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  • Basic investigation of antimicrobial action related to antioxidant effects of Listerine<sup>®</sup> Natural Care mouthwash using electron spin resonance spectroscopy  [in Japanese]


    … <p>Mechanical plaque control using a toothbrush is sometimes very difficult in elderly individuals who require long-term care. … Chemical control using a safe and effective mouthwash is expected to be useful in the treatment and prevention of oral infection. …


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    SUZAWA Shiori , ARAI Nobuyuki , IWASA Akihiko , KURONO Hiroyasu , OTSUKI Toshio , IMOTO Saori

    …  After the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, Japanese government supplied over 50,000 units of temporary housings. … And residential environment was built in temporary housing due to long-term evacuation such as new friends and places for daily use. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (750), 1391-1401, 2018-08


  • Tokyo Electric Power Company Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident and public health

    Kunugita Naoki , Shimura Tsutomu , Terada Hiroshi , Yamaguchi Ichiro

    <p>日本では,2011年 3 月11日に発生した東日本大震災に伴う東京電力福島第一原子力発電所事故により,地震,津波,原発事故という未曾有の複合災害を経験した。事故直後より強制的な避難が強いられ,自治体のつながりがなくなるなど非常に困難な日々が続いている現実も残されている。本特集では,これらの課題に公衆衛生の視点で幅広く議論することを試みた。</p><p>事故 …

    Journal of the National Institute of Public Health 67(1), 2-10, 2018

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  • An investigation of long-term effects of flood by typhoon No. 9 2009 in Sayo, Hyogo  [in Japanese]

    Watanabe Satoshi , Kimura Masaomi , Nishihara Yukinaga , Gomyo Mie , Noda Keigo , Noda Shinichiro

    豪雨災害が中山間地に与える長期的な影響について理解することは,中山間地域の持続可能性や国土管理のあり方を考慮する上で極めて重要である.本研究では2009年8月に発生した台風9号により兵庫県佐用町で発生した豪雨災害に関する長期的な影響を調査した.本邦において毎年のように発生する豪雨災害への適切な対策を考えるためには,災害が社会にもたらす影響を正確に把握することが不可欠である.豪雨災害の影響としては, …

    Proceeding of Annual Conference 30(0), 20, 2017


  • TERRITORIALITY AND OPENNESS OF HOUSING SPACE IN ALLEY-SPACE:A study on long-term changes of territoriality Part 4  [in Japanese]

    FUJITANI Hidetaka , KOBAYASHI Hideki

    …  <b>Introduction</b><br> The changes of territoriality in low-rise and high-rise housings were revealed by the research so far. … However, these subjects of research are apartment buildings, the territoriality in existing residential area in which there are many types of resident is not cleared. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 82(732), 311-319, 2017


  • Natural disasters and dynamics of "a paradise built in hell": a social network approach

    Kotani Hitomu , Yokomatsu Muneta

    … Solnit (In A paradise built in hell: The extraordinary communities that arise in disaster. … Penguin 2010) notes that it is often the case that immediately after a disaster occurs, voluntary mutual help motivated by altruism among the victims is observed. … She names this phenomenon "a paradise built in hell." Subsequently, it has been pointed out that "a paradise built in hell" has the potential to reform existing social institutions in the long term. …

    Natural Hazards 84(1), 309-333, 2016-10


  • Dynamic Response of Tall Buildings on Sedimentary Basin to Long-Period Seismic Ground Motion

    Fukuwa Nobuo , Hirai Takashi , Tobita Jun , Kurata Kazumi

    … <p>Characteristics of long-period seismic ground motion and response of tall buildings are investigated in this paper to promote earthquake proof countermeasures considering the damage caused by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. … 3D finite difference method and the reciprocal theorem are used to examine the effect of sedimentary basin structures on seismic wave amplification. …

    Journal of Disaster Research 11(5), 857-869, 2016


  • Settlement and Mobility after the Great East-Japan Earthquake::Reconstructing Local Identity

    URANO Masaki

    … experiences of people affected by the tsunami just after the Great Earthquake which attacked especially one of the most depopulated areas in Japan show a lot of problems of evacuation for aged and/or handicapped people.<BR>    There the percentage of aged people over 65-year-old was much higher than the average throughout the country, and the death rate of aged people caused by the tsunami was …

    The Annals of Japan Association for Urban Sociology 2016(34), 7-24, 2016


  • Disaster Management in Coastal Tourism Destinations: The Case for Transactive Planning and Social Learning

    Nguyen David , Imamura Fumihiko , Iuchi Kanako

    … Due to its intrinsic scenery, many tourism destinations are located in areas that are exposed to various natural hazards such as tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and high winds. … In particular, coastal tourism presents numerous risks unique to the tourism sector due to differences in the type of vulnerabilities faced by tourists compared to other types of communities. …

    International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development 4(2), 3-17, 2016

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  • Holocene Crustal Movement in the Kesennuma Okawa Plain, Southern Sanriku Coast, Northeast Japan, Estimated from Coastal Geology  [in Japanese]

    NIWA Yuichi , SUGAI Toshihiko , MATSUSHIMA Yoshiaki

    …  The Sanriku coast was believed to have followed an uplifting trend in the geological time-scale on the basis of it being a flat surface interpreted as a Pleistocene marine terrace. … On the contrary, geodetic and tide-gauge data show a rapid trend of this area subsiding during the last several decades. … The discrepancy between long-term uplift and short-term subsidence has been pointed out by several researchers, but remains unresolved. …

    Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi) 124(4), 545-560, 2015


  • Special Issue on Challenges of Earthquake Forecast Research Illuminated by the 2011 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake

