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  • Development of Criterion-referenced Measurement Items for Play Analysis of Top Players in Tennis Game  [in Japanese]

    OSAWA Keisuke , JO Hirotaka , MITSUHASHI Daisuke , MATSUOKA Hiroki , ANDO Kozue , NISHIJIMA Takahiko

    … The measurement item criteria were extracted using decision treeanalysis with a CART algorithm. … The characteristics of the criterion-referenced measurement items andtest were statistically analyzed using item response theory (IRT) analysis with the two-parameter logisticmodel (2PLM). …

    The Journal of Education and Health Science 66(3), 162-177, 2021


  • Development of a standard to assess factors affecting awareness of nurses in initial response to nuclear/radiation disasters  [in Japanese]

    Tsutsumi Yayoi , Noto Yuka , Akashi Makoto

    <p>本研究の目的は、看護職者の放射線災害の初動対応に関する意識への影響要因を測定するための尺度を開発し信頼性妥当性を検討することである。Ajzenが提唱する「計画的行動理論」を理論枠組みとし、先行研究等から項目を抽出、専門家会議およびパイロットスタディを経て尺度原案を作成後、740施設の災害拠点病院、原子力災害拠点病院、原子力災害医療協力機関に勤務する、放射線災害時の看護経験がある、 …

    The Journal of Radiological Nursing Society of Japan 8(2), 100-112, 2020


  • Development of a New Daily Activities Scale for the Affected Hand after Stroke

    Matsuoka Koshi , Watanabe Aki , Kawaguchi Takayuki , Misawa Koji , Murakami Keiichi , Fukuda Michinari

    … We also clarified the validity, reliability, and item difficulty of the scale.</p><p><b>Methods: </b>The participants were 145 patients with stroke who were consecutively admitted to a convalescent rehabilitation ward. … Analyses of item discrimination and content validity were conducted to assess the overall validity. …

    Progress in Rehabilitation Medicine 5(0), n/a, 2020


  • A Trial of Tulip Disease Detection by Camera Images  [in Japanese]

    KANAMORI Naoki

    … <p>Tulip bulbs are the main production item of flowers in Toyama Prefecture, and are also prefectural flowers. … It was found that higher discrimination accuracy could be obtained by creating discriminators for each age of the tulips.</p> …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2020(0), 1A1-A01, 2020


  • Construction of a motion-sequence diagram for the straddle vault designed for elementary school children, considering difficulties of movement in vaulting box exercises  [in Japanese]

    SANO Takashi , KOKUDO Shohei

    … The movements were assessed using observation criteria, while parameters of difficulty, discrimination and ability were obtained by applying the Item Response Theory graded response model. …

    Taiikugaku kenkyu (Japan Journal of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences) 65(0), 691-704, 2020


  • Early Diagnosis Method of Dementia using BCI and Frontal Lobe Function Test  [in Japanese]

    Morooka Ryo , Fukushima Akihiro , Sato Akane , Tanaka Hisaya , Umahara Takahiko , Hirao Kentaro , Tsugawa Akito , Hanyu Haruo

    … Therefore, we used FAB and MOCA-J to regroup the elderly with the initial cognitive decline level and to determine if early discrimination was possible. … As a result of comparing SEDV divided into two groups by the sub-item 10 points to examine the frontal lobe function of MOCA-J, a difference of 0.80 characters was found in SEDV. …

    The Transactions of Human Interface Society 22(2), 211-218, 2020


  • An Analysis and Summary of the VELC Test 2012-2019 Data  [in Japanese]

    靜 哲人

    … The VELC Test®, a 120-item proficiency test developed specifically for L1 Japanese learners of English at tertiary level, has been administered across the nation for the past eight years. … This paper analyzes and summarizes the accumulated data in terms of score distribution, item difficulty invariance, item discrimination, and person reliability/separation. …

    語学教育研究論叢 = The journal of Institute for Language and Education Research (37), 75-89, 2020


  • The development of a knowledge test for decision-making in the fast break strategy in basketball games  [in Japanese]

