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  • Membrane–Electrode Assemblies with Patterned Electrodes for Proton-exchange Membrane Fuel Cells

    Song Chan-Ho , Park Jin-Soo

    … GMEA possesses a gas channel-shaped catalyst electrode for the flow field; … The Vulcan electrode plays a crucial role in protonic, electronic, and gas transport for improved fuel cell performance.</p> …

    Chemistry Letters 47(2), 196-199, 2018


  • ピッチング加振を受ける水平円筒容器内スロッシングの1次共振波高に対する多孔板による減衰効果のCFDを用いた評価

    新木 悠斗 , 上道 茜 , 山﨑 由大 , 金子 成彦

    … <p>As a method for mining offshore gas fields, a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) system is attracting attention. … However, sloshing in the oil-gas separator installed in FPSOs excited by sea waves is expected to cause significant difficulties. … Therefore, the pressure loss is modeled using steady CFD calculations considering the effects of the distribution of the flow velocity and the distribution of the inflow angle. …

    日本機械学会論文集, 2018


  • Fabrication and biological evaluation of hydroxyapatite ceramics including bone minerals

    YOKOTA Tomohiro , MIKI Takuya , HONDA Michiyo , IKEDA-FUKAZAWA Tomoko , ISHII Ken , MATSUMOTO Morio , AIZAWA Mamoru

    … The single-phase HAp and carbonate ion content of the bone HAp ceramics could be maintained by sintering at 1000°C for 5 h under a flow of carbon dioxide gas. …

    Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan 126(2), 99-108, 2018


  • Friction-Stir-WeldingおよびGas-Tungsten- Arc-Weldingのハイブリット法による低炭素鋼の高速接合

    杉本 一等 , 朴 勝煥 , 平野 聡 , 波多 聰 , 佐藤 裕 , 粉川 博之 , 石田 清仁

    … For the purpose of higher welding speed and lower force in friction-stir-welding (FSW), we investigated the feasibility of preheating using gas-tungsten- arc-welding (GTAW). … It can be expected to assist heat input for the plastic flow by using GTAW with high energy density. …

    溶接学会論文集 36(1), 26-30, 2018


  • ITER NBI用-1MV直流フィルタと高電圧直流計測器の開発

    高橋 暁史 , 田中 敏明 , 藤田 裕幸 , 平沼 祐輝 , 市村 智 , 渡邊 和弘 , 柏木 美恵子 , 前島 哲也

    … Circuit design and thermal flow design were carried out to clarify and minimize their effects on the accuracy and responsivity. …

    電気学会論文誌. B 138(2), 166-174, 2018


  • 比例制御電磁弁を用いた酸素濃度制御システムの開発

    天満 晃希 , 千葉 裕弥 , 森谷 健二

    … The proportional control electromagnetic valve can change the flow rate from 0% to 100% (10l/min) with the step of 1.25%, that is, it can control the oxygen concentration of an experimental chamber with high accuracy. … Additionally, the gas of 30% oxygen was used to recover quickly to the normal air condition. …

    函館工業高等専門学校紀要 52(0), 9-12, 2018


  • 水上直流コロナ放電を用いた促進酸化処理

    見市 知昭 , 神澤 龍也

    … The optimal discharge treatment conditions were investigated by varying the gas flow rate. … It was found that the decomposition rate of acetic acid increased when the gas flow rate was high at the same gaseous ozone concentration. … Furthermore, as the gas flow rate increased, the concentration of the water vapor measured by infrared spectroscopy decreased. …

    電気学会論文誌A(基礎・材料・共通部門誌) 138(2), 57-63, 2018


  • パックトベッド放電による石炭ガス化ガスの改質

    細井 彰悟 , 高橋 一弘 , 佐藤 孝紀 , 板倉 賢一

    … <p>An artificial underground coal gasification (UCG) gas is generated by heating crushed coal, the artificial UCG gas is reformed by a packed-bed dielectric barrier discharge (PB-DBD), and then the reforming characteristics of the UCG gas are investigated. …

    電気学会論文誌A(基礎・材料・共通部門誌) 138(2), 44-49, 2018


  • 六角形状セル構造フィルターにおけるディーゼル微粒子堆積に及ぼすInlet/Inlet壁内バイパス流の影響

    中川 順達 , 坂間 理 , 渋田 匠 , 花村 克悟

    … the HEX DPFs, a flow rate of the conventional wall-through flow crossing over a wall between inlet and outlet channels (an Inlet/Outlet wall) changes drastically during surface pore filtration, because a part of working gas with soot is distributed to an Inlet/Inlet wall as a bypass flow which is introduced into a wall between inlet and inlet channels (an Inlet/Inlet wall), then turning toward the direction parallel to its wall surface, and finally exiting into the outlet …

    日本機械学会論文集, 2018


  • 狭窄ノズルを用いたティグ溶接におけるシールド性の実験的検討

    三木 聡史 , 小西 恭平 , 茂田 正哉 , 田中 学 , 村田 彰久 , 村田 唯介

    … In addition, the oxygen concentration on the center of anode surface was changed by operating conditions such as a welding current and a shielding gas flow rate. …

