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    KOBAYASHI Hikaru , YAMAMORI Ryo , NAKAJIMA Shusaku , ICHIJO Yusuke , YOSHIDA Hiroko , NOZAKI Atsuo , YOSHINO Hiroshi

    … In order to clarify the formation mechanism of the dose rate distribution in the building, in situ measurement of gamma ray incidence characteristics on the outer wall is necessary. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (764), 967-973, 2019-10


  • 6. Life Science and Medical Science

    … (30029) [208]CO6-9 Generation of Radioresistant Escherichia Coli by Adaptive Evolution Using Gamma Rays as Selection Pressure /T. …

    KURNS Progress Report (2018), 201-217, 2019-08


  • Project 7 Establishment of Integrated System for Dose Estimation in BNCT (30P7)

    Sakurai Y.

    … Sakurai et al.(30P7-11) [74]PR7-11 Development of a Prompt Gamma-Ray Imaging Detector for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy /K. … Kurosawa et al.(30P7-13) [76]PR7-13 Establishment of the Imaging Technology of 478 keV Prompt Gamma-Rays of Boron-Neutron Capture Reaction and the Measurement of the Intensity of the Neutron Field /T. …

    KURNS Progress Report (2018), 63-79, 2019-08


  • Possible Evidence for Cosmic-Ray Acceleration in the Type Ia SNR RCW 86: Spatial Correlation between TeV Gamma-Rays and Interstellar Atomic Protons

    Sano H. , Rowell G. , Reynoso E. M. , Jung-Richardt I. , Yamane Y. , Nagaya T. , Yoshiike S. , Hayashi K. , Torii K. , Maxted N. , Mitsuishi I. , Inoue T. , Inutsuka S. , Yamamoto H. , Tachihara K. , Fukui Y.

    … We present a detailed morphological study of TeV gamma-rays, synchrotron radiation, and interstellar gas in the young Type Ia supernova remnant (SNR) RCW 86. … We find that the interstellar atomic gas shows good spatial correlation with the gamma-rays, indicating that the TeV gamma-rays from RCW 86 are likely predominantly of hadronic origin. …

    The Astrophysical Journal 876(1), 37, 2019-05-01



    田代 惇也

    … In the present study, we report origins of low resistivity in ZnO bulk single crystals with a thickness of 500μm by gamma-ray irradiation. … The crystals were irradiated at room temperature with gamma-rays of 1.17 to 1.33 MeV from a cobalt-60 source of Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute. … Gamma-ray dose was 170 kGy. …

    法政大学大学院紀要. 理工学・工学研究科編 (60), 1-5, 2019-03-31

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  • Characterization of Real-Time Neutron Sensor for Personal Dosimeters  [in Japanese]

    髙田 真志

    防衛大学校理工学研究報告 = Scientific and engineering reports of the National Defense Academy 56(2), 19-23, 2019-03

  • Demonstration of tomographic imaging of isotope distribution by nuclear resonance fluorescence

    Zen Heishun , Ohgaki Hideaki , Taira Yoshitaka , Hayakawa Takehito , Shizuma Toshiyuki , Daito Izuru , Yamazaki Jun-ichiro , Kii Toshiteru , Toyokawa Hiroyuki , Katoh Masahiro

    … In this study, we performed a tomographic imaging of isotope (²⁰⁸Pb) distribution by the Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence (NRF), i.e. isotope specific resonant absorption and scattering of gamma rays, using Laser Compton Scattering (LCS) gamma rays. …

    AIP Advances 9(3), 2019-03


  • Gamma ray measurement for Dongrae hot spring water, Busan, South Korea  [in Japanese]

    田中 剛 , Lee Seung-Gu , Yoon Yoon Yeol , 柴田 理尋 , 近藤 真理 , 南 雅代 , Tanaka Tsuyoshi , Shibata Michihiro , Kondo Mari , Minami Masayo

    Gamma rays from Dongrae hot spring water were measured using two low background Ge detectors. … We wondered the reason of the high amount of 14C and examined gamma rays for the Dongrae hot spring water using two independent low background Ge detectors. … No significant gamma rays other than originated ones from natural radioactive nuclides was detected. …

    名古屋大学年代測定研究 (3), 44-49, 2019-03

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  • GRAINE Project, Precise Observations of High-energy Cosmic Gamma-rays with Balloon-borne Emulsion Telescope  [in Japanese]

    Aoki Shigeki , Takahashi Satoru , Rokujo Hiroki

    … <p>我々は,世界最高角度分解能(0.08 degree @ 1–2 GeV),世界初偏光有感,世界最大口径面積(~10 m<sup>2</sup>)を実現するエマルションガンマ線望遠鏡の長時間気球フライト繰り返しによる宇宙高エネルギーガンマ線(10 MeV–100 GeV)精密観測計画GRAINE(Gamma-Ray Astro-Imager with Nuclear Emulsion)を推し進めている。 …

    RADIOISOTOPES 68(12), 877-891, 2019


  • SMILE: Sky Survey Project in MeV Gamma Ray—Dawn of MeV Gamma-ray Astronomy—  [in Japanese]

    Takada Atsushi , Tanimori Toru

    … 我々は光学原理に基づくイメージング分光が可能な電子飛跡検出型コンプトン望遠鏡ETCCを開発しており,2度の気球実験からETCCによる高感度天体観測が実現可能であることを示した(SMILE: Sub-MeV/MeV gamma-ray Imaging Loaded-onballoon Experiments)。 …

