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  • Mature cystic teratoma in one of two accessory ovaries  [in Japanese]

    Okada Saori , Okamoto Mamiko

    … Her left adnexa and right tube were normal, but her right ovary, although in the proper position, was atrophied to the size of a fingertip, and was connected to a soybean-sized accessory ovary. …



  • Measurement of Young's Modulus of Stratum Corneum in Finger by Optical Coherence Tomography

    OKUYAMA Takeshi , NIWATA Ryohei , TANAKA Mami

    … It is important to evaluate the mechanical properties of the fingertip skin, which is one of the factors affecting the tactile sensation. … In this paper, in order to quantify the mechanical properties of the stratum corneum of the fingertip, a fingertip measurement system using optical coherence tomography (OCT) was developed and the Young's modulus of the stratum corneum of the fingertip was measured using the fingertip measurement system. …

    Journal of the Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics 29(1), 137-142, 2021


  • Utility of Physical Examination Findings for Predicting Low-Back Pain in Adolescent Patients with Early-Stage Spondylolysis: A Retrospective Comparative Cohort Study

    Sugiura Shiro , Otsuki Tetsuya , Kote Ayako , Matsushita Yukio , Okamoto Yuzuru , Ohtori Seiji , Nishikawa Satoru , Aoki Yasuchika , Toyooka Takeshi , Shiga Tetsuo , Oyama Takato , Ishizaki Tohru , Omori Yasutaka , Kiguchi Yasumi , Takata Akito

    … All patients were evaluated using the following tests: hyperextension and hyperflexion (pain provocation tests in a standing position), pain quality (sharp/dull), pain extent (fingertip-sized area/palm-sized area), and pain location (left and/or right pain in side [side]/central pain [center]). … Chi-squared test has identified gender (male), a negative result on hyperflexion test, pain extent (fingertip-sized area), and pain location (side) to be significantly associated with ESS. …

    Spine Surgery and Related Research, 2021


  • Identification of pick and grasp manipulation based on fingertip grip force and velocity  [in Japanese]

    山下 達也 , 中尾 恵 , 松田 哲也

    日常生活において指先操作は重要な役割を果たしており,様々な分野で指先操作解析の重要性が高まっている.指先操作の理解を目的とした様々な研究がなされているが,操作の対象とする物体が限定された実験や,センサによって指先感覚が阻害された状況で行われた研究が多い.本研究では,つまみ及びつかみ操作を対象として,2操作の違いの理解を目指している.指先感覚を阻害せずに指先ひずみと指先三次元位置の同時計測が可能な実 …

    電子情報通信学会技術報告 (MBE) 119(452), 91-96, 2020-03


  • Development and validation of fingertip contact analysis method for throwing in American football  [in Japanese]

    ISHII Hideyuki , SUZUKI Rui

    … <p>In this study, our purpose was to develop a method to analyze the presence or absence of contact between the ball and the fingertip during the ball release phase of the throwing motion in American football, and verify its validity. … Further, using the fingertip contact analysis method developed in this study for the throwing motion analysis, we tried to analyze the contact between the ball and the fingertip during the release phase. …

    The Proceedings of the Symposium on sports and human dynamics 2020(0), B-6-4, 2020


  • Analysis of Transient Response and Asymptotic Stability of Pre-grasp Control using a Proximity Sensor  [in Japanese]

    KOYAMA Keisuke , SHIMOJO Makoto , WAN Weiwei , HARADA Kensuke

    … In the past, we proposed simultaneously control of fingertip position and posture by combination of the proximity sensor feedback and an integral control. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2020(0), 2A2-I08, 2020


  • Control of Haptic Display Using Fishing Rod  [in Japanese]

    NAITO Daiki , KAJIMOTO Hiroyuki

    … The display incorporates a fishing rod to present the force sensation at the user's fingertip using a thread being reeled from the tip of the fishing rod. … This device requires conversion from the position of the user's fingertip and magnitude of the force to necessary winding force of the thread and the posture of the fishing rod. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2020(0), 2A1-P11, 2020


  • Design and prototype of a wearable fingertip tactile display using 6DoF parallel link mechanism  [in Japanese]

    TAHARA Mikihisa , NAGANO Hikaru , TAZAKI Yuichi , YOKOKOHJI Yasuyoshi

    … <p>This paper presents a wearable fingertip tactile display for rendering of forces by skin deformation to index finger with six-Revolute-Spherical-Spherical(6-RSS) parallel link mechanism. … Secondly, we decided the parameters that include the length of arm and rod, the position where index finger are fixed. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2020(0), 2A1-P18, 2020


  • Fingertip-attachable Microscope and Its Evaluation  [in Japanese]

    OBUSHI Noriyasu , HIYAMA Atsushi , INAMI Masahiko

    … However, they still suffer from difficulties before and during observation: slide preparation and position control. … To address this, we introduce a fingertip-attachable microscope that allows a wearer to observe small structures by directly contacting a surface while its position is adjustable by moving one's fingertip. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2020(0), 1P2-M14, 2020


  • Intensity Distribution Sensing of Aerial Ultrasonic Tactile Display  [in Japanese]

    SAGAWA Masatoshi , FUJIWARA Masahiro , Makino Yasutoshi , SHINODA Hiroyuki

    … <p>In this study, we propose an evaluation method by measuring the reflected ultrasound from the skin surface to examine the accuracy of the focal position. … In the proposed method, we assume that the fingertip exists as the irradiation target inside the workspace of the ultrasonic tactile display and evaluate the validity of the presentation based on the received intensity of a single receiving element. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2020(0), 1A1-K08, 2020


