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  • Hitchhiking Based Symbiotic Multi-Robot Navigation in Sensor Networks

    Ravankar Abhijeet , Ravankar Ankit A. , Kobayashi Yukinori , Hoshino Yohei , Peng Chao-Chung , Watanabe Michiko

    Robot navigation is a complex process that involves real-time localization, obstacle avoidance, map update, control, and path planning. … Thus, it is also a computationally expensive process, especially in multi-robot systems. …

    Robotics 7(3), 37, 2018-09

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  • A Single LiDAR-Based Feature Fusion Indoor Localization Algorithm

    Wang Yun-Ting , Peng Chao-Chung , Ravankar Ankit A. , Ravankar Abhijeet

    … In past years, there has been significant progress in the field of indoor robot localization. … To precisely recover the position, the robots usually relies on multiple on-board sensors. … Nevertheless, this affects the overall system cost and increases computation. …

    Sensors 18(4), 1294, 2018-04

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  • Underground piping construction system with horizontal moat intelligent robot

    Oku Yutaka , Tamura Shinichi , Nishitani Yoshi , Kurashiki Tetsusei , Nishino Yoshinori

    … However, these development technologies require construction area and development of smart excavation technology that can avoid multiple underground piping such as intersections and obstacles is required. … It is an underground piping construction system that enables precise horizontal control by liquefaction excavation without discharging earth and sand between manhole pits. …

    GPI Journal 4(1), 92-103, 2018


  • Group Control of Mobile Robots for More Efficient Searches – Verification of Semi-Autonomous Trajectory Tracking Motions in Irregular Ground Environment –

    Ohtsubo Yoshikazu , Matsuyama Morihito

    … It is efficient to perform such operations using multiple mobile exploration robots. … Accordingly, we focus on cooperative cruising in a disaster environment and propose the trajectory tracking control method for a semi-autonomous search robot. … We apply a robot operating system (ROS) to execute the trajectory tracking control using two mobile exploration robots. …

    Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics 30(6), 980-990, 2018


  • 水平掘知能ロボットによる地中配管施工システム

    奥 豊 , 田村 進一 , 西谷 陽志 , 倉敷 哲生 , 西野 義則

    … However, these development technologies require construction area and development of smart excavation technology that can avoid multiple underground piping such as intersections and obstacles is required. … It is an underground piping construction system that enables precise horizontal control by liquefaction excavation without discharging earth and sand between manhole pits. …

    GPI Journal 4(1), 82-91, 2018


  • Development of Spatially Seamless Local Communication System Based on Time Sharing Communication Strategy

    Arai Yoshikazu , Sugawara Makoto , Imai Shintaro , Inomata Toshimitsu

    … <p>For multiple robots to achieve complex tasks while cooperating autonomously, communication among those robots is indispensable. … We have developed a local communication system, LOCISS, which uses infrared light as a medium to prevent the convergence of communication by restricting the communication area. … In this system, eight pairs of transmitting and receiving elements are located all around a robot, surrounding it for communication. …

    Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics 30(1), 43-54, 2018


  • Mechanism and Control of Connecting Robot Moving in Narrow and Irregular Terrain

    Doi Takahiro , Okumura Motohiro , Harada Tomoki , Mitsuma Yuto

    … In this study, we propose a robot system, separated into multiple robot units and variable in size and rigidity by connecting and separating them, so that it can adapt itself to a diversity of environments. … To realize the proposed robot system in both mechanical and control aspects, we prototyped a group of robot units that can move as well as get connected and separated. …

    Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics 30(5), 791-800, 2018


  • 整合的な視触覚刺激がテレイグジスタンスにおける自己位置定位に与える影響

    山﨑 喬輔 , 井上 康之 , Saraiji MHD Yamen , 加藤 史洋 , 舘 暲

    … <p>Although previous researches have shown that our spatial understanding is determined by the multiple sensory information such as vision and touch, how the effect of visuo-tactile integration works on the sense of body ownership, agency and self-localization has been unrevealed. …

    日本バーチャルリアリティ学会論文誌 23(3), 119-127, 2018


  • 自律移動ロボットのエレベータ操作に関する研究

    鈴木 琢朗 , 羽田 靖史

    … When those wheel type mobile robot moves each floor of the building, elevator is effective mean. … Research has been proposed to operating elevator button for autonomous mobile robot. … Most researches use robot with multiple degrees of freedom, and the robot's system is complicated. …

    IIP情報・知能・精密機器部門講演会講演論文集 2018(0), 2C04_1, 2018


  • 周辺環境認識機能を加えた作業計画ナビゲーションの高度化

    松本 効己 , 四役 勝輝 , 金森 哉吏

    … <p>We are working on the development of a mobile service robot that guides and carries out at multiple commercial facilities. … For such a robot, it is indispensable to recognize the environment around the robot across the indoor and outdoor and to distinguish between safe and dangerous areas. … However, it is not robust to noise due to ambient light, and there are many errors when the posture of the robot changes. …

