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  • Metals and Medicine

    Hanawa Takao

    … Current research efforts in metallic biomaterials can be summarized into the following categories: the elucidation of interfacial reactions between metals and tissues (including evaluations of safety and corrosion resistance); … Interfacial reactions between metals and living tissues are discussed from the viewpoints of biocompatibility and biofunction, corrosion resistance, and calcium phosphate formation on the surface oxide film. …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 62(2), 139-148, 2021


  • Interfacial Reactions and Inclusion Formations at an Early Stage of FeNb Alloy Additions to Molten Iron

    Wang Yong , Karasev Andrey , Park Joo Hyun , Jönsson Pär Göran

    … The interfacial reactions between FeNb alloy and liquid Fe, as well as inclusion formations, were studied during an early stage of an alloy addition using a liquid-metal-suction method. …

    ISIJ International 61(1), 209-218, 2021


  • Interplays of Interfacial Forces Modulate Structure and Function of Soft and Biological Matters in Aquatic Environments

    Tanaka Motomu

    … Water molecules act as hydrogen bond donors as well as acceptors and biochemical reactions utilize water molecules as nucleophiles. … This review sheds light on how the structure and function of soft and biological matter in aquatic environments are modulated by the orchestration of various interfacial forces. …

    Frontiers in chemistry (8), 2020-03-17


  • Optimization of the Interfacial Properties between Mold Flux and TiN Substrate Through the Regulation of B<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>

    Zhou Lejun , Pan Zihang , Wang Wanlin , Chen Junyu

    … to regulate the interfacial properties between the designed mold fluxes and TiN, with the aim to resolve above problems. … The results show that the spreading behavior of the mold flux on the TiN substrate is enhanced, and the interfacial contact angle starts to drop at a lower temperature (from 1473 K for Sample 1 to 1343 K for Sample 4) with the addition of 0–9 wt.% B<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>, as the melting behavior of the designed mold fluxes has been improved. …

    ISIJ International 60(12), 2838-2844, 2020


  • Electrochemical analysis on reaction sites of graphite electrodes with surface film in lithium-ion batteries  [in Japanese]

    Inoo Akane

    <p>リチウムイオン電池(LIB)の負極活物質には黒鉛が広く使用され,黒鉛層間へのリチウムイオンの挿入脱離反応が進行する。黒鉛電極上では初回充電時に電解液が分解されることによりSolid electrolyte interphase (SEI)と呼ばれる表面被膜が形成される。SEIはリチウムイオン伝導性を有する一方で,電子伝導性は持たず,電解液のさらなる分解反応を速度論的に抑制するため …

    TANSO 2020(295), 196-198, 2020


  • Hydrodynamic and Mass Transfer Correlation in a Microbubble Aerated Stirred Tank Reactor

    Matthes Simon , Thomas Benjamin , Ohde Daniel , Hoffmann Marko , Bubenheim Paul , Liese Andreas , Tanaka Shunya , Terasaka Koichi , Schlueter Michael

    … <p>Many chemical and biocatalytic reactions are consuming gaseous species like oxygen, provided by the mass transfer across interfaces of multiphase contact apparatuses. … For biocatalytic reactions a macroscopic aeration can lead to reduced enzyme activity by foaming and shear forces and for fast chemical reactions in multiphase flows, the mass transfer limitation is often the bottleneck for a process optimization. …



  • Effect of Copolyamide Surface Treatment on Carbon Fiber Influencing the Interfacial Properties of Carbon Fiber and Polyamide 12  [in Japanese]

    TANAKA Kazuto , YAMADA Kanako , KATAYAMA Tsutao

    … The interfacial shear strength between carbon fiber and PA12 is lower than that between carbon fiber and epoxy resin. … It was reported that PA6 synthesis on carbon fibers improves the adhesion between carbon fibers and PA12, and increases the tensile strength of composites, however this method requires many procedures for chemical reactions. …

    Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan 69(10), 740-745, 2020


  • Advanced electron microscopy toward constructing a scientific principle of solid-state interface ionics  [in Japanese]

