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  • Reduction of ion thermal diffusivity inside a magnetic island in JT-60U Tokamak plasma

    K. Ida , K. Kamiya , A. Isayama , Y. Sakamoto

    … A peaked ion temperature profile is observed inside the magnetic island during mode locking after the back transition from H mode to L mode in JT-60U. …

    Physical Review Letters Vol.109(Issue6), 065001-1 -065001-4, 2012-08-01


  • Recent TCV Results - Innovative Plasma Shaping to Improve Plasma Properties and Insight

    POCHELON Antoine , SAUTER Olivier , VILLARD Laurent , WÁGNER Dávid , BOTTINO Alberto , CAMENEN Yann , CANAL Gustavo P. , CHATTOPADHYAY Prabal K. , DUVAL Basil P. , FASOLI Ambrogio , GOODMAN Timothy P. , ANGELINO Paolo , JOLLIET Sébastien , KARPUSHOV Alexander , LABIT Benoît , MARINONI Alessro , MORET Jean-Marc , PITZSCHKE Andreas , PORTE Laurie , RANCIC Mikael , UDINTSEV Victor S. , the TCV Team , BEHN Roland , BRUNNER Stephan , CODA Stefano , KIRNEVA Nataliya , MEDVEDEV Sergei Yu , REIMERDES Holger , ROSSEL Jonathan

    … In low collisionality L-mode plasmas with electron cyclotron heating (ECH) confinement increases with increasing negative triangularity <i>δ</i>. … TCV has recently started the study of the effects of negative triangularity in H-mode plasmas. … H-mode confinement is known to improve towards positive triangularity, due to the increase of pedestal height, though plagued by increasingly large edge localised modes (ELMs). …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 7(0), 2502148-2502148, 2012


  • Plasma Potential in Toroidal Devices: T-10, TJ-II, CHS and LHD

    MELNIKOV Alexer V. , HIDALGO Carlos , IDO Takeshi , SHIMIZU Akihiro , FUJISAWA Akihide , DYABILIN Konstantin S. , LYSENKO Sergey E.

    L-mode plasmas were considered. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 7(0), 2402114-2402114, 2012


  • Kinematic and Thermodynamical Structures of Longitudinal-Mode Snow Bands over the Sea of Japan during Cold-Air Outbreaks Part I: Snow Bands in Large Vertical Shear Environment in the Band-Transverse Direction

    YAMADA Yoshinori , MURAKAMI Masataka , MIZUNO Hakaru , MAKI Masayuki , NAKAI Sento , IWANAMI Koyuru

    … The kinematic and thermodynamical structures of two longitudinal-mode (termed “L-mode”) snow bands over the Sea of Japan occurring on February 8, 1991 and January 21, 1993 are analyzed mainly based on dual-Doppler radar data. …

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II 88(4), 673-718, 2010

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  • Analysis of Radiative Mantle Formation by Impurity Seeding in ITER

    YAMADA Ikuhiro , YAMAZAKI Kozo , OISHI Tetsutarou , ARIMOTO Hideki , SHOJI Tatsuo

    … On the contrary, the medium-Z impurity, like Kr, can form radiative mantle definitely and can radiate about 84% (core:33% / mantle:51%) of input power inside the last closed flux surface (LCFS) without any serious changes in density and temperature profile, and without inducing back transition from H to L mode. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research (5), S2033-S2033, 2010


  • Interaction of Mean and Oscillating Plasma Flows Across Confinement Mode Transitions

    CONWAY Garrard D. , POLI Emanuele , HAPPEL Tim , the ASDEX Upgrade Team

    … Although the GAM is universally observed across the plasma edge gradient region of ohmic and additionally heated low confinement L-mode regimes, it is not seen in the high confinement H-mode. … profile, across the L to H-mode transition are studied. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research (5), S2005-S2005, 2010


  • Competing Process between Mirror Instability and L-mode Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Instability in the Earth's Magnetosheath

