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  • Improving area of occupancy estimates for parapatric species using distribution models and support vector machines

    Jamie M. Kass , Sarah I. Meenan , Nicolás Tinoco , Santiago F. Burneo , Robert P. Anderson

    … Data‐poor species with incomplete sampling present particular difficulties, but species distribution models (SDMs) can be used to predict suitable areas. … We did so for two South American spiny pocket mice: Heteromys australis (Least Concern) and Heteromys teleus (Vulnerable due to especially poor sampling), whose ranges appear restricted by competition. …

    Ecological Applications 31(1), e02228, 2020-11-04


  • The influence of sampling grid resolution and understory on forest structure estimation from terrestrial laser scanning  [in Japanese]

    Suematsu Naoki , Omasa Yasushi , Ota Tetsuji , Shimizu Katsuto , Fukumoto Keiko , Mizoue Nobuya , Inoue Akio , Kitazato Haruka , Kusano Hideo , Kai Hirofumi

    <p>末松直輝・太田徹志・志水克人・福本桂子・溝上展也・井上昭夫・北里春香・草野秀雄・甲斐博文・大政康史:<b>地上レーザスキャナによる林分構造の推定精度に下層植生とスキャナの設置間隔が及ぼす影響,森林計画誌54:45~54,2020</b> マルチスキャンを用いた地上レーザスキャナ(TLS)による林分構造の推定精度にTLSの設置間隔と下層植生の有無が与える影響 …

    Japanese Journal of Forest Planning 54(1), 45-54, 2020


  • Millimeter-Wave Radio Channel Characterization Using Multi-Dimensional Sub-Grid CLEAN Algorithm

    KIM Minseok , IWATA Tatsuki , SASAKI Shigenobu , TAKADA Jun-ichi

    … However, it is often insufficient for ray-/cluster-level characterizations because the angular resolution of the measured data is limited by the angular sampling interval over a given scanning angle range and antenna half power beamwidth. … This study proposes the sub-grid CLEAN algorithm, a novel technique for high-resolution multipath component (MPC) extraction from the multi-dimensional power image, so called double-directional angular delay power spectrum. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E103.B(7), 767-779, 2020


  • <b>Robust, Efficient and Deterministic Planes Detection in Unorganized Point Clouds Based on Sliding Voxels</b>

    SANDOVAL Jaime , UENISHI Kazuma , IWAKIRI Munetoshi , TANAKA Kiyoshi

    … Conventional plane detection methods are remarkably slow because they require the computation of point-wise normal vectors and are non-deterministic due to their dependency on random sampling. … A sliding voxel is an overlapping grid structure in which we analyze the planarity of the points distributions to extract hypothetical planes efficiently. …

    IIEEJ Transactions on Image Electronics and Visual Computing 7(2), 67-77, 2019


  • The Spatial Variability of Soil Chemical Properties in a Selected Area of Myanmar


    … In this study soil samples were collected for the 80 grid references examined. … Grid size is 300 m × 300 m, covering an area of about 480 hectares, and samples were taken at a depth of 0-15cm using a Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine the coordinates of the sampling points. …

    International Journal of Environmental and Rural Development 10(2), 20-26, 2019


  • Measurement Method of Crack Width Change Using Sampling Moire Method  [in Japanese]

    MIYAJIMA Takuya , FUJIGAKI Motoharu , SUGIYAMA Junki , NAKAJIMA Tomoaki , KUSUNOKI Yoshiyuki , ISO Masato , MINAMIDE Shigekatsu , OBATA Masahumi

    … <p>The authors propose a new measurement method using sampling moire method. … It is measurement of the crack width change by relative displacement measurement of two grid sheets. … The authors propose a sampling moire method that can measure displacement from grid pattern images. … The sampling moire camera is a special camera incorporating the sampling moire method. …

    The Proceedings of the Materials and processing conference 2019.27(0), 521, 2019


  • Study of Fast Prediction Method for Transonic Flutter Boundary Using Radial Basis Function  [in Japanese]