    YAMAMOTO Kazuo , NOMURA Yuki

    <p>全固体電池は高い安全性など多くの利点がある一方,電極と固体電解質界面におけるイオンの移動抵抗が極めて高いといった課題をもつ.そのため,高性能な全固体電池を効率的に開発するには,固体界面におけるイオニクスを正しく理解する必要がある.本稿では,電子線ホログラフィと電子エネルギー損失分光法(EELS)を用いて,金属電極/固体電解質界面に形成されるイオンの空間電荷層を直接観察した結果,お …

    Oyo Buturi 89(9), 515-518, 2020


  • <i>Operando</i> STEM-EELS of an All-solid-state Li-ion Battery Using a Multi-variate Analysis  [in Japanese]

    Nomura Yuki , Yamamoto Kazuo , Hirayama Tsukasa , Igaki Emiko , Saitoh Koh

    <p>全固体リチウムイオン電池(全固体LIB)は,現行LIBの課題を克服する可能性を有する次世代二次電池である.しかしながら,電極/固体電解質界面でのLiイオン移動抵抗がその性能を制限する.そのため,界面現象をナノメートルスケールで解明し,材料設計にフィードバックすることが重要である.本稿では,走査透過型電子顕微鏡法(STEM)と電子エネルギー損失分光法(EELS)を用いて,全固体LI …

    KENBIKYO 55(2), 70-74, 2020


  • Effect of Electrolyte Additives on Kinetic Parameters of Lithium-ion Transfer Reactions at Electrolyte/Graphite Interface

    INOO Akane , FUKUTSUKA Tomokazu , MIYAHARA Yuto , KONDO Yasuyuki , YOKOYAMA Yuko , MIYAZAKI Kohei , ABE Takeshi

    … In this study, the correlation between the interfacial lithium-ion transfer resistance (<i>R</i><sub>ct</sub>) and the double layer capacitance (<i>C</i><sub>dl</sub>) of graphite composite electrodes coated with various SEIs was investigated. … These results indicate that the pre-exponential factor of the Arrhenius equation governing the rate of interfacial ion transfer in a practical graphite anode is dependent on the nature of SEI.</p> …

    Electrochemistry 88(5), 365-368, 2020


  • Lithium-ion Transfer Kinetics through Solid Electrolyte Interphase on Graphite Electrodes

    INOO Akane , FUKUTSUKA Tomokazu , MIYAHARA Yuto , MIYAZAKI Kohei , ABE Takeshi

    … In addition, SEI covers the surface of graphite negative electrodes and affects the active sites for lithium-ion intercalation/deintercalation reactions. … that is a parameter for the edge site of graphite and the interfacial lithium-ion transfer resistance (<i>R</i><sub>ct</sub>) in various electrolyte solutions that deliver different SEIs. … Additionally, the activation energy for the interfacial lithium-ion transfer remained unchanged despite the variation in SEIs. …

    Electrochemistry 88(2), 69-73, 2020


  • Dynamic Changes in Interfacial Tension between Liquid Fe Alloy and Molten Slag Induced by Chemical Reactions  [in Japanese]

    Tanaka Toshihiro , Goto Hiroki , Nakamoto Masashi , Suzuki Masanori , Hanao Masahito , Zeze Masafumi , Yamamura Hideaki , Yoshikawa Takeshi

    … <p>The authors investigated the change in the interfacial tension with time for various combinations of molten slag and liquid Fe to elucidate the mechanism of the change in interfacial tension between liquid Fe alloy and molten slag over time accompanying reduction/oxidation reactions. …

    Tetsu-to-Hagane 106(3), 133-142, 2020


  • Studies on synthesis of graphite intercalation compounds in electrolytes containing sodium ion  [in Japanese]

    Kondo Yasuyuki

    <p>黒鉛の層間には種々の化学種が挿入可能であり,黒鉛層間化合物(GIC)を形成する。GICは多くの分野に適用可能であり,電力貯蔵分野ではリチウムイオン電池負極として,また,高電気伝導性材料やグラファイトシートの前駆体としても利用されている。それらのカチオンやアニオンが挿入したGICに関してこれまで数多くの研究がなされてきたが,それぞれいまだ解決できていない課題が存在している。< …