    Hirata Naoshi , Kato Aitaro

    … <p>The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake, hereafter referred to as Tohoku-Oki earthquake, occurring off northeastern Japan's Pacific coast on March 11, 2011 had a moment magnitude of 9.0 and generated a tsunami responsible for most of the deaths of the event's 19,000 victims. …

    Journal of Disaster Research 9(3), 247-247, 2014


  • The Mental Care after a Radioactive Accident(Assistance Programs of the Great East Japan Earthquake)  [in Japanese]

    Minoshita Seiko

    JCO臨界事故後の調査,住民ケアの経験,文献研究により,今後の被曝後のケアに役立つ知見をまとめた.被曝事故後の反応としては,自然災害時と同様の反応と異なる反応が起こる場合がある.さらに,大規模人為災害の特徴に加えて,見えない災害(invisible)の特徴を兼ね備え,そのうえに放射線事故の特徴が加わる.見えない災害では,不安は,空間的・時間的・心理的に広がる特徴が顕著であり,情報への不信感がその不 …

    Japanese Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine 52(5), 381-387, 2012

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  • Holistic Care for Loss and Grief Resulting from Disasters(Assistance Programs of the Great East Japan Earthquake)  [in Japanese]

    Murakami Noriko

    筆者は,阪神・淡路大震災の1年後に神戸赤十字病院に新設された心療内科に赴任し,15年間にわたり復興期の被災者の心身医学的ケアに携わってきた.また,新潟県中越地震で救護班として活動した経験を通して,被災者には身体的・精神的・社会的・スピリチュアルな「全人的なケア」が,急性期から慢性期・復興期にわたって必要とされるものだと考えるに至った.災害とはまさしく同時多発的な喪失体験である.特に今回の東日本大震 …

    Japanese Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine 52(5), 373-380, 2012

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  • Municipality's measures to large scale natural disasters out of view of infectional disease prevention : differences due to experiences suffering earthquake or not  [in Japanese]

    Kamase Masayuki , Tokita Kazutaka

    日本は地震大国であり、いつ大規模災害が起こってもおかしくない状況にある。被災経験のない熊本市と、1995年に阪神淡路大震災を経験した神戸市における大規模自然災害時の感染症予防に関する取り組みについて、それぞれの担当者に聞き取り調査を行い、各自治体の対策の違いを比較した。両市の対策における大きな違いは、次の3項目であった。1)備蓄物資の保管場所とその内容:神戸市は備蓄物資の約半数を避難所に保管してい …

    The journal of Kyushu University of Nursing and Social Welfare 12(1), 59-67, 2010

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  • The Flood Disaster and Relief Activities against It in 1931 : The Case History of Hubei, Anhui and Henan Provinces  [in Japanese]

    Yue Qianhou , Uchida Tomoyuki

    … This article analyzes a social history of the natural disaster. … In the summer of 1931 the huge disaster occured in areas along Chang jiang river in Hubei province and areas along Huanghe and Huaihe river in Henan and Anhui provinces. … How about the effects? … How was the long-term reconstruction of affected areas carried out? …

    The journal of Daito Asian studies (8), 75-92, 2008-03


  • The Effects of Micro Credit and Transactions of Farmland Management Right on Diversification of Disaster Risk in China

    YOKOMATSU Muneta , YU Wei-Bin , OKADA Norio


    京都大学防災研究所年報 (50), 161-169, 2006


  • nvestigation of Response by Citizens of Reconstruction and Promotion Plans in Shimabara District  [in Japanese]

    KIMURA Takurou , TAKAHASHI Kazuo , INOGUCHI Keisuke , NAKAMURA Shozo

    … The volcanic eruption of Mt. Fugen in Unzen stopped after five year's activity. … The long term volcanic disaster rendered severe bad effects on the local economy of the Shimabara area. … However, certain promotion measures such as volcanic sightseeing, improvement of living environment and neighborhood planning have also been left behind at present. …

    Journal of Japan Society for Natural Disaster Science 22(4), 387-401, 2004-02-29

    IR  NDL Digital Collections  References (17)

  • Regional Spillover Effects of Disaster Mitigation Investment:A Multi-Regional General Equilibrium Approach Taking Account of Natural Disaster Risk

    SHOJI Yasuaki , TATANO Hirokazu , OKADA Norio

    本研究では, 災害による被害として資本と道路の損傷を取り上げ, 災害リスク下の2地域一般均衡モデルを構築し,(1) 災害による被害の短期的な波及構造、(2) 事前になされた防災投資による災害リスクの変化の長期的効果を産業構造や均衡パターンの違いに着目して分析した. その結果, 両地域の産業構造や交易パターンによっては, 防災投資は混雑等集積の不経済を生じ長期的には必ずしも均衡効用水準を改善しないが …



  • Study on Consciousness about Reconstruction and Promotion Plans of Inhabitants of Fukae Town Suffered by Volcanic Disaster of Mt. Fugen in Unzen  [in Japanese]

    TAKAHASHI Kazuo , ITO Yoshinobu , NISHIMURA Hiroshi

    … Volcanic eruption of the Fugendake in Unzen stopped after five year's activity. … The long-term volcanic rendered severe bad effects on the local economy of Fukae Town. … The present paper investigates consciousness of inhabitants of Fukae Town about reconstruction and promotion plans by questionnaire survey. …

    Journal of Japan Society for Natural Disaster Science 00019(00002), 165-176, 2000-08-31

    IR  NDL Digital Collections  References (8) Cited by (1)

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