    八板 昭仁 , 青柳 領

    … After determining the itemlevelvalidity in terms of whether the correct answer rate of starters was significantly greater than thatof non-starters for each item, the items with more distinct discrimination were chosen using multivariatediscrimination analysis. … As a result, a model including nine items was chosen, indicating that the fitof this model was considered good because its correlation ratio was 0.409 (Fo = 2.07, df = [9, 93], p =0.040) and the ratio of correct discrimination was 70.0%. …

    九州共立大学研究紀要 = Study journal of Kyushu Kyoritsu University 10(2), 9-15, 2020

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  • Examination of Knowledge Regarding Dementia among Care Managers employed in In-home, Long-term Care Support Offices using a Knowledge Measurement Scale  [in Japanese]

    倉本 亜優未 , 谷口 将太 , 杉山 京 , 仲井 達哉 , 竹本 与志人

    本研究は、居宅介護支援事業所の介護支援専門員(以下、CMr)を対象に、認知症に関する知識尺度を検討することを目的とした。近畿、中国(岡山県を除く)、四国、九州・沖縄地方に設置されている居宅介護支援事業所から層化二段抽出法により選定した3,000 ヶ所の事業所に勤務するCMr 3,000名を対象に無記名自記式の質問紙調査を実施した。解析には当該項目に欠損値のない808名分の資料を用い、まず地域住民を …


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  • Serum Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 Is Associated With Depression After Acute Ischemic Stroke

    Che Bizhong , Zhang Jintao , Chen Jing , Zhang Yonghong , He Jiang , Zhong Chongke , Ge Jinzhuo , Li Ruyi , Zhu Zhengbao , Bu Xiaoqing , Xu Tan , Ju Zhong , Liu Jiale

    … We assessed depression status using the 24-item Hamilton Depression Rating Scale and defined PSD as a cutoff score of 8. … Discrimination and reclassification for PSD by MMP-9 were analyzed. …

    Circulation Journal 83(11), 2303-2311, 2019

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  • Consideration on applicability of item response theory to the test items of which have local dependence  [in Japanese]

    坪田 彩乃 , 石井 秀宗 , 野口 裕之 , TSUBOTA Ayano , ISHII Hidetoki , NOGUCHI Hiroyuki

    Item response theory (IRT) is a mathematical model for creating, conducting and analyzing test items. … In this model, both item difficulties and examinee's latent trait are mesured on the same scale. … Item response theory required the assumption of local independence between items. … This assumption means that the response to an item is independent from responses to other items when ith examinee's ability parameter θ i is given. …

    名古屋大学大学院教育発達科学研究科紀要. 心理発達科学 (65), 21-35, 2018-12-28

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  • Development of writing rubric focusing on discrimination : based on detecting differential item functioning applying ANOVA  [in Japanese]

    石川 勝彦 , 児島 功和

    山梨学院大学経営情報学論集 (24), 45-58, 2018-03


  • The Investigation of the Concept of Social Discrimination (2) - The Effect of Teaching Sentences to Understanding the Discrimination to the Black People -  [in Japanese]

    研 攻一

    黒人差別を理解させるための2つの教示文の効果を検討した。その一つは2群で共通内容の他に、「黒人の生け捕り」「黒人の人権運動」に焦点化したA教示文と、もう一つは「砂糖の歴史」「砂糖を採り出す技術」「サトウキビの栽培条件」に焦点化したB教示文である。次のような結果が得られた。(1)該当する課題の総得点では、A教示文がB教示文に較べて効果的だった。(2)下位の3分野のうち、A教示文が対応する分野では優勢 …

    羽陽学園短期大学紀要 = Bulletin of Uyo Gakuen College 10(4), 115-132, 2018-02-01


  • Development of a Short Form Mood Scale for Adolescents:Based on Item Response Theory  [in Japanese]

    Ishida Michiko , Koike Yasuhiro , Imura Wataru , Watanabe Maki

    … Then, we attempted to reduce the number of items using the item response theory. … The short form mood scale had sufficient difficulty values and discrimination parameters. …

    Japanese Journal of School Health 60(5), 268-276, 2018

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  • <b>Evaluation of the accuracy of ordinal classifications</b><b> using item response theory</b>

