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  • An analysis of the influence of earthquakes on women's quality of life: a case of the earthquakes in Nepal in 2015

    Januka Khatiwada , Toshio Ogawa

    … Descriptive analysis, unpaired t-test and Pearsonʼs chi-square test were performed to compare the study groups using SPSS software.Result: All domains and overall QOL had significantly higher scores in Area-2 than in Area-1 (p<0.05). … The illiterate women in Area-1 also had significantly lower score in overall QOL and Physical.Discussion: This study indicated that the earthquakes in Nepal had an impact on womenʼs QOL. …

    国際医療福祉大学学会誌 = Journal of the International University of Health and Welfare 24(1), 11-18, 2019-03-31


  • The Relationship Between Arm Swing and Walking Abilities in Hemiplegia Patients

    Cavan Shuit , Takami Akiyoshi , Makino Misato , Iwata Manabu

    … The subjects performed a 10m walking test randomly with 4 different conditions of arm swing while the time, steps taken and pelvic fluctuation were measured. … On the other hand, in low severity of hemiplegia cases( Brunnstrom stageⅤ), the patients showed the same tendencies as the healthy adults showed in a previous study.Conclusions: It may have an impact on walking abilities if stroke patients swing their non-hemiplegia side arm while wearing an arm sling but this needs further investigation. …

    弘前医学 69(1-4), 119-123, 2019-03-15


  • [Research Note] A Preliminary Study to Reconsider 'Britishness' in 21st-Century Britain : in Search for a Theoretical Framework

    KARATANI Rieko

    … Debates on the meaning of 'Britishness' and the political project of linking immigration / nationality legislation with it continue among the government, academia, and the media, who are competing for a tangible impact within the project. …

    Kansai University Review of Law and Politics (40), 77-87, 2019-03


  • Student Perceptions of Topic Selection and Impact on EFL Writing Fluency

    HIRATA Eric , HALL Jeremiah

    … The fluency index employed in Bonzo's 2008 study was then used and a paired samples t-test was performed in SPSS to measure how topic choice influenced writing fluency. …

    名古屋外国語大学論集 = Bulletin of Nagoya University of Foreign Studies (4), 141-160, 2019-02


  • Enhancement of acaricide activity of citronella oil after microemulsion preparation

    Chaisri Wasana , Chaiyana Wantida , Pikulkaew Surachai , Okonogi Siriporn , Suriyasathaporn Witaya

    … The chemical analysis of the commercial citronella oil used was carried out using an Agilent 6890 gas chromatograph (GC) coupled to an electron impact ionization (EI, 70 eV) with an HP 5973 mass selective detector (MSD). … The citronella microemulsions in concentrations ranging from 0.39-25% w/w were prepared and tested for their acaricide efficacies using Adult Immersion Test and Larval Package Test. …

    Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research 67(1), 15-23, 2019-02

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  • Impact loading tests of RC rock-fall protection retaining wall  [in Japanese]

    山澤 文雄 , 今野 久志 , 西 弘明

    寒地土木技術研究 : 国立研究開発法人土木研究所寒地土木研究所月報 : monthly report (788), 2-8, 2019-01

  • Impact of non-selective beta blockers on portal hypertension and hepatic elasticity in hepatitis C virus-related liver cirrhosis

    Zaghloul Sahar G. , Wahab Essam A. , Seleem Waseem M. , Hanafy Amr S. , Gomaa Ahmed Fathy , Lakouz Kh , Amin A.I.

