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  • Corrosion Inhibition for Steel Surface Using a Polyacrylic Gel Sheet Containing Ni–Al Layered Double Hydroxide Prepared by Liquid-Phase Deposition

    KAMON Kota , UCHIDA Naoki , MAKI Hideshi , MATSUI Masaki , MIZUHATA Minoru

    … <p>Ni–Al layered double hydroxide (LDH) was prepared on a steel plate and fumed alumina by the liquid phase deposition (LPD) method with NO<sub>2</sub><sup>−</sup> … inserted between the layers for rust prevention, and its corrosion-inhibition effect was investigated. … Anion exchange of the synthesized LDH was carried out by immersing it in aqueous KOH and NaNO<sub>2</sub> …

    Electrochemistry, 2021


  • Analysis of Lithium-ion Battery Materials Using a Portable Ultrahigh-vacuum Sample Transfer Vessel  [in Japanese]

    KOBAYASHI Eiichi , ASAKURA Daisuke , HOSONO Eiji , TANAKA Shukichi

    … <p>We analyzed the lithium-ion battery material LiNi<sub>0.5</sub>Mn<sub>1.5</sub>O<sub>4</sub> … When investigating the chemical state of carbon by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, it is important that the battery material is not exposed to the atmosphere. …

    Vacuum and Surface Science 63(7), 343-347, 2020


  • Measurement of temperature of spark-discharge plasma in engine cylinder  [in Japanese]

    KINOSHITA Masao , FUYUTO Takayuki , MANDOKORO Yoshiyuki , SUGIURA Akimitsu , AKATSUKA Hiroshi

    … <p>The vibrational and rotational temperatures in a spark-discharge plasma were measured using optical emission spectroscopy in the cylinder of an engine operating at 1000 rpm. … Based on the observed spectrum, the nitrogen molecule emissions from 370 to 385 nm were measured in an air atmosphere without fuel injection. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 86(883), 19-00319-19-00319, 2020


  • Research for Multi-purpose Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Device By Controlling Ion and Radical  [in Japanese]

    Shigekuni Seira , Tanaka Risako , Kobayashi Chihiro , Hirata Takamichi

    <p>大気圧下の空間もしくはガス流体中で非平衡プラズマを発生させる大気圧プラズマは、工業分野にとどまらず、医療分野にも応用展開されている。しかし、現有のプラズマ医療装置は経験的事実のみで製品化が先行しており、生体組織における改質・再生のメカニズムには不明確な点が多い。一般的に、大気圧プラズマではプラズマ源周辺の窒素、酸素、並びに水分子等の混入に起因した様々なイオン、ラジカル種、並びに励 …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering 55Annual(4PM-Abstract), 379-379, 2017


  • Non-radioactive Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry Using Acetic Acid–Acetate Cluster as a Reagent Ion for the Real-time Measurement of Acids and Hydroperoxides

    Inomata Satoshi , Hirokawa Jun

    … <p>We have developed a non-radioactive chemical ionization mass spectrometry method using acetic acid–acetate cluster as the reagent ion. … By electron impact onto an acetic anhydride–Ar gas mixture, a strong and single ion peak of the acetic acid–acetate cluster was observed. …

    Chemistry Letters 46(1), 38-41, 2017


  • Ambient analysis of liquid materials with Wet-SIMS

    Seki Toshio , Kusakari Masakazu , Fujii Makiko , Aoki Takaaki , Matsuo Jiro

    The 22nd International Conference on Ion Beam Analysis (IBA 2015)Secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) is a method with high surface sensitivity that allows both elemental and molecular analysis. … The mean free path of ions with energy in the keV range is very short in low vacuum and these ions cannot penetrate the surface. …

    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms (371), 189-193, 2016-03-15


  • Development of a deep-sea hydrogen sulfide ion sensor and its application for submarine hydrothermal plume exploration

