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  • Bounding linear rainfall-runoff models with fractional derivatives applied to a barren catchment of the Jordan Rift Valley

    Unami Koichi , Fadhil Rasha M , Mohawesh Osama

    … Firstly, a pair of linear autoregressive models with exogenous input (ARX models) is identified to tightly bound each runoff time series using the simplex method of linear programming. … Then, a linear fractional differential equation is determined to approximate each linear ARX model, which restricts the perturbation of the actual causal relationship between rainfall intensity and runoff discharge. …

    Journal of Hydrology (593), 2021-02


  • Static Output-Feedback Controller Synthesis for Linear MIMO Positive Delay Systems

    Zhang Xiaoyan , Ohara Atsumi

    … <p>The static output-feedback controller synthesis problem is investigated in this paper for linear MIMO positive delay systems. … Furthermore, the control gain can be easily obtained by linear programming (LP) approach. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems 141(6), 727-734, 2021


  • Modeling and Solution Algorithm for Project Scheduling Problem considering Man-hour under Uncertainty  [in Japanese]

    KITAMURA Takumi , SHIINA Takayuki

    … される.資源の投入数を増加することによって,所要時間は短縮される.さらに資源の投入数の増加に伴い,作業にかかる費用は増加する.このような問題は,時間費用トレードオフ問題 (The Time/Cost Trade-off Problem) と呼ばれる.本研究では,時間と費用の関係が反比例の関係にあると仮定する.作業の所要時間が確率変数によって定義されるような曲線型時間費用トレードオフ問題に対して,確率計画法による定式化と …

    Journal of Japan Industrial Management Association 72(1), 37-45, 2021


  • Multicast Routing Model to Minimize Number of Flow Entries in Software-Defined Network

    KOTACHI Seiki , SATO Takehiro , SHINKUMA Ryoichi , OKI Eiji

    … We formulate the proposed model as an integer linear programming (ILP) problem. … In addition, we develop a heuristic algorithm which can be used when the ILP problem cannot be solved in practical time. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E104.B(5), 507-518, 2021


  • Optimal Position and Attitude Control of Quadcopter Using Stochastic Differential Dynamic Programming with Input Saturation Constraints

    Satoh Satoshi , Saijo Hironori , Yamada Katsuhiko

    … Subsequently, the position and attitude control is formulated as a nonlinear stochastic optimal control problem with input saturation constraints. … To solve this problem, a continuous-time stochastic differential dynamic programming (DDP) method with input saturation constraints is newly proposed. …

    Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics 33(2), 283-291, 2021


  • An Enhanced HDPC-EVA Decoder Based on ADMM

    ZHENG Yujin , LIN Yan , ZHANG Zhuo , ZHANG Qinglin , XIA Qiaoqiao

    … <p>Linear programming (LP) decoding based on the alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM) has proved to be effective for low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes. … The former problem makes the check polytope projection extremely complex, and the latter one leads to poor frame error rates (FER) performance. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences, 2021


  • Design of a district heating network based on the linear heat density  [in Japanese]

    FURUBAYASHI Takaaki , NAKATA Toshihiko

    … <p>This study aims to develop a design methodology for district heating network based on linear heat density. … In the previous study, district heating systems including network were designed by applying mixed integer linear programming (MILP), however, number of demands was small because MILP takes long computational time. … In this study, we have designed a district heating network design as a spanning tree problem, and have analyzed it based on Prim's algorithm. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 87(895), 20-00290-20-00290, 2021


  • Economic Benefits of Solar Photovoltaics and Battery Systems at Customer Side studied via Screening Curve Method  [in Japanese]

    Hoshino Hikaru

    … While the SCM has been known as an intuitive model to estimate the least-cost expansion of generation capacity in a bulk power system, this paper applies it to the problem of optimal sizing of PV and battery systems at customer side. … The accuracy of calculated results by the developed method is verified by comparing with the results obtained by a linear programming model. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Power and Energy 141(3), 247-254, 2021


  • Equilibria in an Oligopolistic Electricity Retail Market with Price-based Demand Responses  [in Japanese]

    Sekizaki Shinya , Nishizaki Ichiro , Hayashida Tomohiro

    … An equilibrium problem with equilibrium constraints (EPEC) is formulated by using the MPECs of all the retailers. … The equilibria are efficiently identified by solving a mixed-integer linear programming problem, that is converted from the non-convex EPEC including complementarity conditions. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems 141(3), 315-325, 2021


  • Game-Theory Modeling of Multicolor LED-Based VLC Systems under Smart Interference

    HWANG Yu Min , SIM Isaac , SUN Young Ghyu , CHO Ju Phil , KIM Jin Young

    … We formulate the smart interference problem based on a Stackelberg game and propose an optimal response algorithm to overcome the interference by optimizing transmit power and sub-color channel allocation. … The proposed optimization algorithm is composed with Lagrangian dual decomposition and non-linear fractional programming to have stability to get optimum points. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E104.A(3), 656-660, 2021


