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  • A Case Report of a Free Vascularized Fibular Graft for Hand Reconstruction: Defect at the Metacarpal Region  [in Japanese]

    KUGA Kensaku , TAKAMURA Yushi , TAKEMURA Yoshinori , ANDO Kosei , KODAMA Narihito

    … <p>(objective) A case report of a free vascularized fibular graft (FVFG) for hand reconstruction for a defect at the metacarpal region.<BR>(case) A 21-year-old male was injured in a traffic accident and brought to another hospital by ambulance.<BR>The diagnoses were open multiple fractures of carpal bones and phalanges.<BR>Five days after injury, he was referred to our hospital. … He was unable to move his fingers or wrist joints. …

    Journal of Japanese Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery 33(2), 75-79, 2020


  • Workload estimation of handwriting tasks using time series of pen pressure  [in Japanese]

    KURAMOTO Akisue , HIRANAI Kazuki , SEO Akihiko

    … To hold the pen, fingers have to resist the impact. … The greater impact, the grater mechanical workload on fingers associated with the grip strength to hold. … For multiple four-character idioms with different stroke counts, pen pressure was recorded and the indices and the evaluation value were calculated. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese), 2020


  • Optimal treatment for tenosynovial giant cell tumors of the hand

    Kitagawa Yasuyuki , Takai Shinro

    … <p>This review aimed to clarify the following aspects of tenosynovial giant cell tumors (TSGCTs): the use of multiple names, the complex relationship between the tumor growth pattern and location, the high postoperative recurrence rates, local invasiveness, and the use of non-surgical therapy with molecular targeted drugs, as well as to discuss the currently available best treatments. … Most cases of TSGCT of the fingers are of the localized type. …

    Journal of Nippon Medical School, 2020


  • A study on haptic perception for object size (Analysis of discrimination- and scaling-characteristics for object size)  [in Japanese]

    TAKAHASHI Satoshi , OKAMOTO Kyosuke , WU Zhiwei , GAO Binyue , OHTANI Yoshio , EJIMA Yoshimichi , WU Jinglong

    … In the experiments, participants held the 1D standard and comparison stimuli with two fingers (thumb and index or middle finger), or 2D stimuli with three (or four) fingers (thumb, index, and middle (plus third) fingers), and discriminated or evaluated the sizes of the stimuli. … The difference in the discrimination sensitivities was explained by taking into account probability summation between multiple inter-finger distance cues available for the 2D stimuli. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 86(884), 19-00437-19-00437, 2020


  • Spherical Input Interface Capable of Haptic Presentation Using Air Pressure  [in Japanese]

    YOKOTA Koya , KANNO Takahiro , MIYAZAKI Tetsuro , KAWASE Toshihiro , FUJITA Toshinori , KAWASHIMA Kenji

    … By measuring the shape change of a soft sphere with a depth camera, the input from multiple fingers is measured with a simple mechanism. …

    The Proceedings of the Symposium on the Motion and Vibration Control 2019.16(0), C208, 2019


  • Surgical Results of AVANTA Artificial Finger Joint Replacement by Dorsal Approach for Osteoarthritis of Proximal Interphalangeal Joint of the Hand  [in Japanese]

    HASHIZUME Hiroyuki , 小坂 義樹 , 山崎 広一 , 竹下 歩

    … The subjects were 13 patients (14 fingers) who underwent surgery from 2014 to 2018 and were observed for a minimum of 10 months. … The number of affected fingers was five middle fingers (two left and three right), seven ring fingers (six left and one right), and two little fingers (two left). … We observed a high incidence of left ring fingers. …

    Japanese Journal of Joint Diseases 38(4), 447-452, 2019

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  • Investigation of Picking Task in Multi-Fingered Robot hand  [in Japanese]

    WATANABE Daigo , FUKAYA Naoki

    … The hand developed in this research includes a Shape-fitting mechanism that fits the finger according to the shape of the object, a cooperative link mechanism that can move multiple fingers simultaneously. … and it includes new mechanism to change the arrangement angle of the fingers according to the shape of the object, or to change the distance between the fingers according to the size of the object. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2019(0), S11124, 2019


  • Quantification of Hemiplegia Recovery by the Measurement of Mechanomyogram at Finger Muscles  [in Japanese]

