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  • Potential use of silver diammine fluoride in detection of carious dentin

    SAYED Mahmoud , NIKAIDO Toru , ABDOU Ahmed , BURROW Michael F. , TAGAMI Junji

    … Fourty specimens were obtained from 20 human permanent teeth. … Teeth were sectioned through the center of carious lesions to create 2-halves in which each half was assigned to a treatment group. …

    Dental Materials Journal, 2021


  • Effectiveness of the Socket Shield Technique in Dental Implant: A Systematic Review

    Ogawa Toru , Tamaki Katsushi , Kuboki Takuo , Sitalaksmi Ratri M , Miyashita Makiko , Maekawa Kenji , Ryu Masahiro , Kimura-Ono Aya , Suganuma Takeshi , Kikutani Takeshi , Fujisawa Masanori

    … Dental implant therapy is a common clinical treatment for missing teeth. … Twenty studies were included, comprising one randomized controlled trial, two cohort studies, 14 clinical human case reports, and three retrospective case series. …

    Journal of Prosthodontic Research, 2021


  • Study of normal flora in the pharynx of healthy children

    Oishi Tomohiro , Muratani Tetsuro , Tanaka Takaaki , Sato Masahisa , Kohdera Urara , Ouchi Kazunobu , Iwata Satoshi , Matsumoto Tetsuro , Nakahama Chikara

    … and <i>Neisseria subflava</i>, which are related to the development of teeth, were significantly lower than in the other age groups (p<0.0001, <i>S. …

    Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases, 2021


  • Survival and complication rates of tooth-implant versus freestanding implant supporting fixed partial prosthesis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

    La Monaca Gerardo , Pranno Nicola , Annibali Susanna , Massimo Cordaro , Polimeni Antonella , Patini Romeo , Paola Cristalli Maria

    … This systematic review was performed to compare tooth, implant and prosthesis failures and biological and technical complications in toothimplant vs freestanding implant supported fixed partial prostheses, in order to evaluate the effectiveness and predictability in combining teeth and implants in the same fixed partial prosthesis.<br><i>Study selection:</i> …

    Journal of Prosthodontic Research 65(1), 1-10, 2021


  • Evaluation of human pulp tissue response following direct pulp capping with a self-etching adhesive system containing MDPB

    COBANOGLU Nevin , ALPTEKİN Tuncay , KITAGAWA Haruaki , BLATZ Markus B , IMAZATO Satoshi , OZER Fusun

    … <p>This study evaluated the human pulp tissue response following direct pulp capping with Clearfil Protect Bond (CPB) self-etching adhesive containing an antibacterial monomer MDPB. … The pulps of third molar teeth were exposed by the removal of carious tissue. … All teeth were filled with resin composite, extracted after 90 days, and the pulp responses were histologically analyzed. …

    Dental Materials Journal, 2021


  • Long-term clinical and radiographic evaluation of the effectiveness of direct pulp capping materials: A meta-analysis

    MATSUURA Takashi , ZIAUDDIN S. M. , KAWATA-MATSUURA Viviane K. S. , SUGIMOTO Kouji , YAMADA Shizuka , YOSHIMURA Atsutoshi

    … <p>The aim of this review is to evaluate the long-term effectiveness of calcium silicate-based cement (CS) and calcium hydroxide (CH) for direct pulp capping (DPC) to human pulp-exposed permanent teeth. … Long-term clinical and radiographic evaluations of the effectiveness of CS and CH for DPC to human pulp-exposed teeth were included, and data extraction, risk-of-bias assessment and meta-analyses were performed. …

    Dental Materials Journal 40(1), 1-7, 2021


  • Evaluation of the Utility of Homologous Modeling and Principal Component Analysis for Sex Determination of the Mandible

    Nakano Hiroyuki , Mishima Katsuaki , Ueno Takaaki , Mizobuchi Sho , Suzuki Kei , Inoue Kazuya , Yamamoto Naofumi , Omori Michi , Kato-Kogoe Nahoko , Nakajima Yoichiro , Kimura Yoshihiro

    … To avoid any effect on the morphology of the mandible, the scans of subjects with fewer than 14 remaining teeth were excluded. … Homologous modeling and principal component analysis were performed using mHBM (Digital Human Techbology, Tokyo, Japan) and HBM-Rugle software (Medic Engineering, Kyoto, Japan), respectively. …

