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  • Pancreas transplantation for type 1 diabetes in Japan: past, present and future prospects

    Awata Takuya , Kenmochi Takashi , Tomimaru Yoshito , Eguchi Hidetoshi , Ito Toshinori , Shimoda Masayuki

    … <p>In Japan, the first pancreas transplantation was performed in 1984 from a brain-dead donor; … subsequently, however, the concept of brain death became a social issue. … Thereafter, the "Organ Transplant Act", which enables brain-dead transplantation, was enacted in 1997, and then revised in 2010 so that donation after brain death became possible only with the consent of the family. …

    Global Health & Medicine, 2020


  • Report of the 5 <sup>th</sup> Academic Symposium "Aiming to Overcome Intractable Itch" in Juntendo University


    … The Institute for Environmental and Gender-Specific Medicine, Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine (founding director; … CEO Hideoki Ogawa), was founded in 2002, supported by a grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan. …

    Juntendo Medical Journal 66(4), 284-287, 2020


  • Reactive astrocytes express Aggregatin (<i>FAM222A</i>) in the brains of Alzheimer's disease and Nasu-Hakola disease

    Satoh Jun-ichi , Kino Yoshihiro , Yanaizu Motoaki , Ishida Tsuyoshi , Saito Yuko

    … <p>By combining genomic data and brain imaging data, a recent study has identified a novel gene named <i>FAM222A</i> … that participates in the formation of amyloid-β (Aβ) plaques and brain atrophy in Alzheimer's disease (AD). … encodes a 47-kDa protein designated Aggregatin that accumulates in the center of amyloid plaques and physically interacts with Aβ to facilitate Aβaggregation. …

    Intractable & Rare Diseases Research, 2020


  • Lack of combined effect of continuous exposure to α-glycosyl isoquercitrin from fetal stages to adulthood and voluntary exercise or environmental enrichment on learning and behaviors in rats

    Masubuchi Yasunori , Maronpot Robert R. , Hayashi Shim-mo , Shibutani Makoto , Kikuchi Satomi , Okano Hiromu , Takahashi Yasunori , Takashima Kazumi , Ojiro Ryota , Tang Qian , Yoshida Toshinori , Koyanagi Mihoko

    … The present study investigated the combined effect of continuous exposure to AGIQ with voluntary exercise or environmental enrichment on learning and behaviors in rats. … Offspring in both groups were weaned on postnatal day 21 and reared thereafter either in a standard cage, a wheel cage or an environmental enrichment cage until the end of the experiment with or without exposure to AGIQ. …

    Fundamental Toxicological Sciences 7(5), 241-248, 2020


  • Low Levels of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Trigger Self-aggregated Amyloid β-Induced Neuronal Cell Death in an Alzheimer's Cell Model

    Tagai Nozomi , Tanaka Ayako , Sato Akira , Uchiumi Fumiaki , Tanuma Sei-ichi

    … <p>Alzheimer's disease (AD) is pathologically characterized by accumulation of amyloid β (Aβ) and hyperphosphorylated tau, and thereby induction of neuronal cell death. … Interestingly, in AD patients, the brain and serum levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) have been reported to be significantly decreased. …

    Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 43(7), 1073-1080, 2020


  • Colocalization of GPR120 and anterior pituitary hormone-producing cells in female Japanese Black cattle

    NAKAMURA Sho , NODA Kohei , MIWA Masafumi , MINABE Shiori , HAGIWARA Teruki , HIRASAWA Akira , MATSUYAMA Shuichi , MORIYAMA Ryutaro

    … These animals commonly use long-chain fatty acids (LCFAs) from adipocytes as an energy source under states of malnutrition. … The purpose of this study was to examine whether GPR120 is involved in the reproductive system of cattle. … mRNA expression was evaluated in brain, pituitary, and ovarian tissue samples by RT-PCR. …

    Journal of Reproduction and Development 66(2), 135-141, 2020


  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) and vestibular function  [in Japanese]

    Fujii Hironori , Kiyomizu Kensuke , Shimogori Hiroaki , Hashimoto Makoto , Miwa Toru , Sugahara Kazuma , Yamashita Hiroshi

    … However, there are only few papers about the effects of SSRIs on vestibular function in these patients. … Of the 716 patients with dizziness at our psychiatric hospital, 86 had depression; … of these 86 patients with coexistent dizziness and depression, we selected 7 patients (1 men, 6 women) (mean age, 56.87 years) who fulfilled the following conditions for this study; …

