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  • Mesoscopic nature of serration behavior in high-Mn austenitic steel

    Hwang Sukyoung , Park Myeong-heom , Bai Yu , Shibata Akinobu , Mao Wenqi , Adachi Hiroki , Sato Masugu , Tsuji Nobuhiro

    … After 4 cycles of repeated cold-rolling and annealing process, a specimen with a fully recrystallized microstructure having a mean grain size of 2.0 μm was obtained. … Obtained results indicated that a unique strain localization behavior characterized by the formation, propagation and annihilation of deformation localized bands, so-called Portevin–Le Chatelier (PLC) bands, determined the global mechanical response appearing as serration on the stress-strain curve. …

    Acta Materialia (205), 2021-02-15



    鈴木 久美子 , 宮﨑 美砂子 , 石丸 美奈

    [要旨] 目的 : 地域包括支援センター(以下,地域包括)看護職がとらえている認知症高齢者の家族介護にかかわる課題とそれに対する支援方法を明らかにして,地域包括看護職の支援方法の特徴を考察する。方法 : 一県内の地域包括の看護職に対して半構成的面接調査を実施し,データを質的帰納的に分析した。結果 : 研究参加者は看護職5名(地域包括での平均勤務年数4.4年)であった。家族介護にかかわる課題は,家族 …

    千葉看護学会会誌 26(2), 23-32, 2021-02

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  • Sex‐ and time‐specific parental effects of warming on reproduction and offspring quality in a coral reef fish

    Rachel K. Spinks , Lucrezia C. Bonzi , Timothy Ravasi , Philip L. Munday , Jennifer M. Donelson

    … Such changes may be due to alterations in sex hormones or an endocrine stress response. … In nature, this could mean female fish developing during a marine heatwave may have enhanced reproduction and produce higher quality offspring compared with females developing in a year of usual thermal conditions. …

    Evolutionary Applications, 2021-01-13


  • Influence of the stage of emergency declaration due to the coronavirus disease 2019 outbreak on plasma glucose control of patients with diabetes mellitus in the Saku region of Japan

    Watanabe Takuya , Horigome Mitsuaki , Okada Shuichi , Yamada Masanobu , Temma Yuichi , Okada Junichi , Yamada Eijiro , Saito Tsugumichi , Okada Kazuya , Nakajima Yasuyo , Ozawa Atsushi , Takamizawa Tetsuya

    … Because patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) were forced to stay indoors during the state of emergency, resulting in stress and a lack of physical activity, concerns about their glycemic control were raised.</p><p><b>Patients and Methods:</b> …

    Journal of Rural Medicine 16(2), 98-101, 2021


  • Differentiation between Stroke Subtypes and the Causes of Monthly Variations: The Akita Stroke Registry

    Izumi Manabu , Suzuki Kazuo

    … monthly mean resting blood pressure (BP) at home and outdoor temperature measured by the Akita Meteorological Observatory in 2001. … Simple daily actions may be affected by cold stress. …

    Internal Medicine, 2021


  • Restoration's thickness and bonding tooth substrate are determining factors in minimally invasive adhesive dentistry

    Rocca Giovanni Tommaso , Baldrich Borja , Saratti Carlo Massimo , Delgado Luis Maria , Roig Miguel , Daher Rene , Krejci Ivo

    … The stress distribution for specimens with restorations of 0.5 mm and 2 mm was also investigated with FEA.<br><i>Results:</i> … For all specimens, the mean static loads in Newton increased with an increase in restoration thickness. …

    Journal of Prosthodontic Research, 2021


  • Development of a teacher-specific school stress model: examination of relationships between Stressors, Coping, Self-Efficacy and Stress Reactions in Japanese high school teachers

    Shimizu Yasuo

    … Therefore, this study is to develop a high school teacher-specific version of four stress-related scales, and to examine the hypothesis, based on the school stress model that stressors, self-efficacy, and coping predict teachers' stress reactions. … <b>【Methods】</b>The sample of this study included 368 Japanese high school teachers (248 male and 120 female, mean age=42.2, <i>SD</i>=8.2). …

    Journal of Health Psychology Research 33(Special_issue), 179-193, 2021


  • Fatigue Strength Estimation under Irregular Variable Combined Axial and Share Stresses  [in Japanese]


    … The stress amplitude, mean stress, and principal stress direction change in the stress waveform of the tests. … This is thought to be because the stress range of each path is calculated to be smaller by the Wang-Brown method and larger by the Dong method in the stress waveform converted into Euclidean coordinates.</p> …

    Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan 70(3), 250-257, 2021


  • Relationship between Flow Properties and Elastic Stresses of Dilute and Ultra-Dilute Polymer Solutions Passing through Small Apertures

    Ushida Akiomi , Sato Taisuke , Narumi Takatsune , Hasegawa Tomiichi

    … Furthermore, to understand the experimental results, elastic stress was determined from the JT. … The calculated elastic stress depended on the mean velocity. …

    Nihon Reoroji Gakkaishi 49(1), 29-39, 2021


  • Effects of pre-exercise mineral-containing supplemention on oxidative stress markers, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism  [in Japanese]

    Namura Saki , Tataka Yusei , Kamemoto Kayoko , Nagayama Chihiro , Hamada Yuka , Miyashita Masashi

    … <p>Little is known regarding the effects of mineral-containing supplemention on oxidative stress markers, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in response to an acute bout of exercise in humans. … The present study investigated whether prior mineral-containing supplemention can improve oxidative stress status and how this supplementation influences on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism after a single bout of cycling in young men. …

    Japanese Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine 70(2), 139-148, 2021


  • Endovascular Treatment for Lateral Wall Paraclinoid Aneurysms and the Influence of Internal Carotid Artery Angle

