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  • Fundamental Consideration on the Process of Product Design using Inference Patterns:- A Case Study on the Combination of Abduction and Induction -

    AKITA Naoshige , MORITA Yoshitsugu , SHIIZUKA Hisao

    … and, taking the example of a specific product-development process, showed that a certain pattern, combining abduction and induction, exists when a shape is created. … This pattern illustrates what we call an “analogy-based approach'.” … We evaluated the usefulness of the method by actually carrying out the molding process adopting this inference pattern. …

    International Journal of Affective Engineering 17(2), 75-80, 2017


  • Analogy-based Relation Acquisition Using Distributionally Similar Words  [in Japanese]

    土田 正明 , デ・サーガステイン , 鳥澤健太郎 , 村田 真樹 , 風間 淳一 , 黒田 航 , 大和田 勇人

    … With the advent of terabyte scale corpora in this information explosion age, extracting high-level semantic relations like causality using lexico-syntactic patterns has come of age. … Until now, inference-based methods for acquiring "indirect" or "implicit" relational knowledge from a corpus have never been investigated on the same scale as pattern-based methods. …

    情報処理学会論文誌 52(4), 1761-1776, 2011-04-15


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