    Equilibrium Research 79(1), 12-19, 2020


  • Why are collaborative studies in Asian countries needed? The concept and framework of the Asian Consortium on MRI studies in Psychosis (ACMP)  [in Japanese]

    Koike Shinsuke , Okada Naohiro , Yoshino Shinya , Ueno Yuki , Matsumoto Kazunori , Onitsuka Toshiaki , Suzuki Michio , Kasai Kiyoto , Morita Kentaro , Uematsu Akiko , Kitajima Kazutoshi , Hirano Yoji , Sasabayashi Daiki , Takahashi Tsutomu , Takayanagi Yoichiro , Sakuma Atsushi

    … Multi‐center mega studies using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have found generalizable characteristics of brain alterations in psychiatric disorders regardless of the heterogeneity ; … however, most of the multi‐center MRI studies are launched by the institute (s) in Western‐Europe countries. …

    Japanese Journal of Biological Psychiatry 31(1), 12-19, 2020

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  • CRMP2 dephosphorylation at S522 rather than hyperphosphorylation as an early-stage marker of Alzheimer's disease  [in Japanese]

    Aladeokin Aderemi Caleb , Akiyama Tomoko , Kimura Ayuko , Kimura Yayoi , Hirano Hisashi , Morishima Maho , Murayama Shigeo , Saido Takaomi , Goshima Yoshio

    … AD neuropathological alterations begin years before the onset of clinical symptoms and about 99.6% of candidate drugs targeting Aβ plaque the causal factor of AD have failed at various stages of clinical trials. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 93(0), 2-O-068, 2020


  • The influence of motor skills on the choices of action in children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder  [in Japanese]

    Kita Yosuke , Shirakawa Yuka , Suzuki Kota , Egashira Yuka , Kaga Yoshimi , Kitamura Yuzuki , Nishimura Yuki , Yamashita Yushiro , Inagaki Masumi

    … <p>  <i><b>Objective: </b></i>The present study investigated motor skills in children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and its influence on their choices of action, which provided basic findings for prevention of unintentional injury in their living conditions. … We conducted an experimental task regarding the choices of action, in which the subjects were asked to pass through the rope by either stepping over or passing under it. …

    NO TO HATTATSU 52(1), 5-10, 2020

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  • Development of Gene Therapy against Alzheimer's disease  [in Japanese]

    Okazawa Hitoshi

    … However, even though reduction of amyloid beta burden in the brain was successful in a number of human clinical trials, the effect on clinical symptoms has not been confirmed. … Therefore, many pharmaceutical companies are currently trying to identify alternative target molecules other than amyloid beta whose direct role in the upstream of Alzheimer's disease pathology is now challenged. …

    Japanese Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 21(3+4), 155-165, 2019

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  • The Mucosal Immune System for Vaccine Development  [in Japanese]

    Yoshihara Shintaro , Kiyono Hiroshi

    … <p>Aero-digestive tract is continuously exposed to infinite beneficial and harmful antigens including microbe via the large surface of mucosal epithelium. …

    Nihon Bika Gakkai Kaishi (Japanese Journal of Rhinology) 58(4), 635-642, 2019


  • Development of Quality Indicators of Stroke Centers and Feasibility of Their Measurement Using a Nationwide Insurance Claims Database in Japan ― J-ASPECT Study ―

    Nishimura Ataru , Harada Masafumi , Hashimoto Yoichiro , Hirano Teruyuki , Hoshino Haruhiko , Itabashi Ryo , Itoh Yoshiaki , Iwama Toru , Kohriyama Tatsuo , Matsumaru Yuji , Osato Toshiaki , Nishimura Kunihiro , Sasaki Makoto , Shiokawa Yoshiaki , Shimizu Hiroaki , Takekawa Hidehiro , Nishi Toru , Uno Masaaki , Yagita Yoshiki , Ido Keisuke , Kurogi Ai , Kurogi Ryota , Onozuka Daisuke , Arimura Koichi , Ren Nice , Hagihara Akihito , Takizawa Shunya , Arai Hajime , Kitazono Takanari , Miyamoto Susumu , Minematsu Kazuo , Iihara Koji , Matsuo Ryu , Kada Akiko , Kamitani Satoru , Higashi Takahiro , Ogasawara Kuniaki , Shimodozono Megumi

    … <p><b><i>Background:</i></b>We aimed to develop quality indicators (QIs) related to primary and comprehensive stroke care and examine the feasibility of their measurement using the existing Diagnosis Procedure Combination (DPC) database.</p><p><b><i>Methods and Results:</i></b>We conducted a systematic review of domestic and international studies using the modified Delphi method. …

    Circulation Journal 83(11), 2292-2302, 2019

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  • Lack of preventive effect of maternal exposure to α-glycosyl isoquercitrin and α-lipoic acid on developmental hypothyroidism-induced aberrations of hippocampal neurogenesis in rat offspring

    Masubuchi Yasunori , Koyanagi Mihoko , Hayashi Shim-mo , Shibutani Makoto , Tanaka Takaharu , Okada Rena , Ito Yuko , Nakahara Junta , Kikuchi Satomi , Watanabe Yousuke , Yoshida Toshinori , Maronpot Robert R.

