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  • Estimation of the packet processing time of hosts in the presence of interrupt coalescence

    Salehin Khondaker M. , Rojas-Cessa Roberto

    … We propose a method to measure the packet processing time (PPT) of remote hosts that use network interface cards (NICs) with interrupt coalescence (IC). … The proposed method first detects whether the host under test uses IC and then measures PPT. …

    IEICE Communications Express 4(2), 55-60, 2015


  • Implementation issues on inline network measurement algorithms in gigabit networks  [in Japanese]

    TSUGAWA Tomoaki , LE THANH MAN Cao , HASEGAWA Go , MURATA Masayuki

    … However, when the inline network measurement algorithms are implemented in general-purpose computers, some problems arise, such as the clock resolution of the kernel system, Interrupt Coalescence (IC) deployed in network interface cards, and the behavior of TCP receiver. …

    IEICE technical report 106(151), 73-78, 2006-07-06

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  • An Inline Network Measurement Mechanism for High-Speed Networks  [in Japanese]


    … Second, network interface cards for high-speed networks usually employ Interrupt Coalescence (IC), which rearranges the arrival intervals of packets and causes bursty transmission of packets. … In the present study, we introduce ICIM (Interrupt Coalescence -aware inline measurement), a new bandwidth measurement approach that overcomes these two problems. …

    IEICE technical report 105(472), 79-84, 2005-12-15

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