    Okamura Kei , Sugiyama Taku , Noguchi Takuroh , Fukuba Tatsuhiro , Okino Kyoko

    … A deep-sea hydrogen sulfide ion (HS<sup>–</sup>) sensor was developed using electrochemical techniques for the direct measurement of hydrogen sulfide ion. … In the sensor, linear sweep voltammetry is applied using three simple electrodes, Ag working electrode, Pt counter electrode and Ag/AgCl reference electrode. …

    GEOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 49(6), 603-611, 2015


  • イオンビームをプローブとして用いた 高層大気原子状酸素の密度測定法  [in Japanese]

    神田 大樹 , 細田 聡史 , 國中 均 , Koda Daiki , Hosoda Satoshi , Kuninaka Hitoshi

    平成24年度宇宙輸送シンポジウム (2013年1月17日-1月18日. 宇宙航空研究開発機構宇宙科学研究所(JAXA)(ISAS)), 相模原市, 神奈川県形態: カラー図版あり形態: PDF資料番号: AA0061856090レポート番号: STEP-2012-007

    平成24年度宇宙輸送シンポジウム: 講演集録 = Proceedings of Space Transportation Symposium: FY2012, 2013-01


  • Negative Ion Mobility and Effects of Impurities in O<sub>2</sub>  [in Japanese]

    Okuyama Yui , Suzuki Susumu , Itoh Haruo

    In this study, we have measured negative ion mobility in high-purity O<sub>2</sub> … purified with a gas purifier to remove impurities in cylinder O<sub>2</sub> … (99.99995%) for the investigation on the effects of impurities. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 133(11), 578-584, 2013


  • In-situ chromium isotope measurement of chromium-rich fine grains in the Murchison CM2 chondrite


    … Isotopic anomalies of <sup>54</sup>Cr have been reported in bulk chondrites. … Stepwise dissolution experiments have suggested the presence of a carrier of the <sup>54</sup>Cr anomaly, probably of presolar origin. …

    GEOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 45(4), 275-281, 2011-08-01

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  • S043014 Influence of pretreatment and substrate materials on adhesion of CrN thin film  [in Japanese]

    ODA Hiroatsu , NODA Hikaru , YONEKURA Daisuke , MURAKAMI Ri-ichi

    In this study, influence of substrate material and ion bombardment pretreatment on adhesion of CrN film is examined on the basis of surface free energy measurement. … Before CrN deposition, ion bombardment pretreatment is performed in order to remove surface contamination. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2011(0), _S043014-1-_S043014-4, 2011


  • J081022 Evaluation of stress conditions in operated SOFC based on in-situ Raman scattering spectroscopy

    ONODERA Syo , NAGAI Masafumi , IGUCHI Fumidata , SATA Noriko , KAWADA Tatsuya , YUGAMI Hiroo

    … We invented the new evaluation method of stress conditions in operated SOFC. … It's based on the observation of lattice conditions by in-situ Raman scattering spectroscopy. … The Raman scattering spectra were measured using a Raman system with Ar ion laser (λ=488nm). …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2011(0), _J081022-1-_J081022-5, 2011


  • Annealing effect of Ga doped ZnO thin film  [in Japanese]

    Shinmiya Masato , Yoshino Kenji , Ikari Tetsuo

    … Gallium doped zinc oxide (GZO) films were prepared by ion plating. … Heat treatment of the samples was carried out. … The samples prepared with a hexagonal wurtzite structure were evaluated by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, transmission measurement and hall measurements. … GZO films showed a high visible light transparency and the resistivity showed 2.4 × 10-4 Ωcm. …

    Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Miyazaki (40), 71-74, 2011


  • Effect of Ionic Polarization on Crystal Structure of Hydroxyapatite Ceramic with Hydroxide Nonstoichiometry  [in Japanese]

    TANAKA Yumi , IWASAKI Takeshi , KATAYAMA Keiichi , HOJO Junichi , YAMASHITA Kimihiro

