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  • Decentralized Event-Triggered Control of Composite Systems Using M-Matrices

    FUKUDA Kenichi , USHIO Toshimitsu

    … In this paper, we propose a design of ETMs for the decentralized event-triggered control of nonlinear composite systems using an M-matrix. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E101.A(8), 1156-1161, 2018


  • Black-colored silica-rich veins in the Tetori Group from the southern Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan  [in Japanese]

    Morishita Tomoaki , Soda Yusuke , Arai Shoji , Wakimoto Rie , Mizuta Toshio , Ishiyama Daizo , Sato Hinako

    … The Black-colored Rocks are composed of angular lithic clasts in a fine-grained (<10-50 µm) matrix. … The matrix of the Black-colored Rocks consists mainly of very fine-grained quartz (usually 10 µm in size) with minor amounts of feldspar, maghemite, and unidentified carbon-bearing fine-grains. …

    The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan 122(11), 617-623, 2016


  • AutoMT, a library for tensor operations and its performance evaluation for solid continuum mechanics applications

    KAWAI Hiroshi , SATOH Kohmei , YUSA Yasunori , UOMOTO Takayuki , SHIOYA Ryuji , OKADA Hiroshi

    … AutoMT stands for "Auto (Automation)"-"M (Matrix)"-"T (Tensor)" and is a kind of DSL (Domain Specific Language). …

    Mechanical Engineering Letters 1(0), 15-00349-15-00349, 2015


  • Influence of Filler Incorporation on Mechanical Properties for Polypropylene/Elastomer/Filler Ternary Composite  [in Japanese]

    HIKASA Shigeki , KOUKA Kouichi

    … 平均粒子径0.12から20 µmのCaCO<sub>3</sub>を用いた.弾性率はエラストマー量とともに低下し,フィラー量とともに上昇した.これは,従来の研究による結果を支持していた.衝撃強度に関しては特異な挙動が見られた.ポリマーが明らかに脆性破壊を起こす場合,ほとんどのフィラーが衝撃強度を向上させた.ポリマーが延性破壊を起こす場合,粒子径3.0 µm以上のフィラーは衝撃強度 …

    KOBUNSHI RONBUNSHU 71(6), 263-271, 2014


  • S1120103 A Symbolic Calculation Method for Internal Forces of a Redundantly Actuated Parallel Robot  [in Japanese]

    HARADA Takashi

    … The internal forces of the redundantly actuated parallel manipulators are calculated from the null space of the transposed Jacobian matrix (TJM). … For the parallel manipulators with greater redundancy, the system with n×m TJM has been divided into n×(n+1) sub mechanisms. … In this paper, the internal forces of redundantly actuated parallel manipulators of n×m TJM are directory derived without using sub mechanisms. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2014(0), _S1120103--_S1120103-, 2014


  • Basic Reproductive Ratio for Epdiemic Models (Review)  [in Japanese]

    住田 正憲 , 梶原 毅

    … All results for non-negative matrices and non singular M-matrices which we need in the denition of the basic reproductive ratio and the proof of the threshold theorem are also presented. …

    岡山大学環境理工学部研究報告 Journal of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology, Okayama University 17, 1-6, 2012-03

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  • Generating Stable and Sparse Reluctance/Inductance Matrix under Insufficient Discretization

    TANJI Yuichi , WATANABE Takayuki

    … This paper presents generating stable and sparse reluctance/inductance matrix from the inductance matrix which is extracted under insufficient discretization. … To generate the sparse reluctance matrix with guaranteed stability, the original matrix has to be (strictly) diagonally dominant M matrix. …

    IEICE Transactions on Electronics 93(3), 379-387, 2010-03-01

    J-STAGE  References (12)

  • Numerical Verificaton of Solution of Linear Registive Circuit  [in Japanese]

    OISHI Shin'ichi , NISHI Tetsuo , NAKAYA Yusuke

    … 線形抵抗回路がハイパードミナント行列を用いて記述されるとき,この行列はM-行列となることを示し,これを利用した効率的な動作点の精度保証付き数値計算法を提案する. …

    IEICE technical report. Nonlinear problems 108(389), 171-172, 2009-01-15

    References (1)

  • Numerical Verificaton of Solution of Linear Registive Circuit  [in Japanese]

    OISHI Shin'ichi , NISHI Tetsuo , NAKAYA Yusuke

    … 線形抵抗回路がハイパードミナント行列を用いて記述されるとき,この行列はM-行列となることを示し,これを利用した効率的な動作点の精度保証付き数値計算法を提案する. …

    IEICE technical report. Circuits and systems 108(388), 171-172, 2009-01-15

    References (1)

  • Influenza in Animals  [in Japanese]

