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  • Anatomical Increased/Decreased Changes in the Brain Area Following Individuals with Chronic Traumatic Complete Thoracic Spinal Cord Injury

    MURAYAMA Takashi , TAKAHAMA Kousuke , JINBO Kazumasa , KOBARI Tomoyoshi

    … Using longitudinal observation, anatomical changes in the brain may be used to determine the rehabilitation effect by comparing present cases with cases with cervical SCI or cases with incomplete palsy.</p> …

    Physical Therapy Research, 2021


  • Study on the Safety of Perinatal Medication  [in Japanese]

    Obara Taku

    Longitudinal Observation in Suzuki Memorial Hospital on Intrauterine Period (BOSHI) study, the JECS, and the Tohoku Medical Megabank (TMM) Birth and Three-Generation (BirThree) cohort study was 6.3-18.0%. …

    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 141(4), 463-471, 2021


  • Hearing Preservation After Intratympanic Gentamicin Treatment for Meniere's Disease

    Ishizaki Hisayoshi

    … The differences in the hearing levels at the frequencies of 125, 250, and 500 Hz recorded before and after treatment were statistically significant (p<0.001).</p><p>The longitudinal follow-up conducted after the treatment did not show any worsening of the hearing levels or relapse of the vestibular symptoms. … Long-term observation after gentamicin treatment revealed stable hearing.</p> …

    Practica oto-rhino-laryngologica. Suppl. 156(0), 26-33, 2021


  • Adachi Child Health Impact of Living Difficulty (A-CHILD) Study: Research Protocol and Profiles of Participants

    Ochi Manami , Isumi Aya , Kato Tsuguhiko , Doi Satomi , Fujiwara Takeo

    … We have conducted two types of continuous survey: a complete-sample survey started in 2015 as a first wave study to target first-grade children in all public elementary schools in Adachi City, Tokyo, and a biennial fixed grade observation survey started in 2016 in selected elementary and junior high schools. …

    Journal of Epidemiology 31(1), 77-89, 2021


  • Long-term outcomes for Asian patients with X-linked hypophosphataemia : rationale and design of the SUNFLOWER longitudinal, observational cohort study

    Kubota Takuo , Fukumoto Seiji , Cheong Hae Il , Michigami Toshimi , Namba Noriyuki , Ito Nobuaki , Tokunaga Shin , Gibbs Yoshimi , Ozono Keiichi

    … the multiple negative aspects of XLH, Asian consensus statements for diagnosis and management are lacking.Methods and analysisThe Study of longitUdinal observatioN For patients with X-Linked hypOphosphataemic rickets/osteomalacia in collaboration With Asian partnERs study is a longitudinal observational cohort study of patients with XLH, designed to determine the medical characteristics and burdens (physical, emotional and financial) of this progressive disease and to evaluate the impact of …

    BMJ Open 10(6), e036367, 2020-06-29


  • Short-term Longitudinal Analysis of Hiragana Learning Processes among First Grade Japanese Elementary School Children  [in Japanese]

    川端 皐月 , 高橋 登

    本研究では,平仮名の読み書きについて個人差の大きい小学校1年生の時期に,子ども達がどのように平仮名の読み書きを学んで行くのか,また,教師はそれをどの様に支援するのかを,短期縦断的に,量的なデータと質的なデータを組み合わせることで分析した。大阪府内公立小学校1年生2クラス56名について,1学期の初めと2学期の終わりに平仮名の読みと書き,および音韻意識を測定し,あわせて1〜2学期中,両クラスの国語の授 …

    大阪教育大学紀要. 総合教育科学 = Memoirs of Osaka Kyoiku University 68, 163-178, 2020-02

    IR  DOI 

  • A Longitudinal Observation of a Child Exploring and Interacting with Musical Instruments  [in Japanese]

    伊原 小百合

    保育学研究 58(2・3), 229-240, 2020

  • Linking research and practice to community-based infant mental health approach : Challenges in Japanese babyhomes  [in Japanese]

    青木 紀久代

    乳幼児医学・心理学研究 = Japanese journal of medical and psychological study of infants 29(1), 35-40, 2020

    Ichushi Web 

  • A Case of Sporadic Abdominal Desmoid Tumor Causing Colon Diverticulitis and Perforation in a Patient Without a History of Abdominal Surgery  [in Japanese]

    Kono Hidetoshi , Sakamoto Eiji , Norimizu Shinji

    <p>症例は腹部手術歴のない38歳男性。上腹部痛を主訴に当院を受診しCT検査で横行結腸左側に42×40mm大の腫瘤を認めたが下部消化管内視鏡検査では腫瘍性病変を認めなかった。半年後に心窩部痛を主訴に当院を受診し,腫瘤の増大と周囲のfree airを認め消化管穿孔の診断で緊急開腹手術を施行した。横行結腸壁外の充実性腫瘤と膿瘍腔を認め結腸切除術を施行した。病理検査で腫瘤はデスモイド腫瘍であ …

    Nihon Fukubu Kyukyu Igakkai Zasshi (Journal of Abdominal Emergency Medicine) 40(5), 621-624, 2020


  • A video database of longitudinal observations of parent-child play with musical instruments: Overview of its design and perspectives  [in Japanese]

    Maruyama Shin , Ogino Misako , Moriuchi Hideo , Sawamizu Mao

    … Data were collected through longitudinal observations of 30 parent-child pairs who interactively played with musical instruments (e.g., a small glockenspiel) during the first four years of the children. …

    Cognitive Studies: Bulletin of the Japanese Cognitive Science Society 27(4), 595-606, 2020


  • An Application of the Growth Curve Model to a Spatial Temporal data  [in Japanese]

