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  • An Explicative Sketch of the Stalinist Regime : TANIUCHI Yuzuru, Reflections on Modern Socialism  [in Japanese]

    中嶋 毅

    歴史評論 = Historical journal (840), 50-60, 2020-04

  • From Practice to Research, from Research to Practice  [in Japanese]

    中嶋 哲彦 , NAKAJIMA Tetsuhiko

    Modern Capitalist State and Neoliberal State Reform", I sketch the understanding of the essence of the modern capitalist state and its neoliberal reform in the background of my pedagogical research. …

    名古屋大学大学院教育発達科学研究科紀要. 教育科学 66(2), 1-32, 2020-03-31

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  • A View from a Historical Sketch of Japanese Sociology  [in Japanese]

    INOUE Shun

    <p>日本の社会学は、第二次世界大戦後、1950~60年代にかけて急速に発展した。当時の主流は農村社会学と家族社会学、そして学説研究であった。戦後、GHQの方針もあって、日本社会の近代化・民主化が大きな課題とされ、社会学はとくに「いえとむら」に残る前近代性の実態解明と克服に貢献することを期待された。その意味で、当時の社会学には実践的・政策学的な関心が強かった。学説研究に関しては、米国社 …

    Kansai Sociological Review 19(0), 36-47, 2020


  • Kurita-Chodō::A Note on <i>Heisō-shū</i> in Comparison with <i>Sekkō-shū</i>  [in Japanese]

    Matsui Shinobu

    … is a private collection intended for the confession of the poet's dissipated life through the biographical sketch of Matsuo-Bashō. …

    Kinsei Bungei 111(0), 17-30, 2020


  • The Universal and the Language-Specific in the Construction of Gender : A Comparative Semiotic Study

    Gulbeyaz Abdurrahman

    … In the first half of the paper a sketch of 'humanness' and 'human civilisation' in connection with and on the basis of 'manhood' and 'womanhood' is made, wherewith it is demonstrated that the civilisation of men and women is in the main founded on a phallic, phallocentric dichotomy which underlies the rise and perpetuation of the institutions 'man'and 'woman' and wherein the parameter 'phallus' operates self-referentially. …

    多文化社会研究 = Journal of global humanities and social sciences, Nagasaki University 6, 31-43, 2020


  • A Report on Research Visits to Villages in Central China(1)Hunan Province, October 2018 and October 2019  [in Japanese]

    古泉 達矢 , 張 晶晶 , 胡 平江 , 田中 比呂志 , KOIZUMI Tatsuya , ZHANG Jingjing , HU Pingjiang , TANAKA Hiroshi

    … Given that only a small amount of the post-1949 first-hand resources on rural China arefreely available to foreigners at least for the time being, oral information regarding the villager's dailylives are of great value to academics trying to sketch a picture of modern Chinese history. …

    日本海域研究 = Bulletin of the Japan Sea Research Institute, Kanazawa University (51), 57-63, 2020

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  • A Rough Sketch on Cultural Dynamics of Modern Japanese Foodways : Presurvey from a Point of View upon Marginal Foods  [in Japanese]

    熊野 建

    まず本稿では、Wilk (2012年) とFinnis (2012年) が行った周辺的な食べ物と社会集団への探求と分析に基づき、その議論の内容をまず要約し、特に前者が嗜好についてBourdieu [1984] の研究に寄せる関心に合わせ、いくつかの理念を発展的に日本社会に適用することを目的とする。ウィルクは28品目の食品について嗜好と反感、好みと嫌悪に焦点をあて、それらを4つのマトリクス(正統、異 …

    関西大学社会学部紀要 = Bulletin of the Faculty of Sociology, Kansai University 51(1), 55-72, 2019-10


  • Legal Recognition for Same-Sex Couples in Serbia and the Influence of the Modern Law Experience  [in Japanese]

    伊藤 知義

    … One possibility is that the more principles of modern society a country accepts, the more tolerance it has toward sexual minorities. … For example, western countries as France, Germany, and England—located in the very center of modern law and society—legally recognize both same-sex couples and same-sex marriages. … Modern elements, therefore, are not sufficient to clarify the situation. … Modern law has the biggest effect in the west, the smallest in the east. …

    中央ロー・ジャーナル 15(4), 3-20, 2019-03


  • The masonry and stone wholesale in Early modern Osaka  [in Japanese]

    SUGIMOTO Atsunori

    近世の大坂には多くの石工が活動していた。天岸正男氏(天岸1979)や奇多樓各主人(本名不詳)(奇多樓各主人1934)らによって、石工の居所の略図が作られているが、本稿では『難波丸』『難波丸綱目』などの大坂案内記の記載をもとにして、石工のみならず、石商の所在も明らかにして分布図を作成し、近世大坂の石材産業の分布傾向を検討した。その結果、石材流通については、安治川、木津川に石材の集積地があり、そこから …