    … Hypothyroidism during the developmental stage induces disruption of hippocampal neurogenesis in later life, as well as inducing oxidative stress in the brain. … The present study investigated the preventive effect of co-exposure to an antioxidant on disruptive neurogenesis induced by developmental exposure to anti-thyroid agent in rats. …

    Journal of Toxicologic Pathology 32(3), 165-180, 2019

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  • Involvement of the lateral parabrachial nucleus in the responses of arterial pressure to noxious mechanical stimulation of the hindpaw in anesthetized rats  [in Japanese]

    Nozawa Hana , Shimoju Rie , Taniguchi Takamichi , Shibata Hideshi , Kurosawa Mieko

    … <p>The arterial pressure reflexly increases in response to noxious mechanical stimulation (pinching) of the unilateral hindpaw in anesthetized rats. … however, the precise brain mechanisms have not been elucidated. …

    The Autonomic Nervous System 56(2), 80-87, 2019

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  • BCI Studies on Extraction of Spoken Language representation from Speech Imagery EEG  [in Japanese]


    … <p>Speech imagery, or silent speech, recognition from <i>Electroencephalogram (EEG) is one of the challenging technologies for non-invasive brain-computer-interface (BCI). … In this report we regard the representation of language as the difference of line spectra of syllables observed at Broker area and develop the method for extracting line spectra in EEG signal. …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2019(0), 3P3OS2005-3P3OS2005, 2019


  • The Structural and Compositional Changes of Chondroitin Sulfate Chains in the Aged Mouse Hippocampus


    … Chondroitin sulfate (CS) chain, one of the major ECM components in the brain, is a long unbranched polysaccharide consisting of repeating sulfated disaccharide units. … After sugar extension, sulfation occurs at specific positions in the saccharides, and the pattern of CS sulfation influences several biological processes. …

    Juntendo Medical Journal 65(1), 64-70, 2019

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  • Synthesis and Luminescence Properties of Near-Infrared <i>N</i>-Heterocyclic Luciferin Analogues for <i>In Vivo</i> Optical Imaging

    Saito Ryohei , Maki Shojiro A. , Kuchimaru Takahiro , Higashi Shoko , Lu Shijia W. , Kiyama Masahiro , Iwano Satoshi , Obata Rika , Hirano Takashi , Kizaka-Kondoh Shinae

    … <p>As a means of achieving highly sensitive bioluminescence imaging of deep tissues utilizing the firefly luciferin-luciferase (L-L) reaction, we previously reported a luciferin analogue, AkaLumine, which exhibits high cell-permeability and emits near-infrared (NIR) light with high tissue-penetration by the L-L reaction. …

    Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 92(3), 608-618, 2019

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  • The effect of environmental enrichment on hippocampus gene expression and blood corticosterone concentration in Hatano rats

    Nakayama Airi , Okawa Hasuka , Asano Hikaru , Tokuoka Hideyo , Zheng Meihua , Pu Shaoxia , Watanabe Gen , Ohta Ryo , Kawaguchi Maiko

    … quality of life. … The purpose of environmental enrichment is to bring out natural behavioral and endocrinological reactions, but it does not always have a good impact on all animals. … To explore the effect of environmental enrichment on animals with different characteristics, we studied Hatano high-avoidance (HAA) and low-avoidance (LAA) rats. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), PO4-1-69, 2018


  • Role of NMDA receptor GluN2D subunit in the antidepressant effects and the cognitive impairment effects of enantiomers of ketamine

    Ide Soichiro , Ikekubo Yuiko , Mishina Masayoshi , Hashimoto Kenji , Ikeda Kazutaka

    … Ketamine is a racemic mixture of equal amounts of enantiomers, (<i>R</i>)-ketamine and (<i>S</i>)-ketamine. … The neural mechanisms that underlie different effects of these enantiomers remain unclear. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), PO3-1-15, 2018


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