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  • Development of heavy ion radiotherapy system:From Japan to all over the world  [in Japanese]

    Hirata Yutaka , Hagiwara Tsuyoshi , Nagamoto Yoshifumi

    <p> 本解説では,重粒子線がん治療について,装置開発の歴史,治療の現状,装置の最新技術動向と将来展望について紹介する。世界初の治療用重粒子線がん治療施設HIMACは1993年に日本で開発された。近年の技術開発により,回転ガントリー,呼吸同期照射,スキャニング照射の三つの必須技術を普及型の装置にも導入できるようになった。重粒子線がん治療装置は日本が主導権を握る数少ない優れた医療機器であ …

    Journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan 61(8), 597-601, 2019


  • Impact of Respiratory Waveform on Gate Signal Generation on Respiratory Gated Irradiation and Evaluation Method of Respiratory Waveform to Be Used  [in Japanese]

    Kanai Kazuyoshi , Sugawara Yasuharu , Kotabe Kazuki , Yokoyama Ouki , Yamane Satoshi , Endou Saeko , Nakayama Hidetsugu

    … <p><i>Purpose</i>: The respiratory gated irradiation using the real-time position management system (RPM) was used to clarify the generation of the gated signal when the respiration waveform changed, and also the evaluation method of the respiration waveform was also examined. … Respiratory waveform was analyzed from the data recorded in RPM, and the out-of-phase gated rate was examined. …

    Japanese Journal of Radiological Technology 75(8), 777-784, 2019

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  • Management of Respiratory Motion in External Radiation Therapy in the Deaf-Mute by Visual Instruction  [in Japanese]

    山本 安澄 , 福本 賢大 , 田中 和徳 , 小菅 友裕 , 宮井 明 , 花井 悠起 , 津川 和夫

    … we perform external radiotherapy in our hospital,we use respiration-gated radiotherapy to treat tumor sites affected by respiratory motion such as lung and liver tumors.In respiration-gated radiotherapy,the patient is instructed to hold his/her breath in the irradiation room by a voice coming from a microphone in the operator's room.However, the deaf-mute patient cannot hear the instructions,so we improved the visual instruction method which projects a slide on a screen for the patient …

    京都市立病院紀要 38(1), 26-28, 2018-09-15

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  • Multileaf Collimator Position Accuracy of Respiratory Gated VMAT  [in Japanese]

    KANAI Kazuyoshi , KOTABE Kazuki , KIJIMA Koutarou , ISHIKAWA Yasutake , NAKAYAMA Hidetsugu

    … <p>Respiratory gated VMAT (volumetric modulated arc therapy) repeats rapid stop and go operations of a MLC (multileaf collimator) by turning the beam on and off by respiratory gating. … The rapid stop and go operations of the MLC during respiratory gated irradiation may induce position error of the MLC and may affect output error and dose distribution. …

    Japanese Journal of Medical Physics (Igakubutsuri) 38(1), 2-9, 2018

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  • Effects of Low MU in Respiratory Gated IMRT on MLC Position Accuracy and Dose Distribution  [in Japanese]

    Kanai Kazuyoshi , Kotabe Kazuki , Kijima Koutarou , Yamada Yui , Takahashi Yoshikazu , Nakayama Hidetsugu

    … <p><i>Purpose</i>: The purpose of this research is to clarify the effects of low monitor unit (MU) on multileaf collimator (MLC) position accuracy and dose distribution in intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) using respiratory gated. …

    Japanese Journal of Radiological Technology 74(6), 563-571, 2018

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  • Analysis of time delays in respiratory gated radiotherapy system at Niigata University Medical and Dental Hospital  [in Japanese]

    笹本 龍太 , 宇都宮 悟 , 早川 岳英

    … In respiratory gated radiotherapy, there are time delays between the target entering the gated region and treatment beam on, and between the target exiting the gated region and treatment beam off. … The aim of this study was to clarify the appropriate motion profile of motion phantom for measuring the time delays, and to measure the beam on and beam off time delays in respiratory gated radiotherapy system at Niigata University Medical and Dental Hospital. …

