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  • Factors associated with successful publication of research abstracts presented at the Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists annual meetings 2015-2017: a bibliometric analysis

    Ono Yuko , Saito Masafumi , Shinohara Chiaki , Shinohara Kazuaki , Inoue Shigeaki , Kotani Joji

    Background: Publication in a scientific journal is the desired outcome of the research cycle. However, previous anesthesiology research has not thoroughly examined factors predictive of subsequent pub …

    Signa Vitae 17(3), 85-94, 2021-05-08


  • Transcription Factor MTF-1 Involved in the Cellular Response to Zinc  [in Japanese]

    Otsuka Fuminori

    … To investigate the intracellular actions of heavy metals at the molecular level, I have been exploring protein factors involved in induction of metallothionein (MT) genes by heavy metals that specifically bind to a metal responsive element (MRE) in the region upstream of the human <i>MT-IIA</i> … Purification of a zinc-dependent MRE-binding factor, and cloning of its cDNA identified a sequence identical to that of metal-responsive transcription factor-1 (MTF-1). …

    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 141(6), 857-867, 2021


  • Pharmacological characteristics and clinical study results of Selexipag (Uptravi<sup>®</sup> tablets), a selective prostacyclin receptor agonist  [in Japanese]

    Kuwano Keiichi , Kosugi Keiji , Fuchikami Chiaki , Funaki Shunji

    … 効能又は効果とする.セレキシパグを経口投与すると,生体内でMRE-269に変換され,MRE-269の血漿中濃度は長時間維持される.このMRE-269が選択的なIP受容体アゴニスト作用を示し,血管弛緩作用や平滑筋細胞の増殖抑制作用を発揮する.ラット摘出肺動脈標本を用いた血管弛緩作用の検討では,MRE-269は肺葉内及び肺葉外のいずれの肺動脈を用いても高い弛緩作 …

    Folia Pharmacologica Japonica 156(3), 178-186, 2021


  • Recognition of Image One Feature Point Using Convolutional Neural Networks

    Hori Miki , Jincho Makoto , Hori Tadasuke , Sekine Hironao , Kato Akiko , Ueno Atsuko , Kawai Tatsushi

    … The loss function was the mean radial error (MRE) between the training and output data. …

    Journal of Hard Tissue Biology 30(2), 161-164, 2021


  • Optimization of External Driver Amplitude in Magnetic Resonance Elastography of the Liver: Relationship between Appropriate External Driver Amplitude and Indicators of Physical Constitution  [in Japanese]

    Mori Naoto , Nakagawa Sadahiro , Iwata Kunihiro

    … <p><i>Purpose</i>: Magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) of the liver was performed to examine the appropriate external driver amplitude according to the physique of the subject and the index useful for determining the physique. … <i>Methods</i>: For 60 subjects who underwent MRE examination, we measured the unmeasurable elastic modulus area in the liver based on the stiffness map obtained from MRE. …

    Japanese Journal of Radiological Technology 77(3), 263-271, 2021


  • Monitoring of disease activity in inflammatory bowel disease -balloon assisted endoscopy and MR enterography-  [in Japanese]

    OHTSUKA Kazuo , KITAZUME Yoshio , TAKENAKA Kento

    … かったり,癒着などのために深部挿入が困難な場合がある.MR enterography(MRE)は被曝がなく,低侵襲に腸管病変のみならず管外病変も評価でき有用である.狭窄性病変の検出には限界があり,CTに比し複雑で長時間の撮像が必要である.スコアリングの簡略化や,拡散強調画像といった簡便な方法も検討されている.BAEとMREは予後予測にも有用である.その他,小腸癌はまれだがCDは危険因子であり …

    Nippon Shokakibyo Gakkai Zasshi 118(3), 212-220, 2021


  • Model Reverse-Engineering Attack against Systolic-Array-Based DNN Accelerator Using Correlation Power Analysis

    YOSHIDA Kota , SHIOZAKI Mitsuru , OKURA Shunsuke , KUBOTA Takaya , FUJINO Takeshi

    … We call these physical model extraction attacks model reverse-engineering (MRE) attacks to distinguish them from attacks on cloud services. … Power side-channel analyses are often used in MRE attacks to reveal the internal operation from power consumption or electromagnetic leakage. … Previous studies, including ours, evaluated MRE attacks against several types of DNN processors with power side-channel analyses. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E104.A(1), 152-161, 2021


  • Innovation of imaging techniques in NAFLD/NASH  [in Japanese]

    海老澤 佑 , 米田 正人 , 今城 健人 , 小川 祐二 , 野上 麻子 , 永井 康貴 , 本多 靖 , 留野 渉 , 斉藤 聡 , 中島 淳

    消化器・肝臓内科 = Gastroenterology & hepatology 7(5), 424-431, 2020-05

    Ichushi Web 

  • UBC13-Mediated Ubiquitin Signaling Promotes Removal of Blocking Adducts from DNA Double-Strand Breaks

    Akagawa Remi , Trinh Hai Thanh , Saha Liton Kumar , Tsuda Masataka , Hirota Kouji , Yamada Shintaro , Shibata Atsushi , Kanemaki Masato T. , Nakada Shinichiro , Takeda Shunichi , Sasanuma Hiroyuki

    MRE11 nuclease is essential for efficient removal of Topoisomerase II (TOP2)-DNA adducts from TOP2 poison-induced DSBs. … However, mechanisms in MRE11 recruitment to DSB sites in G1 phase remain poorly understood. … We found that this ubiquitin signaling is required for efficient recruitment of MRE11 onto DSB sites in G1 by facilitating localization of RAP80 and BRCA1 to DSB sites and complex formation between BRCA1 and MRE11 at DSB sites. …

    iScience 23(4), 2020-04-24


  • Development of a Growth Forecast Model in Japanese Radish Harvested in Autumn to Winter and Evaluation of the Impact of Global Warming  [in Japanese]

