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  • The Otaku Enigma  [in Japanese]

    OSAWA Masachi

    … Otaku are ironic relativists who consider that reality is constructed by human communicative activities. …

    Kansai Sociological Review 5(0), 25-39, 2006


  • Semiempirical Calculations of Force Constants for Torsional and Stretching Vibrations in Excited States of Retinal and Its Related Compounds

    ITO Etsuro , KIKUCHI Hiroto , SUZUKI Hideo

    … We consider the ground state (GS), the excited state on absorption (USA), the vir-tual ground (VGS) and the deformed excited state (DES) of m-electron system in hex-aene, retinal, retinal Schiff-base (RSB), protonated retinal Schiff-base (PRSB) or ourmodel for rhodopsin chromophore, and we semiempirically calculate the followingtwo kinds of force constants for the pairs of bonded atoms in each of the four m-elec-ironic states: (1) the force constants of torsional vibrations; …

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 57(5), p1842-1851, 1988-05

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