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  • Global gyrokinetic simulation of turbulence driven by kinetic ballooning mode

    Ishizawa A. , Imadera K. , Nakamura Y. , Kishimoto Y.

    … It is found that the saturation process of KBM, which is unstable at high normalized pressure β, is significantly different from the ion temperature gradient (ITG) mode, which is unstable at low β. … The production of zonal flow is weak in the initial saturation phase of KBM, which is in contrast to the ITG mode which produces strong zonal flows in the initial saturation phase. …

    Physics of Plasmas 26(8), 2019-08


  • Persistence of Ion Temperature Gradient Turbulent Transport at Finite Normalized Pressure

    Ishizawa A. , Urano D. , Nakamura Y. , Maeyama S. , Watanabe T.-H.

    … It is found that energy transport due to ion-temperature-gradient (ITG) driven turbulence does not decrease with increasing β; … The magnetic field change weakens the suppression effect of magnetic perturbations on the growth of the ITG mode, and it also suppresses nonlinear zonal flow production. …

    Physical Review Letters (123), 2019-07-10


  • Entropy transfer process and zonal flow shearing in ITG turbulence  [in Japanese]

    Miura T. , Watanabe T. -H. , Maeyama S. , Nakata M.

    Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan 73.1(0), 893-893, 2018


  • Benchmarking of flux-driven full-F gyrokinetic simulations

    朝比 祐一 , Grandgirard V. , 井戸村 泰宏 , Garbet X. , Latu G. , Sarazin Y. , Dif-Pradalier G. , Donnel P. , Ehrlacher C.

    著者所属: 日本原子力研究開発機構(JAEA)

    Physics of Plasmas 24(10), 102515\_1-102515\_17, 2017-10


  • Toroidal angular momentum balance during rotation changes induced by electron heating modulation in tokamak plasmas

    井戸村 泰宏

    著者所属: 日本原子力研究開発機構(JAEA)

    Physics of Plasmas 24(8), 080701\_1-080701\_5, 2017-08


  • Cross-scale interactions between turbulence driven by electron and ion temperature gradients via sub-ion-scale structures

    Maeyama S. , Watanabe T.-H. , Idomura Y. , Nakata M. , Ishizawa A. , Nunami M.

    … Multi-scale plasma turbulence including electron and ion temperature gradient (ETG/ITG) modes has been investigated by means of electromagnetic gyrokinetic simulations. … One of the interactions is suppression of electron-scale turbulence by ion-scale turbulence, where ITG-driven short-wavelength eddies act like shear flows and suppress ETG turbulence. …

    Nuclear Fusion 57(6), 066036-066036, 2017-06


  • Effects of plasma shaping on ITG/TEM instability in a full-f gyrokinetic  [in Japanese]

    Obrejan K. , Imadera K. , Kishimoto Y.

    … <p>The stabilising influence of plasma shaping on turbulent transport due to ion temperature gradient (ITG) modes and trapped electron modes (TEMs) have proven difficult to study theoretically and the existing numerical studies are based on either flux tube or delta-f gyrokinetic (GK) codes.GKNET is a full-f electrostatic gyrokinetic Vlasov code which uses a Cartesian grid in the poloidal plane and computes the gyro-averaging operators by taking sample points on the real space grid along the particles' …

    Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan 72.1(0), 843-843, 2017


  • Quantitative evaluation of entropy transfer function in ITG turbulence in magnetically confined plasma  [in Japanese]

    Miura Tatsunori , Watanabe Tomo-Hiko , Maeyama Shinya , Nakata Motoki

    <p>磁場閉じ込めプラズマ中の乱流輸送抑制機構解明のため、これまでジャイロ運動論的シミュレーションにおいてイオン温度勾配乱流と帯状流の相互作用に関するエントロピー伝達関数の解析がなされ、帯状流を介した連鎖的な乱流相互作用の存在が指摘されている。本研究ではこのエントロピー伝達関数のより定量的な解析を行い、帯状流によるシアリング過程やエントロピー揺動スペクトル、レイノルズ応力等との関連を議 …

    Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan 72.1(0), 827-827, 2017


  • The ExB staircase formation and associated transport in flux-driven gyro-kinetic ITG turbulence  [in Japanese]

    Wang W. , Imadera K. , Obrejan K. , Li J.Q. , Wang Z.X. , Kishimoto Y.

    … <p>Based on the newly developed toroidal gyro-kinetic code GKNET, we studied the E×B staircase formation in flux-driven gyro-kinetic ITG turbulence in details. …

    Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan 71.2(0), 600-600, 2016


  • Saturation Mechanism of Decaying Ion Temperature Gradient Driven Turbulence with Kinetic Electrons

    IDOMURA Yasuhiro

    著者所属: 日本原子力研究開発機構(JAEA)

    Plasma and Fusion Research 11(0), 2403006-2403006, 2016

    IR  J-STAGE 

  • 16aCN-4 Study of spatio-temporal E×B shear dynamics in gyro-kinetic toroidal flux-driven ITG turbulence

    Wang W. , Imadera K. , Obrejan K. , Li J.Q. , Liu H. , Kishimoto Y.

    Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan 70.2(0), 578, 2015


  • 16pCN-4 Fluid simulation study of tokamak ITG turbulence with zonal flow closure model  [in Japanese]

    Yamagishi O. , Sugama H.

    Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan 70.2(0), 589, 2015


  • Response of microscale turbulence and transport to the evolution of resistive magnetohydrodynamic magnetic island

    Li Jiquan , Kishimoto Y. , Wang Z. X.

    … Nonlinear evolution of microscale turbulence interacting with a naturally growing MHD magnetic island is simulated based on a Landau-fluid model. … Here, we report on a new short wavelength magnetic-island-induced ion temperature gradient (ITG) instability triggered by a critical threshold of magnetic island width in multiscale turbulence, which is referred to as sw-MITG mode. …

    Physics of Plasmas 21(2), 2014-02


  • Effect of Ion Temperature Gradient Driven Turbulence on the Edge-Core Connection for Transient Edge Temperature Sink

    MIYATO Naoaki

    … Ion temperature gradient (ITG) driven turbulence simulation for a transient edge temperature sink localized in the poloidal plane is performed using a global Landau-fluid code in the electrostatic limit. … Present simulation shows, however, that the ITG turbulence in the core region dissipates the large-scale (<i>m</i>, <i>n</i>) = (±1, 0) perturbations and weakens the edge-core connection observed in the previous simulation. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 9(0), 1203148-1203148, 2014


  • Kinetic Ballooning Mode Turbulence Simulation based on Electromagnetic Gyrokinetics

    MAEYAMA Shinya , ISHIZAWA Akihiro , WATANABE Tomohiko , NAKATA Motoki , MIYATO Naoaki , IDOMURA Yasuhiro

    … The kinetic ballooning mode (KBM) turbulence in Tokamak plasma is investigated by electromagnetic gyrokinetic simulations. … Then, the produced ion entropy balances to the sum of the ion and electron dissipations at the saturation of the KBM instability growth, in contrast to ITG turbulence where ion entropy production mostly balances to ion dissipation. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 9(0), 1203020-1203020, 2014


  • A reduced model for ion temperature gradient turbulent transport in helical plasmas

    M. Nunami , T.-H. Watanabe , H. Sugama

    … A novel reduced model for ion temperature gradient (ITG) turbulent transport in helical plasmas is presented. … It is shown from nonlinear gyrokinetic simulations of the ITG turbulence in helical plasmas that the transport coefficient can be expressed as a function of the turbulent fluctuation level and the averaged zonal flow amplitude. …

    Physics of Plasmas Vol. 20(No. 9), 092307-1 - 092307-6, 2013-09-01


  • Evaluation of Excitation Conditions of ITG Modes in the PANTA

    MIWA Yudai , KOBAYASHI Tatsuya , YAMADA Soutarou , YAMASHITA Tetsuo , OTSUBO Satoshi , KAKIGAWA Shinsuke , MITSUZONO Tomohiro , FUJINO Hirofumi , ITOH Sanae-I. , KASUYA Naohiro , SASAKI Makoto , INAGAKI Shigeru , ITOH Kimitaka , YAGI Masatoshi , FUJISAWA Akihide , NAGASHIMA Yoshihiko , LESUR Maxime

    … To study the nonlinear saturation mechanism in turbulent plasmas, we plan to obseve ion temperature gradient (ITG) modes in the Plasma Assembly for Nonlinear Turbulence Analysis (PANTA). … Linear growth rates of ITG modes in the linear device are analyzed to determine their excitation conditions using a three-field fluid model to describe the ion motion. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 8(0), 2403133-2403133, 2013


  • Turbulence Analyses of Improved Electron Energy Confinement in H-Mode Plasmas with Gyrokinetic Calculations

    NARITA Emi , HONDA Mitsuru , HAYASHI Nobuhiko , TAKIZUKA Tomonori , IDE Shunsuke , ITAMI Kiyoshi , ISAYAMA Akihiko , FUKUDA Takeshi

    … When the ion temperature gradient length is shorter than the electron one, ion temperature gradient (ITG) mode is dominant, whereas trapped electron mode (TEM) is stabilized. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 8(0), 1403082-1403082, 2013


  • Relation among ITG Turbulence, Zonal Flows, and Transport in Helical Plasmas

    NUNAMI Masanori , WATANABE Tomo-Hiko , SUGAMA Hideo

    … Relation among the ion temperature gradient (ITG) turbulence, zonal flows, and the transport in helical plasmas is investigated by nonlinear gyrokinetic simulations. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 8(0), 1203019-1203019, 2013

    IR  J-STAGE 

  • Analysis of <i>T</i><sub>e</sub>/<i>T</i><sub>i</sub> Effect on Confinement Properties

    NARITA Emi , TANAKA Yasuyuki , IIDA Masaki , FUKUDA Takeshi , TAKIZUKA Tomonori , HAYASHI Nobuhiko , FUJITA Takaaki , IDE Shunsuke , HONDA Mitsuru , ISAYAMA Akihiko , ITAMI Kiyoshi , KAMADA Yutaka

    … described above was examined qualitatively with GS2 and GLF23 codes, which provided results corroborating the performed regression analysis, indicating the interplay of ITG and TEM in the turbulence transport. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 7(0), 2403102-2403102, 2012


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