    髙田 敦之 , 太田 和宏 , 草野 一敬 , 岡田 邦彦

    … 根部乾物重及び根部生体重(規格品)の予測精度は,各々相対誤差平均(MRE)17%及び20%であった。 …

    神奈川県農業技術センター研究報告 = Bulletin of the Kanagawa Agricultural Technology Center (164), 1-10, 2020-03


  • ATM and PRDM9 regulate SPO11-bound recombination intermediates during meiosis

    Paiano Jacob , Wu Wei , Yamada Shintaro , Sciascia Nicholas , Callen Elsa , Paola Cotrim Ana , Deshpande Rajashree A. , Maman Yaakov , Day Amanda , Paull Tanya T. , Nussenzweig André

    … Following MRE11 nuclease removal of SPO11, the DSB is resected and loaded with DMC1 filaments for homolog invasion. … We propose that SPO11-RI forms because chromatin-bound PRDM9 asymmetrically blocks MRE11 from releasing SPO11. … In Atm–/– spermatocytes, trapped SPO11 cleavage complexes accumulate due to defective MRE11 initiation of resection. …

    Nature Communications (11), 2020-02-12


  • 基本の基本 診断編 : MREによるクローン病評価  [in Japanese]

    竹中 健人 , 北詰 良雄 , 大塚 和朗

    IBDクリニカルカンファレンス = Inflammatory bowel disease clinical conference 2(1), 17-19, 2020-02

    Ichushi Web 

  • On the reduction of the noise and vibration in a vehicle cabin by the broad band frequency-tunable dynamic absorber using Magneto-Rheological Elastomer  [in Japanese]

    NAITO Takumi , TERASHIMA Osamu , ENDO Hiroshi , SUGIOKA Kenichi

    … A magneto-rheological elastomer (MRE) that can change the relative stiffness when an external magnetic field is applied was used to control the natural frequency of the movable mass of the absorber. … Results of preliminary performed experiments show that the vibration of an acrylic flat plate could be reduced automatically in the frequency range from 50 to 150 Hz with simple techniques to determine the strength of the magnetic field to be applied to the MRE by controlling the electric current applied to the coil. …

    The Proceedings of the Transportation and Logistics Conference 2020.29(0), 1402, 2020


  • Development of the Broad Band Frequency-tunable Dynamic Absorber Using Magneto-rheological Elastomer for the Noise and Vibration Reduction in Mechanical Systems

    NAITO Takumi , TERASHIMA Osamu

    … A magneto-rheological elastomer (MRE) that can change the relative stiffness when an external magnetic field is applied was used to control the natural frequency of the movable mass of the absorber. … In addition, the natural frequency and damping ratio of the absorber could be changed by adjusting the mixing ratio of materials to prepare MRE. …

    Advanced Experimental Mechanics 5(0), 169-177, 2020


  • Role of Metallothionein in Transcriptional Regulation by Metal-Responsive Element-Binding Transcription Factor 1

    Tanaka Yu-ki , Futami Yoshiaki , Fukumoto Yasunori , Suzuki Noriyuki , Ogra Yasumitsu

    … <p>Owing to the high metal binding affinity of metallothionein (MT), newly synthesized MT was speculated to attenuate the activity of metal-responsive element (MRE)-binding transcriptional factor 1 (MTF-1) by removing Zn from the activated MTF-1. … To investigate the potential role of MT in the inactivation of MTF-1, we examined the transcriptional levels of reporter and endogenous MRE-dependent genes using mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs) established from MT-knockout (KO) and wild-type (WT) mice. …

    BPB Reports 3(1), 22-27, 2020


  • クローン病のバルーン内視鏡による小腸粘膜治癒評価  [in Japanese]

    竹中 健人 , 齊藤 詠子 , 長堀 正和 , 土屋 輝一郎 , 渡辺 守 , 岡本 隆一 , 大塚 和朗 , 鈴木 康平 , 日比谷 秀爾 , 河本 亜美 , 清水 寛路 , 本林 麻衣子 , 福田 将義 , 藤井 俊光

    MREが同時に行われた782症例を対象とすると、MREで狭窄が指摘された196例のうち、86%でSBEでも検出できた一方、14%では病変まで挿入できなかった。 … MREでは狭窄が指摘されなかった586例のうち、SBEでは37%で狭窄を、12%で高度狭窄を認めた。 …

    Proceedings of the Japanese Society of Small Intestinal Disease 4(0), 55-55, 2020


  • The Basics of MR Elastography  [in Japanese]

    NUMANO Tomokazu

    … Magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) is a relatively new technology for quantitatively assessing the mechanical properties of tissues. … First, a brief overview of MRE is provided. … Second, the method of MRE is explained. … Finally, an example of psoas major MRE is introduced.</p> …

    Japanese Journal of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 40(3), 110-117, 2020


  • CpG site-specific regulation in mouse metallothionein-1 gene expression  [in Japanese]

    OGUSHI Shoko , KIMURA Tomoki

    … Mouse MT-1 gene transcription is regulated by metal response element (MRE)-binding transcription factor-1 (MTF-1), which is strongly recruited to the promoter in response to zinc. …

    Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology 47.1(0), P-213, 2020


  • Effects of flexi bar training model to health-related physical fitness in overweight adults

    Phanpheng Yanyong , Hiruntrakul Ashira

    … [Participants and Methods] Forty participants were randomly assigned to an experimental (20 participant performing flexi bar training model (FBT)) and control (20 participant performing moderate running exercise (MRE) group. … [Results] The result showed significant differences between FBT and MRE group. …

    Journal of Physical Therapy Science 32(8), 489-495, 2020


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