    Shoji Masafumi

    Sustainable humanosphere : bulletin of Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere Kyoto University (5), 51-51, 2009-09-10


  • Transition between Internal Transport Barriers with Different Temperature-Profile Curvatures in JT-60U Tokamak Plasmas

    K. Ida , Y. Sakamoto , H. Takenaga , N. Oyama , K. Itoh , M. Yoshinuma , S. Inagaki , T. Kobuchi , A. Isayama , T. Suzuki , T. Fujita , G. Matsunaga , Y. Koide , M. Yoshida , S. Ide , Y. Kamada , team JT-60

    … These two ITB states are characterized by different profiles of the second radial derivative of the ion temperature inside the ITB region (one has a weak concave shape and the other has a strong convex shape) and by different degrees of sharpness of the interfaces between the L mode and the ITB region, which is determined by the turbulence penetration into the ITB region. …

    Physical Review Letters (Vol.101), 055003-1 - 055003-4, 2008-07-01


  • 'Chóng-pho'(raised floor) in Han Taiwanese dwellings:combination and transition of the Chinese bed and Japanese raised floor during the Japanese colonial era  [in Japanese]

    Aoi Akihito , Sunami Soichiro , Chen Chengche , Chang Tingfei

    台湾漢人の間では,住宅内の房間(居室)の一部ないし全部に床を張り,その上に雑魚寝する生活が広く行われてきた。この揚床をホーロー語で「総舗chóng-pho」と呼ぶ。地床に眠床(寝台)を置くのが常識とされる漢人住居になぜこのような特異な変容が生じたのか。本研究では植民地期における台湾家屋・日本家屋の交渉関係をこの「床」の存在に注目して検討する。彰化縣田中(市街地),台南市湾裡(村落)での集中的な調査 …



  • Measurement of Peripheral Plasma Turbulence Using a Fast Camera in Heliotron J

    NISHINO Nobuhiro , MIZUUCHI Tohru , KOBAYASHI Shinichi , NAGASAKI Kazunobu , OKADA Hiroyuki , SANO Fumimichi , YAMAMOTO Satoru , KONDO Katsumi

    … In the L-mode, the filamentary structures are relatively thinner than those of the H-mode. … The direction of filamentary structure motion in the H-mode plasma was changed opposite to that in the L-mode plasma, and the motion speed was also doubled. … During L-H transition, this motion was stopped. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research (3), S1023-S1023, 2008


  • Physics Mechanisms of Toroidal Rotation Profile and Properties of Momentum Transport in JT-60U

    YOSHIDA Maiko , KAMADA Yutaka , TAKENAGA Hidenobu , SAKAMOTO Yoshiteru , URANO Hajime , OYAMA Naoyuki , MATSUNAGA Go , the JT-60 Team

    … In H-mode plasmas, χ<sub>φ</sub> … is smaller than that in L-mode plasmas under similar experimental conditions. … , in H-mode plasmas. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research (3), S1007-S1007, 2008


  • Density limit in discharges with high internal inductance on JT-60U

    H. Yamada , H. Takenaga , T. Suzuki , T. Fujita , T. Takizuka , Y. Kamada , N. Asakura , T. Tuda , M. Takechi , G. Matsunaga , R. Sakamoto , Y. Miura

    … High densities exceeding the Greenwald limit by a factor of 1.7 have been obtained in L-mode discharges with high internal inductances of elli as high as 2.8 in JT-60U. …

    Nuclear Fusion (Vol.47), pp.1418-1424, 2007-10-01


  • Welding Characteristics of a 27kHz Large Capacity Ultrasonic Complex Vibration Source Using a Complex Vibration Disk  [in Japanese]