    … It was intended to assess liver stiffness measurement (LSM), portal vein diameter (PVD), splenic bipolar diameter (SD), and the platelet count/spleen diameter (PC/SD) ratio in patients who test positive for the hepatitis C virus (HCV) and to study the impact of non-selective beta blockers (NSBB) on the grade of esophageal varices (EVs) and liver elasticity. …

    Drug Discoveries & Therapeutics 13(2), 108-113, 2019


  • Influence of Leaf Spring Structure Milling Tool on Chipping Resistance in Titanium Alloy Milling Process  [in Japanese]

    FUJISE Kazunori , MIZUNO Keita , ITOIGAWA Fumihiro

    … The cause is sharp rise of the cutting force and the impact force due to the collision between the tool and the workpiece. … In this paper, the leaf spring structure milling tool which is easy to deform in the principal force direction was manufactured to absorb the impact force during intermittent cutting. … Tool life test was performed down cut with dry cut. … Therefore, the impact force is absorbed and chipping does not occur. …

    Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering 85(5), 447-454, 2019


  • Finite element modelling for the wear prediction of front rod of special layout railroad switch due to the vibration caused by train passage  [in Japanese]

    SHIMAMOTO Takuma , TADOKORO Keita , HATANO Asuka , IZUMI Satoshi , SAKAI Shinsuke , NINO Yoshiyuki , SUZUKI Masahiko , KANEDA Toshiyuki

    … <p>When train passes through the rail joint at the heel of tongue rail of railroad switch, impact vibration is caused due to the step difference of the joint. … This impact vibration is transmitted to the front rod, which is the attachment device located on the toe of tongue rail and connected with position checker device, induces the wear of bearing and leading to switching failure. … On the other hand, we calculated the coefficient of wear amount of bearing from wear test. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese), 2019


  • Failure mode for SS400 notched specimen under repeated impact loading  [in Japanese]

    HASHIMOTO Hiroaki , HASHIMOTO Kenichiro , MIMURA Koji , RIKU Isamu , UMEDA Tsutomu

    … <p>We conducted impact fatigue tests, wherein the magnitude and duration times of impact stresses were varied for JIS SS400 notched specimens to evaluate the effect of strain amplitudes on the impact fatigue strength. … The transition of fracture mode from ductile to crack propagation both in impact fatigue and in standard fatigue was experimentally investigated in a range of cyclic loadings up to about 50,000 times using two types of fatigue testing machines. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese), 2019


  • Combined Programs by Visit to the Elderly with Functional Deterioration of Motor Skills  [in Japanese]

    Hayashi Shinji

    <p>目的:通所サービスに参加しなかった運動器の機能低下がある高齢者に対し,訪問による複合プログラムの効果を検討した.</p><p>方法:対象者18人に運動器・口腔機能向上,栄養改善を併用した複合プログラムを訪問・電話により各4回実施した.介入前後・介入終了6ヵ月後に運動器機能や心理社会的側面等を評価した.</p><p>結果:運動器機能は …

    Japanese Journal of Public Health Nursing 8(1), 43-51, 2019


  • Normal walking support mechanical orthosis with rotation induction to lower leg for patients with knee osteoarthritis  [in Japanese]

    ITAMI Taku , SHINODA Nobuyuki , YANO Ken'ichi , MORI Ichidai , KAMEDA Kazuhiro , AOKI Takaaki , KISHIDA Toshitsugu , HAYASHI Norio , MATSUI Naruki , SUGAWARA Masanori

    … This rotation movement is crucial for impact absorption, balanced walking and stabilization of the knee joint and this movement is one of key elements in walking. … We verified the effectiveness of the developed orthosis by measuring the amount of rotation, lateral thrust, Womac test while five subjects with knee osteoarthritis. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 85(872), 18-00484-18-00484, 2019


  • Characterization of P-hit and N-hit single-event transient using heavy ion microbeam

    Song Ruiqiang , Shao Jinjin , Liang Bin , Chi Yaqing , Chen Jianjun

    … A novel layout placement was implemented in the test chip to distinguish SETs originating from P-hit and N-hit. … The well process, the transistor size and the layout topology significantly impact on the cross sections. …

    IEICE Electronics Express 16(8), 20190141-20190141, 2019


  • Self-esteem and Self-efficacy of Japanese Patients with Chronic-phase Spinal Cord Injury Compared with Their Defecation Method and fecal Incontinence Experience:A Questionnaire-based Survey  [in Japanese]

