a mesh having ten times larger spacing than the diameter of an injector nozzle. …

    Marine Engineering 42(4), 694-699, 2007-07-01

    J-STAGE  References (8) Cited by (1)

  • Quasi-static Deformation Analysis of a Human Finger using a Three-dimensional Finite Element Model Constructed from CT Images

    SHIMAWAKI Satoshi , SAKAI Naotaka

    … The mechanical deformation of a human fingertip pressed on a flat plate was numerically analyzed using a three-dimensional human fingertip model based on CT images of a human index finger. … By comparing the numerical and experimental results, we found that there were no unique values of Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio for expressing the experimental results. …

    Journal of Environment and Engineering 2(1), 56-63, 2007


  • The Evaluation System which Contributes to the Improvement of School Education : Focusing on the Evaluation System of Teacher and School Education  [in Japanese]

    KOIZUMI Shoichi

    … Namely, what kind of merits and demerits are brought about by evaluating by symbolizing and expressing numerically a teacher's job, and evaluating it analytically and from many sides. …

    Journal of JASEA 49(0), 145-149, 2007


  • An electronic nose and application to smell evaluation of food and drink by it  [in Japanese]

    AOYAMA Yoshihiro

    … Using this analysis method, we realized dividing the smell into quality and strength and expressing them numerically, and realized bringing the strength of a smell close to human sense.<br>We performed evaluation of smell in relation to food and drink field using FF-2A, and in this review, we introduced the example of comparative evaluation of the smell of the Japanese tea with which grades and places of production differ, yogurt, and wraps for foods. …

    Journal for the Integrated Study of Dietary Habits 17(3), 266-270, 2006-12-30

    J-STAGE  Cited by (1)

  • A Method of Analyzing Primary Factors in Right or Wrong Answers for Multiple-choice Test Using LT/R・W-chart  [in Japanese]


    … Then, by expressing these relationships numerically on LT/R・W-chart, we analyze the factors which lead to right or wrong answers. …

    IPSJ journal 47(11), 3041-3053, 2006-11-15

    IPSJ  References (14)

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