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  • Synthesis of Alkyl Sulfones from Alkenes and Tosylmethylphosphonium Iodide through Photo-promoted C–C Bond Formation

    Miura Tomoya , Moriyama Daisuke , Miyakawa Sho , Murakami Masahiro

    … A tosylmethyl radical is generated from the phosphonium iodide under irradiation of visible light with the aid of <i>fac</i>-Ir(ppy)<sub>3</sub>. …

    Chemistry Letters 49(11), 1382-1385, 2020


  • <i>Operando</i> FT-IR Spectroscopy of Steam-methane-reforming Photocatalyst under Irradiation of Intensity Modulated UV Light  [in Japanese]

    SATO Hiromasa , SUGIMOTO Toshiki

    … In the case of photocatalytic reaction, photo-generated electron plays key roles in hydrogen production. … To uncover the behavior of reactive photo-excited electrons, we conducted <i>operando</i> … FT-IR spectroscopy of metal loaded Ga<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> …

    Vacuum and Surface Science 63(9), 476-481, 2020


  • A Mechanism of Cancer Cell Cytotoxicity of Near-Infrared Photoimmunotherapy  [in Japanese]

    Sato Kazuhide

    <p>Near-Infrared photoimmunothreapy(NIR-PIT)は,がん細胞表面の抗原に特異的な抗体に 近赤外線に反応するprobeをつけ,局所的に近赤外線を当てる事で治療を行う,次世代の革新的癌治療である.本研究は,probe(化学)と抗体(生物学,医学,薬学)を至適条件下でconjugationし薬剤化し(conjugation chemistry)さらに近 …

    Nippon Laser Igakkaishi 41(2), 104-109, 2020


  • Suppressed Oxygen Inhibition in UV Curable Formulations Using a Diene as an Additive

    Okamura Haruyuki , Nishijima Yuuki , Noguchi Daiki , Fukumoto Takashi , Suzuki Yutaka

    … The effect of the initiators, irradiation wavelength, atmosphere, and additive on the conversion of the acryl unit was investigated by photo-DSC measurements. … In addition, the suppressed oxygen inhibition was observed even in thin films of acrylates containing DPNG by in-situ FT-IR measurements.</p> …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 33(3), 349-354, 2020


  • Synthesis and Photo-degradation of Polyphthalaldehydes with Oxime Ether Terminals

    Hayashi Hirokazu , Tachi Hideki , Suyama Kanji

    … The incorporation of naphthyl oxime ether units and acetyl terminals was confirmed by NMR, UV, and IR spectral measurements. … in IR spectra, suggesting the formation of phthalide which could be derived from photo-transformation of <i>o</i>-PA. … These spectral changes clearly indicated the proceeding of photo-depolymerization of PPAs. …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 33(3), 269-278, 2020


  • 薬の物性変化を利用した新しい光治療  [in Japanese]

    Ogawa Mikako

    … <p>光免疫療法Photo-immuno therapy (PIT)は、フタロシアニン誘導体IR700を結合させた抗体を用いた新しい癌治療法である。 … 抗体-IR700結合体を投与後、近赤外光を照射することでがん細胞を特異的に殺傷することができる。 …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering Annual57(Abstract), S112_1-S112_1, 2019


  • Refractive Index Modulation by Photo-Fries Rearrangement of Main Chain-Type Aromatic Polyurethanes

    Takahashi Akira , Watanabe Taichi , Ando Shinji , Kameyama Atsushi

    … FT-IR spectra of the irradiated aromatic polyurethanes films showed a consistent change to the targeted photo-Fries rearrangement. … Ellipsometry revealed refractive index increase up to +0.0411 after the irradiation of the films for 60 min, presenting the good potential of aromatic polyurethanes as the functional moieties toward various optical materials that require photo-modulation of refractive index.</p> …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 32(2), 243-247, 2019


  • Photo-induced Aggregation of Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes from Dispersion by Using a Photochromic Dispersant

    Seki Yuki , Matsunaga Kazuki , Ke Yuting , Takebayashi Toma , Ninoyu Masaya , Kakugawa Keiju , Lee Vannajan Sanghiran , Takahara Shigeru