    Shidooka Keiko , Naitoh Naoko

     慢性期脊髄損傷 (脊損) 者の排便形態・便失禁の有無が, 自尊感情 (自尊) と自己効力感 (効力) に与える影響の明確化を試みた. Webと郵送募集に応じた対象者114人 (男92, 女22) に, 調査票を配付した. 対象者の年齢中央値は47歳 (8-80) , 脊損後経過年数中央値は14年 (1-55) であった. 排便形態は, 摘便・坐薬・浣腸が96人, 人工肛門が5人, また …

    Japanese Journal of Nursing Art and Science 18(0), 26-35, 2019


  • Impact Property of Case Hardening Steel Subjected to Combined Heat Treatment with Excess Vacuum Carburizing and Subsequent Induction Hardening  [in Japanese]

    Okada Kazuaki , Obayashi Koji , Todaka Yoshikazu , Adachi Nozomu

    … <p>Charpy impact value of the case hardening steel subjected to combined heat treatment with excess vacuum carburizing and subsequent induction hardening was evaluated. … The purpose of this study is to clarify the effect of retained austenite and cementite on the impact property. … The impact value improves by the induction hardening with increasing heating temperature and the tempering. …

    Tetsu-to-Hagane, 2019


  • Characterization of P-Hit and N-Hit Single-Event Transient Using Heavy Ion Microbeam

    Song Ruiqiang , Shao Jinjin , Liang Bin , Chi Yaqing , Chen Jianjun

    … A novel layout placement was implemented in the test chip to distinguish SETs originating from P-hit and N-hit. … The well process, the transistor size and the layout topology significantly impact on the cross sections. …

    IEICE Electronics Express, 2019


  • Relationship between job satisfaction and sleep quality of female shift-working nurses: using shift type as moderator variable

    CHANG Wen-Pei , CHANG Yu-Pei

    … <p>This study was to investigate the impact of job satisfaction as the independent variable and the type of shift as the moderator variable on the sleep quality of female shift-working nurses. … A hierarchical multiple regression (HMR) was used to test for the moderating effect of shift type. … Furthermore, the moderating effect of night shift on the impact of job satisfaction on sleep quality was weaker in nurses working the night shift.</p> …

    Industrial Health, 2019



    SAKAI Yuya , SIKOMBE Ivwananji , WATANABE Keiko

    <p>本研究では、飛翔体が高速衝突した場合にコンクリートに生じるミクロな変化を把握することを目的として、セメントペーストを対象とした高速衝突試験を実施した。検討の結果、衝突部分より深い領域が白く変化することが確認された。420m/sでの衝突時にはプラズマの発生を確認した。衝突により白く変化した部分では、そうでない部分と比較して空隙構造が粗大になっていることを確認した。一方で熱分析やX線 …

    Cement Science and Concrete Technology 72(1), 77-82, 2019


  • Large-Scale Simulations for Free-Surface Flows with Objects by Lattice Boltzmann Method  [in Japanese]

    WATANABE Seiya , AOKI Takayuki , HASEGAWA Yuta , KAWAHARA Jun , HASHIMOTO Hirotada

    … As a test case, we demonstrate a tsunami flow with driftwoods using 200×600×3000 lattice nodes and 24 GPUs Tesla P100, and the simulation has completed within 24 hours. … The impact force of the driftwoods acting on the wall is about 15 times larger than only water. …



  • Separation Behavior Evaluation of Notched Bolt for Rocket Payload Fairing Separation System  [in Japanese]

    Amakawa Hiroaki , Yamada Hiroyuki , Tateyama Kohei , Yamasaki Yoshihiro , Ikaida Hiroshi , Kamita Toru , Nishimoto Miki

    … The disadvantage of this system is large impact force caused by pyrotechnic, and reduction of the impact force is expected to enhance international competitiveness of rocket launch vehicle. … In order to predict the impact fracture behavior and understand separation mechanism of notched bolt, the tests and numerical simulations were performed. … The test was performed under impact environment using split Hopkinson bar method. …



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