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  • Synthesis of solvent-free conductive and flexible cellulose-carbon nanohorn sheets and their application as a water vapor sensor

    Paneer Selvam Karthik , Nakagawa Tomohiro , Marui Tatsuki , Inoue Hirotaka , Nishikawa Takeshi , Hayashi Yasuhiko

    … Surfactants or any other chemical treatments to tailor the surface properties of CNHs were avoided to obtain composite sheets from pristine CNHs and cellulose. … Utilizing the hygroscopic property of hydroxyethylcellulose and the electrical conductivity of CNHs paved a path to perform this experiment. … The synthesis technique is simple, and the fabrication and drying of the sheets were effortless. …

    Materials Research Express 7(5), 056402, 2020-05-04


  • Role of Inclusion, Microstructure and Texture Evolution in Soft Magnetic Properties of Fe–6.9 wt%Si Alloy with Yttrium Doping

    Cai Guojun , Li Ying , Huang Yanru , Misra Raja Devesh Kumar

    … <p>The role of inclusion, microstructure and texture evolution in soft magnetic properties of Fe–6.9 wt%Si alloy with yttrium doping was studied. … The results demonstrated that rare earth Y played a crucial role in the soft magnetic properties of Fe–6.9 wt%Si alloy. …

    ISIJ International 60(11), 2541-2548, 2020


  • The Detection of Unfused Powder in EBM and SLM Additive Manufactured Components

    Tawfik Ahmed , Radwan Mohamed , Attia Mazen Ahmed , Bills Paul , Racasan Radu , Blunt Liam

    … Selective laser melting (SLM) or electron beam melting (EBM) are two of the main technologies used for producing metal components. … One of the current barriers for implementing AM for most industries is the lack of build repeatability and a deficit in quality assurance standards. … The mechanical properties of the components depend critically on the density achieved; …

    International Journal of Automation Technology 14(6), 1025-1035, 2020


  • Measurement of Threshold Capillary Pressure Using Data of CO<sub>2</sub> Injection under Triaxial Compression Test on Mudstone  [in Japanese]

    OIKAWA Yasuki , TAKEHARA Takashi , LEI Xinglin , FUKAZAWA Hiroki , YAMAGUCHI Tsutomu

    … <p>Elucidating the sealing capacity of caprock is very important because CO<sub>2</sub> … Threshold capillary pressure is a key property affecting sealing capacity, and therefore, the ability to measure the threshold pressure of a target rock conveniently is highly sought after. … injection process in triaxial compression tests of mudstone supposed to be a caprock were used to measure threshold pressure via the dynamic method. …

    Journal of MMIJ 136(10), 110-116, 2020


  • Proposal of fiber orientation identification method for discontinuous fiber CFRP based on thermal diffusivity distribution measurement using lock-in thermography and demonstration of its effectiveness by mechanical properties  [in Japanese]

    MIYACHI Kohei , MURANAKA Yasuyuki , NONAKA Shinichi , NAGANO Hosei

    … <p>In this study, a novel nondestructive evaluation method is proposed to investigate the fiber orientation distribution of discontinuous Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP). … The main concept is based on measuring thermal diffusivity distribution since it is related to the orientation of the fibers. … The elliptical shape of the measured distribution is then analyzed by fitting. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 86(890), 20-00156-20-00156, 2020


  • Evaluation on time variation of effective viscosity by ultrasonic spinning rheometry (Application to separating oil-water mixture)  [in Japanese]

    OHIE Kohei , YOSHIDA Taiki , PARK Hyun Jin , TASAKA Yuji , MURAI Yuichi

    … <p>This paper evaluated measurement accuracy and precision of ultrasonic spinning rheometry (USR), which can evaluate rheological properties through equation of motion and velocity information captured by ultrasonic velocity profiler (UVP), in cases that assumptions of two-dimensional one-directional flow are not perfectly satisfied. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 86(890), 20-00242-20-00242, 2020



    IKEDA Akane , NAKASHIMA Shinichiro , OZAWA Masaki , ENDO Katsura

    … <p> Recent evolution of wearable sensors enables us measure and analyze human biomechanics even under conditions that were previously difficult to do. … Utilizing a wearable 9-axis motion sensor with logger, this study measured the acceleration of the runners' … foot to investigate the effect of pavement materials on the foot strike while running. …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. E1 (Pavement Engineering) 76(1), 51-59, 2020


  • Viscoelasticity to Run on a Dense Potato-Starch Suspension:(Measurement of Viscoelastic Parameters by Impact Experiment)  [in Japanese]

    KATSURAGI Hiroaki

    … <p>Dense suspension of non-Brownian particles such as potato starch often shows counter-intuitive behaviors due to its discontinuous rheological property. … However, once the motion of leg becomes too slow, the leg is arrested, namely, it is difficult to walk on the surface. … To explain this peculiar behavior, propagation of jamming front caused by an impact onto a dense suspension has been considered recently. …



  • Influences of Bobbin-Counter Weight Mass Balance on the Appearance and Mechanical Properties of Braids  [in Japanese]

    Matsunashi Kuniko , Tada Masumi , Sakanisi Makoto , Nakasima Yukiko , Okuwaki Nanako

    … <p>The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of balance between bobbin weight and counter weight on the appearance and mechanical characteristics of the braid. …

    Journal of Fiber Science and Technology 76(9), 296-304, 2020


  • Rheometer  [in Japanese]

