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  • Evaluation of inhomogeneous magnetic anisotropy by Local Ferromagnetic Resonance with Laser  [in Japanese]

    齊藤 悠一

    東北大学電通談話会記録 89(2), 22-23, 2021-03-04


  • Nanostructure Distribution and Strengthening Mechanisms in the Interface Regions of Al–Zn/Al–Mg Multilayered Composites

    Lin Shan , Okuda Hiroshi , Matsumoto Katsushi , Yamaguchi Masahiro , Sato Kazufumi

    … Microstructural parameters obtained from the SAXS analysis were used to explain the local hardness change in the interface area. … TEM imaging was used with the same projection of SAXS to analyze the various shapes of the precipitates to explain the anisotropy in the 2-dimensional scattered intensity measured via SAXS. …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 62(5), 603-609, 2021


  • Estimation of Lankford Coefficients of Austenitic and Ferritic Stainless Steels using Mean Grain Orientations from Micro-texture Measurements

    Kodukula Suresh , Manninen Timo , Porter David

    … <p>A new method to calculate the plastic anisotropy r-values of austenitic and ferritic stainless steels has been developed. … The present method can be used to estimate local differences in r-values in ferritic stainless steels showing the local variations in texture responsible for ridging.</p> …

    ISIJ International 61(1), 401-407, 2021


  • Open Quantum Dynamics Theory of Spin Relaxation: Application to μSR and Low-Field NMR Spectroscopies

    Takahashi Hideaki , Tanimura Yoshitaka

    … We demonstrate the present theory to analyze μSR and low-field NMR spectra, as an extension of the Kubo–Toyabe theory focusing on the effects of temperature and anisotropy of a local magnetic field on spectra, to help further the development of these experimental means. …

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 89(6), 2020-06-15


  • Direction and symmetry transition of the vector order parameter in topological superconductors CuxBi2Se3

    Kawai T. , Wang C. G. , Kandori Y. , Honoki Y. , Matano K. , Kambe T. , Zheng Guo-qing

    … However, the angle at which the Hc2 becomes minimal is different by 90° among them, which indicates that the d-vector direction is different for each crystal likely due to a different local environment. … Surprisingly, the in-plane Hc2 anisotropy disappears, indicating that the gap symmetry undergoes a transition from nematic to isotropic (possibly chiral) as carrier increases. …

    Nature Communications (11), 235, 2020-01-13


  • Outcrop of the Miocene Mizunami Group at the construction site of the Togari-Tsukiyoshi City Road in Akeyo-cho, Mizunami City, Japan  [in Japanese]

    Ando Yusuke , Hoshi Hiroyuki

    … Measurements of the anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) suggest that a paleocurrent direction was NE–SW or NW–SE with an unknown upstream direction for the stratigraphic horizon just above the Togari/Yamanouchi boundary. …

    Bulletin of the Mizunami Fossil Museum 47(0), 111-123, 2020


  • Stress Intensity Factor of Surface Cracks in Anisotropic Tension Coil Springs  [in Japanese]

    NAKASONE Yuji , MURANUSHI Kazunori

    … <p>In this study, 3D finite element analyses have been made on the stress intensity factors for semi-elliptic surface cracks in tension coil springs of generally anisotropic materials in order to investigate the effects of elastic anisotropy on the correction factors, <i>F<sub>i</sub></i> …

    Transactions of Japan Society of Spring Engineers 2020(65), 91-100, 2020


  • An Attempt to Change Mechanical Properties in Local Area of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Thin-walled Tube Using Mechanical Twinning  [in Japanese]

    ZHAO Xinming , SHIMIZU Ichiro , USHIRO Kodai , WADA Akira , KITAGAWA Haruna , NAKAI Kenji

    … Magnesium alloy generally has plastic anisotropy in mechanical properties due to hexagonal close-packed lattice structure and large differences among critical resolved shear stress of slip and twin systems. …

    Journal of the Japanese Society for Experimental Mechanics 20(2), 131-138, 2020


  • The Function of Co in Co-substituted M-type Ferrites: <sup>59</sup>Co-NMR Study  [in Japanese]

    NAKAMURA Hiroyuki

    … <p>The uniaxial magnetic anisotropy of the magnetoplumbyte-type (M-type) hard ferrite magnet is improved by the substitution of small amount of Co for Fe. … site is responsible for the enhancement in the uniaxial anisotropy, demonstrating that the control of the Co occupation site is essentially important in the Co-doped M-type ferrite. …

    Journal of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy 67(2), 78-83, 2020


  • First-Principles Calculation of Curie Temperature Tuning in <i>L</i>1<sub>0</sub>-Type FePt by Element Substitution of Mn, Cu, Ru, and Rh

    Kota Y.

    … For the theoretical evaluation of <i>T</i><sub>C</sub>, a disordered local moment approach based on the coherent potential approximation was employed. … was observed for FePt where some Pt was substituted by Ru, while a large uniaxial magnetic anisotropy constant on the order of 10<sup>7</sup> …

    Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan 44(1), 1-4, 2020


  • Meridional Distribution of Middle-Energy Protons and Pressure-Driven Currents in the Nightside Inner Magnetosphere: Arase Observations

    Imajo S. , Nosé M. , Kasahara S. , Yokota S. , Matsuoka A. , Keika K. , Hori T. , Teramoto M. , Yamamoto K. , Oimatsu S. , Nomura R. , Fujimoto A. , Shinohara I. , Miyoshi Y.

