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  • Endocrine regulation of female germline stem cells in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster

    丹羽 隆介 , Yuto Yoshinari , Yoshitomo Kurogi , Tomotsune Ameku , Ryusuke NIWA

    … melanogaster GSCs are regulated by local niche signals. … However, little is known about whether and how the GSC number is regulated by paracrine signals. … melanogaster GSC proliferation and maintenance in response to internal and external conditions, such as nutrients, mating stimuli, and aging. …

    Current Opinion in Insect Science (31), 14-19, 2019-02


  • Midgut-derived neuropeptide F controls germline stem cell proliferation in a mating-dependent manner

    Ameku Tomotsune , Yoshinari Yuto , Texada Michael J. , Kondo Shu , Amezawa Kotaro , Yoshizaki Goro , Shimada-Niwa Yuko , Niwa Ryusuke , 島田 裕子 , 丹羽 隆介

    … Stem cell maintenance is established by neighboring niche cells that promote stem cell self-renewal. … Here, we show that neuropeptide F (NPF) signaling plays an important role in the pathway regulating mating-induced germline stem cell (GSC) proliferation in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. … This midgut-derived NPF controls mating-induced GSC proliferation via ovarian NPF receptor (NPFR) activity, which modulates bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling levels in GSCs. …

    PLoS biology 16(9), e2005004, 2018-09


  • Ovarian ecdysteroid biosynthesis and female germline stem cells

    AMEKU Tomotsune , YOSHINARI Yuto , FUKUDA Ruriko , NIWA Ryusuke , 丹羽 隆介

    … Stem cell identity is maintained by local signals from a specialized microenvironment called the niche. … In our previous article, we reported that mating stimulates GSC proliferation in female Drosophila. … The mating-induced GSC proliferation is mediated by ovarian ecdysteroids, whose biosynthesis is positively controlled by Sex peptide signaling. … We further investigated the biosynthetic functions of the ovarian ecdysteroid in GSC maintenance in the mated females. …

    Fly 11(3), 185-193, 2017-07


  • Mating-Induced Increase in Germline Stem Cells via the Neuroendocrine System in Female Drosophila

    Ameku Tomotsune , Niwa Ryusuke , 丹羽 隆介

    … Here, we report that mating stimulates female germline stem cell (GSC) proliferation in Drosophila melanogaster. … Mating-induced increase in GSC number is not simply owing to the indirect effect of emission of stored eggs, but rather is stimulated by a male-derived Sex Peptide (SP) and its receptor SPR, the components of a canonical neuronal pathway that induces a post-mating behavioral switch in females. …

    PLOS genetics 12(6), e1006123, 2016-06


  • Brain tumor stem cells  [in Japanese]

    秀 拓一郎 , 牧野 敬史 , 中村 英夫 [他]

    日本臨床 73(5), 836-843, 2015-05

    Ichushi Web 

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