    SUGIYAMA Natsuki , FUJII Takashi , YATOMI Kenji , TERANISHI Kosuke , OISHI Hidenori , ARAI Hajime

    … The mean ICA angle in the incomplete occlusion group was significantly larger than in the CO group (<i>P</i> … The degree of flexion of the ICA may contribute to the level of hemodynamic stress on the aneurysm, its morphology, and the embolization effect.</p> …

    Neurologia medico-chirurgica, 2021


  • Effects of Unilateral Arm Warming or Cooling on the Modulation of Brachial Artery Shear Stress and Endothelial Function during Leg Exercise in Humans

    Miura Kohei , Kashima Hideaki , Morimoto Marina , Namura Saki , Yamaoka Endo Masako , Oue Anna , Fukuba Yoshiyuki

    … We examined the effect of modulating the shear stress (SS) profile using forearm warming and cooling on subsequent endothelial function in the brachial artery (BA) during exercise. … The BA diameter and blood velocity were simultaneously recorded using Doppler ultrasonography to evaluate the antegrade, retrograde, and mean shear rates (SRs, an estimate of SS) before, during, and after exercise. …

    Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis 28(3), 271-282, 2021


  • An experimental study on the equilibrium boundary layer subjected to favourable pressure gradient (Effect of pressure gradient on law of the wall)  [in Japanese]

    HIKITA Yudai , SUZUKI Hiroki , KAMEDA Takatsugu , MOCHIZUKI Shinsuke

    … The wall shear stress was measured by three methods, which are direct measurement, Preston tube and Sublayer plate. … A modified log-law considered the effects of the inertia and pressure gradient terms in the boundary layer equation gives better representation for the mean velocity profile subjected to favorable pressure gradient at finite Reynolds number. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 87(894), 20-00394-20-00394, 2021


  • Prediction of turbulent helicity and evaluation of Reynolds stress in the Ekman boundary layer  [in Japanese]

    KOYAMA Shoji

    <p>流体工学で用いられる典型的な乱流モデルである<i>k - ε</i><sub> </sub>モデルは,平均量を算出するに際し渦粘性係数を乱流エネルギー<i>k</i><sub> </sub>とその散逸率<i> ε</i><sub> </sub& …

    SEISAN KENKYU 73(1), 23-28, 2021


  • Modelling convective turbulence with a double-averaging procedure  [in Japanese]

    YOKOI Nobumitsu

    <p>プルームに代表される時間・空間的に局在した流れ構造は,対流の乱流輸送で大きな役割を占める.対流乱流での質量,運動量,エネルギー輸送を,時間平均と空間平均とからなる二重平均の操作を用いて考察する.二重平均操作で,場の量は時空平均(時間平均を空間平均したもの),分散ゆらぎ(時間平均量の時空平均からのずれ),乱雑ゆらぎ(時間ゆらぎ)に分解される.平均場の方程式に現れるレイノルズ応力など …

    SEISAN KENKYU 73(1), 29-36, 2021


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Blood Flow Changes during the Growth of Saccular Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm  [in Japanese]

    Murakami Masanori , Jiang Fei , Kageyama Nobuyasu , Chen Xian

    <p>囊状腹部大動脈瘤の成長過程における数値流体力学解析を行った。CT画像を用い3次元形状モデルを作成。汎用熱流体解析ソフトウェアを用い壁面せん断応力,平均流速,平均圧力,エネルギー損失,圧力損失係数を計算した。瘤拡大に伴い平均流速は低下,壁面せん断応力,平均圧力,エネルギー損失,圧力損失係数は上昇した。壁面せん断応力は瘤径の小さい時点から上昇しており,動脈瘤の発生,成長に関与している …

    The Journal of Japanese College of Angiology 61(2), 3-10, 2021


  • The effect of occlusal splints on the mechanical stress on teeth as measured by intraoral sensors

    Tanaka Yuto , Yoshida Toru , Ono Yoshiaki , Maeda Yoshinobu

    … Whether it is possible to prevent mechanical stress on teeth via an occlusal splint remains to be clarified. … mean age 25.7 years) were enrolled in this study. …

    Journal of Oral Science 63(1), 41-45, 2021



    TERANISHI Masaki

    … Many neural network constitutive models have been proposed by many researchers, where their inputs are the current total strain and past variables, and their output is the current stress. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (778), 1565-1573, 2020-12


  • Transition of dominant deformation mode in bulk polycrystalline pure Mg by ultra-grain refinement down to sub-micrometer  [in Japanese]

    Zheng Ruixiao , Du Jun-Ping , Gao Si , Somekawa Hidetoshi , Ogata Shigenobu , Tsuji Nobuhiro

    … Eventually, grain boundary mediated plasticity, i.e., grain boundary sliding became dominant in the ultrafine-grained (UFG) specimen having a mean grain size smaller than 1 μm. … It was quantitatively confirmed by detailed microstructural observation and theoretical calculation that the change in strength and ductility arose from the distinct grain size dependence of the critical shear stress for activating different deformation modes. …

    Acta Materialia (198), 35-46, 2020-10


  • Physical Health of Mothers of Children with Hearing Loss

    Yokogawa Masami , Notoya Masako , Hatakeyama Saeko , Inoue Katsumi , 横川 正美 , 能登谷 晶子

    … Parents, particularly mothers, of children with disabilities often experience mental stress. … Various interventions have been used to reduce stress and increase support. … As regular physical activity/exercise is beneficial for various health conditions, it could reduce stress in mothers. … Participants were 10 mothers of children with hearing loss (mean age: mothers: 36.7 ± 3.3 years). …

    Total Rehabilitation Research (8), 1-12, 2020-06-30

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