    YOSHIMOTO Daichi , FURUDATE Yuta , CHIBA Kaori , ISHIDA Yuji , MIKAMI Sadayoshi

    … To this end, a rehabilitation device that promote separative movement of fingers has been proposed. … To know the degree, the activities of the muscles that control individual fingers should be measured. … However, the force at fingertip is an accumulation of forces generated by multiple muscles. … In this study, we propose a new way to measure the activities of flexor and extensor muscles of fingers which uses displacement MMG (Mechanomyogram). …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2019(0), 2P1-M05, 2019


  • Model interaction using 3D Aerial Image Interface:- Projection of deformed object -  [in Japanese]


    … The projected objects can be viewed from multiple directions without the use of special devices, such as eyeglasses (i.e. AR), gas or vapor for projection...etc. … In this paper, we added a function to rotate a given object and a function to transform it (e.g. squeezing by fingers). …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2019(0), 1P1-M04, 2019


  • Picking Tasks by a Robot Using Mechanical Tools

    HU Zhengtao , WAN Weiwei , HARADA Kensuke

    … <p>This work presents a design of mechanical tools for multiple picking tasks. … Conventionally, robots require complicated versatile grippers or exchangeable hands or fingers to handle multiple tasks. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2019(0), 1P1-C07, 2019


  • A Case of Localized Multiple Subcutaneous Granuloma Annulare on the Fingers of a Patient with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease Manifesting Raynaud's Phenomenon  [in Japanese]

    SATO Seisho , NAKAHARA Makiko , MIYAZAKI Reiko , FURUE Masutaka

    <p>39 歳,女性。2 年前に Raynaud 現象,多発関節炎,手指に限局した皮膚硬化,抗 U1-RNP 抗体高値,白血球減少から混合性結合組織病(MCTD)と診断された。1 年前に両手指に皮下結節が出現し,徐々に増加した。両手指に最大径 3 mm の皮下結節を 12 個認めた。皮膚生検では,真皮深層から皮下にかけて変性した膠原線維とムチンを取り囲むように palisading g …

    Nishi Nihon Hifuka 81(4), 284-288, 2019

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  • Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome with generalized convulsion status: a case report  [in Japanese]

    Hoshiyama Eisei , Takano Masatsugu , Takekawa Hidehiro , Shishido Hiroyuki , Nagayama Masao , Ono Kazuyuki , Hirata Koichi

    … He had disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) and multiple organ dysfunction. … On day 13, he started tracking our fingers with his eyes. … In this case, there was a history of epilepsy and had developed on GCSE, but as a result of the clinical examination, it was considered epilepsy-related organ dysfunction because the cause of multiple organ dysfunction was not clear.</p> …

    Journal of Japan Society of Neurological Emergencies & Critical Care 31(2), 69-73, 2019

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  • Multiple myeloma diagnosed due to development of amyloid arthritis  [in Japanese]

    YAMADA Shinya , TAKAHASHI Wakana , MARUYAMA Hiroyuki , MOCHIZUKI Kanako , YOSHIDA Akiyo , KAYA Hiroyasu , OKUMURA Hirokazu

    <p>72歳男性。両側手指,手・足関節の腫脹・こわばり・異常感覚を認め,当初関節リウマチが疑われたがリウマトイド因子・抗CCP抗体は陰性であった。IgG-λ型M蛋白と骨髄に形質細胞を26%認めたことから多発性骨髄腫と診断された。関節エコーで両側手関節周囲の腱鞘滑膜,手掌屈筋腱鞘,長趾腱鞘の肥厚,MRIで両側股関節周囲の軟部組織腫瘤を認め,アミロイド関節症による手根管症候群が疑われた。滑 …

    Rinsho Ketsueki 60(7), 791-796, 2019

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  • Two case reports of spontaneous dislocation of the extensor tendons of the multiple fingers  [in Japanese]

    FURUYA Masahiko , 岸本 健太 , 原田 俊彦 , 中川 夏子 , 上藤 淳郎 , 田中 秀弥

    The Central Japan Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology 62(2), 309-310, 2019

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  • A clinical case study of Polyhydramnios and its difficulties in prenatal diagnosis of Larsen Syndrome.  [in Japanese]