    新潟大学保健学雑誌 = Journal of health sciences of Niigata University 14(1), 9-15, 2017-03

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  • Photoassisted Field Emission from Gated Silicon Field Emitter Arrays  [in Japanese]

    SHIMAWAKI Hidetaka

    … The paper discusses the emission characteristics and optical response of gated p-type silicon field emitter arrays under irradiation of laser pulses.<br> …

    Journal of the Vacuum Society of Japan 60(1), 8-12, 2017


  • Optimization and evaluation of multiple gating beam delivery in a synchrotron-based proton beam scanning system using a real-time imaging technique

    Yamada Takahiro , Miyamoto Naoki , Matsuura Taeko , Takao Seishin , Fujii Yusuke , Matsuzaki Yuka , Koyano Hidenori , Umezawa Masumi , Nihongi Hideaki , Shimizu Shinichi , Shirato Hiroki , Umegaki Kikuo

    Physica medica : European journal of medical physics 32(7), 932-937, 2016-07


  • An Analysis of Displacement of Internal Organ for Improvement of Respiratory-gated Irradiation Therapy  [in Japanese]

    Higuchi Masanori , Yamamoto Takao , Okamura Hideki , Ohta Naoya , Maki Yasuyuki , Ebara Takeshi , Dobashi Toshiaki

    … It is suggested that the parameter that denotes the width of the expiration phase could be used to evaluate the validation of the respiratory-gated imaging technique in irradiation therapy for each patient.</p> …

    Nihon Reoroji Gakkaishi 44(4), 195-204, 2016


  • Effect of Laser irradiation on Electron Emission from Silicon Field Emitter Arrays  [in Japanese]

    Shimawaki Hidetaka , Nagao Masayoshi , Neo Yoichiro , Mimura Hidenori , Wakaya Fujio , Takai Mikio

    … The field emission properties of silicon field emitter arrays with submicron gate aperture have been investigated under irradiation of laser light pulses with the wavelengths of 405 nm. … This indicates that the gated field emitter structure designed with gate aperture less than a half micrometer blocks effectively excitation of diffusion electrons outside the depletion region which causes slow response. …

    IEICE technical report. Electron devices 114(262), 35-38, 2014-10-21

  • Photoassisted Electron Emission from Silicon Cathodes  [in Japanese]

    Shimawaki Hidetaka , Neo Yoichiro , Mimura Hidenori , Wakaya Fujio , Takai Mikio , Yoshida Tomoya , Nagao Masayoshi

    … The photo response of electron emission from nanocrystalline silicon based Metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) cathodes and gated Si field emitter arrays have been investigated under irradiation of laser pulses with the wavelengths of 633 nm and 405 nm. … In addition, this paper shows that the gated field emitter structure designed with gate aperture less than a half micrometer blocks effectively excitation of diffusion electrons outside the depletion region which causes slow response. …

    IEICE technical report. Electron devices 113(257), 29-32, 2013-10-22

  • Verification of beam delivery using fibrosis after proton beam irradiation to the lung tumor

    Fukumitsu Nobuyoshi , Oshiro Yoshiko , Hashimoto Takayuki , Okumura Toshiyuki , Mizumoto Masashi , Moritake Takashi , Tsuboi Koji , Sakae Takeji , Sakurai Hideyuki , 福光 延吉 , 橋本 孝之 , 奥村 敏之 , 水本 斉志 , 盛武 敬 , 坪井 康次 , 榮 武二 , 櫻井 英幸

    … Background and purposeTo investigate the geometrical accuracy in proton beam therapy (PBT) to the lung by comparing the location of the fibrosis after PBT and the tumor using less invasive method.Patients and methodsWe examined 50 lung tumors that had been treated by respiratory-gated PBT (33–74 Gray equivalents). …

    Lung cancer 77(1), 83-88, 2012-07


  • Synergetic effects of double laser pulses for the formation of mild plasma in water: toward non-gated underwater laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy.

