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  • Effect of fiber packing inhomogeneity on burst pressure of type III filament wound CFRP composite vessels  [in Japanese]

    HARADA Shunsuke , ARAI Yoshio , ARAKI Wakako , IIJIMA Takafumi , KUROSAWA Akimoto , OHBUCHI Tomoyuki , SASAKI Noriyuki

    … <p>Burst test of Type-3 FW vessel (normal working pressure: 19.6MPa, capacity: 2.1L) wound with and without GFRP layer were examined. … Observing the cross section of the CFRP layers, microscopic structures such as fiber volume fraction Vf and the edge part of the hoop layer was measured. … Analyzing the stress by FEM model considering inhomogeneity of fiber packing the burst pressure was predicted.</p> …

    The Proceedings of the Materials and Mechanics Conference 2017(0), OS1807, 2017


  • Effect of high temperature on burst pressure of FW CFRP/Al composite pressure vessels  [in Japanese]

    HONDA Kensuke , ARAI Yoshio , ARAKI Wakako , IIJIMA Takafumi , KUROSAWA Akimoto , OHBUCHI Tomoyuki , SASAKI Noriyuki

    … <p>There is a risk that FW (Filament Wound) composite pressure vessel is exposed to high temperature by a fire accident of Fuel Cell Vehicles. … This paper aimed to develop a method of estimating the burst pressure from the temperature and time that FW composite pressure vessel is exposed. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2017(0), G0300803, 2017


  • Measurement of fracture origin at burst of FW-CFRP / Al composite pressure vessels considering its anisotropy  [in Japanese]

    TAKANO Tsubasa , ARAI Yoshio , ARAKI Wakako , IIJIMA Takahumi , OOBUCHI Tomoyuki , SASAKI Noriyuki , KUROSAWA Akimoto

    … <p>The FW-CFRP / Al composite pressure vessel is a vessel in which the liner of Al alloy is covered with a carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) layer and a glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) layer by the filament winding (FW) method. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2017(0), G0300805, 2017


  • OS0604 Effect of Laminate Thickness on Microscopic Damage in FW-CFRP Pressure Vessel  [in Japanese]


    … The microscopic damage in filament-wound carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) laminated pipes with three different laminate thicknesses subjected to impact loading were investigated in the present study. … Internal pressure test were also conducted on the specimens after impact tests. … The residual strength was larger in the composite pipes with thicker CFRP layers. …

    The Proceedings of the Materials and Mechanics Conference 2009(0), 44-45, 2009


  • Evaluation of Fatigue Fracture Mechanisms of Al Alloy Liner/FW-CFRP Composite Pressure Vessels  [in Japanese]

    ARAI Yoshio , OTSUKA Tomoyuki , SUZUKI Hiroshi , SHIBATA Satoshi , OHBUCHI Tomoyuki , IIJIMA Takafumi

    … Fatigue fracture mechanisms of the Al alloy liner/FW-CFRP composite pressure vessels were evaluated through experimental and simulation approaches. … Burst tests and cyclic pressure tests were conducted for a specially designed composite vessel. … The effects of CFRP layer thickness on the fatigue life of Al liner are presented in the context of optimum fatigue design. …


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  • 408 Stress analysis of FW-CFRP thick-walled vessel  [in Japanese]

    Kobayashi Satoshi , Kawahara Mari , Ogihara Shinji

    … In the present study, elasto-plastic analysis on the thick-walled filament-wound carbon fiber reinforced plastic (FW-CFRP) hybrid composite pipes subjected to internal pressure was proposed. … Burst strength of the FW-CFRP hybrid composite pipes were predicted based on the maximum strain criterion. …

    The Proceedings of the Materials and processing conference 2007.15(0), 253-254, 2007


  • Development and Application of FW-CFRP Material for Solid Rocket  [in Japanese]

    MIYAGAWA Kiyoshi

    … <p>Filament wound (FW) pressure vessel is one of candidates to improve rocket structural efficiency without increasing manufacturing cost. … Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) has been selected as a material of pressure vessel for solid rocket. … This paper describes development of a superior material system for filament wound pressure vessel.</p> …

    Aeronautical and Space Sciences Japan 48(558), 421-427, 2000-07-05

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