    SAWAKI Yuta , KUYA Yuichi , SAWADA Keisuke

    … The initial sampling points are sparsely distributed over the entire parameter plane to roughly determine the flutter boundary by interpolating damping ratio of wing oscillation. … Then, based on the consideration of load distribution over the wing, some additional sampling points are introduced in the region where the transonic dip likely appears. …



  • Disturbance-robust Current Control Technique for Large-scale PV Inverter

    Ito Tomomichi , Kikuchi Akira , Taniguchi Masahiro , Takemoto Yoshitaka , Ichinose Masaya

    … The biggest disturbance against current control of grid-connected inverters is the grid fault. … The main development point of the scheme is to introduce sophisticated voltage feedforward control and improved sampling technique in the current control system. …

    IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications 8(2), 314-321, 2019


  • Open-loop-based Island-mode Voltage Control Method for Single-phase Grid-tied Inverter with Minimized LC Filter

    Nagai Satoshi , Itoh Jun-ichi

    … DOB is implemented into a field-programmable gate array with high-speed sampling. …

    IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications 8(1), 108-115, 2019


  • Termite diversity and species composition in heath forests, mixed dipterocarp forests, and pristine and selectively logged tropical peat swamp forests in Brunei

    T. Bourguignon , C. A. L. Dahlsjö , K. A. Salim , T. A. Evans

    … In this paper, we used a grid-based sampling plot protocol to sample termites in Brunei. …

    Insectes Sociaux 65(3), 439-444, 2018-05-26


  • A STUDY ON THE HYBRID DESIGN OF RESEARCH FOR EVALUATION GRID METHOD:A study on qualitative research for getting evaluation term Part2  [in Japanese]

    PENG Bo , KOJIMA Takaya

    …  Qualitative research, including evaluation grid method, has long been recognized as important in the field of environmental psychology. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (746), 333-341, 2018-04


  • The evaluation of the compositional variation in a single rock suite revealed by grid sampling  [in Japanese]

    Minami Kazuki , Ueki Kenta , Iizuka Tsuyoshi , Enomoto Sanshiro , Tanaka Hiroyuki K.M.

    近年地球ニュートリノを用いて核・マントル中のウラン・トリウム(U-Th)量を推定する研究が急速に進展している (The KamLAND Collaboration, 2011) 。ただし、現在推定されるU-Th量は大幅な不定性を持つ状況であり(Takeuchi et al., in preparation)、原因のひとつとして、単一の岩体内での化学組成のばらつき度合いが定量的には理解されていないこ …

    Abstracts for Annual Meeting of Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences 2018(0), 7, 2018


  • The Development of a High Accuracy Algorithm Based on Small Sample Size for Fingerprint Location in Indoor Parking Lot

    WANG Weibo , SUN Jinghuan , DONG Ruiying , ZHENG Yongkang , HUA Qing

    … To reduce the need to deploy of reference points (RPs) and the offline sampling workload, a partition-fitting fingerprint algorithm (P-FP) is proposed. … To improve the location accuracy of the target, the PS-FP algorithm, a sampling importance resampling (SIR) particle filter with threshold based on P-FP, is further proposed. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E101.B(12), 2479-2486, 2018


  • Estimation of Population Size of Loach <i>Misgurnus anguillicaudatus</i> in an Experimental Paddy Field:―Validity of estimation values and methods involving how to capture, and the possibility of a simple estimation technique―  [in Japanese]

    TAKEMURA Takeshi , MORI Atsushi , WATABE Keiji , MINETA Takuya , KOIZUMI Noriyuki

    <p>水田に生息するドジョウは鳥類等高次消費者の餌として重要でその資源量は生態系保全上の関心事項である.しかし,野外水田ではドジョウ資源量の真値は不明で,推定値やサンプリングデータの取得を含めた推定方法の検証が問題となる.本研究では野外実験水田における個体数推定を実施し,推定値および適用した方法の妥当性を検討するとともに,将来の一般利用に向け簡易的個体数推定の可能性を検討した.その結果 …

    Transactions of The Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Rural Engineering 86(2), II_85-II_90, 2018