    … We examined the average meridional distribution of middle‐energy protons (10–180 keV) and pressure‐driven currents in the nightside (20–04 hr magnetic local time) ring current region during moderately disturbed times using the Arase satellite's data. … The pressure anisotropy, derived as the perpendicular pressure divided by the parallel pressure minus 1, decreased with radial distance and showed a weak dependence on MLAT. …

    Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 124(7), 5719-5733, 2019-07-23


  • Manipulability analysis of a snake robot without lateral constraint for head position control

    Ryo Ariizumi , Motoyasu Tanaka

    … In addition to the examination of local properties using the concept of manipulability, we discuss the effect of isotropic friction as a global property. … It is well known that, at least empirically, a snake robot needs anisotropy in friction to move by serpentine locomotion if there are no objects for it to push around. …

    Asian Journal of Control, 1-17, 2019-05-01


  • Direct Electric Field Imaging of Atomistic Graphene Defects  [in Japanese]


    … <p>Atomistic structure defects such as impurity or vacancy could influence on materialsʼ properties, and therefore it is important to investigate the local atomic structures. … Here, we show that atomic-resolution differential phase contrast imaging in scanning transmission electron microscopy is able to directly visualize the anisotropy of single Si atomic electric fields in monolayer graphene. …

    Nihon Kessho Gakkaishi 61(4), 231-236, 2019


  • Micro- and Nanostructural Characteristics of Rat Masseter Muscle Entheses

    Arakawa Keitaro , Matsunaga Satoru , Nojima Kunihiko , Nakano Takayoshi , Abe Shinichi , Yoshinari Masao , Sueishi Kenji

    … The present study aimed to clarify aspects of masseter muscle-tendon-bone morphological characteristics and local load environment through quantitative analysis of biological apatite (BAp) crystallite alignment and collagen fiber orientation together with histological examination of the entheses. … This indicates that the local mechanical environment generates differences in enthesis morphology. …

    Journal of Hard Tissue Biology 28(4), 365-370, 2019


  • Spin-polarized STM study of non-collinear magnetic coupling in layerwise antiferromagnetically coupled Mn(001) ultrathin films due to Fe alloying  [in Japanese]

    Kosuge Yutaro , Yamada Toyo Kazu

    <p>強磁性・反強磁性膜界面での層間磁気結合による交換バイアスは、磁気抵抗メモリー等に利用されるが原理は不明である。我々は、超高真空・極低温・スピン偏極・走査トンネル顕微鏡(STM)を用いて、Fe(001)上のMn(001)膜のスピン偏極電子状態密度を計測した。層間反強磁性結合のMn(001)を、470Kで製膜すると一部で非線形結合を観察した。Fe合金による異方性によると考える。< …

    Abstract book of Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science 2019(0), 2P28S, 2019


  • Analysis of Anisotropic Plastic Properties of Perforated Sheet Metal Using Homogenization Method  [in Japanese]

    TAKIZAWA Hideo , SAKAI Tatsuya

    … However, regarding the non-proportional loading path, the AFR may not be applicable in certain cases because the distribution patterns of the strain rate around the holes depend on the history of local work hardening.</p> …

    Journal of the Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity 60(704), 262-267, 2019


  • Effects of inherent anisotropy on G0 of unsaturated sand

    Le B. N. , Toyota H. , Takada S.

    … <p>Inherent anisotropy, resulted from sediment process, is an important aspect when considering the behavior of sandy soils. … In this research, the influences of inherent anisotropy on G0 were investigated by conducting a series of triaxial tests employed both local small strain (LSS) measurement technique and bender element (BE) method. …

    Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication 7(2), 102-109, 2019


  • Local Strain Dependence of Uniaxial Magnetic Anisotropy in M-type Ferrites

    Inoue J. , Nakamura H. , Yanagihara H.

    … <p>  We study the magnetic anisotropy (MA) of magnetoplumbite (M)-type ferrites by calculating the electronic structure of clusters formed with an Fe<sup>3+</sup> … mixing between the Fe and O ions and local lattice distortion are crucial to understand the MA of M-type ferrites. … ions demonstrate the importance of local lattice distortion on MA. …

    Transaction of the Magnetics Society of Japan Special Issues 3(1), 12-18, 2019


  • Study on Finite Strain Measurements using Image Analysis:(Effect of Deformation Histories in Pre-deformation of Shear on Progression of Local Deformation during Tensile Deformation)  [in Japanese]

    加藤 保之

    … Taking advantage of Natural Strain theory in to the image analysis, the purpose of this study is to make clear effects of changes in the material, such as strain hardening, on the progress of local deformation under large deformation. … In the present study, in order to elucidate effects of changes of material property on the progress of local deformation, the local deformation during the tensile deformation is investigated by using the test pieces, which are preliminary applied the shear deformation. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2018(0), G0300405, 2018


  • Development of birefringence confocal laser scanning microscope  [in Japanese]

    OHKUBO Shinya

    … <p>Optical microscope is often used for evaluation of optical materials and biological samples in local regions for a long time. … In particular, in order to evaluate the optical anisotropy of the sample, a microscope using a polarization element such as a polarization microscope is used. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2018(0), 2A1-I14, 2018


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