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  • [B23] KuroNet: End-to-end Kuzushiji Transcription System for Understanding Historical Documents  [in Japanese]

    CLANUWAT Tarin , LAMB Alex , KITAMOTO Asanobu

    … <p>Kuzushiji was used as the dominant writing system in Japan for over a thousand years. … KuroNet is an end-to-end Kuzushiji transcription system that transcribes Kuzushiji documents and takes one second per page. … Finally, we suggest directions for future work which could enhance the usage of Kuzushiji documents such as full-text search, text-to-speech, and other visualization projects.</p> …

    Dejitaru Akaibu Gakkaishi 4(2), 165-168, 2020


  • Design and Evaluation of Scalable Syslog Search Engine Optimized for Time Dimensional Search Operation  [in Japanese]

    阿部 博 , 島 慶一 , 宮本 大輔 , 関谷 勇司 , 石原 知洋 , 岡田 和也 , 中村 遼 , 松浦 知史 , 篠田 陽一

    … The size of the system to store and search the log messages tends to be larger when the size of the target managed network becomes larger. … We proposed a fast log storing and searching system "Hayabusa" which is optimized for time-dimensional search operation in our past work. … In this paper, we propose a simple distributed system which adds scalability to the existing Hayabusa system. …

    情報処理学会論文誌 60(3), 728-737, 2019-03-15


  • Users' Searching Behavior for Academic Papers

    Ishita Emi , Hagiwara Yasuko , Tomiura Yoichi

    … Elements they checked in the search results for document selection were examined. … The purpose of the survey is to find general searching behavior for scholarly search such as where users obtain academic papers, in addition to examine whether the results of observational study are general or not. …

    Proceedings of Toward Effective Support for Academic Information Search Workshop (1), 27-30, 2018-11-22

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  • Development of Shareable Article PDF Database System  [in Japanese]

    林坂 弘一郎

    日本経営システム学会誌 35(1), 43-50, 2018-07

  • Research Note: Using Wordpress to Construct a Dynamic Website: With the Web Versions of Bukkosha kiji and Bijutsukai nenshi (Ihô) as Examples  [in Japanese]

    小山田 智寛

    … The texts of both were simply reformatted for static website usage, and this meant that they were not fitted with proper web-based database search functionality, such as by full-text search or by category classification. … In order to overcome these shortcomings, in 2013 we revised the texts of both as a webbased database using the WordPress content management system. …

    美術研究 = The bijutsu kenkiu : the journal of art studies (424), 21-28, 2018-03-26

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  • The effect of sex on the pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics: A systematic review

    Yoon Seonghae

    … </p><p>Methods</p><p>A comprehensive search of MEDLINE (PubMed), EMBASE was conducted. … as search terms. … We included gender as a search term, because many articles are using 'gender' …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), PO1-11-26, 2018


  • Towards Article Retrieval Support for a Disaster Article Database System  [in Japanese]

    MURAKAWA Takehiko , HIGASHI Kenta

    … A full-text search interface connecting to the disaster article database maintained by the authors has condemned users to type a search word in each case. … To save the effort of search word selection, we attempted an article retrieval support using word cloud, which displays words in various sizes depending on the occurrence rate. …

    Joho Chishiki Gakkaishi 28(4), 302-305, 2018


  • Public Release of a Web-based System for Visualizing Prefectural Assembly Minutes in Japan  [in Japanese]

    OTOTAKE Hokuto , TAKAMARU Keiichi , UCHIDA Yuzu , KIMURA Yasutomo

    … <p>This paper illustrates a web-based system for visualizing prefectural assembly minutes in Japan. … Although many local governments in Japan provide public access to political documents, researchers and scientists cannot take full advantage of them because they consist only of raw text. … The proposed system aims to provide a complete solution that meets all of these requirements. …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2018(0), 4Pin128-4Pin128, 2018


  • Design and Construction of the Ninjobon Corpus  [in Japanese]

    藤本 灯 , 北﨑 勇帆 , 市村 太郎 , 岡部 嘉幸 , 小木曽 智信 , 高田 智和 , Akari FUJIMOTO , Yuho KITAZAKI , Taro ICHIMURA , Yoshiyuki OKABE , Toshinobu OGISO , Tomokazu TAKADA

    … In October 2015, a trial version of the Ninjobon Corpus (full text search system in the Himawari edition) focusing on the Hiyokurenri Hana no Shimadai was publicly released. … The Ninjobon Corpus creation is at the stage of (1) faithful transcription of the original printed book into text, and (2) creation of the "Himawari" XML texts with minimal revisions to (1). …

    国立国語研究所論集 (12), 1-12, 2017-01

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  • Enhancement for Supporting Language Analysis in Full-Text Search System "Himawari"  [in Japanese]

    山口 昌也 , Masaya YAMAGUCHI

    会議名: 言語資源活用ワークショップ2016, 開催地: 国立国語研究所, 会期: 2017年3月7日-8日, 主催: 国立国語研究所 コーパス開発センター本稿では,筆者が開発している全文検索システム『ひまわり』の言語分析支援機能の拡張について述べる。元来,『ひまわり』は言語資料の検索と閲覧を目的に設計されたコンコーダンサであり,検索結果を分析するための機能を十分に備えていなかった。しかし,検索対 …

