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  • Visualization of Hydrogen in Stress and Strain Fields Using SIMS

    Kinugasa Junichiro , Yabu Satoshi , Shibata Kosuke , Hiramatsu Takuya , Kawamori Makoto , Yuse Fumio

    … From these observations, the hydrogen partitioning behavior in steel could be visualized semi-quantitatively by using the isotope labeling method with SIMS.</p> …

    ISIJ International 61(4), 1091-1098, 2021


  • Determination of the tungsten isotope composition in seawater: The first vertical profile from the western North Pacific Ocean

    Fujiwara Yuta , Tsujisaka Makoto , Takano Shotaro , Sohrin Yoshiki

    … The stable isotope ratio of W is a new tracer in oceanographic studies and a new proxy in paleoceanographic studies; … We present a novel method for analysis of the concentrations and isotope ratios of W and Mo in seawater, consisting of solid phase extraction, chromatographic separation using anion exchange resin AG1 X8, and measurement by MC-ICP-MS. Both W and Mo are quantitatively recovered by this method, which was applied to seawater samples collected from the North Pacific Ocean. …

    Chemical Geology (555), 2020-11-20



    Seto M.

    … PR8-1 Analysis of Iron-based Products Using Mössbauer Spectroscopy - Iron Oxide Scale Generated in the Boiler Feed-water in Thermal Power Plant - /Y. …

    KURNS Progress Report (2019), 75-85, 2020-08


  • 4. Material Science and Radiation Effects

    CO4-28 Defect Characterization of Ion-Irradiated GdBa2Cu3O7−δ Superconducting Tapes Probed by a Slow Positron Beam /T. Ozaki et al.(31159) [175]

    KURNS Progress Report (2019), 148-176, 2020-08


  • Geological, mineralogical, and oxygen isotope studies of the Chandmani Uul iron oxide–copper–gold deposit in Dornogobi Province, Southeastern Mongolia

    Oyunjargal Luvsannyam , Hayashi Ken-ichiro , Maruoka Teruyuki

    Resource geology : an official journal of the Society of Resource Geology 70(3), 233-253, 2020

  • Ecological analysis of coastal/migratory marine mammals using trace elements concentrations and iron stable isotope  [in Japanese]

    Hasegawa Nanako , Itai Takaaki , Takahashi Yoshio , Kurisu Minako , Sachika Natori , Kunisue Tatsuya , Tanabe Shinsuke

    <p>生体と環境中の安定同位体比の比較から、生物の行動履歴を解析するアプローチはisoscape法と呼ばれる。研究の歴史が長い炭素・窒素の安定同位体比に加え、近年は重元素の同位体比を用いた研究も進展している。本研究では、愛媛大es-Bankに保管された沿岸性・外洋性鯨類試料を用いて、微量元素分布パターンと鉄安定同位体比から、これら指標の環境-生物間の対応関係を精査し、トレーサーとしての …

    Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 67(0), 33, 2020


  • Investigation of iron and zinc isotope ratios and species in aerosol samples emitted from Aso Volcano  [in Japanese]

    Natori Sachika , Kurisu Minako , Kawana Kaori , Shibata Tomo , Yokoo Akihiko , Ohkura Takahiko , Mori Toshiya , Takahashi Yoshio

    <p>大気エアロゾル中の人為燃焼起源鉄は、地殻平均に対して4‰程度低い鉄安定同位体比を示すことが報告されている。これは気化に伴う同位体分別によるものと考えられるが、大気中への気化を経た鉄の供給源としては火山活動も該当する。本研究では、粒径別に採取した火山起源エアロゾルが低い鉄安定同位体比を示すかを明らかにすることを目的に、阿蘇山火口にて粒径別7分画で採取したエアロゾル試料の化学分析を実 …

    Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 67(0), 10, 2020


  • Pressure Effect on Isotope Fractionation Factor  [in Japanese]

    SANO-FURUKAWA Asami , ITOH Shoichi , SUZUMURA Akimasa , UENO Yuichiro , YAGI Hikaru , INOUE Toru , KAWAZOE Takaaki

