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  • Global solvability of the free-boundary problem for one-dimensional motion of a self-gravitating viscous radiative and reactive gas

    Umehara Morimichi , Tani Atsusi

    Proceedings of the Japan Academy Ser. A Mathematical Sciences 84(7), 123-128, 2008-07

  • A Diagnostic Formulation for Wave-Mean Flow Interactions and Lagrangian-Mean Circulation with a Hybrid Vertical Coordinate of Pressure and Isentropes

    Iwasaki Toshiki

    有限振幅•非地衡風の意味で、波動•平均流相互作用及びラグランジュ平均子午面循環を解析する方法が提案される。このスキームでは等温位面で帯状平均した気圧を鉛直座標に用いる。各変数の帯状平均場は等温位面上で荷重平均され、この荷重は等温位面問の大気質量に比例する。運動方程式•連続方程式及び熱力学方程式は Andrews & McIntyreによる変形されたオイラー平均 …

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II 67(2), 293-312, 1989


  • Lagrangian and Minimal Currents for Multi-Local Hadron Fields in the Ur-Citon Scheme

    Shin ISHIDA , Jun OTOKOZAWA , Department of Physics and Atomic Energy Research Institute College of Science and Engineering Nihon University , Department of Physics and Atomic Energy Research Institute College of Science and Engineering Nihon University

    … First Lagrangian formalism is developed. … Finally similar consideration is given for the usual type of multi-local fields whose center-of-mass coordinate is determined from the ones of constituent points. …

    Progress of Theoretical Physics 53(1), p217-236, 1975-01


  • On the Space-Time Formulation of Non-Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

    Izuru FUJIWARA , Department of Physics University of Osaka

    … For the case of the quantization of the usual non-relativistic classical Lagrangian function quadratic in the velocity the validity is demonstrated of the non-canonical space-time formulation of quantum mechanics proposed recently by the author, which aims to evaluate, without appealing to the Schrodinger equation, the transformation function K(x, t" ; … In the first place the action function corresponding to the above Lagrangian is expanded in power of the interval of time T=t"-t´. …

    Progress of theoretical physics = Progress of theoretical physics 21(6), 902-918, 1959-06-25


  • On the Equation of Horizontal Stability and Some Criticisms on Ertel's Equation

    Sakuraba S.

    … is the Lagrangian coordinate and directed towards the north pole.<br>In Ertel's theory is assumed the conservation of pressure in horizontal virtual displacement and this is the very reason why the term -<i>U</i><sub>0</sub>∂<i>f</i>/∂<i>b</i> … Helmholtz in his theory of air mass ring, it is reasonable to assume the conservation of angular momentum and potential temperature in virtual displacement on the rotating earth. …

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II 20(1), 16-18, 1942


  • A proposal of the flow element method for large deformation and flow problems of a continuum.  [in Japanese]

    KIYAMA Hideo , FUJIMURA Hisashi , NISHIMURA Tsuyoshi

    DEMの基本である運動方程式の陽形式時間差分による逐次解法を活かして, 各要素の自由な大変形を許しながら要素間の連続性を保持し, 全体としての大変形から流動までを解析できる手法'流動要素法'を提案する. その特徴は, 要素分割や節点力の誘導はFEMに習い, これにより生じる節点力の不平衡を解消する方向に, 質量を有する節点が運動方程式に従って運動する過程をDEMと同様の手法により解析するところにあ …

    Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshu 1991(439), 63-68, 1991

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  • Effective Theory Approach to the Skyrme Model and Application to Pentaquarks

    HARADA Koji , MITSUNARI Yohei , YAMASHITA Nao-aki , Department of Physics Kyushu University , Department of Physics Kyushu University , Department of Physics Saga University

    … From the most general chiral Lagrangian up to and including terms of order p^4, N_c and δm^2 (δm≡m_s-m), new interactions, which have not been previously considered, appear upon collective coordinate quantization. … The formula for the decay widths is reconsidered, and its baryon mass dependence is clarified. …

    Progress of Theoretical Physics 113(6), 1315-1366, 2005-06-25

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