    TANSO 2020(291), 15-16, 2020


  • One-step fabrication of Au@Pd core-shell bimetallic nanofibers at the interface between water and redox-active ionic liquid

    Zhang Yu , Nishi Naoya , Sakka Tetsuo

    … The reduction reactions of AuCl₄⁻ and PdCl₄²⁻ at the RAIL|W interface proceed sequentially; … The mechanisms for the interfacial charge transfer reactions and the growth of Au@Pd BNFs are discussed in detail. …

    Electrochimica Acta (325), 2019-12-01


  • The Examples of the Multi Material Bonding Technologies based on Interfacial Reactions : The Researches and the Future Subjects  [in Japanese]

    六田 充輝

    日本ゴム協会誌 = Journal of the Society of Rubber Science and Technology, Japan 92(1), 35-41, 2019-01

  • Mathematical Modelling Study of Dynamic Composition Change of Steel and Mold Flux in Continuous Casting of Steel

    Ni Peiyuan , Tanaka Toshihiro , Suzuki Masanori , Nakamoto Masashi , Ersson Mikael , Jönsson Pär Göran

    … <p>A kinetic model was developed to describe multicomponent reactions and mass transfer at the steel/molten flux interface under the effect of the interfacial tension. …

    ISIJ International 59(11), 2024-2035, 2019


  • Synchrotron X-rays and neutron surface scattering studies on interfacial phenomena in lithium ion batteries  [in Japanese]

    Hirayama Masaaki , Izumi Jun , Nakayama Jumpei , Suzuki Kota , Kanno Ryoji , Nemoto Fumiya , Yamada Norifumi , Tamura Kazuhisa

    <p>リチウムイオン電池界面の直接観察手法は進捗し,各過程の理解は深まってきた.性能を決定づける因子の特定には,界面全体を同時に検出し,各過程の相関を理解する必要がある.本講演では,エピタキシャル膜で構築した電極/電解質モデル界面について,表面回折,反射率から界面数10 nm域の構造変化をその場観察することで,明らかにした界面現象について紹介する.</p>

    Abstract book of Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science 2019(0), 1Fp08, 2019


  • Effects of Interfacial Oxygen Potential and Slag Phase Changing during Slag Formation Process on Dephosphorization Behavior

    Xia Yunjin , Li Jie , Fan Dingdong , Hou Guangda

    … <p>The effects of interfacial oxygen potential and slag phase changing during slag formation process on dephosphorization behavior when the decarburization slag is recycled are investigated by XRD and SEM. … After the recycling of decarburization slag, the slag phase with reactions under different conditions is basically the same, which is made up of FeO, 2CaO·SiO<sub>2</sub>, 2CaO·SiO<sub>2</sub>-3CaO·P<sub>2</sub>O<sub>5</sub> …

    ISIJ International 59(9), 1519-1526, 2019


  • Formation of Fe<sub>2</sub>Al<sub>5</sub> Phase Layer on Fe-Si Alloy Sheets Hot-Dipped in Zn-0.2Al Alloy Melt  [in Japanese]

    Takata Naoki , Hayano Kunihisa , Suzuki Asuka , Kobashi Makoto

    … The Al addition in the Zn melt suppressed the interfacial reaction between liquid Zn and <i>α</i>-Fe phase with Si in solution. … phase layer formed on Fe-Si alloy sheets would play a role of diffusion barrier, resulting in the suppression of subsequent interfacial reactions even after 3600 s in dipping.</p> …

    Tetsu-to-Hagane 105(7), 701-708, 2019



    MINAGAWA Hiroshi , FUJITA Ryo , MIYAMOTO Shintaro , HISADA Makoto

    <p> 高炉スラグ細骨材を使用したモルタルの遮塩性を評価することを目的として,製造元の異なる高炉スラグ細骨材7種類を使用したモルタルの塩分浸透抵抗性を検討した.その後,高炉スラグ細骨材の粒度と非晶質度がモルタルの遮塩性に及ぼす影響を検討した.さらに,高炉スラグ細骨材を使用したモルタルの遮塩性の向上メカニズムを検討するために,空隙率,微細構造,塩化物イオンの固定化に関する検討を行った.そ …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. E2 (Materials and Concrete Structures) 75(2), 106-124, 2019


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