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  • Simulation of voltage/current waveforms and contact area of pulsed surface discharge on water

    Furusato Tomohiro , Yamamoto Yota , Sakamoto Takuya , Oura Kazushi , Matsuda Yoshinobu , Yamashita Takahiko

    … The discharge phenomena are classified into two stages which are the breakdown of needle-to-water gap and the surface discharge propagation on water. … The electrostatic field calculation at needle-to-water gap is performed to determine the initial discharge contact area. …

    IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation 26(2), 439-446, 2019-05-06


  • A Case of Recurrent Temporomandibular Joint Ankylosis Resulting from Gap Arthroplasty  [in Japanese]

    MORI Keisuke , FUJIMOTO Ryota , AIJIMA Reona , DANJO Atsushi , KUBOTA Eiro , YAMASHITA Yoshio

    … Temporomandibular joint(TMJ)ankylosis is defined as a pathology causing severe limitation of joint mobility by filling of the gap between the mandibular condyle head and mandibular fossa with fibrous or osseous tissue. … We report our clinical experience with a case of recurrent TMJ ankylosis resulting from gap arthroplasty. … At the initial visit, the patient's maximum mouth opening was 17 mm and hard trismus was felt. … Therefore, we performed a gap arthroplasty. …

    Journal of the Japanese Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Traumatology 18(1), 11-15, 2019


  • Combined Effect of Temperature and Humidity on Partial Discharge Inception Voltage of Magnet Wires under Inverter-Surge Voltage  [in Japanese]

    Kaji Takefumi , Asai Hiromitsu , Kojima Hiroki , Hayakawa Naoki

    … The lower PDIV at the higher water amount is due to the release of water into the air gap as well as the decrease in the first ionization energy of insulation film, leading to the increase in the generation probability of an initial electron.</p> …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 139(1), 30-37, 2019



    KITAMORI Akihisa , JUNG Kiho , KOMATSU Kohei , KATAOKA Yasuo

    … The shear wall index of developed wall after 1 year showed 0.97 which was smaller than idealistic value of the wall with no gap but sufficiently higher than the realistic value of normal lattice shear wall obtained by the test.</p> …

    AIJ Journal of Technology and Design (58), 1017-1020, 2018-10


  • A Multiple Case Study on the Role Perceptions of English as a Foreign Language Teachers at Japanese Universities

    Moritani Hiroshi , Iwai Chiaki

    … This qualitative study aims to fill this gap, detailing a multiple case study in which three experienced university English teachers participated. … The interview data reveals how their initial role identities were constructed and transformed over the course of their careers. …

    広島経済大学研究論集 = HUE journal of humanities, social and natural sciences 41(2), 55-70, 2018-09

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  • A 750-MHz Electronically Tunable Resonator Using Microstrip Line Couplers for Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Imaging of a Mouse Tumor-Bearing Leg

    Amida Tatsuya , Nakaoka Ririko , Komarov Denis A. , Yamamoto Kumiko , Inanami Osamu , Matsumoto Shingo , Hirata Hiroshi

    … Methods: The resonator had a multi-coil parallel-gap structure with a sample space of 16 mm in diameter and 20 mm in length. … Conclusion: The developed tunable resonator satisfied our initial requirements for in vivo EPR imaging and may be able to be further improved using the present finite-element and circuit models if any problems arise during future practical applications. …

    IEEE transactions on biomedical engineering 65(5), 1124-1132, 2018-05

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  • Droplet Generated by Breakup Process of Stretching Liquid Bridge:-Control of Initial Position-  [in Japanese]

    Kanbayashi Tatsuya , Tanaka Kentaro , Iwamoto Katsumi

    … <p>With breaking up of a stretching liquid bridge, micro droplet is generated near the center of the gap of separated liquid bridge. … We estimated the initial position and initial velocity of micro droplets from the motion of droplet after generation. …

    The Proceedings of the Symposium on Micro-Nano Science and Technology 2018.9(0), 31pm2PN76, 2018