    … <p>Dipropylheterocoerdianthrone (DPHCD) was found to be a potential photo-reactive dispersant of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs). … DPHCD is easily photo-oxidized by the irradiation of visible light to form the endoperoxide with a bent structure under oxygen or air atmosphere. … Then, SWNTs were photo-precipitated from the DPHCD/SWNTs dispersion. … Such photo-induced precipitation was also observed in DPHCD/SWNTs complex film. …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 32(2), 271-278, 2019


  • Photostabilization of Indocyanine Green Dye by Energy Transfer in Phospholipid-PEG Micelles

    Yeroslavsky Gil , Umezawa Masakazu , Okubo Kyohei , Nigoghossian Karina , Dung Doan Thi Kim , Kamimura Masao , Soga Kohei

    … The dye IR-1061 was chosen as an ET pair due to its spectral overlap with ICG. … The micelles proved to be superior than the free dye in terms of chemical, thermal and photo-stability. …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 32(1), 115-121, 2019


  • <i>Operand</i> FT-IR spectroscopy of photocatalytic steam reforming of methane under intensity modulation of UV light  [in Japanese]

    Sato Hiromasa , Kato Fumiaki , Sakurai Atsunori , Yamamoto Akira , Yoshida Hisao , Sugimoto Toshiki

    … 本研究ではこのような活性の差異を生み出す光誘起キャリアや反応中間体の観測を目的とし、紫外光強度変調下でのオペランドFT-IR分光を行った。 …

    Abstract book of Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science 2019(0), 2P36S, 2019


  • Evaluation of Molecular Orientation of Nanostructure of Photo-cross Linkable Liquid Crystalline Polymer Fabricated by Nanoimprint Graphoepitaxy  [in Japanese]

    Okada Makoto , Ikemoto Yuka , Moriwaki Taro

    … ナノインプリントグラフォエピタキシーによって作製した分子配向を有する液晶微細構造物の分子配向を評価するため、BL43IRによる局所領域における偏光IR測定を行った。 …

    SPring-8/SACLA Research Report 6(1), 55-59, 2018


  • Preparing Effective Panchromatic Hybrid Sensitizers Composed of Inorganic Quantum Dots and Organic Dyes

    Ochirbat Altantuya , Lee Yong , Yoo So-Min , Lee Seul-Yi , Bang Jiwon , Kim Myoung , Lee Hyo Joong

    … <p>To make an effective panchromatic photo-sensitizer unit, inorganic lead sulfide (PbS) and cadmium sulfide (CdS) quantum dots (QDs) were deposited sequentially over mesoporous TiO<sub>2</sub> … film by the successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR) process and then two molecular dyes were adsorbed successively to boost the response in the near-IR and visible regions, respectively. …

    Chemistry Letters 47(11), 1354-1356, 2018


  • Photo-thermal Dual Curing of Polysilane/diarylfluorene Blends -Fabrication of Films with High and Tunable Refractive Indices-

    Okamura Haruyuki , Matsumoto Akikazu , Minokami Keiko , Miyauchi Shinsuke

    … The photopolymerization of the acrylates effectively enhanced by the photo-thermal dual curing technique. … Polysilane moieties were incorporated into the film by the termination reaction between the acrylate radicals and Si radicals generated by the slight photo-decomposition of the Si-Si bonds. … The reaction mechanism is discussed based on real-time FT-IR measurements. …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 31(4), 503-510, 2018


  • Photocuring Kinetic Studies of TMPTMA Monomer by Type II Photoinitiators of Different Weight Ratios of 2-Chlorohexaaryl Biimidazole (o-Cl-HABI) and <i>N</i>-Phenylglycine (NPG)

