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  • High hydrostatic pressure induces vigorous flagellar beating in Chlamydomonas non-motile mutants lacking the central apparatus

    Yagi Toshiki , Nishiyama Masayoshi

    … Chlamydomonas paralyzed-flagella (pf) mutants lacking CP or RS are non-motile under physiological conditions. … In addition, at 80 MPa, flagella underwent an asymmetric-to-symmetric waveform conversion, similar to the one triggered by an increase in intra-flagella Ca²⁺ concentration during cell's response to strong light. …

    Scientific Reports (10), 2020-02-06


  • Effect of HGF/c-Met pathway in oral squamous cell carcinoma on EMT and metastatic potential

    KIMURA Kazutaka , OHNISHI Yuichi , OKAMURA Tomoharu , TOMINAGA Kazuya , NAKAJIMA Masahiro

    … <p>Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is characterized by highly invasive tumor cells. … Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) signaling plays an important role in the induction of epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT), a process that converts immotile epithelial cells into motile mesenchymal cells and is involved in cancer metastasis by promoting tumor cell scattering. … This process is important to cell migration in normal and cancerous conditions. …

    Journal of Osaka Dental University 54(1), 135-144, 2020


  • Identification and mapping of central pair proteins by proteomic analysis

    Dai Daniel , Ichikawa Muneyoshi , Peri Katya , Rebinsky Reid , Huy Bui Khanh

    … <p>Cilia or flagella of eukaryotes are small micro-hair like structures that are indispensable to single-cell motility and play an important role in mammalian biological processes. … The CP, which is a unique structure exclusive to motile cilia, is a pair of structurally dimorphic singlet microtubules decorated with numerous associated proteins. …

    Biophysics and Physicobiology 17(0), 71-85, 2020


  • Cross-talking between EMT and inflammatory responses  [in Japanese]

    Yamaguchi Noritaka , Yamaguchi Naoto , Takano Hiroyuki

    … <p>Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is a process that converts adherent epithelial cells into motile mesenchymal-like cells and is known to be involved in metastasis/invasion and chemoresistance in cancer cells. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 93(0), 2-S26-3, 2020


  • Biological roles of ATP receptors and microglia: Pharmacologists are essential for drug discovery  [in Japanese]

    Inoue Kazuhide

    <p>ミクログリアは中枢神経系での免疫担当細胞、起源として卵黄嚢の未分化マクロファージが源流であるとされている。正常時、ミクログリアは脊髄や脳に均等に存在し、小さな細胞体と長く可動性の突起をもち、それらを頻繁に動かして周辺の環境を監視しているように見える。病態時には、ミクログリアは活性化され、形態を変化させ、分裂増殖し、遺伝子発現の状況に変化を与え、例えばP2プリナージック受容体のよう …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 93(0), 1-SL04, 2020


  • Hierarchical Development of Motile Polarity in Durotactic Cells Just Crossing an Elasticity Boundary

    Kuboki Thasaneeya , Ebata Hiroyuki , Matsuda Tomoki , Arai Yoshiyuki , Nagai Takeharu , Kidoaki Satoru

    … In principle, asymmetric mechanical field of a stiffness gradient generates motile polarity in a cell, which is a driving factor of durotaxis. … However, the actual process by which the motile polarity in durotaxis develops is still unclear. …

    Cell Structure and Function 45(1), 33-43, 2020


  • Intraflagellar transport 20 promotes collective cancer cell invasion by regulating polarized organization of Golgi-associated microtubules

    Aoki Tomoaki , Nishita Michiru , Sonoda Junya , Ikeda Taro , Kakeji Yoshihiro , Minami Yasuhiro

    … Collective invasion is an important strategy of cancers of epithelial origin, including colorectal cancer (CRC), to infiltrate efficiently into local tissues as collective cell groups. … Within the groups, cells at the invasive front, called leader cells, are highly polarized and motile, thereby providing the migratory traction that guides the follower cells. … We show by cell biological analyses that IFT20 promotes collective invasion of CRC cells, irrespective of expression and function of Ror2. …