    SAITO Takehiko , TAKEMAE Yoshihiro , UCHIDA Yuko

    … 一方,人のインフルエンザは,インフルエンザA型,B型,C型ウイルスによるもので,それぞれの型はウイルスのNP(Nucleoprotein),MMatrix)蛋白の抗原性によって区別される。 …

    Journal of Veterinary Epidemiology 13(1), 71-75, 2009

    J-STAGE  JASI  Ichushi Web 

  • Analysis of control design method based on LMI approach and M-matrix approach  [in Japanese]

    Hashimoto Tomoaki , Amemiya Takashi

    … れ不確定システムのロバスト安定化手法に関する既存の結果を大きく2つに分類することができる.1つは安定化条件が不確定変動幅に依存する結果と、もう1つは安定化条件が不確定変動幅に依存しない結果である.本稿では、前者の安定化条件に基づいた制御系設計法の代表例としてLMI手法を挙げ、後者の安定化条件に基づいた設計法としてM行列手法を例に挙げ、双方の制御系設計法の特徴の違いを考察したい. …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Institute of Systems, Control and Information Engineers SCI08(0), 306-306, 2008


  • Delay independent Stability on Abstract Cauchy Problem

    Hashimoto Tomoaki , Amemiya Takashi , Fujii Hironori

    … Nagelらは線形むだ時間システムを抽象時間遅れ微分方程式で定式化し,Banach束上の非負半群の性質を用いて,むだ時間非依存の安定条件を導出している.一方で,雨宮らは有限次元の関数空間において,M行列の性質を利用したむだ時間非依存の安定条件を導出している.本研究の目的は、有限次元において両者の条件が等価であることを示すことである. …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Institute of Systems, Control and Information Engineers SCI06(0), 61-61, 2006


  • Analysis of global exponential stability and periodic solutions of neural networks with time-varying delays

    HUANG He , HO Daniel W. C. , CAO Jinde

    Neural Networks 18(2), 161-170, 2005-03-01

    References (38) Cited by (1)

  • An M-matrix based Efficient Algorithm for Model Predictive Control of Input Constrained Linear Systems  [in Japanese]

    SAITOU Yutaka , IMURA Jun-ichi

    計測自動制御学会論文集 40(9), 906-914, 2004-09-30

    References (8) Cited by (1)

  • A Note on the Comparison of Two Rows (Columns) of the Inverse of an M-matrix; An Elaboration of Metzler's Mehod


    Studies in Regional Science 33(2), 61-67, 2003


  • Global stability of neural networks with distributed delays

    CHEN Yuming

    Neural Networks 15(7), 867-871, 2002-09-01

    References (13) Cited by (1)

  • A Fast AMG Solver for Linear Systems with A Real Symmetric H- Coefficient Matrix  [in Japanese]

    Mifune Takeshi , Iwashita Takeshi , Shimasaki Masaaki

    … The algebraic multigrid (AMG) method is known as a robust solver for the linear system of equations with positive definite symmetric M-matrix. … In this paper, it is proved that we can transfer the given H-matrix problem to a M-matrix problem and that all results as to the convergence of the AMG method for M-matrices also hold for H-matrices. …

    Transactions of the Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics 12(2), 169-188, 2002

    J-STAGE  References (10) Cited by (1)

  • On the Number of Solutions for a Class of Piecewise-Linear Equations Related to Transisitor Circuits

    JITSUMATSU Yutaka , NISHI Tetsuo

    We show some results concerning the number of solutions of the equation y + Ax = b(y^Tx = 0, y ≥ 0, x ≤ 0) which plays a central role in the dc analysis of transistor circuits. In particular, we …

    IEICE Trans. on Fundamentals, A 84(9), 2221-2229, 2001-09-01

    References (8) Cited by (1)

  • On the Design of Linear Transformation Layers for SPN Structures  [in Japanese]

    KANDA Masayuki , TAKASHIMA Youichi , MATSUMOTO Tsutomu , AOKI Kazumaro , OHTA Kazuo

    … -Network)構造における線形変換層の構成法について検討する.具体的には,線形変換層を有限体 GF(2) 上の m× m 行列として表現することによって,差分解読法や線形解読法に対して耐性を有し,かつ効率的な実装が可能となるような線形変換層の構成法を提案する.さらに,m=8 の場合について,このアルゴリズムを用いた線形変換層の分岐数が5となる最適な線形変換層の構成例を …

    Transactions of Information Processing Society of Japan 42(8), 2087-2097, 2001-08-15

    IPSJ  References (25)

  • Global stability analysis in delayed Hopfield neural network models

    ZHANG Jiye , JIN Xuesong

    Neural Networks 13(7), 745-753, 2000-09-01

    References (23) Cited by (8)

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