    Journal of Hard Tissue Biology 30(1), 69-72, 2021


  • A systematic review of digital removable partial dentures. Part II: CAD/CAM framework, artificial teeth, and denture base

    Takaichi Atsushi , Fueki Kenji , Murakami Natsuko , Ueno Takeshi , Inamochi Yuka , Wada Junichiro , Arai Yuki , Wakabayashi Noriyuki

    … This study comprehensively reviewed the current status of the digital workflow of removable partial dentures (RPDs) and summarized information about the fabrication methods and material properties of the dental framework, artificial teeth, and denture base.<br> …

    Journal of Prosthodontic Research, 2021


  • Fracture strength of endodontically treated premolars restored with different post systems and metal-ceramic or monolithic zirconia crowns

    MASTROGIANNI Anna , LIOLIOU Evdokia-Anna , TORTOPIDIS Dimitrios , GOGOS Christos , KONTONASAKI Eleana , KOIDIS Petros

    … <p>The purpose of this study was to investigate the fracture strength of endodontically treated human maxillary premolars (ETP) restored with posts and metal ceramic (MC) or monolithic zirconia (MZ) crowns. … Teeth in control group (C) received a resin filling. …

    Dental Materials Journal, 2021


  • The need for polishing and occlusal adjustment of zirconia prostheses for wear on antagonist teeth

    TACHIBANA Keishu , SAWAE Yoshinori , KOYANO Kiyoshi , ATSUTA Ikiru , TSUKIYAMA Yoshihiro , KUWATSURU Rika , MORITA Takehiro , YOSHIMATSU Hiroya , MATSUSHITA Yasuyuki , NARIMATSU Ikue , AYUKAWA Yasunori

    … Two-body wear tests were performed against human enamel with vertical and horizontal, horizontal, and vertical repetitive movements as experiments 1 to 3 respectively. …

    Dental Materials Journal, 2021


  • A newly developed age estimation method based on CpG methylation of teeth-derived DNA using real-time methylation-specific PCR

    Kondo Masahiro , Aboshi Hirofumi , Yoshikawa Masaaki , Ogata Ayano , Murayama Ryosuke , Takei Masami , Aizawa Shin

    … There is accumulating evidence that DNA methylation in the human genome isolated from body fluids changes with age. … In this study, an age estimation method based on methylation levels of DNA extracted from teeth using real-time methylation-specific PCR (MSP) was developed. …

    Journal of Oral Science 63(1), 54-58, 2021


  • Material report : A partially mummified human remain excavated from the Shiroganecho nishi site, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

    Sakaue Kazuhiro , Kajigayama Mari

    Bulletin of the National Museum of Nature and Science. Series D, Anthropology = 国立科学博物館研究報告. D類, 人類学 46, 13-19, 2020-12

  • Development of New Treatment in Pediatric Intractable Disease using Regenerative Medicine : Focusing on Stem Cells from Human Exfoliated Deciduous Teeth  [in Japanese]

    田口 智章 , 南 レイラ , 川㞍 望 , 森 沙耶香 , 吉丸 耕一朗 , 高橋 良彰 , 山座 孝義 , 水田 祥代

    … Stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth (SHED) share some characteristics of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), and exhibit self-renewal, multipotency into a variety of mature cells. … Even in adult, we may use wisdom teeth or buried teeth for harvesting dental pulp stem cell. …

    福岡医学雑誌 = Fukuoka acta medica 111(3), 113-123, 2020-09-25

    IR  DOI 

  • 3D imaging of proximal caries in posterior teeth using optical coherence tomography

    Shimada Yasushi , Burrow Michael F. , Araki Kazuyuki , Zhou Yuan , Hosaka Keiichi , Sadr Alireza , Yoshiyama Masahiro , Miyazaki Takashi , Sumi Yasunori , Tagami Junji

    … This study aimed to investigate the diagnostic accuracy of 3D imaging of OCT for proximal caries in posterior teeth. … Thirty-six human molar teeth with 51 proximal surfaces visibly 6 intact, 16 slightly demineralized, and 29 distinct carious changes were mounted to take digital radiographs and 3D OCT images. … OCT can be a safer option for the diagnosis of proximal caries in posterior teeth that can be applied to the patients without X-ray exposure. …