  • Minimax Design of Sparse IIR Filters Using Sparse Linear Programming

    NAKAMOTO Masayoshi , AIKAWA Naoyuki

    … First, we formulate the design problem as a linear programing problem without imposing any stability condition. … Subsequently, we reformulate the design problem by altering the error function and prepare several possible denominator polynomials with stable poles. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences, 2021


  • Heuristic Approach to Distributed Server Allocation with Preventive Start-Time Optimization against Server Failure

    YANASE Souhei , MASUDA Shuto , HE Fujun , KAWABATA Akio , OKI Eiji

    … We formulate the proposed model as an integer linear programming (ILP) problem. … We prove the NP-completeness of the considered problem. … As the number of users and that of servers increase, the size of ILP problem increases; … the computation time to solve the ILP problem becomes excessively large. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications, 2021


  • A harvested power-oriented SWIPT scheme in MIMO communication systems with non-linear harvesters

    CHEN Yan , LIU Chen , QIAN Mujun , HUANG Yu , SUN Wenfeng

    … As all variables are coupled to some extent, the problem is non-convex and hard to solve. … To deal with this non-convex problem, an iterative optimization method is proposed. … Non-linear sum-of-ratios programming is used to solve the transferred objective function. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications, 2021


  • Annual simulations of output curtailment to ensure fairness among WFs  [in Japanese]

    菅原 大知 , 斎藤 浩海 , 和山 亘 , 佐々木 和人

    電気学会研究会資料. PSE = The papers of Technical Meeting on "Power Systems Engineering", IEE Japan 2020(57・59-64・98-100・102-114), 35-40, 2020-09-24

  • Annual simulations of output curtailment to ensure fairness among WFs  [in Japanese]

    菅原 大知 , 斎藤 浩海 , 和山 亘 , 佐々木 和人

    電気学会研究会資料. PE 2020(52・54-59・93-95・97-109), 35-40, 2020-09-24

  • Optimization Approach to Minimize Backup Capacity Considering Routing in Primary and Backup Networks for Random Multiple Link Failures

    Soudalin KHOUANGVICHIT , Nattapong KITSUWAN , Eiji OKI

    … The optimization problem examined here employs robust optimization to provide probabilistic survivability guarantees for different link capacities in the primary network. … The proposed approach formulates the optimization problem as a mixed integer linear programming (MILP) problem with robust optimization. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E103.B(7), 726-735, 2020-07-01


  • A novel method for inference of chemical compounds of cycle index two with desired properties based on artificial neural networks and integer programming

    Zhu Jianshen , Wang Chenxi , Shurbevski Aleksandar , Nagamochi Hiroshi , Akutsu Tatsuya

    … Recently, a novel method has been proposed for this inference problem using both artificial neural networks (ANN) and mixed integer linear programming (MILP). … In this paper, we significantly extend the framework and present a new method for the inference problem for rank-2 chemical compounds (chemical graphs with cycle index 2). …

    Algorithms 13(5), 2020-05


  • On Complementary Duals—Both Fixed Points—

    Iwamoto Seiichi , Kimura Yutaka , Fujita Toshiharu

    … We consider a quadratic minimization (primal) problem with both fixed endpoints and its associated maximization (dual) problem from a view point of complementarity. … We focus on a pair of linear terms, which generates the respective quadratic functions (sums of squares) through an elementary inequality. … The condition turns out to be a linear system of 2n-equation in 2n-variable. … The solution is also given by dynamic programming. …

    Bulletin of the Kyushu Institute of Technology. Pure and applied mathematics = Bulletin of the Kyushu Institute of Technology. Pure and applied mathematics (67), 1-28, 2020-03-31


  • Fast value iteration: an application of Legendre-Fenchel duality to a class of deterministic dynamic programming problems in discrete time

    Carpio Ronaldo , Kamihigashi Takashi

    … We propose an algorithm, which we call 'Fast Value Iteration' (FVI), to compute the value function of a deterministic infinite-horizon dynamic programming problem in discrete time. … FVI is an efficient algorithm applicable to a class of multidimensional dynamic programming problems with concave return (or convex cost) functions and linear constraints. …

    Journal of Difference Equations and Applications 26(2), 209-222, 2020-02-01


  • Virtual network function placement and routing for multicast service chaining using merged paths

    Kiji Narumi , Sato Takehiro , Shinkuma Ryoichi , Oki Eiji

    … The MSC-M model is formulated as an integer linear programming (ILP) Problem. … We prove that the decision version of VNF placement and routing problem based on the MSC-M model is NP-complete. … A heuristic algorithm is introduced for the case that the ILP problem is intractable. …

    Optical Switching and Networking (36), 2020-02


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