  • Twin Roll Strip Casting of Aluminum Alloy ADC12 using Commercial Scale Experimental Device  [in Japanese]

    HORIGOME Yuto , KASHITANI Yuta , ICHIKAWA Junshi , TSUNODA Kentaro , IKEDA Naoki , HARADA Hideto , NISHIDA Shinichi

    … The effect of the gap between the rolls and the roll speed on the strip surface condition was researched. … ADC12 strip was able to be produced at the conditions of pouring temperature 590°C, initial roll gap 0.5 mm and roll speed 10 m/min. However, Maximum rolling load reached. … At the roll gap of 1.0 mm, this strip was able to be produced continuously. … Flakes were created with the roll gap of 2 mm. …

    The Proceedings of the Materials and processing conference 2018.26(0), 207, 2018


  • Twin roll casting of aluminum alloy ADC12 using commercial machine  [in Japanese]

    HORIGOME Yuto , NISHIDA Shinichi , KASHITANI Yuta , ICHIKAWA Junshi , HAGIWARA Makoto , TSUNODA Kentaro , IKEDA Naoki , UEMATSU Daichi , OMI Ryoya , HARADA Hideto

    … The effect of the gap between the rolls and the roll speed on the strip surface condition was researched. … ADC12 strip was able to be produced continuously at the conditions of pouring temperature 590 ℃, initial roll gap 1.0 mm and roll speed 10 m/min. Strip surface had a metallic luster. … Flakes were created with the roll gap of 2 mm. …

    The Proceedings of Ibaraki District Conference 2018.26(0), 407, 2018


  • Basic research in determining organics content of soils by Loss on ignition  [in Japanese]

    Suzuki Shigenori , Igusa Takuya , Kobayashi Jun , Endo Kazuto , Takezaki So

    … When effect of initial sample weight was investigated, the larger initial weight was, the longer time taken to burn out became. … Using crucibles with different shapes, on the other hand, different weight loss behavior was indicated even though initial weight was equal. … Comparing between with and without a cover of crucible, it was found that the supply of oxygen was largely obstructed even though there was a certain gap. …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management 29(0), 501, 2018


  • Layout-Aware Fast Bridge/Open Test Generation by 2-Step Pattern Reordering

    ARAI Masayuki , INUYAMA Shingo , IWASAKI Kazuhiko

    … <p>As semiconductor device manufacturing technology evolves toward higher integration and reduced feature size, the gap between the defect level estimated at the design stage and that reported for fabricated devices has become wider, making it more difficult to control total manufacturing cost including test cost and cost for field failure. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E101.A(12), 2262-2270, 2018


  • A case of temporomandibular ankylosis associated with ankylosing spondylitis treated by arthroplasty  [in Japanese]

    IWAMA Ryosuke , NOGAMI Shinnosuke , YOKOTA Sou , TAKEDA Yuri , YAMAUCHI Kensuke , TAKAHASHI Tetsu

    Initial symptoms often include lumbosacral pain with limited range of motion. …

    Japanese Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 64(10), 582-587, 2018

    J-STAGE Ichushi Web

  • Petrogenesis of Mid-Eocene granites in South Sakhalin, Russian Far East: Juvenile crustal growth and comparison with granitic magmatism in Hokkaido and Sikhote-Alin  [in Japanese]

    Liao Jia―Ping , Jahn Bor―Ming , Alexandrov Igor , Chung Sun―Lin , Zhao Pan , Ivin Vitaly , Usuki Tadashi

    … Mid-Eocene granites in Sakhalin reveal a new period of juvenile crustal growth in Cenozoic Northeast Asia after a magma gap from 56 to 45 Ma. … The Okhotsk granites have εNd (T) values of +3.1 to +3.7, initial 87Sr/86Sr ratios of 0.7047 to 0.7048, and zircon εHf (T) values of +11 to +16. … The Aniva granites have εNd (T) values of +0.5 to +0.9 and initial 87Sr/86Sr ratios of 0.7052 to 0.7055, and zircon εHf (T) values of +4 to +12. …

    Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 65(0), 54, 2018


  • Retention Experiment for Plantation Forestry in Sorachi, Hokkaido (REFRESH): A large-scale experiment for retaining broad-leaved trees in conifer plantations

    YAMAURA Yuichi , AKASHI Nobuhiro , UNNO Akira , TSUSHIMA Toshiyuki , NAGASAKA Akiko , NAGASAKA Yu , OZAKI Kenichi

    … The REFRESH project has six treatments (clear-cutting, three levels of dispersed retention, aggregated retention with a 0.36 ha intact patch, and gap cutting) and two controls (unharvested natural forest and unharvested plantation) with three replicates each. … The initial surveys indicate how tree retention provides continuity in the forest structure in the harvested area, and long-term surveys until the next harvest will reveal the degree of structural and compositional enrichment of the plantations. …

    Bulletin of the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute 17(1), 91-109, 2018


  • Fitness and retentive force of cobalt-chromium alloy clasps fabricated with repeated laser sintering and milling

    Torii Mana , Nakata Toyoki , Takahashi Kazuya , Kawamura Noboru , Shimpo Hidemasa , Ohkubo Chikahiro

    … The surface roughness of the rest region, gap distances between clasp and tooth die, initial retentive forces, and changes of retentive forces up to 10,000 insertion/removal cycles were measured before and after heat treatment. …

    Journal of Prosthodontic Research 62(3), 342-346, 2018


  • Bubble Behavior and Size Distributions in Stopper-Rod Nozzle and Mold during Continuous Casting of Steel Slabs

    Cho Seong-Mook , Thomas Brian G. , Kim Seon-Hyo

    … Bubble formation, breakup, coalescence, and accumulation are investigated with experiments using a one-third scale water model with the aid of high-speed video recording and analytical models to predict gas pressure, initial bubble size, bubble descending velocity, bubble residence time, and bubble size distribution considering accumulation. … After that, turbulent flow breaks up the bubbles inside the gap between the stopper-rod and the nozzle inlet. …

    ISIJ International 58(8), 1443-1452, 2018


  • Evaluation of Coke Degradation Effect on Flow Characteristics in Packed Bed Using 3D Scanning for Rotational Mechanical Strength Test and Solid-liquid-gas Three-phase Dynamic Model Analysis  [in Japanese]

    Natsui Shungo , Sawada Akinori , Terui Koki , Kashihara Yusuke , Kikuchi Tatsuya , Suzuki Ryosuke O.

    … In the case of packed bed formed by the initial low sphericity or large-sized cokes, the size of the air gap was maintained, although the flow path was non-uniform. …

    Tetsu-to-Hagane 104(7), 347-357, 2018



    YOSHIZU Toshihiro

    … For this reason, it is impossible to visually confirm the initial layer portion. … In the CO2 gas arc welded joint of the reinforcing bar, when the difference between thermally discolored width and root gap is less than 4.8 mm, it was found that the reinforcing bar end face was sufficiently integrated.</p> …

    AIJ Journal of Technology and Design 24(57), 507-511, 2018


  • Effect of PRF and Allograft Use on Immediate Implants at Extraction Sockets with Periapical Infection —Clinical and Cone Beam CT Findings—

    S. Medikeri Raghavendra , Meharwade Vinayak , M. Wate Parikshit , V. Lele Suresh

    … The combination of PRF and DFDBA was used to fill the gap between the implant body and the surrounding socket wall. … The adjunctive use of PRF with DFDBA at periapically infected sites yielded a significant reduction in bone resorption and accelerated bone healing during the initial post-extraction stage. …

    The Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College 59(2), 97-109, 2018


  • Investigation of Liquid/Solid Slag and Air Gap Behavior inside the Mold during Continuous Slab Casting

    Hu Penghong , Wang Xudong , Wei Jingjing , Yao Man , Guo Qingtao

    … It is critical to reveal the distribution and evolution of the slag layers and the air gap, especially for control and optimization of the initial slab surface defects. …

    ISIJ International 58(5), 892-898, 2018


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