    三瓶 彰子 , 上田 美里 , 黒田 健治 , 成高 和稔

    Larsen症候群は関節障害や特異的顔貌を有する稀な疾患である。今回羊水過多を指摘されていた妊婦の児が、出生後Larsen症候群と診断された症例を経験したので報告する。31歳、2妊1産。既往帝切後妊娠。今回自然妊娠で当院にて妊娠管理を行っていた。妊娠後期よりAFI (Amniotic fluid index) 25cm程度の羊水過多を指摘されたが、胎児奇形は指摘されず、well-being良好であ …

    静岡産科婦人科学会雑誌 8(2), 151-157, 2019

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  • Radiotherapy was Effective for Multiple Organ Metastases of a Malignant Phyllodes Tumor—A Case Report—  [in Japanese]

    OSHINO Tomohiro , TOMIOKA Nobumoto , WATANABE Kenichi , SATO Masako , YAMAMOTO Mitsugu , TAKAHASHI Masato

    症例:32歳時に左乳腺腫瘤に対し腫瘤摘出術を施行し,14cmの巨大線維線腫と診断された.以後6回,局所再発のたびに切除を繰り返し,悪性葉状腫瘍へと病理所見の増悪を認めた.56歳時に両側肺腫瘍を認め,右肺部分切除術にて悪性葉状腫瘍の肺転移と診断された.手術後間もなく左肺静脈への腫瘍栓を認め,同部位に放射線療法を施行した.腫瘍死するまでの7カ月間,病勢は制御された.照射終了後間もなく右心房内に79mm …

    Nihon Rinsho Geka Gakkai Zasshi (Journal of Japan Surgical Association) 79(10), 2020-2026, 2018

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  • Modeling of a Finger Based on Functional Electrical Stimulation and the Measurement of Joint Angles  [in Japanese]


    <p>体外から末梢神経に電気刺激を加えることで人工的に筋肉の収縮を誘発する機能的電気刺激(FES)はリハビリやアシストなどの分野で広く研究が進められているが,日常の使用頻度が高く巧緻な運動が要求される手指については,簡便かつ汎用性の高い刺激方法が十分に確立されていない.また使用者への負担を考えると表面電極が有効だが,手指の制御筋は前腕に入り組んだ状態で存在しており,刺激可能な部位は体表 …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering Annual56(Abstract), S291-S291, 2018


  • CheekInput: Turning Your Cheek into an Input Surface by Embedded Optical Sensors on a Head-mounted Display  [in Japanese]

    Yamashita Koki , Kikuchi Takashi , Masai Katsutoshi , H.Thomas Bruce , Sugimoto Maki , Sugiura Yuta

    … We attached multiple photo-reflective sensors onto the bottom front frame of the HMD. … Since these sensors measure the distance between the frame and cheeks, our system is able to detect the deformation of a cheek when the skin surface is touched by fingers. …

    The Transactions of Human Interface Society 20(3), 311-320, 2018


  • A Case of Total Thumb Reconstruction Using the Amputated Index Finger  [in Japanese]

    OYAMADA Motoko , DAIAN Takehiro , ITO Ayami

    … In cases of multiple finger amputation, replantation of all amputated fingers may not be possible depending on the condition of the amputated fingers. … Therefore, other reconstructive procedures should be considered, such as ectopic replantation, which is an important treatment option, especially when the thumb is one of the amputated fingers. …

    Journal of Japanese Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery 31(1), 25-28, 2018

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  • Development of adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma during immunosuppressive Therapy for human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 associated arthropathy  [in Japanese]

    山口 純代 , 中村 信元 , 住田 智志 , 前田 悠作 , 大浦 雅博 , 高橋 真美子 , 岩佐 昌美 , 原田 武志 , 藤井 志朗 , 三木 浩和 , 賀川 久美子 , 岸 潤 , 安倍 正博

    … A 64-year-old woman presented with lower leg edema, fever, and bilateral joint pain, involving the wrists, fingers, and knees, in April 201X. … The pain involving multiple joints was attributed to HTLV‐1associated arthropathy. …

    四国医学雑誌 = Shikoku acta medica 73(5・6), 301-308, 2017-12-25

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