    Cancer Science 110(4), 1306-1316, 2019-04

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  • Analyses of a novel Chlamydomonas mutant, lpp2, that has defects in maintaining structural integrity of flagellar axonemes  [in Japanese]

    古賀 大貴

    … The axoneme, the inner structure of cilia and flagella, must be flexible enough to allow sliding between the microtubules during flagellar beating, and rigid enough to maintain itself protruded from the cell body under the tension of membrane. … The lpp2 flagella once protrude from cell bodies and beat normally, but axonemes in a part of the flagella were circularized within the flagellar membrane, after IFT particles were abnormally accumulated in the flagella. …

    法政大学大学院紀要. 理工学・工学研究科編 (60), 1-2, 2019-03-31

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    飯島 悠太

    … Most motile bacteria swim by rotating their helical flagella like screws. … Their rotation is driven by flagellar rotary motors embedded in the cell membrane. … Studies of single flagellar motors by a bead assay or a tethered cell assay have been applied for only limited bacterial species, such as Escherichia coli. …

    法政大学大学院紀要. 理工学・工学研究科編 (60), 1-2, 2019-03-31

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  • Competition for Mitogens Regulates Spermatogenic Stem Cell Homeostasis in an Open Niche

    小林 悟 , 水野 聖哉 , 杉山 文博 , 高橋 智 , Yu Kitadate , David J. Jörg , Moe Tokue , Ayumi Maruyama , Rie Ichikawa , Soken Tsuchiya , Eri Segi-Nishida , Toshinori Nakagawa , Aya Uchida , Chiharu Kimura-Yoshida , Seiya MIZUNO , Fumihiro SUGIYAMA , Takuya Azami , Masatsugu Ema , Chiyo Noda , Satoru KOBAYASHI , Isao Matsuo , Yoshiakira Kanai , Takashi Nagasawa , Yukihiko Sugimoto , Satoru TAKAHASHI , Benjamin D. Simons , Shosei Yoshida

    … However, how stem cell homeostasis is achieved in environments where cells are motile and dispersed among their progeny remains unknown. … Using murine spermatogenesis as a model, we find that spermatogenic stem cell density is tightly regulated by the supply of fibroblast growth factors (FGFs) from lymphatic endothelial cells. … We propose that stem cell homeostasis is achieved through competition for a limited supply of FGFs. …

    Cell Stem Cell 24(1), 79-92.e6, 2019-01


  • The development of cell coverings in armored dinoflagellates by electron microscopy  [in Japanese]

    Sekida Satoko , Horiguchi Takeo , Okuda Kazuo

    <p>渦鞭毛藻の遊走細胞はアンフィエスマと呼ぶ特有の細胞外被をもつ.アンフィエスマは原形質膜と原形質膜を裏打ちする多数の扁平なアンフィエスマ小胞(av)とその下側に配列する微小管からなる.有殻渦鞭毛藻では,avの内部に板状構造(鎧板)を含む.鎧板のパターン(形・数・配列)は種によって決まっており,属および種を分類するための重要な形質の一つである.渦鞭毛藻の細胞外被は細胞の周縁部全体に平 …

    PLANT MORPHOLOGY 31(1), 11-18, 2019


  • Primary cilia and other mysteries  [in Japanese]

    Clapham David E.

    … <p>Primary cilia are solitary, generally non-motile, hair-like protrusions that extend from the surface of cells between cell divisions. … In this lecture, I will discuss the function of primary cilia in neurons, glia, kidney, and cell lines. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 92(0), 3-SL10, 2019


  • Feeding-related GPCR signaling through the neuronal primary cilium  [in Japanese]

    Saito Yumiko , Kobayashi Yuki

    … <p>Non-motile primary cilia are sensory organelles that present in most vertebrate cell types. … We recently found the that MCH signaling through a Gi/o-Akt pathway induces cilia length shortening in ciliary MCHR1-expressing RPE1 cells without no cell cycle progression. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 92(0), 1-S09-1, 2019


  • Picking up single motile cells using high-speed and high-resolution flow control  [in Japanese]