  • Current Control Method in Doubly Fed Induction Generator Under Low Switching Frequency

    Xie Peng

    … <p>The present current control method in doubly fed induction generator cannot realize the segmented grid-connected current control, it's hard to effectively control the current in doubly fed induction generator. … The current in generator can be predicted by adopting the double-sampling predict method. … The experimental results show that the proposed method realized the segmented grid-connected current control in doubly fed induction generator.</p> …

    Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics 22(7), 1109-1113, 2018


  • Examining "Web Public Opinion Survey" Based on Random Sampling from the Basic Resident Register [Part II]:A Comparison of Response Distributions between Web and Mail Surveys  [in Japanese]

    Hagihara Junji , Murata Hiroko , Yoshifuji Masayo , Hirokawa Yu

    世論調査の有効率の低下が問題になるなか、NHK放送文化研究所では、住民基本台帳から無作為抽出で選んだ調査相手に対する「WEB世論調査」の可能性を探るための実験調査を行った。この実験調査の設計や有効率については、本誌の2018年6月号で述べたが、本稿ではWEB回答の質を検証するため、郵送調査(以下「比較用郵送」)との回答分布を比較し、以下の知見を得た。WEB回答と比較用郵送の回答差について、全447 …

    The NHK Monthly Report on Broadcast Research 68(9), 48-79, 2018


  • Micro-distribution of Four Species of Neritid Gastropods in an Upper Mangrove Area, Ishigaki Island, Japan

    Takada Yoshitake

    <p>熱帯および亜熱帯の河口域では複数種のアマオブネガイ類が共存している。同所的に分布する4種のアマオブネガイ類(シマカノコ,ドングリカノコ,ツバサカノコ,イガカノコ)について石垣島のマングローブ域において調査を行い,微細な分布パターンを把握した。調査は2006年の1月と7月の2回行い,28 m<sup>2</sup>の調査地を25 cm毎に碁盤目状に区切り,各 …

    Venus (Journal of the Malacological Society of Japan) 76(1-4), 53-64, 2018


  • Accuracy and Time Delay of Glucose Measurements of Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Bedside Artificial Pancreas During Hyperglycemic and Euglycemic Hyperinsulinemic Glucose Clamp Study

    Kuroda Akio , Taniguchi Satoshi , Akehi Yuko , Mori Hiroyasu , Tamaki Motoyuki , Suzuki Reiko , Otsuka Yinhua , Matsuhisa Munehide

    … Artificial pancreas (STG-55, Nikkiso, Japan) (AP), which measures venous blood glucose directly, also has a time delay because of the long tubing lines from sampling vessel to the glucose sensor. …

    Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology 11(6), 1096-1100, 2017-10-09


  • Numerical and Visual Evaluation of Compressed Sensing MRI Using 3D Cartesian Sampling  [in Japanese]

    SHINOHARA Hiroyuki , HASHIMOTO Takeyuki , TAKEYAMA Nobuyuki , TANAKA Eriko , HAYASHI Takaki , HASHIMOTO Touji

    … <p>We performed numerical and visual evaluation of compressed sensing MRI (CS-MRI) using 3D Cartesian sampling by numerical simulation. … Sampling ratio of the Cartesian grid was 30%. …

    Japanese Journal of Medical Physics (Igakubutsuri) 37(2), 70-84, 2017


  • Development of a probability-based geoinformation system using water well database:kriging estimation of soil/rock types with local parameter settings  [in Japanese]

    SAKATA Yoshitaka , KATSURA Takao , NAGANO Katsunori , MARUI Atsunao

    <p>本論文では,コアボーリングデータが乏しくなる深度100m付近までを対象に,井戸データベースを用いた地盤情報推定システムにおいて,その基幹となる地質区分の推定手法を示す。地質区分の推定にはインディケータクリギングを用い,各推定点で最大分布確率となる地質区分をグリッド推定することで三次元情報とする。その際,井戸データの探索半径とバリオグラムのレンジの異方性比をパラメータとし,地形分類 …

    Journal of Groundwater Hydrology 59(2), 105-123, 2017


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