  • Study on Automatic Assembly of Jig Parts using a 4-Finger 12-DOF Hand (Grasping and Insertion of an Electric Screwdriver)  [in Japanese]

    YAMADA Takayoshi , SHIBATA Kazuaki , SATO Junya , ITO Kazuaki , YAMAMOTO Hidehiko

    … It's equipped with an RGB-D camera on palm and a 6-axis force sensor on wrist part and each fingertip. … The position of the driver's tip was estimated using the AR marker and the RGB-D camera. … The position of the tip and the screw were aligned and inserted.</p> …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2020(0), 1P1-B11, 2020


  • Tracking and Grasping of Moving Objects Based on Proximity Sensors Mounted on Fingertips of Multi-fingered Robot Hand  [in Japanese]

    YOSHIDA Ryoya , SUZUKI Yosuke

    … <p>In this paper, we propose a grasping strategy that grasps an approaching object whose position and shape are unknown using a robot hand and a robot arm equipped with a proximity sensor at the fingertip. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2020(0), 1A1-G07, 2020


  • Motion Characteristics Analysis Based on Peak Velocity of Drag using Fingertip on Touch Screen:- Evaluation of Distance to Target and Direction of Drag -  [in Japanese]

    NISHIMURA Takahiro , DOI Kouki , FUJIMOTO Hiroshi

    … We conducted an experiment in which an object was dragged to a target position. … The results showed that the fingertip movement for drag corresponded well with the performance model based on Fitts' law, and the usability decreased under the conditions with relatively long distance excepting the right direction. …

    Transactions of Japan Society of Kansei Engineering 19(3), 291-299, 2020


  • Evaluation of Virtual Light Touch Phenomenon by Vibrotactile Stimulation Control Based on Body Fluctuation  [in Japanese]

    KAMIJO Toya , SAKATA Mami , SHIMA Keisuke , SHIMATANI Koji

    … VLTC supports standing stability based on a surrounding virtual partition connected to a vibrotactile fingertip stimulator. … It is known that the posture retention effect is not achieved via simple continuous fingertip stimulation;rather, vibrotactile stimulation is required for control based on fingertip motion characteristics such as acceleration. …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering 58(1), 39-46, 2020


  • Development of wearable scratch motion sensor system by integrating finger force sensor and acceleration sensor  [in Japanese]

    HAYASHIZAKI Toshimasa , OKUYAMA Takeshi , TANAKA Mami

    … In this paper, we developed a scratching motion measurement sensor system combining a microphone sensor, a 3-axis acceleration sensor, and a fingertip force measurement sensor using a strain gauge to measure not only the number of scratching motion but also the strength and speed of the scratching motion. … In the experiments, the fingertip position and contact force of finger to artificial skin were measured by a motion capture system and a load cell as comparative data, respectively. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2019(0), J16113P, 2019


  • High-Speed High-Precision Proximity Sensor Subsuming Tactile Function:-High-speed, Low-contact Force Thin Peg Insertion with Super Tactile-based Active Touch-  [in Japanese]

    Koyama Keisuke , Shimojo Makoto , Senoo Taku , Ishikawa Masatoshi

    … By measuring the tilt angle of the peg with high resolution, the contact between workpieces and fitting position is detected with low contact force. … Further, the insertion completion is determined by measuring the amount of rubber deformation on the fingertip. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2019(0), 2P1-H01, 2019


  • Development of a proximity sensor for robot hand to grasp at arbitrary fingertip position  [in Japanese]

    NAKAYAMA Takumi , FURUTA Takato , ARITA Hikaru , MING Aiguo

    … Up to now, a grasp posture at which the fingertip is facing directly to the object is considered and network structure proximity sensors have been designed for the grasping. … By using the proximity sensors, it is difficult to realize a grasping at an arbitrary position of the fingertip, which is necessary for complicated grasping tasks. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2019(0), 2A2-G07, 2019


  • User Interface Evaluation of an Audio Assisted Tactile Graphics System for Visually Impaired People  [in Japanese]

    Tateno Kiri , Takagi Noboru , Motoyoshi Tatsuo , Masuta Hiroyuki , Sawai Kei

    <p> </p>

    Proceedings of the Fuzzy System Symposium 35(0), 541-544, 2019


  • Effect of Light Fingertip Contact in the One-leg Standing Position: Basic Study of Locomotion Training  [in Japanese]

    ARAI Tomoyuki , ITO Kenta , TAKAHASHI Yuuta , MARUYA Kohei , HOSOI Toshiki , FUJITA Hiroaki

    <p>〔目的〕本研究は不安定面上での片脚立位時のライトタッチの効果を,足圧中心動揺と下肢筋の筋活動から検討することを目的とした.[対象と方法]対象は健常男子大学生13名とした.支持なし(フリー),ライトタッチ(1 N以下の接触),フォースタッチ(5 N以上の接触)の3条件で,足圧中心動揺と6つの筋の筋電図を測定 …

    Rigakuryoho Kagaku 34(5), 559-557, 2019

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Study on development of a single joint robot finger system for palpation of prostate  [in Japanese]

    TAMURA Ryoma , OKUYAMA Takeshi , TANAKA Mami

    … And estimation of the robot fingertip position from the length of the driving wires and estimation of the contact force between fingertip and measuring objects are necessary. … First, the theoretical model of the robot finger geometrically was constructed, and the relationship between the bending shape and the coordinates of the fingertip was derived. …

    The Proceedings of the Conference on Information, Intelligence and Precision Equipment : IIP 2019(0), 1B06, 2019


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