    Ogawa Mayu , Tanaka Mirai , Lu Xiao-Nan , Suzuki Tomomichi

    … The purpose of this study is to validate a method of evaluating a measurement accuracy for ordinal-categorical (multinomial) data using the item response theory (IRT) developed in the fields of psychology and ability evaluation. … The IRT model can estimate parameters indicating item difficulty and item discrimination and can evaluate whether the items can be classified appropriately according to the ability of the examinees. …

    Total Quality Science 4(1), 22-33, 2018


  • Development of an Evaluation Scale for Healthcare and Medical Professionals to Comprehensively Support Long-Term Hospitalized Psychiatric Patients toward Discharge  [in Japanese]

    Kagawa Satomi , Nagoshi Tamie

    目的:本研究は,精神科長期入院患者の退院支援にかかわる保健医療従事者を対象とした「精神科長期入院患者用包括的退院支援評価尺度(DSS-LPP)」を開発し,その信頼性・妥当性の検証を目的とする。<br>方法:先行研究の精神科長期入院患者に対する退院支援の内容を質的帰納的に抽出後,内容妥当性の確認された52項目で構成される「DSS-LPP試作版」を用いて質問紙調査を実施した。対象者は研究に …

    Journal of Japan Society of Nursing Research 41(4), 4_771-4_782, 2018


  • Developing a Measure of Sluggish Cognitive Tempo, a Comorbid Symptoms of ADHD in Adults: Discrimination from Depression  [in Japanese]

    Sunada Yasuhide , Koda Munenaga , Ito Yoshinori , Sugiura Yoshinori

    <p>本研究では,約半数のADHDの成人に併発する症状である成人のSCT症状を測定する尺度を開発し,妥当性を検討した。この新たな尺度の狙いは,既存の尺度の項目が抑うつと類似しているために抑うつとの弁別性が乏しい問題を克服することであった。文献のレビューによってSCT項目が選定され,専門家によって内容的妥当性の検討が行われた。これらの項目は抑うつ気分でないときの状況について回答されるもの …

    The Japanese Journal of Personality 26(3), 253-262, 2018

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  • Development of a Chinese lexical knowledge test : Evaluation by data from native Japanese speakers learning Chinese at the HSK3 level  [in Japanese]

    張 婧禕 , 玉岡 賀津雄 , 勝川 裕子 , Zhang Jingyi , Tamaoka Katsuo , Katsukawa Yuko

    … The current study also evaluated each item from the test using (1) item difficulty, (2) actual equivalent number of options, and (3) item discrimination power, which also supported the test as an excellent inventory for evaluating Chinese lexical knowledge of native Japanese speakers learning Chinese as a foreign language. …

    ことばの科学 (31), 21-37, 2017-12

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  • Development of a self-rated scale for interprofessional work competency scale:Second report : Based on the survey of hospital-based health, medical & welfare professionals and all other hospital staff  [in Japanese]

    KUNISAWA Naoko , OTSUKA Mariko , MARUYAMA Yu , AZEGAMI Mitsuyo

    【目的】本研究の目的は,病院に勤める保健医療福祉専門職等全職員を対象にしたIPWコンピテンシーの自己評価尺度を開発することである。【方法】先行研究で得られた6因子を構成概念とし,各因子4項目の合計24項目の調査票を作成した。調査対象者はA県,B県および首都圏の7つの病院の全職員3,790名であり,1,841名の回答を分析した。1病院については調査を2回実施した。探索的因子分析および確認的因子分析を …

    The Journal of Interprofessional Collaboration in Health and Social Care 10(1), 2-18, 2017

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  • Validations of an English Placement Test for a General English Language Program at the Tertiary Level

    Young-Mi KIM , Misook KIM

    … The levels of item difficulty indices illustrated that the EPT was appropriately developed, but more than half of the test items turned out be challenging. … However, the level of discrimination index showed that the EPT discriminated the upper-level students relatively well from the lower-level students. … With respect to test difficulty, the students responded that the EPT was difficult, and this view was in line with the results of the test item analysis. …

    JLTA Journal 20(0), 17-34, 2017


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