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    KUBOI Daisuke , NISHIYA Sayuri , KOIKE Kazusa , KAWANO Masashi , ICHINOSE Masayuki , SUZUKI Kazuyuki

    … The evaluation of the lifetime characteristics of AHP is performed by reliability analysis using the Weibull process model based on the degree of deterioration and repair history information that are collected from the periodic inspection data.</p><p> As a result, a theoretical equation for optimizing the relationship between the usage period of AHP and the renewal and maintenance costs is figured out. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (781), 301-310, 2021-03


  • Application of Model-Based Systems Engineering to Spacecraft and Satellite System Development  [in Japanese]

    井上 禎一郎 , 平山 芳和 , 玉越 大資 , 久保田 博之

    三菱電機技報 95(2), 144-148, 2021-02

  • Mapping Induced Subgraph Isomorphism Problems to Ising Models and Its Evaluations by an Ising Machine

    YOSHIMURA Natsuhito , TAWADA Masashi , TANAKA Shu , ARAI Junya , YAGI Satoshi , UCHIYAMA Hiroyuki , TOGAWA Nozomu

    … Here, we propose an efficient Ising model mapping method to solve the induced subgraph isomorphism problem by Ising machines. … Furthermore, the number of spin variables in the Ising model generated by our proposed method is theoretically smaller than that of the conventional method. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E104.D(4), 481-489, 2021


  • Incentive Design for One-way Car-sharing Based on Mechanism Design  [in Japanese]


    … First, a one-way car sharing model based on discrete event systems is described. … Next, we will explain how to calculate the optimal combination of the origin, destination, and the departure time in real time, and the method of deciding on incentives that meet strategy-proofness and individual rationality based on mechanism design. …

    Transactions of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers 57(3), 168-176, 2021


  • Construction of a Learner Growth Model and Learner Classification Method Using exMCRNNs  [in Japanese]

    Hayashida Tomohiro , Kinoshita Takuya , Wakitani Shin , Yamamoto Toru , Nishizaki Ichiro , Sekizaki Shinya , Tanimoto Yusuke

    … <p>In recent years, with the development of information technology, the use of Web-Based Training (WBT) and other individualized learning programs are increasingly used and are gaining attention. … In individual online learning, efficient learning is possible by providing individualized learning materials based on the degree of understanding and growth characteristics of each learner. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems 141(3), 273-280, 2021



    MITSUI Kazuya , WATANABE Akane , KOBASHI Tomoki , IKARASHI Kikuo

    … This thin waled cold-formed steel member allows for greater customization (different web, flange and lip width) that can cater for many industrial applications of flooring, roofing, or modular building systems. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) 86(779), 157-167, 2021


  • Methodology and Organizational Design to Realize the System Integration Necessary for the Development of Commercial Aircraft

    KISHI Nobuo , KOGISO Nozumu , MORIZAWA Kazuko , SHIMOMURA Takashi , TSUJII Toshiaki , CHIBA Masakatsu , ARAI Takakage

    … With respect to these issues, in reviewing past studies, we were not able to find systematic research in the aerospace engineering field or a model based on experiences in the commercial aircraft OEM business. … We need to integrate research in new engineering fields and proceed with a comprehensive approach. …



  • ESTIMATION FOR BENEFITS OF DISTRICT HEATING AND COOLING IN COMMERCIAL AND BUSINESS AREAS:Performance evaluation according to multiple energy indicators  [in Japanese]

    UENO Takahiro , CHOI Youngjin , ONO Hidemitsu , SUMIYOSHI Daisuke

    … Developed model in this paper calculated DCG operation at 5-minute interval. … The city in Japan needs to construct distributed energy supply systems. … And DCG is considered to be one of effective distributed energy systems, but the details of its spread effect has yet to be clarified. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (778), 993-1003, 2020-12


  • Simulation-based Optimum Models for Type-I(a) and Type-I(b) IUPAC Classified Adsorption Isotherms

    Md. Matiar Rahman , Pal Animesh , Bidyut Baran Saha

    … Adsorption cooling technologies driven by low-grade thermal or solar power are used as an alternative to refrigeration and air conditioning systems. … To boost the calculation of the performance parameters, the replication of experimental data and the rigorous study of adsorption heat transformation (AHT) method, optimum adsorption isotherms model must be identified. … Scientists face difficulties in selecting the right isotherm model to explain their experimental observations. …

    Proceedings of International Exchange and Innovation Conference on Engineering & Sciences (IEICES) (6), 14-19, 2020-10-22

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  • A Study of Cross-regional Power Supply-Demand Analysis Model Based on Clustered Unit Commitment  [in Japanese]

    根岸 信太郎 , 木村 圭佑 , 鈴木 郁海 , 池上 貴志

    電気学会研究会資料. PSE = The papers of Technical Meeting on "Power Systems Engineering", IEE Japan 2020(49-56・82-94・97), 55-60, 2020-09-24

  • Extended FRAM model based on cellular automaton to clarify complexity of socio-technical systems and improve their safety

    Hirose Takayuki , Sawaragi Tetsuo

    … The safety of socio-technical systems is intractable by traditional approaches, such as a simple cause-effect analysis. … The safety instead could be improved by validating why everyday operations go right and by verifying their resilience, based on an alternative idea of Safety-II. … The objective of this research is to develop a tool enabling us to validate and verifying safeties based on the functional resonance analysis method (FRAM). …