    Scientific Reports 10(1), 15754, 2020-09-25


  • Involvement of Fusobacterium Species in Oral Cancer Progression : A Literature Review Including Other Types of Cancer

    Fujiwara Natsumi , Kitamura Naoya , Yoshida Kaya , Yamamoto Tetsuya , Ozaki Kazumi , Kudo Yasusei

    … nucleatum is a well-known oral bacterium involved in formation of typical dental plaque on human teeth and causing periodontal diseases. …

    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21(17), 6207, 2020-08-27


  • Three-dimensional observation and analysis of remineralization in dentinal caries lesions

    Yoshihara Kumiko , Nagaoka Noriyuki , Nakamura Akiko , Hara Toru , Hayakawa Satoshi , Yoshida Yasuhiro , Van Meerbeek Meerbeek Bart

    … Carious human teeth were observed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and focused-ion-beam (FIB)-SEM. …

    Scientific Reports 10(1), 4387, 2020-03-09


  • Influence of Light Irradiation Conditions on the Tensile Bond Strength of Resin Composite Bonding Materials to Dentin  [in Japanese]

    Satoko OUCHI , Hiroaki TANIMOTO , Kazushi YOSHIKAWA , Kazuyo YAMAMOTO , Naohiro IWATA , Haitao LIU , Zhouqiao XIE , Xiangyu WANG , Hidetoshi MOROTO , Shunsuke ISHIDA , Reiko KOMASA , Kenzo YASUO

    <p> 目的 : 今回, 高活性光重合触媒を配合したメガボンド2 (以下, MB2, クラレノリタケデンタル) と従来のメガボンド (以下, MB, クラレノリタケデンタル) を用いて照射条件が引張接着強さ (以下, TBS) に与える影響の比較, 検討を行った. </p><p> 材料と方法 : ヒト抜去歯に象牙質被着面を作製し, 被着面積を直径3.0mmに規定 …

    The Japanese Journal of Conservative Dentistry 63(6), 554-562, 2020


  • Study on the Sealing Ability of a New High-penetration Resin Material for Enamel Cracks and Dentinal Tubules  [in Japanese]

    Tatsuki MIURA , Kenzo YASUO , Naohiro IWATA , Kazushi YOSHIKAWA , Kazuyo YAMAMOTO

    <p> 目的 : 近年, 高齢化ならびに国民1人当たりの残存歯数の増加がみられるが, それに伴って齲蝕や歯周病以外に, 非齲蝕性疾患, 特に象牙質知覚過敏症や, 実質欠損を伴わないエナメル質の微細亀裂 (エナメルクラック) による知覚過敏症状を呈する患者が増えている. 新規開発された低粘度の試作歯質高浸透型新規レジン系材料は, 溶剤を含まないためエアー乾燥が必要なく, 高い親水性・濡れ …

    The Japanese Journal of Conservative Dentistry 63(6), 483-493, 2020


  • An integrated study of the human skeletal remains discovered in Escalon Cave, northeastern Mindanao, the Philippines


    … <p>We examined fragmentary human skeletal remains from Escalon Cave near Surigao City, northeastern Mindanao, the Philippines, with respect to the morphology of bones and teeth, radiocarbon dating, and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroup. … Numerous narrow grooves on the humerus were found in close proximity to each other, but we could not prove whether these are artificial cut marks made by humans with sharp-edged tools or scratches from some non-human entity. …

    Anthropological Science 128(3), 93-111, 2020


  • Coconut Feeding of the Babirusa (<i>Babyrousa</i> spp.)

    ITO Masaaki , A. MACDONALD Alastair , LEUS Kristin , BALIK I Wayan , ARIMBAWA I Wayan Gede Bandem , HASEGAWA Yamato , ATMAJA I Dewa Gede Agung

    <p> 生育初期のココヤシ(<i>Cocos nucifera</i>)農園を模して造成された飼育施設でスラウェシバビルサ(<i>Babyrousa celebensis</i>)の採食行動を調査したところ,思いがけずココヤシ花の採食やココヤシ未熟果の採取行動が記録された。さらにココヤシの幾つかの部位を用いて給餌実験を行い,次のような所見 …

    Japanese Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 25(3), 91-100, 2020


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