    Kasai Yusuke , Sakuma Shinya , Arai Fumihito

    … <p>Picking up single cell is a fundamental technique for single-cell analyses. … Although high-resolution of controlled volume and high-speed actuation are required to pick up a single motile cell, it has not achieved in conventional pipetting techniques. … Therefore, we have presented a high-speed picoliter pipette as a single cell pick-up device, which is driven by a piezoelectric actuator. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2019(0), 2P1-F10, 2019


  • On-chip cell size separation method based on vibration-induced flow  [in Japanese]

    KITADA Naoki , HAYAKAWA Takeshi

    … <p>Recently, various cell size separation methods are proposed by using microfluidic chips. … In this study, we propose cell size separation method based on vibration-induced flow. … We succeeded in various cell manipulation by using vibration-induced flow, for example, 3D cell rotation, trapping motile cells etc. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2019(0), 2A2-T01, 2019


  • Effects of 5-hydroxytryptamine on spermatozoal hyperactivation and <i>in vitro</i> fertilization in mice

    SUGIYAMA Yukiko , FUJINOKI Masakatsu , SHIBAHARA Hiroaki

    … receptors significantly increased the percentage of hyperactivated spermatozoa but did not affect the percentage of motile spermatozoa. … Moreover, 5-HT significantly increased the percentage of two-cell embryos. …

    Journal of Reproduction and Development 65(6), 541-550, 2019


  • Unlabeled imaging of primary cilia by scanning ion conductance microscopy  [in Japanese]

    Zhou Yuanshu , Saito Masaki , Fukuma Takeshi , Takahashi Yasufumi

    <p>一次繊毛は,中心小体由来の基底小体と微小管ベースの軸糸からなる非運動性繊毛である.近年,繊毛病の発症とのつながりにより一次繊毛の構造と機能が注目されつつある.走査型イオンコンダクタンス顕微鏡(SICM)は細胞を生きたままで表面の形状や機能をナノスケールでマッピングすることが可能である.さらに,形状計測に関しては,蛍光画像のように測定対象物をラベル化する必要がない.著者らは,SIC …

    Folia Pharmacologica Japonica 154(4), 192-196, 2019

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  • What We Can See by Observing Primary Cilia through Light Microscopy  [in Japanese]

    Ikegami Koji

    <p>繊毛は長さ1~10 μm,直径約200 nmの小さな細胞表面構造で,ゾウリムシなどの原生生物からヒトを含む脊椎動物まで進化的に非常によく保存されている.脊椎動物などの多細胞生物では一つの細胞に1本のみ生える一次繊毛が存在し,哺乳類では全身の多くの細胞で観察される.一次繊毛は数10 μmの大きさを持つ細胞の表面に1本しか存在しない光学限界ギリギリの太さの微細な構造であるため,その存 …

    KENBIKYO 54(2), 85-90, 2019

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  • Molecular basis of the functions of the mammalian neuronal growth cone revealed using new methods

    IGARASHI Michihiro

    … <p>The neuronal growth cone is a highly motile, specialized structure for extending neuronal processes. …

    Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series B 95(7), 358-377, 2019

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  • <b>Dominant-negative p53 mutant R248Q increases the motile and invasive activities of oral squamous cell carcinoma</b><b> cells </b>

    NAKAZAWA Seitaro , YAMAZAKI Yutaka , SAKATA Ken-ichiro , LIANG Shanshan , YOSHIKAWA Kazuhito , IIZASA Hisashi , TADA Mitsuhiro , HAMADA Jun-ichi , KASHIWAZAKI Haruhiko , KITAGAWA Yoshimasa

    … (gene) codes for a transcription factor which transactivates its target genes responsible for cell cycle arrest, DNA repair, apoptosis, and senescence. … is well known to be the most frequent target of genetic mutations in nearly half of human cancers including oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC). … This study aimed at determining whether R248Q and R248W were involved in OSCC cells' acquiring aggressive phenotypes, using SAS, HSC4 and Ca9-22 cell lines. …

    Biomedical Research 40(1), 37-49, 2019

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