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  • Revealing the Structures of Geometric Dynamic Views in terms of Figurative Recognitions  [in Japanese]

    OKAZAKI Masakazu , IWASAKI Hideki , KAGEYAMA Kazuya , WADA Shinya

    … recognitions of geometric figures in the elementary school can be connected to deductive geometry, and in this paper as a part of the study we will try to reveal the structures of geometric dynamic views that we have already identified in the learning of geometric shapes using the operative sheets and that may be considered to be premises for understanding the logical and relational natures of geometry. …

    The Bulletin of Japanese Curriculum Research and Development 35(2), 53-62, 2012


  • Substantiating the Dynamic Views in Learning Geometry : From the Viewpoints of Image Schemata  [in Japanese]

    OKAZAKI Masakazu , KAGEYAMA Kazuya , IWASAKI Hideki , WADA Shinya

    dynamic views which enabled them to enhance their understanding of inclusion relations between figures through analyzing our data of classroom lessons "constructing the figures using the operative sheets" … We could find the follwoing seven dynamic views as a result of our analysis. …

    Journal of JASME : research in mathematics education 16(2), 1-10, 2010

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  • Fly-Through Observation System for 3D Soccer Movie Based on Viewpoint Interpolation  [in Japanese]

    INAMOTO Naho , SAITO Hideo

    … The scenes are segmented according to their geometric properties.Dense correspondence matching between real views automatically occurs by applying projective geometry to each region. … Superimposing the intermediate view images, synthesized in every region completes the virtual views of the entire soccer scene. …

    The Journal of The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers 58(4), 529-539, 2004-04-01

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