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  • 繊維束の接触・摩擦を考慮したドライファブリックのアイソジオメトリック均質化解析

    西 紳之介 , 寺田 賢二郎 , TEMİZER İlker

    … <p>With a view to application to micro-macro decoupled multiscale simulations, a method of isogeometric homogenization analysis (IGHA) is proposed to characterize the in-plane macroscopic material behavior of dry woven fabrics in consideration of microscopic frictional-contact between fiber bundles. …

    日本機械学会論文集 84(859), 17-00554-17-00554, 2018


  • 調和組織制御による革新的構造材料の創製

    飴山 惠 , 中谷 仁 , 川畑 美絵

    … <p>Harmonic Structure (HS) has a heterogeneous microstructure consisting of bimodal grain size together with a controlled and specific topological distribution of fine and coarse grains. … In other words, the HS is heterogeneous on micro- but homogeneous on macro-scales. … In the present work, the HS design has been applied to pure metals and alloys via SPD powder metallurgy process. …

    傾斜機能材料論文集 32(0), 1-6, 2018


  • 健康増進に関する調査研究の歴史的変遷 : ヘルスプロモーションの可視化

    下髙原 理恵 , 李 慧瑛 , 西本 大策 , 峰 和治 , 緒方 重光

    … PURPOSE: In this study, we sought to visualize the historical changes in health promotion policies in Japan and to identify issues surrounding them. … METHOD: We performed a search of open-access research articles on health promotion published by Foundation D, organized the articles into categories based on the four historical phases of Japan's national health promotion movement, and performed quantitative textual analysis on the content of each article. …

    鹿児島大学医学部保健学科紀要 = Bulletin of the School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Kagoshima University 27(1), 7-17, 2017-03-31

    機関リポジトリ 医中誌Web

  • オーステナイト系ステンレス鋼の粒界型応力腐食割れ発生挙動

    藤井 朋之 , 東郷 敬一郎 , 森 要太 , 島村 佳伸

    … <p>Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) is a degradation phenomenon induced by a combination of tensile stress and environment, and involves multiple processes ranging from micro (grain-sized) crack initiation to macro (millimeter-sized) crack coalescence and propagation. …

    M&M材料力学カンファレンス 2017(0), OS1610, 2017


  • トリプルスケール均質化法を用いた平織GFRP積層板のクリープ解析

    長岡 央磨 , 久保 凱 , 佐藤 仁彦 , 松田 哲也 , 荒井 政大

    … In the triple-scale homogenization method, first, an analysis model is defined, in which a plain-woven laminate is regarded as a macro structure, plain fabrics and a matrix as a meso structure, fibers and a matrix in fiber bundles as a micro structure. … Then, a nonlinear time-dependent homogenization theory is applied to the macro/meso and meso/micro problems, respectively. …

    M&M材料力学カンファレンス 2017(0), OS1003, 2017


  • 高分子系ダイナミクスのメソスケール構造粗視化モデルの構築

    畝山 多加志

    … <p>We review coarse-grained models of meso-scale structures for dynamics and rheology in polymeric systems. … Polymeric systems often exhibit hierarchically self-assmebled structures from micro-scale structures to macro-scale structures. … The rheological behavior of polymeric systems reflect the dynamics of hierarchical structures. …

    日本レオロジー学会誌 45(5), 217-223, 2017


  • 規範遵守行動を導く2つの評判:居住地の流動性と個人の関係構築力に応じた評判の効果

    岩谷 舟真 , 村本 由紀子

    … <p>This study investigated factors leading to normative behavior, focusing on residential mobility and reputation estimation. … As people in societies with high levels of residential mobility have many chances to build new relationships, it is important for them to establish positive reputations and extend their human resources. …

    社会心理学研究 33(1), 16-25, 2017


  • Fractal Characteristic Analysis of Multi-Source Information of Gas–Solid Two-Phase Flow in a Riser

    ZHOU Yunlong , ZHU Xiaoyu , QI Tianyu

    … Daubechies second order wavelet and Hilbert–Huang transform were used to decompose the original signals. … By combining the box–counting dimension algorithm theory and actual flow process, the fractal characteristic of two-source information sets were connected. …

    Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan 50(7), 476-484, 2017


  • 高強度・高靭性材料創製のための調和組織制御法に関する研究

    飴山 惠 , 太田 美絵

    … The harmonic structure has a heterogeneous microstructure consisting of bimodal grain size together with a controlled and specific topological distribution of fine and coarse grains. … In other words, the harmonic structure is heterogeneous on micro- but homogeneous on macro-scales. …

    粉体および粉末冶金 64(1), 3-10, 2017


  • 家計内資源配分の意志決定 : 家計内生産とコレクティブ・モデル (『「家計」・「市場」と経済学』特集)