    … <p>Minerals and rocks exhibit various isotope compositions depending on their origins and histories. … In interpreting their isotopic variations, the equilibrium isotope fractionation factor is a key because it depends on the environment parameters such as temperature. … Recent studies have shown that the effect of pressure on the isotope fractionation, which was considered negligible compared to temperature, is significant under the conditions of the Earth's interior. …

    The Review of High Pressure Science and Technology 30(2), 85-94, 2020


  • Reaction between CO<sub>2</sub>–O<sub>2</sub> Mixture Gas and Fe–C Melts by Isotope Tracing Method

    Fan Yuewen , Hu Xiaojun , Zhu Rong , Chou Kuochih

    … which are applied to steelmaking, the isotope tracing method has been used to study the decarburization reactions between CO<sub>2</sub>–O<sub>2</sub> … When the mixture of two isotope gases of <sup>18</sup>O<sub>2</sub> …

    ISIJ International 60(5), 848-855, 2020


  • The Lineage of Bronze Products in Kamitsukeno during the Kofun Period  [in Japanese]

    土生田 純之

    西毛地域の古墳出土品を鉛同位体比分析した。分析した古墳は一部に5世紀後半(井出二子山古墳・原材料は朝鮮半島産)や6世紀前半のものも含むが大半は6世紀後半~7世紀初頭に属する。さらにその中で角閃石安山岩削り石積み石室を内蔵する古墳が多い。この石室は綿貫観音山古墳や総社二子山古墳を代表とする西毛首長連合を象徴する墓制と考えられている。特に観音山古墳からは中国北朝の北斉製と考えられている銅製水瓶や中国系 …

    国立歴史民俗博物館研究報告 = Bulletin of the National Museum of Japanese History 213, 15-29, 2019-01


  • Evaluation of contribution of Fe from different aerosol sources to the surface ocean based on Fe isotope ratio of combustion Fe  [in Japanese]

    Kurisu Minako , Sakata Kohei , Uematsu Mitsuo , Takahashi Yoshio

    <p>エアロゾル中の燃焼起源鉄が自然起源鉄に対して4‰程度低い鉄安定同位体比を持つことを用いて、同位体と溶解率をもとに海洋エアロゾル・表層海水における起源別エアロゾルの寄与を推定した。外洋域のエアロゾル試料は鉄濃度が低く、粒径によらず地殻に近い同位体比を示した。一方、沿岸域の試料は鉄濃度が高く、微小粒子が粗大粒子に対して0.5-2‰程度低い同位体比を示し、燃焼起源鉄の寄与が示唆された。 …

    Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 66(0), 14, 2019


  • Stable Isotope Metallomics  [in Japanese]

    Tanaka Yu-ki , Ogra Yasumitsu , Mikuni-Takagaki Yuko , Hirata Takafumi

    … <p>In this paper, we describe both the analytical procedures of isotope ratio measurements and recent progresses in the stable isotope studies of biometals, including iron (Fe) and calcium (Ca). … The mass spectrometer utilizing atmospheric pressure plasma ion source (ICP-MS) is the most versatile technique for the stable isotope analysis of heavy elements, and employed in most of the studies. …

    Journal of the Mass Spectrometry Society of Japan 67(5), 134-141, 2019


  • Compositions of Carbonate Rocks and Carbon Isotope Ratios of Graphite in Nulliak Supracrustal Rocks, Labrador: The Oldest Evidence for Life and Seawater Composition  [in Japanese]

    YOSHIDA Satoshi , KOMIYA Tsuyoshi

    … The carbonate rocks occur in four areas of the Saglek Block, and are accompanied by meta-chert and meta-pelitic rocks or metamorphosed banded iron formation and meta-basalt. … On the other hand, carbon isotope values (δ<sup>13</sup>C<sub>carb</sub>) of carbonate in the carbonate rocks range from −2.6‰ to −3.8‰. …

    Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi) 128(4), 597-623, 2019


  • Catalytic methane decomposition over iron grains with and without Fe₃C prepared via an ex situ process