    Chen Yung-Chung , Kuo Yuan-Tsung

    … The curing behavior of the type II photoinitiator package based on different weight ratios of o-Cl-HABI (hydrogen acceptor)/NPG (hydrogen donor) systems (where o-Cl-HABI is a 2-chlorohexaaryl biimidazole, NPG is an <i>N</i>-phenylglycine) was investigated through FT-IR, gel-fraction, electron spin resonance (ESR) and photoluminescence (PL) methodologies. … However, the curvature photo-reactivity phenomenon was observed as the amount of o-Cl-HABI at 0.5, 1 and 2 wt%, respectively. …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 31(4), 487-492, 2018


  • Temperature Dependent Photodegradation on Urethane Coatings for Building Materials in a Low Relative Humidity Environment  [in Japanese]

    ISHIDA Takato , KITAGAKI Ryoma

    … 建築材料用ウレタン塗膜を低湿度環境で試料表面温度を変化させた環境で紫外線照射試験を行い,暴露による化学結合変化をFT-IR,ラマン分光で,弾性係数変化を超音波パルス法で測定し,それらの光劣化メカニズムについて議論した.この系では共役二重結合連鎖が有効に形成されず,黄変は目視で確認できなかったが,黄変につながる物質の変性が生じていることがラマン分光法の結果から示唆された.また,著名 …

    KOBUNSHI RONBUNSHU 75(3), 265-274, 2018


  • Development of Simple Optical Sensor for Measurement of Sugar Content Using Bent Optical Fiber, Light Emitting Diode and Photo Diode

    Suehara Ken-ichiro , Kameoka Takaharu , Hashimoto Atsushi

    … Therefore, we constructed a sensor system using a light emitting diode (LED), photo diode (PD) and simple electronic circuit as a differential amplifier. … was successful and excellent agreement between the FT-IR method as the conventional method and the sensor method using an operational amplifier (OP-amp) was observed. …

    Journal of Science and Technology in Lighting 41(0), 12-21, 2018


  • Analysis of Molecular Aggregation States of Liquid Crystals on Patterned Photo-crosslinking Polymer Thin Film by Synchrotron Radiation Microscopic Infrared Spectroscopy  [in Japanese]

    Higaki Yuji , Ishige Ryohei , Shinohara Takamichi , Kobayashi Daigo , Takahara Atsushi

    液晶配向を誘起する光架橋配向性アクリレート薄膜と液晶(5CB)からなる積層膜を調製し、放射光顕微赤外分光法により、配向性基板上に塗布した液晶の配向状態評価を試みた。5CBのCN伸縮振動およびフェニル基C=C伸縮振動に由来する吸収の強度比より、光架橋配向性アクリレート薄膜の硬化による液晶積層膜の配向度の変化が観測された。パターン化基板の面内配向異方性評価に必要な、局所領域における赤外吸収スペクトルの …

    SPring-8/SACLA Research Report 5(1), 32-34, 2017


  • An introduction to Infrared Laser Evoked Gene Operator (IR-LEGO) technique and its applications  [in Japanese]

    Kamei Yasuhiro

    … 一方,我々は,制御光として赤外線を利用して,熱ショック応答により生体内の単一細胞レベルでの遺伝子発現誘導を行う技術(Infrared Laser Evoked Gene Operator: IR LEGO)を開発し,研究に応用している。 … 本稿ではこのIR-LEGO法の概要と共同研究による応用例を紹介する。 …

    Bulletin of the Plankton Society of Japan 64(1), 77-80, 2017


  • Photo-degradation of Reworkable Resin: A Mechanical Study

    Okamura Haruyuki , Nomura Kenta , Matsumoto Akikazu

    … The lap shear adhesion strength of the cured reworkable monomer decreased after decomposition by photo-irradiation followed by baking. … The decrease revealed by FT-IR measurements was due to the acid-catalyzed decomposition of the tertiary ester linkages in the cured reworkable monomer. …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 30(6), 689-694, 2017


  • Photocuring Behaviors of Epoxy Resins using Deep-UV LEDs

    Okamura Haruyuki , Niizeki Shoichi , Ochi Tetsumi , Matsumoto Akikazu

    … The effects of the PAGs, irradiation wavelengths, and film thicknesses on the reactivity were investigated by FT-IR spectroscopy and a photo-DSC study. …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 30(4), 405-412, 2017


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