    溶接学会論文集 36(1), 21-25, 2018


  • 燃料組成の過渡的変化が予混合火炎の挙動に及ぼす影響

    鈴木 貴士 , 佐藤 衛 , 梅沢 修一 , 横森 剛 , 植田 利久

    … <p>Flame height variations of a laminar stagnating premixed flame with gas component transition between fuel mixture A (methane:92%, ethane:6.7%, propane:1.3%) and B(methane:84%, ethane:13.3%, propane:2.7%), and between A and C (methane:76%, ethane:20.0%, propane:4.0%) are discussed. … The transition time changes from 1 s to 10 s, keeping flow velocity and equivalence ratio constant at 0.8 m/s and 0.7 respectively. …

    日本機械学会論文集 84(857), 17-00168-17-00168, 2018


  • 尿素SCR 用インジェクタから噴射される尿素水挙動 および生成化合物の予測(第2 報)

    丹羽 晶大 , 草野 修平 , 酒谷 昇吾 , 松村 恵理子 , 北村 高明 , 今井 武人 , 小野寺 仁

    本研究では,排気管内インジェクタから噴射される尿素水の噴霧挙動および化学反応により生成されるNH<sub>3</sub>濃度分布を実験的解析にて明らかにし,それらを高精度に予測可能なモデルの構築を目的とする.そこで,本報では,実験的解析により高温流動場における噴霧挙動およびNH<sub>3</sub>濃度分布を把握し,NH<sub>3&l …

    自動車技術会論文集 49(1), 36-41, 2018


  • 散気管内外の流れに散気孔周方向角度および液相粘度がおよぼす影響

    佐藤 稜 , 林 公祐 , 冨山 明男

    <p>散気管内外流動および散気の均一性に散気孔の周方向角度および液相粘度がおよぼす影響を検討した.散気孔を一定間隔で5つ備えた散気管を用いて管内外流動を観察するとともに,各散気孔から流出する空気の流量(散気量)を測定した.散気孔周方向角度を0(鉛直上向き)–180°(鉛直下向き),総気相流量を1×10<sup>−4</sup>–7×10<sup>−4 …

    化学工学論文集 44(1), 59-66, 2018


  • Electrochemical Ozone Water Production with External Gas–Liquid Mixer

    Okada Fumio , Kato Tsubasa , Nagashima Keiji , Nozawa Daisuke , Naya Kazunari

    gas emission using a new EOP system and external gas–liquid mixers. … The target gas–phase O<sub>3</sub> … The regression analysis of the current efficiency of gas–phase O<sub>3</sub> … [%] using the anolyte flow rate <i>V</i> … gas formation rate to one-tenth of that without mixers. …



  • On-line Measuring Method of Effective Bulk Modulus in Hydraulic System Based on Frequency Analysis

    Chen Yingshu , Wang Nan , Gu Lichen

    … Based on the gas-liquid phase flow theory, an indirect method is proposed to on-line measure the effective bulk modulus by constructing the mathematical model which reveals the relationships of the effective bulk modulus, bubble volume fraction, pressure and natural frequency. …

    International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems 11(1), 13-20, 2018


  • ベンチュリ管内の水-蒸気二相流挙動に関する研究

    上澤 伸一郎 , 堀口 直樹 , 柴田 光彦 , 吉田 啓之

    … However, the physics of the two-phase flow in the Venturi scrubber has not been clarified. … In this study, the experimental results of the water-vapor two-phase flow in a Venturi tube are reported. … As the gas flow rate increased, the supply amount of scrubbing water decreased and eventually stopped because the pressure at the throat increased with increasing the gas density. …

    日本機械学会論文集, 2018


  • Effects of Relative Position between a Stator and a Rotor on Steam Condensing Flow in Rotating Machinery

    Kim Changhyun , Park JaeHyeon , Baek Jehyun

    Flow of steam is different from other gas flows and involves droplet generation in the flow field. … This phase-transition affects not only flow aspects, but also machine performance in a negative way. … In the past, non-equilibrium wet-steam model was implemented on in house code T-Flow and it was applied to steady calculations of a steam turbine model with changing stator/rotor interface. …

    International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems 11(1), 1-12, 2018


  • O-12 リグニンを炭素源として調製したモリブデンカーバイドを用いたギ酸分解による水素製造

    Kurnia Irwan , 吉田 曉弘 , 于 涛 , 阿布 里提 , 葛西 裕 , 官 国清

    … The catalysts were prepared by the wet impregnation method followed with the carbonization at 800°C under an argon gas flow and characterized by XRD and FT-IR. … Formic acid decomposition was performed in a temperature range of 150-350°C and the gas products were analyzed by using GC-TCD. …

    バイオマス科学会議発表論文集 13(0), 23-24, 2018


  • P-24 バイオマス充填層のトレファクションにおける炭化特性に関する研究

    日笠 謙太郎 , 田之上 健一郎 , 西村 龍夫 , 谷口 美希 , 笹内 謙一 , 秀野 晃大

    … The gas flow rate during torrefaction of Bamboo had a constant value because cellulose decomposition could be occurred partly after exothermic decomposition of Xylan. …

    バイオマス科学会議発表論文集 13(0), 93-94, 2018


  • N<sub>2</sub>O Flow History Prediction in an Oxidizer Feed Line of Hybrid Rockets

    NAKATA Daisuke , YASUDA Kazuki , OKADA Kugo , HIGASHINO Kazuyuki , WATANABE Rikio

    … <p>Nitrous oxide is in a gas-liquid equilibrium state at room temperature, and its vapor pressure is very useful concerning devices such as a pressure-fed hybrid rocket engine systems. … However, it is not easy to estimate the flow history of the equilibrium flow. …