    田口 明 , 米山 優紀

    富山大学研究推進機構水素同位体科学研究センター研究報告 = Annual report of Hydrogen Isotope Research Center, Organization for Promotion of Research, University of Toyama, Japan 38, 19-24, 2018

  • Chemical and Sr-Nd-Fe isotopic compositions of ore minerals and host rocks of the IOA deposit in Zanjan, Iran  [in Japanese]

    Mano Kodai , Asahara Yoshihiro , Tsuboi Motohiro , Azizi Hossein , Shin Ki―Cheol , Lee Seung―Gu

    … IOA(Iron Oxide Apatite)鉱床は,IOCG(Iron Oxide Copper Gold)鉱床の端成分として経済的,探査的に注目されているが,希土類元素(REE)の鉱化作用を伴う点でもその資源的価値は高い.IOA鉱床の中でも,スウェーデン北部のキルナ地域に代表される,非鉄金属含有量の少ないものはキルナ型鉱床として分類されている.キルナ型鉱床の成因については,天水起源の熱水作用,マグマ熱水,不混和現象などが考えられ …

    Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 65(0), 117, 2018


  • Stable Isotope Composition of Metal Elements in Biological Samples as Tracers for Element Metabolism

    TANAKA Yu-ki , HIRATA Takafumi

    … <p>Stable isotope composition varies due to different reactivity or mobility among the isotopes. … Various pioneering studies revealed that isotope fractionation is common for many elements, and it is now widely recognized that the stable isotope compositions of biometals can be used as new tracers for element metabolism. …

    Analytical Sciences 34(6), 645-655, 2018

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • High-Pressure and High-Temperature Carbon Isotope Fractionation in the Fe-C System: Implications for Carbon Dynamics in the Deep Earth  [in Japanese]

    Satish-Kumar MADHUSOODHAN

    … The high carbon content of carbonaceous chondrites (3.2 wt.%) compared to bulk earth estimates, the presence of graphite/diamond and metal carbides in Iron meteorites, the high solubility of carbon into iron melts in the Fe-C system, all suggests the plausible presence of carbon in the Earth's core. …

    The Review of High Pressure Science and Technology 27(4), 278-283, 2017


  • Cause of low iron isotope ratio of anthropogenic aerosols: aerosols emitted during a biomass burning event and collected near a steel plant  [in Japanese]

    Kurisu Minako , Sakata Kohei , Takahashi Yoshio

    <p>エアロゾル中の人為起源鉄は高い溶解性を持つため、海水中の鉄の供給源として注目されている。人為起源鉄は自然起源鉄よりも低い鉄同位体比を持ち、その原因として①起源物質の低い同位体比と②燃焼過程での同位体分別を考え、人為起源鉄の主要な発生源である野焼きと製鉄所付近で採取した粒径分画エアロゾル中の鉄同位体比と化学種の分析を行った。野焼き時の微小粒子中の鉄はアルミノケイ酸塩が主成分であり、 …

    Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 64(0), 72, 2017


  • Carbon budget and isotope compositions of the Earth  [in Japanese]

    yun Liu , Yuhong Yang

    <p>The carbon budget in the Earth interior is currently not well constrained because the sample of the Earth's core is unavailable. Several ways have been used to estimate the Earth's carbon inv …

    Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 64(0), 29, 2017


  • Petrological and geochemical characteristics of a Kiruna-type deposit in NW Iran  [in Japanese]

    Mano Kodai , Asahara Yoshihiro , Tsuboi Motohiro , Azizi Hossein , Shin Kicheol

    … (Iron Oxide Apatite) 鉱床はIOCG (Iron Oxide Copper Gold) 鉱床の端成分として認識されており,その中でも,スウェーデン北部のキルナ地域に代表される,非鉄金属含有量の少ないものをキルナ型鉱床として表している.IOA鉱床は良質な鉄を産出する傍ら希土類元素の鉱化作用を伴うことがあるため,その資源的価値が高い鉱床である.キルナ型鉱床の成因は議論が続いており,天水や熱水による交代 …

    Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 64(0), 24, 2017


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