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  • CMS Module for Online Testing  [in Japanese]

    IITAKA Toshikazu , HIRAI Akiyo

    … 筆者たちは以前,アイテムデータバンクを用いてオンライン試験を行うことのできるシステムを開発した.他方で今日では,遠隔地教育にCMS (Contents Management System)やLMS (Learning Management System)を活用する動きが盛んである.これを受けて今回の研究では,このシステムをCMSのモジュールにしてみた.具体的には,アイテムデータバンクのモジュールを,最も普及しているCMSの一つであるXoops向けに作成した.以下では …

    IEICE technical report 107(462), 25-29, 2008-01-26

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  • Enhancing test practicality for in-house English proficiency tests: An efficient item-banking system

    HIRAI Akiyo

    … This paper will consider the issue of test practicality by explaining an item banking system being developed for an in-house proficiency test at University of Tsukuba. … In lieu of the demand for many test forms and the need for precise assessment of the students each year, all the test forms consist of items calibrated using Item Response Theory (IRT) and some items are repeatedly used on different test forms. …

    JLTA Journal 9(0), 141-153, 2006

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  • Formative Evaluation by TEST ITEM BANKING SYSTEM  [in Japanese]

    KIKUKAWA Takeshi , TORIUMI Ken-ichi

    Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of Japan Society for Science Education 6(0), 261-262, 1982


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