    … To provide bioelectrets with controlled electrical energy, the polarization characteristics of stoichiometric and nonstoichiometric hydroxyapatite (HA) ceramics were investigated in terms of crystal structures using Rietvelt analysis technique. … HA ceramics with and without hydroxide ion defects were prepared at 1250°C for 2 h under streaming steam (for stoichiometric HA; …

    Journal of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy 57(7), 520-528, 2010-07-15

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  • Study of Air Supply Method in Bellows Type Direct Methanol Fuel Cell using by Three Dimensional Fluid Simulation  [in Japanese]

    IMAI Tatsunori , YACHI Toshiaki

    次世代のモバイル機器用電源の一つとして,従来のリチウムイオン二次電池と比べて、理論的には1桁大きいエネルギー密度が期待できるダイレクトメタノール燃料電池(以下DMFC)が注目されている.一般にDMFCは燃料であるメタノール水溶液と空気中の酸素を用いることで発電を行うが,反応による濃度低下や温度による活性差は発電特性に大きく影響を及ぼし,燃料の供給形態によって適切な動作環境を確立することが必要である …

    IEICE technical report 109(410), 63-68, 2010-01-25

    References (7)

  • Study of Air Supply Method in Bellows Type Direct Methanol Fuel Cell using by Three Dimensional Fluid Simulation  [in Japanese]

    IMAI Tatsunori , YACHI Toshiaki

    次世代のモバイル機器用電源の一つとして,従来のリチウムイオンニ次電池と比べて、理論的には1桁大きいエネルギー密度が期待できるダイレクトメタノール燃料電池(以下DMFC)が注目されている.一般にDMFCは燃料であるメタノール水溶液と空気中の酸素を用いることで発電を行うが,反応による濃度低下や温度による活性差は発電特性に大きく影響を及ぼし,燃料の供給形態によって適切な動作環境を確立することが必要である …

    IEICE technical report 109(409), 63-67, 2010-01-25

    References (7)

  • Observation of Dynamic Image of Pt/Ti Thin Film at High Temperature by In-Situ FE-SEM  [in Japanese]

    Wada Mitsuhiro

    …   In general, when thin films of copper (Cu), as a wiring material, and platinum (Pt) are formed on a ceramic material, a thin metal film, such as titanium (Ti), is used as the basal layer. … Thus, effective strategy to lower the resistance of the wiring material is to increase the size of crystal grains. …

    Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals and Materials 73(12), 943-947, 2009


  • Hydro-chemical cycle of forest ecosystem in the Norikura Highlands : 1. Chemical characteristic and seasonal change of throughfall in forest ecosystem  [in Japanese]

    MURAMOTO Michiko , NARA Maiko , ASARI Tomoko , SUZUKI Keisuke

    … Because of precipitation serves as a major vehicle of nutrient input into the forest ecosystem, the accurate measurement of its volume and ion concentration is of prime importance in an evaluation of any bio-geochemical cycle. …

    Journal of Japanese Association of Hydrological Sciences 37(3), 73-83, 2007-08-31

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  • Laser Mass Spectrometry: Rapid Analysis of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Exhaust Gas of Disposal Plants

    DOBASHI Shinsaku , YAMAGUCHI Yoshiki , IZAWA Yoshinori , DEGUCHI Yoshihiro , WADA Akihide , HARA Michikazu

    … Effective prevention from the leakage of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) requires the rapid analysis with on-line detection, but conventional methods require extensive analytical time (several days per sample) and are thus unsuitable. …

    Journal of Environment and Engineering 2(1), 25-34, 2007

    J-STAGE  Cited by (2)

  • 504 Internal friction and oxygen relaxation of Y2O3 doped Zr1-xCexO2  [in Japanese]

    Ozawa Masakuni , Imura Kensuke

    … CeO2-based ceramics is useful as oxide ion conductor, hoewever is reduced under reduction atmosphere so that some design for components is required. … One of the methods is the formation of composites between ZrO2. … In this system, the decreasing conductivity of oxide ions is observed by mixing ZrO2 and CeO2. …

    学術講演会講演論文集 56, 103, 2007

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