    MIYAMOTO Keisuke

    … <p>Rubber is a typical viscoelastic material and is very easy to handle, as two different properties can be adjusted for elasticity (energy storage) and viscosity (energy loss) according to purpose. … The mechanical properties of solids such as crosslinked rubber are quantified by viscoelastic measurements. …

    NIPPON GOMU KYOKAISHI 93(7), 240-242, 2020


  • Changes in Chemical Structure and Mechanical Properties of Cross-linked Polyethylene Aged under Simulated Severe Accident Conditions of a Nuclear Power Plant  [in Japanese]

    Miyazaki Yu , Hirai Naoshi , Ohki Yoshimichi

    … <p>Sheets of cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), which is believed to be the same as that for electrical insulation in safety-related cables in nuclear power plants, were aged under simulated severe accident conditions. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 140(9), 445-450, 2020


  • Surface modification of machine-finished magnesium alloy AZ31 using a scanning cyclic press

    FUJIMURA Nao , OOGA Koyo , TAKAHASHI Kosuke , NAKAMURA Takashi , WAJIMA Tatsuki

    … In this study, a surface modification technique, the scanning cyclic press (SCP), was applied to machined specimens of magnesium alloy, AZ31, to investigate whether SCP can improve its fatigue properties regardless of the surface finish. … After applying SCP, the surfaces of the specimens were observed using a laser scanning microscope, and the surface roughness was measured. …

    Mechanical Engineering Journal 7(4), 20-00007-20-00007, 2020


  • Microcapsule Technology in Thermo/pressure Sensitive Recording Materials  [in Japanese]

    SHIMADA Hirokazu

    … That microcapsule were prepared by an interfacial polymerization process, and we can control "the glass transfer temperature" and "the mechanical properties" of the microcapsule shell. … So we had contributed to the high functionality for thermo/pressure sensitive materials.</p><p>Now, as the thermo sensitive material, we are continuing the business of Dry Thermal Imager "DRYPIX Lite" for medical. …

    NIHON GAZO GAKKAISHI (Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan) 59(4), 387-394, 2020


  • AFM for quantifying single-cell and tissue mechanics  [in Japanese]


    … <p>Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is a powerful technique for quantifying mechanical properties of single cells [1]. … Recent AFM studies revealed the cell-to-cell [2] and temporal [3] variations of single-cell mechanical properties. …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering Annual58(Abstract), 175-175, 2020


  • Elastic and Rupture Analysis on Food Gels  [in Japanese]

    Kijima Naoko , Sunaoshi Ryo , Masaka Tomoaki , Ishikawa Daitaro , Fujii Tomoyuki

    … <p>The aim of the present study is to develop an evaluation method for the texture of gel-like foods by analyzing their mechanical properties. … Various commercial gel-like foods were prepared, and compression measurements of elasticity, rupture, and penetration of 10 mm cubic gel-like food samples were performed with three kinds of plungers. …

    Nippon Shokuhin Kagaku Kogaku Kaishi 67(7), 217-229, 2020


  • Reliability Simulation with the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of Redistribution Layer in Fan-out Wafer Level Packaging

    Okada Yuji , Fujii Atsushi , Ono Kenta , Kariya Yoshiharu

    … <p>In order to improve the performance and reliability of the package, the interlayer dielectric (Polymer) must not be delaminated and materials should not fracture due to thermal stresses during the operation or the manufacturing process, and the insulation performance between the wiring layers must not be decreased. …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 33(2), 171-176, 2020


  • An Application of Fractal Theory to Complex Macrostructure: Quantitatively Characterization of Segregation Morphology

    Cao Jianghai , Hou Zibing , Guo Zhongao , Guo Dongwei , Peng Zhiqiang , Tang Ping

    … <p>Segregation of solute elements is an inherent characteristic of alloy solidification. … Macro/semi-macro segregation seriously affects the mechanical properties of the final products. …

    ISIJ International 60(6), 1188-1195, 2020


  • Expansion of high temperature creep test data for failure evaluation of BWR lower head in severe accident

    YAMAGUCHI Yoshihito , KATSUYAMA Jinya , KAJI Yoshiyuki , OSAKA Masahiko , LI Yinsheng

    … <p>Since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident, we have been developing a failure evaluation method that considers creep damage mechanisms using detailed three-dimensional finite element analysis model of lower head including penetration, stub tubes, and weld parts, etc., for the early completion of the decommissioning of the nuclear power plants in Fukushima Daiichi. …

    Mechanical Engineering Journal 7(3), 19-00560-19-00560, 2020


  • Development of an Additive Manufactured Artifact to Characterize Unfused Powder Using Computed Tomography

    Tawfik Ahmed , Bills Paul , Blunt Liam , Racasan Radu

    … The production of complex and individually modified components, as well as prototypes, gives additive manufacturing a substantial advantage over conventional subtractive machining. … For most industries, some of the current barriers to implementing AM include the lack of build repeatability and a deficit of quality assurance standards. …

    International Journal of Automation Technology 14(3), 439-446, 2020


  • Evaluation of acoustic properties of lattice structure manufactured by selective laser melting  [in Japanese]

    MASUDA Naoki , USHIJIMA Kuniharu , YAMAGUCHI Takao , YAMAMOTO Takashi

    … <p>In this paper, sound absorption properties of poroelastic lattice structure are investigated through numerical simulation and measurement. … The lattice structures discussed in this paper are composed of slender beams only (BCC) and beams and shells (BCC-S), and can be fabricated by using the selective laser metal melting machine. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 86(883), 19-00311-19-00311, 2020


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