    RADIOISOTOPES 68(12), 865-875, 2019


  • Direct Cosmic-ray Observations with CALET on the International Space Station  [in Japanese]

    Torii Shoji

    <p>CALorimetric Electron Telescope(CALET)実験は,国際宇宙ステーションにおける高エネルギー宇宙線物理学のミッションであり,米国,イタリアとの国際共同研究として日本が主導的な役割を果たしている。CALETの主要な目的としては,高エネルギー電子の近傍加速源の探求,銀河宇宙線の加速・伝播機構の解明,及び暗黒物質の探索などがある。2015年の10月中旬に …

    RADIOISOTOPES 68(12), 817-827, 2019


  • Hydrogen Production and the Stability of Hardened Cement Paste under Gamma Irradiation

    Ishikawa Shunsuke , Maruyama Ippei , Takizawa Masayuki , Etoh Junji , Kontani Osamu , Sawada Shohei

    … <p>Hardened cement pastes (HCP) with different water contents were irradiated with gamma rays under different temperatures and irradiation dose rates. … The relationship between the quantity of hydrogen gas produced and the water content as well as the stability of HCP under gamma irradiation was evaluated. … The CBW was not susceptible to gamma irradiation. …

    Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology 17(12), 673-685, 2019


  • Summary of the Revision of JIS Z4511  [in Japanese]

    KUROSAWA Tadahiro

    … <p>The revised JIS Z4511:2018 (X and gamma reference radiation for calibrating dosemeters and doserate meters and for determining their response as a function of photon energy) was published in July 2018. …

    Japanese Journal of Health Physics 54(3), 151-155, 2019


  • Production of amino acids by gamma rays during aqueous alteration process in meteorite parent body  [in Japanese]

    Asano Shinya , Yoda Isao , Muramatsu Yasuji , Kebukawa Yoko , Kobayashi Kensei

    <p>本研究では隕石母天体中の水質変成過程でのアミノ酸形成の可能性を検討する。太陽系形成初期に小惑星では 26Al の放射性崩壊によるγ線放出に伴う熱により氷が溶けて水質変成が起きた。隕石中に存在する複雑な高分子有機物は、このような液体の水(0〜150°C程度)が存在する環境下で形成された可能性が指摘されている。本研究では、水質変成過程を模擬し、26Al の放射性崩壊により発生するγ線 …

    Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 66(0), 222, 2019


  • Development of elemental analysis in thin film by using total reflection neutron beam  [in Japanese]

    Mizusawa Mari , Sakurai Kenji , Yamazaki Dai , Oikawa Kenichi , Harada Masahide

    … これと類似した着想で、全反射中性子線によるガンマ線分析法(Total -reflection Neutron activated Gamma spectroscopy,TN-γ法)を開発している。 …

    Abstract book of Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science 2019(0), 1Da10, 2019


  • Cytogenetical Investigation of a Translocation Heterozygote Induced by Gamma Rays in <i>Coriandrum sativum</i> L.

    Kumar Girjesh , Pandey Asha

    … (Coriander) cultivar CO-2 were irradiated with different doses (100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 Gy) of gamma rays. …

    CYTOLOGIA 84(3), 211-214, 2019


  • The Role of Natural Radiation in the Evolution of Ancient Microbes  [in Japanese]

    NARUMI Issay , MARUYAMA Shigenori

    … Cosmic radiation contains galactic cosmic rays and solar energetic particles. … is shown to be cultivated without any growth delay at up to 126 to 180 Gy per hour of gamma rays. …

    Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi) 128(4), 649-665, 2019


  • Assessment of Inhomogeneity of Exposure to Radiation Workers in Homogeneous Exposure Situations in Nuclear Industry and Accelerator Facility by Using Monte Carlo Calculations Coupled with a Mathematical Phantom —Exposure to the Lens of the Eye in Homogeneous Exposure Situation Due to Gamma and Beta Rays

    Kowatari Munehiko , Yoshitomi Hiroshi

    <p>国際放射線防護委員会(ICRP)勧告では,放射線業務従事者の眼の水晶体等価線量限度が現在の限度である一年あたり150 mSvから5年平均で年間20 mSvに大幅に引き下げられた。本稿では,原子力及び加速器施設で放射線業務従事者が通常受ける,均等被ばく状況に着目し,従事者の水晶体線量の体幹部で測定される線量との違いについて評価した。その結果,β線の場合,体幹部での70 μm線量当量 …

    RADIOISOTOPES 68(9), 595-603, 2019


  • High-Energy Atmospheric Phenomena Initiated by Lightning  [in Japanese]

    Enoto Teruaki , Wada Yuuki , Tsuchiya Harufumi

    … や青色に発光する高高度大気発光現象(Transient Luminous Event, TLE)である.もうひとつは,雷放電に伴って宇宙空間に放たれる,継続時間がミリ秒で20 MeVまでのエネルギーの地球ガンマ線フラッシュ(Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flash, TGF)である.これらは,雷放電に伴う電場変化で電子が加速され,大気分子の脱励起光や,電子の制動放射を観測していると考えられる.さらに地上観測でも,自然雷やロケット誘雷で突発的なX線 …

    Butsuri 74(4), 192-200, 2019


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