    Safety Science (123), 2020-03


  • Response Prediction Neural Network Modeling for Complex Adaptive Control of Building Multi-type Air-conditioning Facilities for Real-Time Pricing:-Training method with virtual power command and DNA analysis algorithm-  [in Japanese]

    SUZUKI Keita , AOKI Yoshifumi , NINAGAWA Chuzo , MORIKAWA Junji , KONDO Seiji , OTAKE Hiroyuki

    <p>将来,短い時間で単価を変更するリアルタイム電力料金制度(Real-Time Pricing : RTP)が導入される可能性がある。ビルマルチ空調機を RTP 制御する場合,ニューラルネットワーク応答予測モデルが有用である。しかし,モデル訓練データ収集のための実機試験は開発コスト面から問題がある。本論文では,DNA 解析アルゴリズムを応用し平常運転時系列から仮想電力制限指令を付加し …

    Transactions of the Society of Heating,Air-conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan 45(277), 1-9, 2020


  • 製品開発における実践的なModel Based Systems Engineeringの適用:(ガソリンエンジン吸気計量システムへの適用)  [in Japanese]

    OKAZAKI Junya , SHIKATA Akihiro , ARIMA Kazuki , NAKURA Sho

    … <p>In this paper, concreate recursion process of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) on vehicle engine development was shown. … In proposed method, component restrictions or preconditions such as accuracy or dynamic range are considered in requirement analysis of systems. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2020(0), J12110, 2020


  • Five-level method of 1D modeling for realizing the concept of 1D-CAE (Modelica)  [in Japanese]

    TAJIRI Akiko

    … <p>Modelica, which is a de facto standard tool that embodies the concept of 1D-CAE, is a programming language that has the potential of not being caught in the mere conventional mechanical engineering domain, the suitability for crossfield cooperation with forefront technologies, such as IoT and MBSE (Model Based Systems Engineering). … There are two types of 1D-CAE approaches, "concept based 1D-CAE" …

    The Proceedings of the Dynamics & Design Conference 2020(0), 226, 2020


  • Gap flow between two circular plates with temperature-controlled wall: application of thermohydrodynamic lubrication theory and comparison with an iso-viscous model

    KAZAMA Toshiharu , GAO Song

    … The basic equations comprise the generalized Reynolds equation, the energy equation, and the heat conduction equation and the THL solutions are compared with a simple model based on the iso-viscous theory. … The leakage can be estimated by the iso-viscous model with the viscosity at the wall temperature.</p> …

    Mechanical Engineering Letters 6(0), 20-00292-20-00292, 2020


  • Statistical Analysis of Building Damage from the 2013 Super Typhoon Haiyan and its Storm Surge in the Philippines

    Chaivutitorn Tanaporn , Yi Carine J. , Imamura Fumihiko , Tanasakcharoen Thawalrat , Leelawat Natt , Tang Jing , Caro Carl Vincent C. , Lagmay Alfredo Mahar Francisco A. , Suppasri Anawat , Bricker Jeremy D. , Roeber Volker

    … The objective of this study is to develop a statistical model for building damage due to Super Typhoon Haiyan and its storm surge. … The maximum wind speed was derived from the Holland parametric hurricane model based on the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) typhoon track data and the inundation depth of storm surge was calculated using the MIKE model. …

    Journal of Disaster Research 15(7), 822-832, 2020


  • Data Assimilation Mechanism for Lifecycle Simulation Focusing on Process Behaviors

    Fujimoto Kazuho , Fukushige Shinichi , Kobayashi Hideki

    … <p>Systematic lifecycle design and management are promising approaches for constructing sustainable product lifecycle systems. … Based on material flows through each process of the product lifecycle, the LCS calculates the time variation in environmental loads, cost, and profit. … In each process of the LCS model, functions that regulate the behaviors of the process, called behavior functions, are set, and these functions control material flows. …

    International Journal of Automation Technology 14(6), 882-889, 2020


  • Model-Based Deterioration Estimation with Cyber Physical System

    Hiruta Tomoaki , Umeda Yasushi

    … The accuracy of a data-driven method depends on the data volume because a data-driven method builds a classification model on the basis of historical data as training data. … We propose a model-based method that simulates machine system deterioration with a cyber physical system (CPS). … Model-based methods address these issues in the following manner. …

    International Journal of Automation Technology 14(6), 1005-1012, 2020


  • Autonomous gait modulation in a cat hind leg simulation model based on the spinal nervous system  [in Japanese]

    HABU Yasushi , ISHIHARA Junnya , INOUE Kouta , OGURA Satoshi , FUKUOKA Yasuhiro

    … <p>This study aims to design a nervous system model to drive the realistic muscle-driven legs for quadrupedal robot locomotion. … In this paper, we evaluate the nervous system model. … A cat model, which has two hind legs with three joints driven by six muscle models, is controlled by our nervous system model. … The cat's hind leg model was led at an arbitrary speed by active wheel attached in front of its torso. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 86(890), 19-00312-19-00312, 2020


  • Model Based Development in Electrophotographic Technology  [in Japanese]

    OKA Tateki

    … <p>電子写真技術におけるMBD (model based development) の検討フレームワークと特徴を,SE (systems engineering) に対する理解や自動車でのフレームワークとの関係を基にして紹介した.電子写真技術では,そのフレームワークと機能モデルを用いて各基本プロセスを検討することに加えて,機能が複雑に繋がっているという技術の特徴から,機能間の影響についても …

    NIHON GAZO GAKKAISHI (Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan) 59(5), 505-508, 2020


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