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  • Influence of Order on Curved Surface Shape in Laser Forming with Multiple Parallel Heating  [in Japanese]

    Akiyama Tetsuya , Kitamura Takanori , Higashi Kengo , Kuramoto Hiroaki , Kishi Daisuke

    … As a result, it was shown by FEM analysis that the peak value of the inherent strain generated by the late heating order is larger than that by early heating order. … Finally, we could explain the cause of bowl or saddle shaped curved surface forming using thermal history by changing longitudinal shrinkage distribution.</p> …

    Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals and Materials 82(9), 333-340, 2018


  • Simplified Estimation For Welding Deformation on Multi-pass Welding  [in Japanese]

    USUKI Ryuta , IKUSHIMA Kazuki , SHIBAHARA Msakazu


    Preprints of the National Meeting of JWS 2018s(0), 130-131, 2018


  • Fast Prediction of Welding Distortion of Large Structures using Inherent Deformation Database and Comparison with Measurement  [in Japanese]

    Ma Ninshu , Tateishi Junya , Hiroi Shinya , Kunugi Atsushi , Huang Hui

    … It has been reported that welding distortion can be well reproduced using inherent deformation by performing the simple elastic finite element analysis. … To efficiently predict the welding distortion of large structures, the inherent deformation database in the design space of the shrinkage and bending control parameters for each basic welded joint was established through experimental measurements and nonlinear transient simulations by thermal elastoplastic FEM. …



  • Impact of aggregate properties on the development of shrinkage-induced cracking in concrete under restraint conditions

    Maruyama Ippei , Sasano Hiroshi , Lin Mao

    … Concrete specimens were prepared with the same mixture proportion except for their constituent coarse aggregates, namely, limestone and sandstone, that possess different inherent drying shrinkage values. …

    Cement and Concrete Research (85), 82-101, 2016-07


  • Prediction and reduction of welding deformation produced in long structure by welding  [in Japanese]

    Nishiumi Hiroyuki , Abe Shinya , Fujiyama Shoji , Murakawa Hidekazu , Tanaka Manabu , Tsutsumi Seiichiro


    Preprints of the National Meeting of JWS 2016f(0), 350-351, 2016


  • Overcoming Forces that Distort Renewable Energy Policies : An Analysis on the Impact of FIT in Japan on the Rooftop PV Market  [in Japanese]

    AOSHIMA Yaichi , ASANO Kenji

    … This paper illustrates inherent forces distorting renewable energy policies by examining the impact of the Feed-in Tariffs on the diffusion, economics, efficiency improvement, and industry competitiveness of rooftop PV systems in Japan. … After only one-year profitability, performance has fallen sharply with domestic firms announcing financial losses due to shrinkage of the market and increased competition. …

    Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy 94(7), 627-639, 2015-07

  • Dominant factors and quantification of Tendon Force in welded structural materials (Development of accuracy management system for high quality construction in welded structures on the basis of advanced theory of inherent strain)  [in Japanese]

    OKANO Shigetaka , MOCHIZUKI Masahito

    … Tendon Force is an integral value of inherent stress associated with inherent strain, which is the root cause of welding-induced longitudinal residual stress, shrinkage and bending distortion. … Also, Tendon Force concept is a very useful tool for estimating the weld longitudinal shrinkage and bending distortion in large welded structures based on the elastic finite element solution. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 81(830), 15-00277-15-00277, 2015


  • Flow Reduction Treatment for Complex Giant Cerebral Aneurysm : Concept and Problems to Be Solved  [in Japanese]

    KIKUCHI Takayuki , MIYAMOTO Susumu , TAKAHASHI Jun C , FUNAKI Takeshi

    … For such complex aneurysms, we applied a new strategy that reduces hemodynamic stress in the aneurysm by isolating several normal branches originating from the aneurysmal neck or dome with or without bypasses.<br>  This flow reduction strategy effectively promotes thrombosis and shrinkage of complex aneurysms for which we cannot apply conventional treatment methods. …

    Japanese Journal of Neurosurgery 22(10), 742-748, 2013-10-20

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  • Influence of Root Gap and Tack Weld on Transverse Shrinkage during Welding

    Murakawa Hidekazu , Sano Masanori , Wang Jiangchao

    … Welding distortion is caused by the local shrinkage produced during the welding thermal cycle. … The local shrinkage can be separated into four components, namely transverse shrinkage, longitudinal shrinkage, transverse bending and longitudinal bending. …

    Transactions of JWRI 41(1), 65-70, 2012-06


  • Release of Nile Red from Thermoresponsive Gold Nanocomposites by Heating a Solution and the Addition of Glutathione

    UEHARA Nobuo , YOSHIDA Osamu

    … Heating a solution at 90°C resulted in shrinkage of the thermoresponsive polymers, which facilitated disassembly of the gold nanocomposites in the presence of glutathione. … Nile red liberated from the gold surface recovered its inherent fluorescence properties that had been quenched by gold nanoparticles through fluorescence resonance energy transfer. …

    Analytical Sciences 28(12), 1125-1132, 2012


  • Superconductivity above 50K in LnFeAsO_<1-y> (Ln = Nd, Sm, Gd, Tb, and Dy) Synthesized by High-Pressure Technique