    Satoh Kenichi

    <p>本稿では,位置情報を持つ個体において経時測定データが観測されている場合に,時間と空間の交互作用項を持つ成長曲線モデルを適用することを試みる.位置や時間の基底について考え,それぞれを固定した場合の時間軸上の予測曲線あるいは空間上の予測曲面に関する同時信頼区間を与える.また,交互作用項,特に空間に関する基底数を減らすための工夫として局所的な成長曲線モデルの適用も考える.そして,それら …

    Ouyou toukeigaku 49(2), 71-84, 2020



    WATANABE Mikihisa , UDA Takaaki , KOBAYASHI Akio , NOSHI Yasuhito

    <p> 中津干潟に面した三百間砂州と,沖縄本島南西端の糸満市名城海岸のリーフを調査対象として,干潟とリーフ縁辺部に形成されている砂州の縦断形と底質粒度組成の岸沖分布を測定した.その上で粒径を考慮したBGモデルによる縦断形変化計算を行った.この結果,リーフ海岸では単一粒径に応じた平衡勾配を有する縦断形が形成されること,一方,干潟縁辺部の海浜では粒度組成に応じて定まる縦断勾配に依存した安定 …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. B2 (Coastal Engineering) 76(2), I_523-I_528, 2020



    UDA Takaaki , SHINODA Matsuyo , OHNO Fuminori , KAINUMA Masashi

    <p> 2019年10月12日,台風19号が静岡県に上陸し,遠州灘に面した竜洋海岸にも高波浪が作用した.その際,竜洋海岸に設置された1~5号離岸堤の下手1.6kmに位置する6号離岸堤の下手側の,浜幅が狭い区域において著しい侵食が発生し,堤防(土堤)の大半が削り取られ,堤内地で浸水が起きた.本研究では,台風後の2019年10月29日に侵食の著しい磐田市鮫島地区(保安林区域)で現地調査を行 …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. B3 (Ocean Engineering) 76(2), I_324-I_329, 2020


  • Classification of Twin Arrangements in Butterfly Martensite Grains and Analysis of Relationship between Twin Arrangement and Butterfly Wing Angle in Medium-Carbon Steel

    Niho Takayoshi , Nambu Shoichi , Nagato Keisuke , Nakao Masayuki

    … The observation results show that twins pile up along the longitudinal or width direction in a butterfly wing. … We also proposed a method to estimate the substructure patterns using data from the electron backscatter diffraction measurement without TEM observation. … In the most common butterfly grains, twins pile up in the longitudinal direction in one wing and in the width direction in the other wing, and the wing angle is obtuse. …

    ISIJ International 60(9), 2075-2082, 2020


  • (11)The Nail Story in Four-dimension:―Dots and Lines―  [in Japanese]

    Murata Yozo

    <p>爪器官の構造に沿って色素性病変を理解するためには,教科書的記載の範囲では不十分である。 <b>2 </b>次元的には,爪床・遠位爪母の縦列するアーケード様構造,近位爪母の樹木状構造の理解が必須である。 爪母で産生される爪甲は,より近位の爪母からはより表層の爪甲が,より遠位の爪母からはより深層の爪甲が産生される。このため,爪甲の異常,特に色素性病変は < …

    Hifu no kagaku 19(2), 65-89, 2020


  • A Case of Strangulated Ileus With Torsion of the Neck of Meckel's Diverticulum  [in Japanese]

    Takao Tomoya , Ueno Yu

    <p>症例は15歳の男児.腹痛を主訴に前医を受診し,汎発性腹膜炎の診断で当院へ紹介された.身体所見で腹膜刺激症状を認め,腹部CT検査で腹水とclosed loopを形成した絞扼性イレウスと診断した.さらに,回腸から連続し口側が狭窄した先端が盲端の管腔構造を認め,絞扼性イレウスを伴ったMeckel憩室茎捻転の診断で緊急手術を施行した.全身麻酔下に臍縦切開にて腹腔鏡で観察すると,回盲部から …

    Journal of the Japanese Society of Pediatric Surgeons 56(4), 421-425, 2020

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Longitudinal changes in arthrogryposis multiplex congenita by interactions between the child and the environment  [in Japanese]

    NISHIZAKI Miho , KITAMURA Koji , MOTOMURA Yoichi , YAMANAKA Tatsuhiro , NISHIDA Yoshifumi

    <p>先天性多発性関節拘縮症(Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, AMC) は,先天性非進行性の関節拘縮による関節可動制限と運動障害を主症状とする。300を超える様々な病態から成り,これまで定義づけが困難とされてきた。さらに,有病率は研究によって異なるが,罹患者が少なく,治療が長期にわたる難病であることから,治療を受けられる医療施設が限られているのが …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2020(0), 3C1OS23a03-3C1OS23a03, 2020


  • Usefulness of Wood's Lamp for the Diagnosis and Treatment Follow-up of Onychomycosis

    Sato Tomotaka , Asahina Yasuhiko , Toshima Susumu , Yaguchi Takashi , Yamazaki Kazuto

    … Clinical signs of onychomycosis are longitudinal yellow and white striae on the nail plate and are diagnosed by KOH direct microscopic examination. … This method is simple and quick, and useful for nail observation in dermatology clinics. …

    Medical Mycology Journal 61(2), 17-21, 2020


  • Micromachining of polycrystalline CVD diamond-coated cutting tool with femtosecond laser

    LIU Xiaoxu , NATSUME Kohei , MAEGAWA Satoru , ITOIGAWA Fumihiro

    … From the observation of a scanning electron microscope, the tool edge processed by femtosecond laser PLG has a relatively sharp edge, with a radius of curvature around 1 μm, similar to that of a nanosecond laser. … The nanosecond laser-processed surface has obvious longitudinal machining marks while that of the femtosecond laser has ablated debris. …

    Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing 14(4), JAMDSM0059-JAMDSM0059, 2020


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