    言語資源活用ワークショップ発表論文集 = Proceedings of Language Resources Workshop (1), 226-233, 2017

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  • Introduction to the Full-Text Search System for Historical Earthquake Database  [in Japanese]

    パンタ ボーラ , 鶴岡 弘 , 佐竹 健治


    東京大学地震研究所技術研究報告 (23), 10-13, 2017

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  • Retrieving Vaguely Remembered Lyrics Using N-Gram Edit Distance

    Sasayama Manabu , Matsumoto Kazuyuki

    … Current text based music information retrieval systems are based on full-text retrieval engines or matching the exact keywords. … Next, we filter the search result using n-gram Levenshtein distance. … We demonstrate the effectiveness of the system through an experiment using queries containing one, two or three spelling variants. …

    International Journal of Advanced Intelligence 8(1), 1-11, 2016-05


  • Search for Decision on Patent Infringement Litigation in U.S.A. and How to Read Decision  [in Japanese]

    KURAMASU Hajime

    … Decisions on the patent litigations in the USA operating a case law system are listed on databases and can be retrieved from several dedicated websites. … We can obtain information on typical decisions summarized in books on patent litigation and retrieve the full text of decisions of interest through Internet search from the names of the parties of the case. …

    The Journal of Information Science and Technology Association 66(7), 331-337, 2016


  • A Multidatabase System with Efficient Selection of Query Engines  [in Japanese]

    齋藤 和広 , 渡辺 泰之 , 村松 茂樹 , 小林 亜令

    … However, a multidatabase system cannot automatically select a QE to post a query to these QEs sharing same data. … As a result, the users must use different QEs in spite of a logical single database system. … And in worst case, it occurs a problem that it leads system crash by the inappropriate selection of a QE. … In this paper, we propose a multidatabase system which can automatically select an appropriate QE from these QEs sharing same data. …

    情報処理学会論文誌データベース(TOD) 8(3), 24-39, 2015-09-30


  • The Development Background and Usage Analysis of Web API for Full-text Database System for the Minutes of the Diet(Special report)  [in Japanese]

    Kawase Naoto , Shimizu Mayuko

    … Web API for Full-text Database System for the Minutes of the Diet was launched on December, 2014. … Many of the users are short-time users and tend to designate the time period rather than any search terms. …

    The Journal of Information Science and Technology Association 65(12), 531-536, 2015


  • Analysis of Daily Reports of Practical Training in Pharmacology Using Text Mining  [in Japanese]

    秦 季之 , 堀井 梢 , 松島 裕貴 , 廣瀬 順造 , 小野 行雄 , 佐藤 英治 , 吉富 博則

    … The text mining and full-text searching function were used to analyze the digitalized daily reports of the practical training in pharmacology submitted to the web system in Fukuyama University. …

    福山大学薬学部研究年報 = Annual report of the Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Fukuyama University (32), 31-31, 2014-12-25


  • Fabrication of a 99%-Energy-Less Nonvolatile Multi-Functional CAM Chip Using Hierarchical Power Gating for a Massively-Parallel Full-Text-Search Engine  [in Japanese]

    MATSUNAGA Shoun , SAKIMURA Noboru , NEBASHI Ryusuke , SUGIBAYASHI Tadahiko , NATSUI Masanori , MOCHIZUKI Akira , ENDOH Tetsuo , OHNO Hideo , HANYU Takahiro

    … We demonstrate a 1-Mb nonvolatile TCAM-based search engine using 90-nm CMOS and perpendicular MTJ technologies for an ultra low-energy full-text search system. … We newly developed a nonvolatile TCAM cell circuit for text-search use. …

    Technical report of IEICE. ICD 114(13), 39-44, 2014-04-17

  • Development of a Full-Text Search Module for Audio and Video Lectures with the Use of a Spoken Term Detection System Utilizing the Suffix Array  [in Japanese]

    MORIMOTO Yosuke , AOKI Kumiko , KATSURADA Koichi , ISHIHARA Genki , MIURA Seiichi , IRIBE Yurie , NITTA Tsuneo

    Full-text search using transcripts of audio and video lectures are effective in order to find or replay the relevant segments in the audio or video lectures. … In this research a full-text search module of auto-recognized speech texts for audio and video lectures are developed with the use of a spoken term detection system using the suffix array. …

    IEICE technical report. Education technology 113(482), 187-192, 2014-03-08

  • User Participatory Approach to Question Answering Service for LOD:-- Accuracy Improvement by User Feedback and Automatic Context Registration --  [in Japanese]

    Kawamura Takahiro , Ohsuga Akihiko

    … For promoting a greater number of consumer services on the web, a search function that can reveal what kinds of data are available would be helpful. … However, if we assume that the open data is described in a triple language like Resource Description Framework (RDF) in future, full-text search is not suitable for data fragments, and a formal query language is difficult for ordinary users. …

    Transactions of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence 29(4), 375-385, 2014

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  • Robust and Fast Phonetic String Matching Method for Lyric Searching Based on Acoustic Distance

    XU Xin , KATO Tsuneo

    … This paper proposes a robust and fast lyric search method for music information retrieval (MIR). … The effectiveness of lyric search systems based on full-text retrieval engines or web search engines is highly compromised when the queries of lyric phrases contain incorrect parts due to mishearing. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E97.D(9), 2501-2509, 2014


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