    Sakka Tetsuo , Tamura Ayaka , Nakajima Takashi , Fukami Kazuhiro , Ogata Yukio H

    … We experimentally study the dynamics of the plasma induced by the double-laser-pulse irradiation of solid target in water, and find that an appropriate choice of the pulse energies and pulse interval results in the production of an unprecedentedly mild (low-density) plasma, the emission spectra of which are very narrow even without the time-gated detection. …

    The Journal of chemical physics 136(17), 2012-05


  • Development of a Real-time Patient's Intrafraction Motion Monitoring System During Radiation Treatment  [in Japanese]

    TACHIBANA Hidenobu , UCHIDA Yukihiro , UMEDA Tokuo , SHIIZUKA Hisao

    … The system was found to be within AAPM Task Group 142 tolerance for respiratory-gated radiation therapy. … Our system can manage the intrafraction motion and also enables treatment irradiation to be undertaken with high accuracy. …

    Medical Imaging Technology 30(5), 256-261, 2012

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  • Development of In Situ Elemental Analysis Technique for Monitoring the Water and Sediment Environments of Lake Biwa  [in Japanese]

    作花 哲夫 , 田村 文香 , 熊谷 道夫 [他]

    生存基盤科学研究ユニット研究成果報告書 2010-11年度(-), 33-38, 2011

  • 26pWH-5 Photo-response for weak light irradiation in laterally-gated GaAs quantum dot with a charge detector  [in Japanese]

    Oiwa A. , Pioda A. , Totoki E. , Asayama T. , Tarucha S.

    Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan 63.1.4(0), 687, 2008


  • Intercepting radiotherapy using a fluoroscopic real-time tumor-tracking radiotherpy system.

    ONIMARU Rikiya , SHIRATO Hiroki , FUJINO Masaharu , TAGUCHI Hiroshi , KATO Norio , OSAKA Yasuhiro , SHIMIZU Shin-ichi , AOYAMA Hidefumi , SUZUKI Keishiro

    … The linear accelerator is gated to irradiate the tumor only when the marker is within 1 - 2 mm from its planned coordinates relative to the isocenter. … The dose due to the diagnostic X-ray monitoring ranged from 0.01% to 1% of the target dose for a 2.0-Gy irradiation of a chest phantom. …

    The Japan Radiation Research Society Annual Meeting Abstracts 2005(0), 24-24, 2005


  • Increased Emission Efficiency of Gated Cold Cathode with Carbonic Nano-Pillars

    Yoshida Tomoya , Baba Akiyoshi , Asano Tanemasa

    … In this paper we describe improvements in the fabrication yield and emission efficiency of a gated cold cathode whose emitter is made up of nano-pillars of carbonic material. … The film density can be significantly improved by Ar-ion-beam irradiation, which contributes to the complete fabrication of the device. … Field electron emission from the 4×4 matrix gated cold cathode is demonstrated. …

    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 43(6B), 3901-3905, 2004


  • Development of a Respiration-gated Irradiation System Using Music in Radiotherapy  [in Japanese]

    HIRASAWA Kousuke , SHIRAMATSU Naoki , YAMAMOTO Tomohito , HARADA Hisashi , MIYAKE Yoshihiro

    … Although methods that apply the beam to affected parts in synchronization with the patients' breathing have been used extensively, irradiation accuracy is not sufficient when the respiratory status of the patient is unstable. …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering 41(4), 466-474, 2003


  • Development and clinical application of respiration gated irradiation system (ReGIS) in heavy ion radiotherapy.  [in Japanese]

    OSAKA Yasuhiro , KANAI Tatsuaki , ENDO Masahiro , TSUJII Hirohiko , MIZOE Jun-etsu , MATSUOKA Yoshisuke , KAMADA Tadashi , TSUJI Hiroshi , KATO Hirotoshi , MIYAMOTO Tadaaki , MINOHARA Shinichi

    … Hence, a respiration-gated irradiation system (ReGIS) was introduced to the Heavy lon Medical Accelerator in Chiba (HIMAC) in June 1996. … Average tumor respiration-related movement in gated phase was 3.7mm (0mm to 14.6mm). … Although irradiation using ReGIS took more time to perform (average 1.62 times non-gated irradiation), it was considered to be acceptable for routine heavy ion therapy. …

    The Journal of JASTRO 11(4), 271-278, 1999


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