    Bulletin of Osaka Museum of History 17(0), 41-63, 2019



    SHIRAISHI Tetsuyu , YAMADA Hiroshi , FUJII Yuri , FURUYA Nobuaki

    … The pictures were combined with a sketch of "Plan Voisin", and it can be said that they were a part of Le Corbusier's city planning concepts. … I found that in 1939 only one of his photos was used, together with Le Corbusier's sketch. … (1930), only the sketch of the Plan Voisin was used, while none of Atget's photos was included. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 84(759), 1289-1297, 2019


  • Against Linguistic Interpretations of Descartes's Cogito  [in Japanese]

    岩佐 宣明 , Iwasa Nobuaki

    … Such an approach emerged in the latter half of the last century from analytic philosophy, or more largely speaking, from a modern philosophical paradigm shift often called the linguistic turn and shares an intention with these intellectual trends to reject the epistemological privilege of private introspection from the public perspective of language; …

    名古屋大学哲学論集 (特別号(2018)), 25-38, 2018-04

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  • Geology and Geochronology of Nulliak Supracrustal Rocks in Labrador, Canada: The Oldest Supracrustal Rocks and Evidence for the Operation of Plate Tectonics  [in Japanese]

    KOMIYA Tsuyoshi , AOKI Shogo , YOSHIDA Satoshi

    … Their similarity to lithostratigraphy and geological structures of modern accretionary complexes suggests that the Nulliak supracrustal belt is one of the Eoarchean accretionary complexes. … Detailed sketch maps are also made of outcrops in order to observe cross-cutting relationships among supracrustal rocks and orthogneisses. …

    Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi) 127(5), 683-704, 2018


  • The Dream in Paralympics : On the Body in "the Era of Impossibility"/The New Value of Sports and Society from Olympic Games 2020  [in Japanese]

    中江 桂子

    … The aim of this paper is to sketch the form of sports and body culture in contemporary era keeping distance from modern ideology, and to propose its value. …

    アジア太平洋研究 = Review of Asian and Pacific studies (43), 1-15, 2018


  • Sketches of Aoki Shigeru  [in Japanese]

    髙橋 沙希

    … The Meiji period Western-style artist Aoki Shigeru (1882-1911) passed away at the young age of 28, yet is highly acclaimed in the history of modern Japanese art due to the superb expressive style of his paintings. …

    関西大学東西学術研究所紀要 = Bulletin of the Institute of Oriental and Occidental Studies, Kansai University (50), 209-229, 2017-04


  • Copies and underdrawings for folding screens by the early modern Tosa family  [in Japanese]

    松尾 芳樹

    … Most of them are "Hakubyo plain sketch" of the full size originals, but reduced drawings are also included. … The features of Tosa family painters in the early modern era are shown in these "funpon (painting examples)", which show that they emphasized the painting style called "folding screen". …

    京都市立芸術大学芸術資料館年報 = Bulletin of University Art Museum of Kyoto City University of Arts (26), 1-16, 2017-03-31

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  • "Cartoon writer" in the mid 1930s of China Ye Qianyu and Modern Sketch  [in Japanese]

    城山 拓也

    立命館国際地域研究 = Ritsumeikan journal of international relations and area studies (45), 119-134, 2017-03


  • Gypsum Sketch (Berenice) Drawing Explanation  [in Japanese]

    井上 救

    東京純心大学紀要. 現代文化学部 = Bulletin of the Faculty of Modern Culture, Tokyo Junshin University (20), 71-79, 2016-03

  • Talfiq in the Classical Islamic Jurisprudence : A preliminary study  [in Japanese]

    堀井 聡江

    … Talfīq has been so far studied as modern legislative method inspired by Islamic Reformists, which consists in combining par t of a ruling of one legal school (madhhab) with a part from another. … This paper will give a rough sketch of how the concept of talfīq, which has different aspects relevant to practise of the Sharīʿa (Islamic law), was developed in the ijtihāḍ/taqlīd theor y from the eleventh to the seventeenth century and discuss their importance in the classical Islamic legal history. …

    東洋文化研究所紀要 169, 432-395, 2016-03

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  • An Analysis of “Sanbo Yõran”, one of the oldest sericultural books in Japan by TAKEDOMI Kanryō (1637-1718)  [in Japanese]

    MATSUDA Kiyoshi , ENOMOTO Yūji , MAEZAWA Takeshi

    … Chapter one presents an outline of the manuscript, a sketch of the author's life and his friendship with FUJII Ransai, the preface writer and a fellow Confucian scholar. …

    KINSEI KYOTO 0(2), 39-91, 2016


  • A Sketch on the Development of Archival Science in European Culture 1  [in Japanese]

    AOYAMA Hideyuki

    <p>この点描は、2014年11月『アーカイブズ学研究』編集部からの問いあわせがきっかけで、数回の打ち合わせののち、1980年代以降のヨーロッパ文化圏のアーカイブズ・コミュニティにおける国際協力の動向を、アジアのもっとも北東にいるわれわれの同業者たちに紹介することとした。それは、ふたつの分離したプロフェッション・コミュニティ――ひとつはアーキビストでローマ文明にルーツがあり、もうひとつ …

    Journal of the Japan Society for Archival Science 24(0), 46-83, 2016


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