    竹歳 一紀 , TAKETOSHI Kazuki

    … This paper briefly reviews major studies on household models with household production and collective choices. … Household production is considered to produce domestic services from domestic labor time and consumption goods. … For these reasons, the mechanism of intrahousehold resource allocation taking household production into account has not been perfectly modelled and verified. …

    経済科学 63(4), 13-18, 2016-03

    機関リポジトリ DOI

  • マクロ・シフトとミクロ・ドリフト

    落合 仁司

     落合仁司「社会と行為―コールマン・ボートとマクロ・ミクロ・リンク」『理論と方法』30(1)は,社会構造を多様体M,社会構造のシフトを双対境界作用素δ,相互行為を微分形式ω,相互行為のドリフトを微分作用素dで表現することにより,コールマン・ボートの微分幾何モデルを構成し,社会構造の圏,マクロ圏と相互行為の圏,ミクロ圏,すなわちマクロ・ミクロ・リンクが圏論的に同値であることを …

    理論と方法 31(1), 151-159, 2016


  • 高温域における酸化鉄塊成鉱の融液生成と気孔閉塞挙動ならびに被還元性

    川端 弘俊 , 岩城 陽三 , 小西 宏和 , 小野 英樹 , 碓井 建夫 , 竹内 栄一 , 内藤 誠章 , 西村 恒久 , 樋口 謙一

    …    Energy consumption and CO2 emission from the iron and steel industry in Japan are each 12.5% in comparison to them of the whole Japan. … Blast furnace process occupies a half of them in the iron and steel industry. … Improvement of gaseous reduction for iron ore agglomerates at high temperatures is very effective to decrease in energy consumption and CO2 emission from blast furnace. …

    実験力学 16(1), 20-27, 2016


  • Effect of micro soil properties on the macro behavior of a tunnel

    Song Ki-Il , Cho Gye-Chun , Lee Dae-Soo , Lee Sang-Hyun

    … Due to the differential weathering process, geological structure is sometimes unexpectable and contains high uncertainties in it. … Such micro heterogeneous geological system greatly affects macro tunnel behavior during and after construction, as well as in the long-term temporal responses. … Furthermore, the uncertainty and spatial variation of the geotechnical properties increase as the tunnel scale increases. …

    Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication 2(16), 625-629, 2016


  • J2210402 リアルタイムでの観察と荷重計測を可能とする微小試験片の曲げ試験システムの開発

    早川 直樹 , 土屋 健介 , 藤澤 竜太朗 , 柿内 利文

    … Recently, there has been many researches and practical applications of submillimeter-submicron order structure, including the MEMS. … In order to improve the reliability of these structures, it is important to clarify the micro-scale material properties. …

    年次大会 : Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2015, "J2210402-1"-"J2210402-4", 2015-09-13

  • J0310203 多結晶Ni基超合金における空孔拡散融合巨視力学による切り欠き近傍のクリープ損傷形成挙動解析

    安藤 明香里 , 横堀 壽光 , 大見 敏仁 , 田原 佑樹 , 杉浦 隆次

    … Polycrystalline Ni-base superalloys are used for turbine blades in power plants and jet engines. … In order to ensure safety in these systems, clarifying the behavior and mechanism of creep damage formation is highly in need. … Thus in this study, elastic-plastic-creep finite element analysis combined with vacancy diffusion analysis was conducted for polycrystalline Ni-base superalloy model in order to mechanically examine the creep damage formation behavior. …

    年次大会 : Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2015, "J0310203-1"-"J0310203-5", 2015-09-13

  • 日常の小さな風景 : 新興住宅地再生モデル

    岡本 祥史

    … Looking at the city, nothing changes from a macro viewpoint. … While from a micro viewpoint, you could feel the transition of time from the changes of the structure and the human's behavior and so on. …

    法政大学大学院紀要 デザイン工学研究科編 4, 2015-03-31


  • 社会と行為

    落合 仁司

     社会構造と個人行為の因果関係は,社会学の根本問題で在り続けて来た.いわゆるコールマン・ボートは,この社会構造と個人行為の因果関係を適切に図式化している.本論は社会構造を多様体で,個人行為を微分形式で表現することにより,コールマン・ボートの微分幾何モデルを構成する.このとき社会構造が個人行為を規定すると考える方法論的集合主義と,個人行為が社会構造を規定すると考える方法論的個人主義は,各々,社会構造 …

    理論と方法 30(1), 117-125, 2015


  • 確率的シミュレーションを用いたディスク状粒子濃厚分散系のコーティング流れの数値解析

    山本 剛宏 , 清水 智大

    … Slot coating flows of concentrated dispersion systems of disk-like particles were numerically analyzed using a computational method that couples finite element computations of macro flows of the dispersion systems and micro simulations of the orientation behavior of the particles. …

    日本機械学会論文集 81(823), 14-00539-14-00539, 2015