    日本機械学会関東支部総会講演会講演論文集 2018.24(0), OS0418, 2018


  • 水上移動ロボットによる水難救助システム

    浅岡 佑美 , 土居 隆宏

    … Enough fast and reliable rescue system is necessary. … So a rescue system that consists of multiple mobile robots, fixed camera and sensors is proposed. … Prototypes of water mobile robot and the control system using image processing and sensor are developed. …

    北陸信越支部総会・講演会 講演論文集 2018.55(0), J023, 2018


  • Simultaneous Presentation of Thermal and Tactile Sensations Using Multilateral Control under Time Delay

    Nishimura Satoshi , Osawa Yukiko , Kurumatani Hiroki , Nagatsu Yuki , Miura Kazumasa , Katsura Seiichiro

    … A control technique named multilateral control can transmit haptic sensation to multiple points. … In this study, robot manipulators are used for tactile sensation presentation, and Peltier devices are used for rendering thermal sensation. … A position encoder is used to measure the position of a robot and also estimate the external force, while temperature and heat flow sensors are used for rendering thermal sensation. …

    IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications 7(5), 378-386, 2018


  • Phygital Field: An Integrated Field with Physical Robots and Digital Images Using Projection-Based Localization and Control Method

    HIRAKI Takefumi , FUKUSHIMA Shogo , KAWAHARA Yoshihiro , NAEMURA Takeshi

    … <p>Collaboration between computer graphics and multiple robots has attracted increasing attention in several fields. … To enhance the seamless connection between them, the system should be able to accurately determine the position and state of the robots and to control them easily and instantly. … However, realizing a responsive control system for a large number of mobile robots without complicated settings while avoiding the system load problem is not trivial. …

    サイス ジェイシムシ 11(4), 302-311, 2018


  • 複数ロボット協調による一問一答型雑談対話からの脱却

    杉山 弘晃 , 水上 雅博 , 成松 宏美


    人工知能学会全国大会論文集 JSAI2018(0), 3J204-3J204, 2018


  • 圧縮空気生成手法の携帯性評価に基づくハイブリッド型携帯空気圧源の開発

    奥井 学 , 名倉 裕貴 , 山田 泰之 , 中村 太郎

    … The hybrid source achieves light weight system by combination of multiple pneumatic sources. …

    日本ロボット学会誌 36(3), 233-241, 2018


  • FPGA Components for Integrating FPGAs into Robot Systems

    OHKAWA Takeshi , YAMASHINA Kazushi , KIMURA Hitomi , OOTSU Kanemitsu , YOKOTA Takashi

    … <p>A component-oriented FPGA design platform is proposed for robot system integration. … FPGAs are known to be a power-efficient hardware platform, but the development cost of FPGA-based systems is currently too high to integrate them into robot systems. … To solve this problem, we propose an FPGA component that allows FPGA devices to be easily integrated into robot systems based on the Robot Operating System (ROS). …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E101.D(2), 363-375, 2018


  • Design of UAV-Embedded Microphone Array System for Sound Source Localization in Outdoor Environments

    Hoshiba Kotaro , Washizaki Kai , Wakabayashi Mizuho , Ishiki Takahiro , Kumon Makoto , Bando Yoshiaki , Gabriel Daniel , Nakadai Kazuhiro , Okuno Hiroshi

    … This paper describes the design and implementation of a UAV-embedded microphone array system for sound source localization in outdoor environments. … To solve these problems, we developed a spherical microphone array system (SMAS) consisting of a microphone array, a stable wireless network communication system, and intuitive visualization tools. …

    Sensors 17(11), 2017-11-03

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  • IXM:ロボット制御ソフトウェア向けプロセス間通信ミドルウェア

    菅谷 みどり , 松原 豊 , 住谷 拓馬 , 中野 美由紀

    … いては,機能ごとに別々のプログラムを開発し,それらのプログラム間でセンサ値や制御命令などのデータを通信することで,互いに連携できるよう支援するミドルウェアが用いられる.ROS(Robot Operating System)は,通信機能が単純で,サポートされる機器も豊富であることことから急速に普及している.その一方で,Linuxが動作する高性能コンピュータを用いることを前提としているので,性能が限 …

    情報処理学会論文誌 58(10), 1578-1590, 2017-10-15


  • Flocking for Multirobots Without Distinguishing Robots and Obstacles

    Sakai Daito , Fukushima Hiroaki , Matsuno Fumitoshi

    … Most existing studies of multiple mobile robots assume that robots can distinguish between other robots and obstacles. … In this brief, we propose a flocking algorithm that does not distinguish between a robot and an obstacle. … Furthermore, unlike many previous studies, the effectiveness of the algorithm is demonstrated not only by simulations, but also in real robot experiments. …

    IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 25(3), 1019-1027, 2017-05-01

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  • Retaining Human-Robots Conversation: Comparing Single Robot to Multiple Robots in a Real Event

    Iio Takamasa , Yoshikawa Yuichiro , Ishiguro Hiroshi

    … <p>In human-robot conversation in a real environment, low speech recognition and unnatural response generation are critical issues. … Most autonomous conversational robotic systems avoid these issues by restricting user input and robot responses. … In this study, we propose the use of multiple robots as a solution for this problem. …

    Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics 21(4), 675-685, 2017