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  • Helper T cell paradigm : Th17 and regulatory T cells involved in autoimmune inflammatory disorders, pathogen defense and allergic diseases  [in Japanese]

    NOMA Takeshi

      炎症性疾患・アレルギー疾患の発症・病態形成には,組織に遊走する炎症細胞や組織居住細胞に作用する活性化T細胞が大きな役割をもつ.T細胞が産生するサイトカインはカスケードを形成しTh細胞パラダイムを展開する.<br>   Th1, Th2細胞は相互に制御してバランスをとり生命の恒常性を保つが,Th2細胞優位のインバランスはマスト細胞による即時型ア …

    Japanese Journal of Clinical Immunology 33(5), 262-271, 2010-10-31

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  • T helper type 17 immune response plays an indispensable role for development of iodine-induced autoimmune thyroiditis in nonobese diabetic-H2h4 mice.

    Horie Ichiro , Abiru Norio , Nagayama Yuji , Kuriya Genpei , Saitoh Ohki , Ichikawa Tatsuki , Iwakura Yoichiro , Eguchi Katsumi

    … T helper type 1(Th1)/Th2 paradigm has been expanded by discovery of a novel effector T cell (T(eff)) subset, Th17 cells, which produce a proinflammatory cytokine IL-17. …

    Endocrinology 150(11), 5135-5142, 2009-11

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  • Th17 and Allergy

    OBOKI Keisuke , OHNO Tatsukuni , SAITO Hirohisa , NAKAE Susumu

    … The identification of novel helper T (Th) cell subsets, i.e., IL-17-producing Th cells (Th17 cells) and regulatory T cells (Treg cells), provided new insight into our understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of infectious and autoimmune diseases as well as immune responses, and thus led to revision of the classic Th1/Th2 paradigm. …

    Allergology International 57(2), 121-134, 2008-06-01

    J-STAGE Ichushi Web References (147) Cited by (7)

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