    TSUJINO Jiromaru , AOYAMA Tohru , KARATSU Ryohei , UEOKA Tetsugi

    先に曲げ振動円盤により40および27kHzのボルト締めランジュバン型PZT縦振動子(BLT)6本を集積した複合振動源を構成して振動特性およびアルミニウム板等の溶接特性につき検討した。更に振動容量を増加させ振動特性を向上させるために、27kHzの直径40mmの正極性および逆極性駆動用BLT縦振動子各3本を用い駆動用変成器を省略した複合振動源を構成し、振動特性および溶接特性について検討した。複合振動源 …

    IEICE technical report 106(543), 7-12, 2007-02-21

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  • Study of Edge Plasma Characteristics at H-mode Transition in Heliotron J


    … Characteristics of spontaneous transition to a high confinement mode (H-mode) have been studied in a helical-axis heliotron device, Heliotron J. … The probability distribution function for the fluctuations has a tail structure in the L-mode phase, while the tail is suppressed and its direction is reversed after the transition, which may be related to the suppression of edge-plasma turbulence. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research (2), S1059-S1059, 2007


  • 2608 Corrosion damage evaluation of pipes using a thin film ultrasonic sensor  [in Japanese]

    CHO Hideo , MATSUO Takuma , TERATANI Fumihiro , TAKEMOTO Mikio

    … We are now successful in detecting the L-mode wave reflected by the dish-shaped defects with average wall reduction less than 1.1%. …

    The proceedings of the JSME annual meeting 2007.1(0), 529-530, 2007


  • Development and Operation of Mimamori Network System for Elders in Kawai Village, Iwate Prefecture  [in Japanese]

    YONEDA Tae , OGAWA Akiko , SASAKI Jun , YONEMOTO Kiyoshi , FUNYU Yutaka

    パーソナルコンピュータユーザ利用技術協会論文誌 16(3), 31-38, 2006-03-01

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  • 岩手県川井村における高齢者見守りネットワークシステムの構築と運用  [in Japanese]

    米田 多江 , 小川 晃子 , 佐々木 淳 [他]

    Personal computer literacy 31(3), 31-38, 2006-03

  • Study of Edge Transport Barrier Formation on CHS Plasma

    MINAMI Takashi , NAGAOKA Kenichi , YOSHINUMA Mikiro , SUZUKI Chihiro , YOSHIMURA Yasuo , TOI Kazuo , NISHIURA Masaki , OHSHIMA Shinsuke , NARUHIRO Zenzo , IGUCHI Harukazu , NISHIMURA Shin , OKAMURA Shoichi , SHIMIZU Akihiro , MATSUOKA Keisuke , TAKAHASHI Chihiro , AKIYAMA Tsuyoshi , ISOBE Mitsutaka , OHISHI Tetsutaro , NAKANO Haruhisa , IDA Katsumi , FUJISAWA Akihide , NAKAMURA Kiichiro

    … An edge transport barrier (ETB) similar to the tokamak H-mode has been observed for beam-heated plasma with two co-injected Neutral Beam Injectors (NBIs) in CHS. … emission showed a clear spontaneous drop followed by an increase of line-averaged electron density at the L-H transition. … A rapid density increase in the edge region to two-times level of the L-mode was observed to accompany a ˜ …

    Plasma and Fusion Research (1), 032-032, 2006


  • 28pUD-15 A model of Filament and L-mode scaling  [in Japanese]

    Nishino Nobuhiro

    Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan 61.1.2(0), 222, 2006


  • Relation between the Oxygen Contents in the Neutral Beam and in the Core Plasma in JT-60U  [in Japanese]

    NAKANO Tomohide , KOIDE Yoshihiko , HONDA Atsushi , UMEDA Naotaka , AKINO Noboru , HIGASHIJIMA Satoru , TAKENAGA Hidenobu , KUBO Hirotaka

    … In L-mode plasmas, the confinement time of the oxygen ions originating from the neutral beam is estimated to be 0.5 s, and is longer than that of the deuterium ions ( 0.3 s ). …

    Journal of Plasma and Fusion Research 81(9), 708-716, 2005-09-25

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