    MIYAZAWA Kiichi , KIHOU Kunihiro , SHIRAGE Parasharam M. , LEE Chul-Ho , KITO Hijiri , EISAKI Hiroshi , IYO Akira

    … The lattice parameters systematically decrease with the atomic number of Ln, reflecting the shrinkage of Ln ionic radius. … The results suggest the intimate relationship between the crystal structural parameters and the superconductivity, as well as the possible existence of the inherent maximum T_c, which is located around 50K in the LnFeAsO based materials. …

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 78(3), "34712-1"-"34712-5", 2009-03-15

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  • Welding Deformation produced by Two Pass Welding  [in Japanese]

    TERASAKI Toshio , FUJIKAWA Takaharu , KITAMURA Takanori , AKIYAMA Tetsuya

    … As a result, it was found that the longitudinal shrinkage made from each pass was decided by the inherent strain distribution parallel to the weld line. … The inherent strain distribution parallel to the weld line after two pass welding was larger value at one pass or two pass welding. …


    J-STAGE  References (7) Cited by (1)

  • Superconductivity above 50 K in <I>Ln</I>FeAsO<SUB>1−<I>y</I></SUB> (<I>Ln</I>=Nd, Sm, Gd, Tb, and Dy) Synthesized by High-Pressure Technique

    Miyazawa Kiichi , Kihou Kunihiro , Shirage Parasharam M. , Lee Chul-Ho , Kito Hijiri , Eisaki Hiroshi , Iyo Akira

    … The lattice parameters systematically decrease with the atomic number of <I>Ln</I>, reflecting the shrinkage of <I>Ln</I> … The results suggest the intimate relationship between the crystal structural parameters and the superconductivity, as well as the possible existence of the inherent maximum <I>T</I><SUB>c</SUB>, which is located around 50 K in the <I>Ln</I>FeAsO based materials. …

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 78(3), 034712-034712, 2009


  • Welding Deformation produced by Two-pass Weld  [in Japanese]

    ANDO Akira , TERASAKI Toshio , FUJIKAWA Takaharu

    Pre-Prints of the National Meeting of JWS 81, 120-121, 2007-09-19

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  • Consideration of Meaning of Welding Heat Input as Evaluation Factor of Welding Distortion Based on Effect of Welding Speed  [in Japanese]

    okano shigetaka , matsushita kazunori , mochizuki masahito , toyoda masao

    … It is clarified that angular distortion, caused by inhomogeneous distribution of residual inherent strain, is not always evaluated by only welding heat input and influenced by characteristics of temperature distribution during welding. …

    Preprints of the National Meeting of JWS 2007f(0), 61-61, 2007


  • Welding Deformation Produced by Two-pass Weld  [in Japanese]

    Andou Akira , Terasaki Toshio , Fujikawa Takaharu

    Welding deformation and residual stress which are produced by multi-pass weld cause reduction in machining accuracy and strength of welded structures. Phenomena caused by multi-pass weld are based on …

    Preprints of the National Meeting of JWS 2007f(0), 57-57, 2007


  • Thermal Stability and Mechanical Properties of Spray-Formed and Melt-Spun Al<SUB>89</SUB>La<SUB>6</SUB>Ni<SUB>5</SUB> Metallic Glass Matrix Composites

    Guo M.-L. Ted , Tsao Chi Y. A. , Chang K. F. , Huang J. C. , Jang J. S. C.

    … Furthermore, the dimension shrinkage of the composite was only 0.5% during the TMA test, which is much smaller than that of amorphous ribbon counterpart by up to 20%. … The enhanced hardness by constituent second phases and the dimension stability of the composite are associated with their inherent microstructure, the primary crystals in particular. …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 48(7), 1717-1721, 2007


  • Residual Stress Measurement in Welded Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron by Inherent Strain Method  [in Japanese]

    HARADA Kouji , OTSUBO Fumitaka , TERASAKI Toshio , KISHITAKE Katsuhiko

    …   Residual stress in welded spheroidal graphite cast iron was measured by the inherent strain method. … Distribution of residual stress through out the bead and substrate was estimated precisely using a small cut-off specimen by the inherent strain method. …

    Journal of Japan Foundry Engineering Society 78(1), 9-13, 2006-01-25

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  • A Measurement of Inherent Deformation in Typical Welded Joints Using Inverse Analysis  [in Japanese]

    Liang Wei , Sone Shinji , Murakawa Hidekazu , kato Kunio

    Inherent deformation method, in which the inherent deformation is introduced into the elastic FEM as the initial strain, is one of the effective methods to predict welding deformation of large structures, such as ships, bridges and automobiles. …

    Journal of the Kansai Society of Naval Architects, Japan 2005(243), 71-77, 2005

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  • Prediction of Deformation for Large Welded Structures Based on Inherent Strain(Mechanics, Strength & Structural Design)

    LUO Yu , DENG Dean , XIE Lei , MURAKAWA Hidekazu

    … In this paper, the characteristics of the welding inherent deformation, namely longitudinal shrinkage, transverse shrinkage and angular distortion, of the Aluminum Alloy butt weld were investigated using the thermal elastic plastic finite element method. … Through a series of FEM analyses, a database of inherent deformation was established. …

    Transactions of JWRI 33(1), 65-70, 2004-09

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